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I treated myself: 2 new swimsuits!
I decided to treat myself and bought not just one but two new one piece swimsuits. They fit really well and I'm really happy right now as they have just arrived.

IMG_20180710_161917.jpg thumbnail   
IMG_20180710_161930.jpg thumbnail   

Can you have too much swimsuits? I don't think so, just add them to the collection!

IMG_20180710_162010.jpg thumbnail   
True, I love swimsuits
(10 Jul 2018, 19:17 )Anne Wrote: [Image: post_1425_1531242951_08964719bc538d701c1..._thumb.jpg]   
My wife was surprised when she discovered my swimsuit collection. No, it was not a secret, she even borrows my swimsuits from time to time, I just put them in one drawer.

But your collection definitely won't fit in one drawer Big Grin
(11 Jul 2018, 00:48 )Like Ra Wrote: ...

But your collection definitely won't fit in one drawer Big Grin

That's 2 large curver boxes of swimsuits and it does not show all of them :Big Grin

or my leotard collection,

or my bikini's

or my box full of leggings

or all the lingerie...

etc :Big Grin

The new swimsuit on the right in the photo I will wear this afternoon when I'm working out. It's an amazing fit, tight in all the right places but no friction on my skin when moving around so ideal for a workout.

My girlfriend knows I have "a" or maybe "a few" swimsuits but she does not want anything to do with it. It's one of those "you're not hurting anyone so I don't care but I don't want to know the details" things. She does see me a lot in female leggings as that's what I normally wear when working out. These things fit really well when you have muscular legs and I get decent ones for cheap from China. Male leggings are all made for holocaust survivors / marathon runners because no comfortable fit exists for normal guys and they cost more.
BTW, I see familiar 2.99euro swimsuits from Decathlon. That's the one I bought for myself, but had to share it. Amazing swimsuit, BTW. It's very tight, silky, and dries in seconds.

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