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Strange, rare and weird fetishes
Virtually anything can be a fetish object. If you find something interesting - post it here πŸ˜‰

Two links for a start:

5 Incredibly Impractical Sexual Fetishes
What sexual fetish do you not understand?
Technosexualism, a.k.a. Robot Fetish, I don't know if that's related to this:

But the machine to recreate what's happening, some people would find it appealing maybe...
Fill of ads and wants you donate before looking at link.
Wanted to see it, but now.
(06 Jan 2017, 12:59 )Tinker D Wrote: Fill of ads and wants you donate before looking at link.
Which one? I have an ad blocker, I see no ads.
I don't know if I can categorize this as a "weird" fetish because I've seen this sometimes in tumblr, is very rare to find something like that but some people may like it. I'm talking about "cream" or have the body covered in weird cream or chocolate or gooey substance. Here are some examples:
 tumblr_ojxzvhI7uA1w33wixo1_400.gif     tumblr_ojxzvhI7uA1w33wixo2_400.gif     tumblr_ojxzvhI7uA1w33wixo4_400.gif     tumblr_ojxzvhI7uA1w33wixo8_400.gif     tumblr_ok3f44v8YT1w33wixo2_400.gif     tumblr_ok3f44v8YT1w33wixo3_400.gif     tumblr_ok3f44v8YT1w33wixo4_400.gif     tumblr_ok4eino4GN1uvwuzzo1_500.gif   

If anyone know the exact term for that fetish would be great to know... and I'm not into it, but if someone likes it sometimes I found it on tumblr and I can post it
I've seen this too. I have no idea what this fetish is called.
But I can relate to some of them.
Pie in the face is funny, another one reminds me of mud wrestling, and on that last one, I was hoping for the whipped cream, nuts and the Cherry.

But, I have done something just like this way back in my carnaville days.
Dipped my pecker in chocolate and rolled it in crunchy nuts.
Wow, that was a night.
I think that would fall under WAM (wet and messy).
So the other day I was looking a YouTuber called PewDiePie and he recorded a video about "sneeze fetish" andΒ some youtube compilations about him, and other youtubers sneezing (people who compilate videos of people sneezing) and then I started to make some research and even there's a forum about sneeze fetish, I didn't know about that.

Here is an article about that:

And here's the video he made:


Have you heard of that fetish? (I didn't until 2 days ago probably)
(08 May 2017, 02:54 )madboyevil Wrote: a forum about sneeze fetish
Quote:The forum has over 500,000 posts
And they search for sneezing people just like I search for glimpse of pantyhose 😁
the sneeze fetish might be interpreted as the more polite sibling of the fart fetish... but who am I to judge 😁 πŸ˜‰

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