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Bambi Sleep stuff
(13 Feb 2020, 03:27 )krypton85 Wrote: I don't think it has ever been said that I am in good mental health
So, you are 😊

But you'd like to change it:
(12 Feb 2020, 15:45 )krypton85 Wrote: I will have to do more conditioning I guess.
More caught-up Bambis. Must confess, like some drug-addiction stories, the hypnofaq tales sound like clever commercials.

Stormrage Wrote:Im pretty sad. Depressed and confused while typing this.

I used to see myself as a strong confident male. I used to have heaps of girlfriends. And always was pretty confident about myself. This until 3 years ago. When I stumbled upon sissy hypnosis. I think subconsciously I always liked being a bit submissive. But hypnosis changed my life. My sexuality. It made me very insecure about myself and who I am. Up to the point where I am now, where I'm looking into being a transgender. About actually becoming a mindless object all these videos and audio's told me to be. And I cant do this any longer. I don't know who I am anymore...

Multiple times I told myself: 'I stop watching these hypnosis for at least a month, if I still feel like being a female I will go see a therapist and see what I can do to become one.' But i never stop watching them. I'm just back being hypnotized for sometimes 3 hours non stop. And I don't want to be like that anymore. I want to know who I am. Go back to being confident. I feel pretty alone in this battle. And because I got the feeling I cant do this alone. I signed up to NoFap, I need help..

I'm not quite sure on where to go from here so any suggestions, or people who've been going trough the same would be really appreciated. Id like to hear from you.

Quote:I just have to ask, what even is it? Is it transgendered/cross-dressing folks having sex or something while you see images of messages telling you to actually do these activities?

Its so much more. Its a community like this. People who create content for one another. Tell each other their development. People create gifs about the hottest pornstars and have flashing texts trough it. And that's just the gifs. Than you have to hypno videos. Which are 10-40min porn clips that can cause epileptic attacks because its so flashy and here are the same images/videos/commands/captions. Sometimes there is a spoken voice about how you are such a faggot for cock. Tells you to get dressed slutty and look for guys etc etc. Than the last but not least, there are these audio files. Where you lay in bed close your eyes and drift away on them. That's what really pushed me over the edge.. There is this file (please no matter how curious you are DON'T LOOK THIS UP) its called Bambi hypno. To be honest even tho all the hypnos effected me this really changed me. Its a 2,5 hour file. Its takes your trough all the stages: Getting into hypno
Forgetting everything around you
Install triggers (good girl, bambi sleep now)
IQ drop
Sexual arrousal
Getting dressed

And it might be hard to believe during this file I even forgot my real name. And I really was Bambi. When she told me to remember anything I couldn't? And because this was so freaking me out it really got me aroused in a way I've never been before. She got me to buy panties and stockings. And now for your imagination I'm a 6 foot 2 guy. With a beard...

So yeah.. tha'ts not even all.. this got me so in transgender that i wanted to become one. I'm not attracted to men. I'm attracted to being used/getting attention/being wanted. I could've never imagined it got me so far. Last week I actually met up with a transgender for a one night stand.

There is just so much going on that I need to get my head straight. And i cant do that while I keep hypnotizing myself..

There you go a slight insight about what sissy hypno is..
Quote:As I found Nofap over a search regarding the files you found, I'll share my personal experience with it. In hope you will realize what effect the files have and that other people will stay away from it:

The negative effects I experienced after listening for about three days for a couple of hours each day:

  •   baited by HFO because it feels good, this was just the hook
  •     craving to hear the files again. like listening on the way to work and back home
  •     loss of some motoric skills for a couple of hours. I'm very skilled but ended up doing some things on retard level. like a child. never cut myself so often when shaving face. Almost cut my finger while working with boxcutter knife
  •     memory loss for the days used. sometimes even on the day after
  •     speech impairment. difficulty putting sentences together
  •     typing errors, slower typing than usual. i actually thought people are joking when they wrote on B**** S**** forums like a retard. but the files make you do it! (it's crazy, I know)
  •     disorganization. bumping into things
  •     amnesia. had no idea what I actually listened to five minutes ago
  •     insomnia and bad sleep
  •     waking up sweaty having weird dreams
  •     apartment ended up a pigsty
  •     got nothing done I planned (besides the appointments with friends I scheduled)
  •     no sports, broke my sports streak. but listening was a priority obviously
  •     muscle twitching because of insomnia
  •     weird mannerisms during day
  •     hallucinations that felt pretty real
  •     doubting myself
  •     dissociation from myself
  •     doubting if I can get away from the files during a hallucination, because it felt so crazy
  •     I'm not a believer, but thank god I met so many friends and family during the days and after I listened to the tracks. I realized that they love and need me. I sincerely thought that I won't make it.
  •     Please realize that I never was a suicidal person. But these files are so fucked up, that they make you think that the real you is getting erased while listening. It's like looking down the barrel of the gun. I'm pretty sure for some people that can't get off the trip, it ends with suicide. Stopping to listen gets harder every day because of the pl*asure tr*ggers. The amnesia suggestions make you forget that, so you don't notice what is happening.
  •     I am sure that long term listening is at least as bad as hard drug use. Never took drugs, but after listening I gazed into the abyss.
  •     joined the discord for the file, where the people hooked on it linger. after a chat realized that the files are designed to create an alternate persona (like "dissociative identity disorder" or a so called "Tulip") that takes over. Usually you should be able to talk to this alternate you. But there are even further files from the author that are designed to restrict that.
  •     Wrote a transcript of some of the files to better check what is inside and realized how much bad sh*t even the main voice says. But you forget or don't care, because some effects and triggers start working after the second or third listen, and because of the induced amnesia.
  •     Some people think it's ok to listen once or twice. Just don't for f*cks sake! It's a black hole you are getting pulled in, and some of the changes are very sneaky and subtle. The sound has several layers, sometimes subliminal elements, in combination with binaural beats. It's state of the art brainwash.

The worst thing is I only listened three days, and it was so bad. It's the fourth day now that I didn't listen. I also made the decision four days ago to never listen again, to this or anything similar.

I sincerly believe that I wouldn't have downloaded this files, if I
#1 hadn't watched so much porn over the years (!!!!!!!)
#2 hadn't listened to this other mind and belief altering hyp*o sh*t (!!!!!!!)

I've never taken drugs in my entire life, but now I do realize that there is some really bad sh*t out there. Created by criminals. Actually it's crazy that you can find such files on the "normal" web, and it's no surprise that the creators are anonymous. If you are listening to something similar, stop right now. This is no game. You can only lose. The first day of your life is today, don't look back. Get a reset file if necessary or available.

If you feel bad meet friends, meet family, help others, go for a run, take a cold shower to regain your senses. Occupy your thoughts with something different and positive. Listen to upbeat music, or a positive podcast.

I'm back on track feeling almost 100% normal again, but it was very hard. You only realize that you have a problem when you are neck deep in sh*t. We tend to forget the bad things that happen to us and make poor choices based on that sometimes.
Looking at the incurred damage and highly addicting nature of the files, the Bambi creator is an ingenious guy, who should be hired by either the secret services, governments, religious and cult organizations or marketing companies (no, that would be illegal... ), unless he's aeady hired by them 😁

... or ... he could be an agent of psychological help orgs, who might earn thousands, trying to recover the poor Bambies 😁

BTW, why is he still not sued and Bambi stuff is still on blogspot? Because it's still on the edge of the law and still not illegal? For how long will those "still" exist? I'm very curious... So far it's definitely less destructive, than alcohol.
Hello friends 
First time ever posting to a forum, wanted to share my Bambi journey on here. Have been up late the last three nights reading all I can find on this hypnosis, super grateful to everyone who has shared before me 🙏🏼

I listened to 1-6 four nights ago, and then 6-10 the following night. Somehow I felt like I “woke up” in the middle of listening to Bambi the second night. I questioned most of what had happened that day inbetween listens. Felt very hazy. While listening to 9 my whole body was convulsing and shaking (I remember not being able to stop it) but didn’t have the hands free (been having too many orgasms lately, have experienced a hands free in the past). Felt very awkward around people the morning after. 

Today I found myself giggling at random names posted on billboards/ stores/ bumper stickers. I told this to my friend who replied with “like what?”- I realized then that I couldn’t remember any of the names. 

Currently doing a 5 day hypno/ weed/ orgasm detox. Going to have the whole weekend to myself & plan on fully diving into becoming Bambi. My uniform is quite complete with thick pantyhose, chrome heels, a short hot pink pvc dress, a pvc corset, silicone c cup inserts & lipstick. (And a butt plug). Will be smoking a heavy indica before diving in 

I hope to post an update on Monday or Tuesday with how my journey goes. If you do not hear from me... well, please pray for me. Thankyou 🙏🏼
Thanks @Selfexploration! And welcome!

(20 Feb 2020, 07:36 )Selfexploration Wrote: plan on fully diving into becoming Bambi.
Are you really sure you really want it?

(20 Feb 2020, 07:36 )Selfexploration Wrote: My uniform is quite complete with thick pantyhose, chrome heels, a short hot pink pvc dress, a pvc corset, silicone c cup inserts & lipstick. (And a butt plug).
Not bad!

(20 Feb 2020, 07:36 )Selfexploration Wrote: Will be smoking a heavy indica before diving in
I would definitely recommend against (might require a separate thread). From all sides and for various reasons. (Just a footnote: I've seen reports, that "smoking" has an opposite effect on the Bambi files - it's still fun, but with no Bambi-effects). But as always - YMMV, and please share your experience.
Thanks @Like Ra ! 
Will hold off on smoking til after the experience then ☺️

A lil background to answer “if I really want it”- I’ve been cross dressing since 10. Came to terms with it and really accepted all the parts of me at age 21, stopped feeling guilty about it & am open with my partners about it.  I wear panties full time & bras full time in the winter. Went through a stage of gender dysphoria where I thought for sure I was trans and had to transition but after exploring being fem in public it all felt wrong. I started diving more into the feelings & eventually came to Blanchards concept of autogynephilia that resonated with me greatly. Since then I’ve been able to have a much better balance between the masculine/ feminine sides of me and appreciate both. Overall I feel like I’m currently living my best life. When I listened to Bambi the first time the altar persona really appealed to me. In a way it helped me go “all in” to the fem side. I’ve been really at peace with my masculine side ever since I got to explore the fem part deeper. 

I am very aware of Bambi addictive nature & am going to be using it only once in a while on special occasions.

if Anyone has any thoughts or questions or advice I’m open to it all. Thankyou
(20 Feb 2020, 18:00 )Selfexploration Wrote: oncept of autogynephilia that resonated with me greatly.

(20 Feb 2020, 18:00 )Selfexploration Wrote: When I listened to Bambi the first time the altar persona really appealed to me. In a way it helped me go “all in” to the fem side.
(20 Feb 2020, 18:00 )Selfexploration Wrote: I am very aware of Bambi addictive nature & am going to be using it only once in a while on special occasions.
That's the most important parts: you are aware of the addiction, and you like the effects. So, good luck! And please do tell how it goes!
I camped out in the woods this past weekend in my RV & listened to Bambi 1-10 on Saturday night.  I don’t believe I fully let go into it, however I did have two very intense orgasms when listening to 9. Upon having climaxed I felt the strong urge to turn off the hypnosis & change out of my fem clothes- which I was able to do just fine. I used to experience that when I was younger after cumming but haven’t felt it so strongly in years. 5 minutes later the urge came back and I found myself dressed like a bimbo once again. At one point I remember thinking “just put on the cute pink panties and everything else will be automatic” 

I fell asleep dressed but woke up uncomfortable at night so I undressed. Sunday morning I had several vibrator induced orgasms, even ended up dressed & listened to some tracks. (I gave myself the whole day to experiment). Got bored of laying around and went for a hike at noon. Mentally I felt positive & fine. Thought about how much I enjoyed the experience but also love the “regular” life I get to live. Felt very grateful.

One odd experience I had while listening to the tracks was the feeling that I had heard the same things in my head for years before having started listening to Bambi. For example the idea that “this orgasm will lock the female body you are now envisioning” & “There’s nothing you can do about it, you have giant breast now” would often be the last thought I’d have before having an orgasm. I don’t want to trigger anyone, but there were at least 5 instances like this that stand out. I checked photos and journal entries from the past and this portrayal of my mind before Bambi is accurate. Somehow I never questioned it or analyzed it. It was almost as if I had been in a trance without fully realizing it till Bambi. That might sound insane, and it very well may be, but I found Myself questioning that voice more now the second it comes in before the rush of pleasure takes over. Acknowledging it seems to drain some of its power away. Might also be something associated with autogynephilia. 

Since listened on Saturday I must have spilled/ knocked over 6 glasses of tea/ water in the last few days. This is very unlike me. Ive also been making a lot of spelling/ grammar mistakes and my writing doesn’t seem to flow quite as well as before (hence why this has taken me so long to write up) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I have also found myself being a bit more judgemental of women. Maybe I have just became more aware of it, but I have started calling women out (in my head) on acting like bimbos. I have started questioning the provocative clothing women wear. Is it just because leggings are comfy that women like to wear them? Or is there more to it? Every time a woman giggles I become sharply aware of it. 

None of the clothes lock triggers seem to work on me. I would even chant “b****bi uni****** l**k” as I’m on the edge of orgasm- and once it happens I take my clothes right off. Even without orgasm whenever I start feeling uncomfortable I’m able to take my uniform off. I don’t experience any negative thought patterns nor self judgement during this time, just the desire to be more “comfy” and not restricted in a corset. 

Overall I would call it a pretty positive experience. I was fully aware of my surroundings & safety during & after listening and experienced no loss of time- however that might be different for you.  Not a big fan of the mind fog/ dumbing down/ forgetting parts, but I guess that’s part of being a bimbo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I will try & post an update a week from now describing any uncontrollable urges/ changes in my day to day. All the love my friends.
(27 Feb 2020, 06:18 )Selfexploration Wrote: One odd experience I had while listening to the tracks was the feeling that I had heard the same things in my head for years before having started listening to Bambi.
Interesting that you mention that. I also noticed that years before I listened to any hypnosis, but after I started various kind of (self?)awareness techniques (e.g. qigong, yoga, meditations, etc) my body acted automatically (only the "internal observer" was watching it with quite a surprise) as if reacted to triggers, that were in the files I listened years after. Weird, I know. But once you stepped on that "awareness" path you begin to experience lots of otherwise weird things, you can not explain scientifically 😁

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