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Bambi Sleep stuff
(10 Nov 2022, 09:16 )Like Ra Wrote:
(10 Nov 2022, 04:11 )DDRoseDoll Wrote: What would be the difference?
You don't need hypnosis for larping. And we are discussing hypnosis here. Cosplay/LARP is another subforum. So is CD/TV/TG play.

All triggers and suggestions at first require some level of larping from you. That's why they're suggestions. That's especially true for physical suggestions that you're supposed to act upon outside of your mind, like physically do something a little outside of your usual comfort zone.

What you expect of Bambi could be better described as... Magic. That's why uniform lock trigger never worked for you I assume, you never showed Bambi how to act upon it ( might be a good idea to switch uniforms for latex items, since it's naturally little harder to take off so there's a chance you subconsciously interpret it as uniform lock )
Chaos is Fun…damental
(10 Nov 2022, 09:29 )shinybambi Wrote: All triggers and suggestions at first require some level of larping from you. That's why they're suggestions.
. . .
That's why uniform lock trigger never worked for you I assume, you never showed Bambi how to act upon it
I did not have to fake my dry and wet orgasms. Nor did I train or LARP them to show "Bambi" what they should look like 😂

(10 Nov 2022, 09:29 )shinybambi Wrote: What you expect of Bambi could be better described as... Magic.

If you ever experienced the feeling, that your body is acting regardless your will, that you "hear" thought/voices, that are not your own, what can be called "magic", you would expect, yes, magic 😊

(10 Nov 2022, 09:29 )shinybambi Wrote: might be a good idea to switch uniforms for latex items,
Aeady did.
(10 Nov 2022, 09:29 )shinybambi Wrote: ince it's naturally little harder to take off so there's a chance you subconsciously interpret it as uniform lock
Nope, too much logical thinking here. It's not about how hard it is to take something off, it's about inability to start taking something off. That resistance, that repells hands from particular places.
(10 Nov 2022, 16:13 )Like Ra Wrote: Nope, too much logical thinking here. It's not about how hard it is to take something off, it's about inability to start taking something off. That resistance, that repells hands from particular places.
You first need to learn how to properly unlearn that ability. And clothes that naturally bit more annoying to take off would greatly help when you just start with the files.

There's always some level of larp when you just start.
Chaos is Fun…damental
(10 Nov 2022, 16:28 )shinybambi Wrote: You first need to learn how to properly unlearn that ability.
Nope. EMG and Vive hypnofiles proved that.

(10 Nov 2022, 16:28 )shinybambi Wrote: There's always some level of larp when you just start.
Depends on the hypno and depends on the goals. Some hypnofiles work the first time without any larping, and then nothing works regardless your larping. My experiment with Bambi (and most other files) is not to role-play, but just watch what happens.
Last night there was no Bambi, this is the playlist for one night before:

Rapid induction
Bimbo Tranquility
Bimbo Slumber
Bambi Uniformed
Bambi's Little Secret (bambi4eva)
Bambi Attitude Lock
Bambi Addiction 8.5 (bambi4eva)
Uniform Slut Puppet
Bambi Awakens

It was playing until the alarm clock went off. This time the volume was normal, what in fact did not prevent me from sleeping, and, at the same time, the listening was "meaningful" and not boring. Yet with no effects.

Resume: do not listen on low volume - it's irritating and makes no sense.
just want to say that this has helped me out a lot with trancing. I had a very fun night lol It's like improved 1 2 3 10 for people with ADHD that have a hard time staying focused or staying in trance.

I was acting more silly last night and was calling myself Bambi. I was hyper-focus on listening and was noticed being hornier while listening and moaning while listening and giggling too. I am gonna listen again tonight, but it was hard getting up. T_T
I am Sinker not a Thinker - Bimbo Trance Slut
(12 Nov 2022, 04:02 )StarBlazerBambi Wrote:

Yes, was just about to repost it here!

u/BarbaCojePutitas Wrote:Enhanced Basic Bambi Sleep files, good for ADHD and Neuro-atypical listeners and a LOT of recommendations on how to begin.

Hello everysissy. Bambis and doms.

(Note: triggers will be mentioned in this text, mainly after the explanations of the files.
Note 2: Bambis don't need to worry their little heads about the wall of text, there are nice safe files linked here.
Note 3: The post got removed, and since mods didn't answer , i'm assuming a keyword triggered Automod, so, ill remove some info. If a mod sees this, please, tell me what is not according to the rules, to fix and remove it. I think these are useful files, and important information.)

Since I linked my "Enhanced Bambi Mantra" (which is still being improved) and; Since I made several comments trying to explain or help different Bambis or training guides, I've been requested some of my customs. In particular some neuro atypical Bambi-to-be have expressed trouble keeping focus during long loops which is the best way to absorb triggers, specially at night.

After the files I give general recommendations for a starting Bambi or trainer.

Bambi Sleep - Improved Basic Loop - Spectrum Friendly

A single file containing the basic training loop needed for starting Bambis. This file is the recommended starting loop files 1,2,3 and 10 with some small differences:

1.- The file lacks the awakening command at the end, this is not a problem for a single listen, since the subject will naturally awake in it's own time. BUT it helps making this loop perfect for night looping, and refreshing basic triggers.

2.- The binaural background tone is a custom one based on a peer reviewed paper that greatly improves the trance after ~10 minutes.

3.- Between files 2 and 3, and files 3 and 10, the file "'00 - quick induction" is used to further help ADHD and neuro atypical subjects to remain focused on the file.

Bambi's first real training - Spectrum friendly

This file contains the full basic Bambi Bimbodoll Conditioning files, arranged in a loop that will allow REM sleep to happen naturally during the night, with only minor adjustments.

1.- The awakening commands are removed from the file, an alarm is recommended if you need to awaken at a set time. This helps the sleeping cycle to continue normally.

2.- There are 2 silences of 15 minutes at the end and after ~90 minutes, filled with low volume white noise, enough to have a full REM dream.

3.- The background binaural tone is based on a peer reviewed paper and it enhances trance.

4.- Before each file after the first two, the file "00 - quick induction" is used to further help ADHD and NA subjects.

Both files have no added triggers or commands. The modifications listed are the only ones in the files.
Both are provided as a gift to the community.

On learning trance in general and Bambi Sleep in particular

Trancing is a skill, like walking, driving and swimming. At first is hard, requires focus and effort.With practice it becomes easier, then natural, and eventually, you don't think about it.

The first times you are taken through induction, you'll need to focus on the voice, not just listen to the files, if you never do that, perhaps it's a good time to retrain that skill.

Like any skill you need to practice it consciously, with effort, and desire for it to work.You need to have acceptance for the process, if you have fears you need to work through them, like when you go to a bad neighborhood to visit a friend, but they assured you it's safe during the day. You accept something that disturbs you, safe in the knowledge that your conscious mind took the decision based on knowledge your lizard brain can't understand.

Trancing, feels like when you are watching a good movie, or reading an engrossing book or playong a videogame, that when time passes, and you don't realize when it did; Time just flew by.

That's trance.

You will need to have a Dark, relaxing atmosphere, headphones are mandatory at this stage.
If you are able to get into bed or a comfortable couch its the best.You want to be able to just let go. Set aside at least 90 minutes for a full loop of the basic file loop.

If you want, take a light meal before looping and go to the bathroom, it's best to not be distracted by physical needs.
If you do it in the afternoon or night, you could just do a couple of loops or do one loop, dinner and then get to bed with the file on loop.

Repetition is key.

But if you find that your head hurts it could be hydration, which is why it's important to have a bottle of water close by to drink. If you get up to the bathroom, you can keep listening.

At least 2 or 3 loops per day are ideal, but do at least 1, if you don't miss any day, it will work very, very well.
But, you need and try to remove any distractions at least for the first week. A second week of repetitions would be optimum to have the triggers perfectly learned.

The focus on listening 3 loops a day, comes from the fact that it's the closest repetition for the brain to accept something as normal

1 time the brain goes "Whoa, weird"
2 times, your pattern recognition says: "ok, that happens sometimes"
The third time, your ability to analysis how the world works decides: "aight this is normal then "

This will be the period where you'll need to put the most effort. And it might be boring, no kinky ideas everywhere. This is not a porn story, or a movie, where a 10 minutes audio turns you into a hopeless slave, that takes time.

But like when one learns to swim, at first you waddle in shallow water before you can swim in an Olympic pool.
Having the files on your phone with wired headphones is optimal, wireless lose charge. If you need to go to the bathroom at night you just keep listening.

Again, you just need to open up to the experience, let yourself relax and try to really follow and accept the messages .It will work as long as you want it.

And it will work as well as you will yourself to be part of it. It's all part of the training.The files provide guidance, your master or trainer provides support, but you provide the most important part, the desire to make it work
This way it will be less exiting at first, mainly relaxing but it's the right way if you want to experience Bambi Sleep as it should be experienced.

During this part of the training, you can also have your normal life related to porn and stuff beyond the hypnos. Fap and stuff if you want, for now.

Though abstinence might make it kinkier and sexier for you, and it will help adding "being horny" to the mental association; it will make trance harder, you might be distracted and might have problems achieving it.
Relax, follow along, and be receptive, relax, you know everything you should for now,just , relax.
Eventually once Bambi Sleep, starts taking root. and the triggers deepen, the good girl might forget short lapses, or not recognize how long she was listening.

It's normal for bimbo dolls to feel that. You shouldn't feel scared. There's nothing to be afraid of, you are safe and secure.

Hypnosis works best in the subconscious mind.

That's why so many parts of the files relax you first and put you in trance, a mild meditative state, where the conscious mind and the subconscious one blurr...

It's better to signal to the subconscious that everything is going on is desired, that you are wanting this to happen. You need to tell yourself that you want this.

Just accept openly and without fear. You are not alone, you are being cared for by someone with experience.
Trancing will become easier with practice, you will fall deeper, and harder. Easier and faster. Remember, you want this.

Triggers will cause responses in your mind and body, tingling feelings of happiness and contentment .

A part of your mind will develop into the submissive you want to become, she will free your desires and let you experience them.

Headaches and discomfort while trancing.

If you feel discomfort and or headaches. Think. It's the sound? Your ears? Some internal resistance?Were you thirsty?
You should address those.Volume should be high enough were you clearly hear the main voice, and in the distance you hear the sounds and binaural tone.Some headphones hurt after prolonged use. Find others.Stay. Hydrated. not only for hypnos, life in general.

If it has no physical cause, then your brain might be trying to signal something seems wrong. This is part of you resisting the process. The resistance is generally caused by fears. Trepidation.You can tell yourself that this is fine, that you want it.

You asked for it.You asked for help on using it.

Finally, while it's good to have at least 3 loops per day, it's more important to take breaks, game, take a walk, do something else, let your brain accept the subconscious training... known as:


You are committed to try Bambi Sleep. To give Bambi Sleep your best shot. To learn that Bambi Sleep is good for you

It will take time until the triggers start working.Beyond Bambi Sleep, Bimbo Doll is the first trigger actually learned.

Bimbo doll is your cue to become receptive.
Bimbo doll is the signal you need to accept.
Bimbo doll makes you feel nice and relaxed.
Bimbo doll is the first key in your search.
Bimbo doll makes Bambi Sleep work.
Just need to accept Bimbo doll
Let yourself relax when you listen or read Bimbo doll
Remember to will yourself to accept it And Bimbo doll will begin to work.

If you focus and keep at it, trances will be longer.If you know you should not be disturbed, you can set your phone on airplane mode, so you don't get messages or calls.

In general between loops, let your brain rest and adapt.

The 3 most important things at this stage, are comfort, acceptance and repetition.

It's the least exciting part, but little by little the triggers like bimbo doll will start taking root, you will react to bimbo doll even in the middle of a sentence, and you will like the feeling of reading or listening bimbo doll.And good girl will also eventually start feeling good, at this point you need to be true to yourself and submit, just listen when you can relax and chill. Letting the droning sound and voice wash over you, paying attention and letting it relax you.

Your trainer or master are there to help you walk the path of **Bambi Sleep.**It's a slow ride at the beginning, but Bambi sleep does work with receptive subjects;And specially if before and during listening to Bambi sleep, you accept you want it;So you let the voice call you a bimbo doll to open you up slowly and slowly you'll begin to like to hear or read bimbo doll, and before you know it, you are in a bimbo doll trance and you are open to the suggestion of listening the files again like a bimbo doll, like a good girl, and it will eventually fell nice, very nice to be called a good girl so...It's like i said repetition, while being comfortable and relaxed, and you will be a good girl in no time.Leave any doubts or fears,

The Uniform

While, the uniform doesn't really get "installed" until you start listening to track 7, it's better that you aeady start using the uniform during your first days as bambi, be sure to have something distinctive, that you wouldnt use by accident. So you are triggering bambi correctly. There are some mentions to uniform in the basic loop, mainly for internal consistency.

Enjoying it

The best things to do are mindfulness , that is, enjoying the moment, enjoying being relaxed letting it happen and being happy to do it. Focusing on whats happening, on the voices, on what they tell you to do, and think what they tell you to think. Trainers and masters should be reassuring in this stage.If you do everything as you should, everything will be fine.

At this point, most of the work falls on you and your will, you for finding the time and place to fully relax on the files, and your will for choosing to submit, choosing to accept the triggers, for you know what they can do for you.
Hypnosis only works if the recipient wants it. If you want to be a bimbo doll, you will.If you want to let bimbo doll relax you, it will.

All this is meant to help everyone in this nice hobby.
I still think, that the IQ reduction part should be removed from the 3d file. Just in case, if you missed it:

Bambo Wrote:Tits growing and IQ dropping with each number now Bambi


The tits continue to get bigger and firmer As your IQ drops further and further Mind so sluggish Harder and harder to think


IQ is spiralling down further as the tits inflate So hard to think Intelligence fading


Bambi's IQ in free fall, dropping to 70 . . . No turning back IQ locking and it's 65
So last night I fucked up big time and listen to the wrong one. I noticed it went 1 2 0 3 0 4 0 5 and breaking out of trance was HARD
I am Sinker not a Thinker - Bimbo Trance Slut
(12 Nov 2022, 05:25 )StarBlazerBambi Wrote: 0 4 0
Yeah, this one is to be avoided...

How do you feel? Any post-effects?

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