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Cheap fetishes
THATS IT !!!!!!!
Cheap Fetish.
Let’s start a Cheap Fetish section.
Fetishes that cost less than ????? What? Ten bucks American?
Here we go! A separate thread.

Anybody heard of fetishes, that are cheap to indulge in?
OTOH, "early stages" of most fetishes can be quite cheap or even free. And this is how addictions usually begin 😂

OK, examples. ASMR is free on youtube. Hypnofetishes is kinda free (youtube, pornhub, WMM, torrent, retroshare), until you get addicted to a particular hypnotist, or until you need THAT PARTICULAR FILE you can't find anywhere for free.

Pantyhose fetish usually appears during childhood, so nylons can be "borrowed" from mother's/sister's wardrobe or "retrieved" from a garbage can 😏 And then you begin to buy them 😆
Cheapest latex I have found and is very fun to play with, are latex gloves. At $9.99 per box of 50, they can be fun to play with.
Also, cheap pantyhoes from discount drugstores. I get mine for $2.95 each.
My favorite are nylon panties. 3 pair at 9.95 with free shipping.
Need a really good buttplug? Expanding foam and a latex glove.

These are some of the things I call a cheap fetish.

Last one. A penis plug. Ready???
Rifle cartridge, latex glove and lube.
(02 Mar 2020, 17:43 )Tinker D Wrote: Last one. A penis plug. Ready???
Rifle cartridge, latex glove and lube.

That sounds painful!
Hey, more bang for your buck?
(02 Mar 2020, 19:28 )Tinker D Wrote: Hey, more bang for your buck?
I laughed at that far harder than I should have done. Never had anything down my cock. On my list to try. Just not sure where to begin other than lots and lots of lube.
Sterilize everything!

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