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Forced Walk or Forced Standing Scenario Wanted

I`ve been looking for a forced walk or forced standing scenario for a while now.
Have seen some, but nothing that really gets me excited.

With the forced walk, most say put the keys away somewhere, so you must walk to them.
But that`s not what i`m looking for.
I`m searching for a way, to really be forced to walk, and keep on walking.
A Threadmill isnt an option unfortunatly Sad

The second one, a forced standing, self bondage scenario.
I want to be bound, forced to stand on my high heels.
With my hands up, or tied behind my back.

Everything i do, is with leather wristcuffs.

Hope someone can help Big Grin
So, you left us with no options ;-) You indeed mentioned the most obvious scenarios. The treadmill one looks more interesting ( ).

Forced standing can be quite dangerous (what if you fall?), so that needs to be taken into account. Something like vertical spread eagle ( )?
The Vertical Spread Eagle is something i would love to do Big Grin
But should that be safe ?

I think it can be done with Nike+iPod for hardware walking detection, and some audio-triggered device for encouradgement (electronic dog collar, for example). The problem is, I don't know if there exist suitable iPod software - the one to make sound when you stop, that is.
The Vertical Spread Eagle can be safe if there is no strain. See, for example, this position: Two ice-locks between the hand-cuffs and the ring in the wall and you are done ;-) You may want to add more interesting details, but the basic idea is very simple.
I thought about those electrical dog collars, but I do not like pain, and if something goes wrong... I do not want even think about possible consequences.
Just found very interesting (but expensive) idea on the Net:

RAE wrote:
Quote:Get one of those punishment corsets. You can walk around with small steps;
but you can not sit down. Add shoe locks, and you are in for a long stand.
You can lock the corset on you, they have a flap over the laces that you can
lock, that way you can not play with them. The key can be in a ice container
out of reach, with hands cuffed behind you, you will have a great day.
A second thought, have a friend take the keys for the day, you get out when
and if they return

But I'm still concerned about possible falling down...

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Dave Wrote:She isnt my girlfriend, just a close friend.
So we talked about what i wanted, and how far she wants to go.

This is the plan she came up with, and wants to do:

She will dress me up in:

Bra, top, corset, thong, skinny leatherlook jeans, high heeled boots, and opera gloves.
Then she will cuff my wrists together, and lock my posture collar around my neck.
The leash will be attached to the collar.
Last but not least she will put my gag in, and lock my elbows together with some more cuffs.

When i`m all locked and ready, she will start walking with me.
She told me she loves long walks, so i guess i`m getting what i want

Do these places exist in NL? Where you can easily walk dressed like that without being watched by dozens passer-bys?
A relayed thread:
This might work for you. I have done this in the past and it works well. And it is safe.

In my walk in closet, I have a beam that I have a very good ankor point.

I also have a wood rod with eyelets on each end, and one in the center.
About 2 feet long.

Of course, I have a key release device, you can use your own. Mine is a stocking filled with ice. Then the ice melts, the keys swing to me. Otherwise, I can't reach them.

Here is how it works.
1> Dress in your favorite outfit (Mine is a maid uniform with hoes and heels).
2> Wrap a few coils of rope around your upper chest and under your your armpits. This is what is going to keep you up and keeps you from falling over.
3> Tie a cord around your balls, and thread the cord through the center ring of the wood rod. Don't tie the cord to the rod.
4> Connect your ankle straps to each end of the wood rod with padlocks.
5> Connect your toys, and install fresh batteries.
6> Set your release system up and stand under the beam.
7> Tie the chest rope to the beam and pull it tight. This will keep you standing up.
8> When you're ready, turn on your toys and drop them to the floor.
9> tahe that cord that your balls are tied to, and connect them to your cuffs and lock your cuffs.

Now, your stuck. The only way to get out is wait for the key. If you try to pull your wrists up to the key cord, you will pull on your balls under your skirt. the spreader bar will keep your feet parted and your skirt open. The rope around your upper chest and on the overhead beam will keep you standing and you won't fall over.

Depending on the amount of Ice you use, you could be there for hours.

Items needed? Your ankle and wrist cuffs, about 50 meters or rope, 10 meters of cord, 3 eyelets and 2 feet of wood rod. All easy to get and hide.

Enjoy and lets hope the batteries don't give out.

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