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Electric time lock padlocks
Sorry if this has already been found/posted elsewhere, couldn't see from a quick glance.

Found this/these on eBay... certainly an interesting item! Wouldn't want to rely on it to work as the sole form of release (as with anything that CAN go wrong...)

It's an electronic timer built into a padlock.

Electronic padlock

s-l500.png thumbnail   
From the description:
-Multifunctional Bondage Time Lock
-Can be used lock on handcuffs/mouth gag/ bondage full body Belt/any restraint device...
-Time setting optional
-With English manual to show you how to use it easily.
-USB plug Rechargeable
-Waterproof,Safe using,easy operate
-Can be used at home/hotel/office/outside.

1. USB lithium-ion battery charging
2. With mini viewing screen and press button
3. Can set the hours, minutes,the max to 99 hours 59 minutes
4. Tensile ability:130KG, Level Ⅲ drop.
5. Rain-proof(Moderate rain outside & Splashing Water )
6. Use 4 hours a day,charge one time can be used for 30 days
7. Battery 1200 times charge and discharge, the battery capacity decreased by 15%; 3000 times, each charge can only last three and a half hours.

Looks almost perfect?
Hmmm seems to be rahter big/large?

there's a thread at boundanna about the lock. seems to be well suited for self-bondage...
I've ordered one so we'll see...

Claimed to be a UK seller - order delivery estimate October 10-13th... so it's coming from China like all the other ones!

As for size, I think it's somewhere around the size of a larger padlock, but still totally usable for locking on a collar, or whatever you may think of. You could use normal padlocks, then put all your keys in a metal tin, and lock the tin with the timer lock, etc.
Seems to be an expensive plastic toy Undecided
Aha, this lock can be bought on Ali here much cheaper ($14), what is good. The reviews are very mixed, though.

Such lock can be used for low tension scenarios. For example, body bag zip slider locking. I've read that there is a motor inside that moves some kind of a latch inside. Or handcuffs, like on the photo:

handcuff_timer_lock-01.jpg thumbnail   
So the lock arrived well ahead of the estimated delivery (so must have shipped from UK stock).

First impressions are that it is slightly smaller than I expected (but that's good). It seems reasonably well constructed, and doesn't feel as cheap as it looks in the pictures. The plastic construction seems sturdy enough - you'd have a hard time breaking it with your hands but I doubt very much it'd stand up to a hammer.

I tested the strength of the locking cord (when locked) and there was no way I could force it apart using only my hands, and I'm not especially weak. I still don't think it's suited to any kind of load bearing usage but then generally you shouldn't subject *any* locks to load bearing situations.

The timer seems accurate enough over at least a few hours. You can set it up to 99 hours as advertised, which obviously gives you potential for up to 4 days realistic time lock usage. The beeps when setting the timer, running the initial 5 second count down, and when it unlocks aren't as loud as I had expected from reading another review of the lock - if the volume is a problem you could probably muffle it fairly effectively.

The lock does indeed work by moving something internally using a servo/motor such that in the locked state you cannot physically press in the release button. If the battery were to die, or the device malfunction, the only way to unlock it would be through destroying the casing or cutting the locking cord.

I would say it is perfectly suitable for locking on wrist cuffs, locking shut a box of keys, locking on a collar, hood, etc. It is small enough to be used with a chastity device that uses an external lock and wouldn't add much to the overall bulge of the chastity device itself.

Once the timer is running you cannot add to or remove from the set time, you can merely make the display show the remaining time. It counts down the remaining time, showing the seconds as well (which is reassuring that it is working...).

It has a back light which allows it to be used in the dark.

Charging (as advertised) is via a USB adaptor and it can be used whilst charging. I believe that the charge stored by the battery far exceeds the maximum settable lock time.

When I get a minute I'll post up some photos and exact measurements.
Maybe I've missed this issue. In case of emergency you can only destroy the lock by brut force ?  These is no secret code or something like that ?
That's the proper bondage. Do handcuffs or ice-locks have secret codes? Big Grin

To make it more reliable you can daisy-chain two locks.