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Fets Fash PU-coated leotard with hood
I recently bought a leotard from Fets-Fash, German manufacturer of lycra suits with a clear tendency towards fetish. The leotard has no arms and an attached hood, that covers the complete face except for the eyes. The hood is hindering breathing, which isn't too great for self-bondage, but it is a nice teaser. I got size M-male, which is slightly wider than L-female, I think. I used to buy female leotards, since they are much easier to find. And - actually - I like the tighter fit, as long as they are not too short. But I wanted to try the male sizing, and it is okay. Depending on my posture, wrinkles appear and the interesting side effect is, that it makes me aware of the suit all the time.

Now, I got an extra idea to use this suit: Since it is so stretchy (perhaps 20%), I could wear it with the arms inside. One way is the classical swim-suit bondage, arms through the leg holes and tied with handcuffs, but I think of another style: I will wear a simple chest harness with a ring of rope attached behind my back. The ring is just wide enough to get both hands through - not secure at all. But once the leotard is zipped tight, I should not be able to pull my wrists out of the ring, arms being pulled to my body. The hood will not be used here, for safety reasons. I'll report back later.
Quick update only. I didn't manage to close the zipper with my arms behind. So I tried with the arms crossed on the chest and it worked, the leotard is flexible enough. I even managed to get the arms behind my back - box tie posture. My idea will definitely work with a helper. I will see, if I can do it alone.
I've looked at the fets fashion sleepsacks a few times... but yet to commit.
Looks like good stuff though.
(21 Nov 2016, 20:45 )Strappado Wrote: I recently bought a leotard from Fets-Fash
Can you post a link or a photo?

(21 Nov 2016, 20:45 )Strappado Wrote: I used to buy female leotards, since they are much easier to find. And - actually - I like the tighter fit, as long as they are not too short.
I mentioned in another thread, that I think that their male size has a too wide waist for my "taste". I prefer my suits to be a bit overly tight in the waist area, and tight in the thighs, what is usually not possible, because female cuts usually have "too loose bottoms". Yes, nothing is perfect Wink
I do like leotards on some men. They have to be thin, however.
oops, I forgot the link:

Any mask from the mask section can be added, you can add attached gloves, various zippers and even get it without arms.
With a fully closed mask, it will be quite impossible to breathe.
By the way, the material stretches in both directions, length and width.
(25 Nov 2016, 20:51 )sweetrubber Wrote: I do like leotards on some men. They have to be thin, however.

do you want the leotards thin (material) or the men?
Nice Website!

Quite reasonable prices too.

Just had a long browse and ordered a couple of items - couldn't resist the Shiny black cube material.

The danger is, if they're any good, many more orders will follow...

Thanks for the head's up, though.
Wow! What a material! What a cut! Love it!!!! @Strappado, could you please post your "parameters" and the size you ordered? Have you ever tried to order a fets-fash leotard with sleeves?

Ordering such a suit with a fully closed mask is very tempting.... But they explicitly stated "no breathability".
BTW, how strong is the coating? Does it peel off?

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