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Bambi Sleep stuff
Did anybody try to "containerize" or "virtualize" Bambi? The uniform was supposed to be that "container", however, AFAIU, that is pretty much ignored in the subsequent files.

In other words, I'm interested in the following:

o- "Scary" Bambi stories (links?)
o- Is it possible to use Bambi safely (even if theoretically)?
o- Your own experience

Hello, for the past 2 years I had experience with Bambi Sleep from 0% to 110% and back to 0%~. I started completely straight and it was just a fantasy, made me think I was trans and back to straight. I had ups and downs and here is my HONEST advice, for your enjoyment and safety.


It depends on how you identify yourself. Each attribute of Bambi Sleep is a super-con or a super-pro! Make sure you understand it first. Don't start if you don't want it 110%.

- If you are just experimenting with being a sissy:

DON'T, Bambi Sleep is very addicting, you will enjoy it so much, but if you don't want it 100% it will ruin your life. It will turn you and implement fantasies. You may try to stop but every time you will be like "just one more". It will make you dumber and everything it claims to do.

- If you are 100% willing to go all the way:

Do it. It's amazing, but ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO BE 110% BIMBO SISSY. Now all the cons become pros, it will make you turn, implement fantasies and make you horny none stop. You will give in and won't be able to stop listening to it. It will make you a perfect dumb sissy in no-time. If you are fine with these effects, give it a try!

- If you really don't know or just horny:

Don't, it will be amazing but you won't be able to stop and if you will want to stop it will be super hard. If it's a fantasy of yours you will be attempted to try it, but please, for your own safety, start with something else.

For all of you, make that choice, discuss with yourself WHEN YOU ARE NOT HORNY if you are 110% fine with the results and accept all the cons (and pros) of it. If you are not fully sure, don't start, 99% you will regret this along the way. If you are good with EVERYTHING, go for it!


I advise you to read it, but long story short, the files are amazing and will do the job, but x10 more than you expect. So start listening ONLY IF YOU WANT THIS 110%, it will make you the perfect bimbo sissy with no coming back, discuss with yourself WHEN YOU ARE NOT HORNY it that's what you want.

I write this from concern to all of you, Bambi Sleep can ruin you life or make it amazing, this subreddit as all others has super-biased opinions, but after all we are all humans. I don't say Bambi Sleep is bad, it's actually amazing, but use it only when you understand what you are entering to. I post it on multiple subreddits across the spectrum in order to achieve a balanced result.
ProfessorPig Wrote:I will start out with my own experiences with the files. i have had quite a few both as Bambi and a Dom, and both perspectives are absolutely wonderful. as a hypnotist myself i have to take a moment to rave about the technique. the files are incredibly well made. they are both extremely powerful and extremely subtle. its not uncommon for a suggestion to be encased in 2-3 metaphors that show multiple ways to Accept and Understand the suggestion. the Bambi files also do some really interesting things from a technical perspective, if you are looking to learn some advanced hypnosis techniques, checking out the Bambi files is a good way to do that. the Bambi files use Lutz's "Bubble Induction", so most everyone will have success with the files, but rather than feeling dirivitive, the files totally transform that induction by integrating it into the metaphors of the files.

OK, so now that I have gushed with some of the positives I need to touch on an important negative, not all Bambi experiences are positive, some people have such a good time with the files that they get lost in the pleasure of Bambi, and Bambi will try and take over at inappropriate times. its a minority of people who experience this, but it needs to be mentioned openly as knowing about it helps prevent it. people try and wear their uniform to work or check the files at work and get triggered. or some of the more foolish wear no uniform and just listen to the files naked and they think they are always in uniform.

As a hypnotist Bambi's are incredibly fun to play with. they are incredibly suggestible and eager to please. they all have rapid induction triggers and a whole laundry list of other triggers that make them easy to play with. you can trigger hammer them like someone learning hypnosis and have fun, but the most fun comes from understanding the nuances of the files and expanding upon them. there are many rich and layered metaphors to draw from, and if you can pick apart those layers you will find the hidden suggestions of the files.

I can do little to explain the mindless bliss of actually being a Bambi. there is a sense of helplessness and extreme arousal when your triggers take hold. the triggers are Deep and very physically felt. its one of the most profound brainwashing/mindfucking experiences out there. its really ironic that it makes you so braindead, because it decreases the chance of catching the nuances of metaphors of the files. Bambi really makes a wonderful escape/vacation from the stresses of your daily life.

The biggest negative of Bambi is that it can be a time sink. you can easily spend 2 hours a day listening to hypnosis files, which is two hours of relaxing in the bliss of hypnosis, but not everyone has that kind of time to kill. still once the triggers set its so Easy to slip into a nice trance as Bambi.
cristovaop Wrote:Re: Bambi Sleep

Unread postby cristovaop » February 21st, 2019, 6:59 pm
My story with Bambi Sleep starts a few months ago.

I travel a lot because of my job, and was bored to death. As you might notice, my life with hypnosis is not new, but it is usually for a couple months then real life calls and I have to forget about it. These business travels started not so long ago, and are my chance to return to the wonderful world of hypnosis again. Most of the time the files don't get me under, and the steam goes off soon or later.

But with Bimbo it was different.

I didn't discovered it through this thread, else I would have avoided it completely (perhaps?). Started four months ago, with the Basic 1, 2, 3 and 10 (will call it "the base playlist" from now on). Did that for 3 weeks, 2x/daily (3x at weekends) because the town I was had nothing that could attract me to leave my hotel room. Then I tried the base playlist with the basic track Uniformed while wearing panties. Oh boy, what a surprise when I couldn't remove the panties. My fingers just didn't grabbed the panties, and my hands would caress me instead of removing it. Did what it takes to remove the panties. This was for a couple weeks.

Real life problems arrived and I forgot about these files until a month ago.

Now this trip is way longer than the usual. Too much time away from home. Bored, remembered of these. Again, started with the base playlist. Added basic Uniform. Then basic Takeover. Started adding tracks from the enforcement files. Never felt amnesia as hard as this. First I thought I had slept, but I wake up exactly at the end of the playlist, when the last track commands to.

Went deeper into the rabbit hole.

Never wanted to use any of the IQ reduction files because of my work. But after weeks of going extremely deeper, and looking for something new, I noticed that the "playlist section" had exactly 8 sugestions. So I rolled an 8-sided dice with the help of the internet and got the number 3. The "IQ reduction" suggested playlist. Damn, what the hell. But I did not back down, else why would I roll a die if not to follow the result? Again, got so deep I only remember waking up at the end of the playlist. I think the Bambi persona is well split from my normal self, since I'm not feeling dumber, only hornier.

The last part (for now) was that I always read here "if afraid of what a file can do, listen to it while awake". So, decided to listen to the basic IQ reduction file (from the basic conditioning). But soon after decided to use my new-ly acquired dildo to pleasure myself anally while playing an "anal hero" video from a porn site (while wearing my panties). Got distracted with the music played in the video and the IQ file kept playing in the background. Almost cummed without touching myself, but now I think I'm getting too deep into the sinking sand. The hotel room is kind of a trigger in itself: Out of here I don't even think of anything gay, sissy, or the files, but as soon as I enter the hotel room (and smells the perfume of the air freshner here) the only thing I want is to dress my pretty panties and listen to another playlist.
Protoliterary Wrote:These files were initially created by someone who couldn't find what they were looking for and decided to take matters into their own hands. They were never meant to be released into the public, according to the creator. Regardless of whether that's true or not, they eventually were anyway.

The premise was pretty simple and somewhat innocuous at first sight: to create a persona (meant to be activated only when triggered and only temporarily) which desired extreme feminization and bimbofication, along with having certain sexual aspirations. In of itself, it wouldn't have been much of a big deal, but these files were really, really well done and extraordinarily well written. Like, way, way above what most people expect from recorded erotic hypno--especially with these sort of themes. Once it gets its hooks in a subject, it doesn't let go for a very long time.

The problems start when the listener slowly starts to lose control of that persona. It starts to bleed into real life and stops being just a fun couple of hours. Sort of like when you play a video game for hours on end every day and then end up dreaming about it at night and thinking about it at random hours of the day. Basically, an addiction which is perpetually growing stronger and harder to deal with. The ultimate escapism.

I doubt the creator meant for that to happen, but you never know. I can tell you that even after something like a year, the triggers in those files have never truly lost their power.

These specific hypnosis tracks consist of extremely similar techniques and methods that were used in infamous and disgusting brainwashing tactics employed by infamously awful institutions and organizations, perhaps most infamously by the experimental treatments meant to “cure homosexuality”, which are currently ILLEGAL DUE TO BEING EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

In relation to the aforementioned and now illegal homosexual hypnotherapy: it was barred because it produced profoundly negative emotional effects; depression, self-loathe, identity crisis, etc...

This is a warning, Bambi Sleep is potentially extremely dangerous and detrimental to not only your sex/masturbation life but also your fundamental personality, mental well being, and every day life. None of this is exaggeration, there are hundreds of people on the Discord server who praise this product for the reasons listed below, and even more people talking about how this ruined their life. I love sissy porn, and I love even being a sissy, and encourage people to seek that lifestyle if they want that. But there’s a limit, even if you are publicly crossdressing and sleeping with every other guy, there’s a limit to this. I’m trying to tell you this is the limit. This is actual, genuine brainwashing. I’m not playing make pretend, this is dangerous.

If you do not know, Bambi Sleep is a serious brainwashing audio series. It employs very effective and very dangerous suggestive implanting techniques that actually can be very harmful. The whole premise of the series is that it sets up an alter ego for yourself called “Bambi” that’s essentially a dumb bimbo fuck toy.

What’s the problem, you say, that sounds great! That’s what I thought too. I have a very questionable sexuality and I’m really into sissification,but this literally fucking changes who you are. It locks you into this “Bambi” personality and you cannot escape it. I literally could recognize that I was not in control of what I was doing at certain points and it was awful. I had listened to this nearly every day for 6 days, I started on the 5th of Feb and ended on the 11th. I cannot remember much of the 10th and 11th.

These files are just as bad if not worse than heavy drug use. It is dangerous for your brain’s Motor functions. By implementing layered and suggestive audio, while in your “Bambi” state it lowers your IQ significantly. Obviously there’s not s lot of Research on some porno sissy audio tracks but I’ve heard “IQ of 85” thrown around multiple times. This is retardation levels. While in my “Bambi” state (which is very hard to leave” I could barely fucking do basic tasks, typing at work was out of the question, cooking and reading was damn near impossible.

Bambi Sleep is recommended to be listened to while you sleep, and the reason being when you “sleep” you’re actually awake, just in and out of your Bambi persona. I am very confused on what I have done the last week because I have gone to sleep in normal sleeping clothes and woken up in my “sissy clothes”. Your sissy clothes are trained to be linked with your Bambi state based off of the lessons.

Trust me, I’ve had a lot of pleasure from these tapes, but that’s what’s so fucking damning about it. It rewards your brain for shutting itself off with huge blasts of dopamine and orgasmic pleasure. My work performance has been abysmal this past week because I have trouble typing, wording out sentences, even losing my balance when I walk. I’ve heard of people talk about hallucinations, no doubt spured on by insomnia. Based on the triggers set up by the audios I would have random moments in work where I felt like I wasn’t there, like I was trapped between “Bambi” and myself. I’d have a fucking raging, HURTING hard on and my mouth would fill up with saliva. My thought process would legitimately slow down substantially. Using this even once I would say is extremely dangerous, and using it long term is near suicidal. I do not think it is out of the question to eventually develop a sense of chronic depression because during the day you arent Bambi. On the Bambi Sleep discord I’ve seen people miss work for multiple days so they can have a marathon. It’s scary.

Finishing this up, I am horribly aware that this sounds like a shitty creepypasta at worst, and something you want to experience at best. It is neither of those things. When I heard someone describing how much of a “dumb slut” it makes you I couldn’t wait to listen, sounded super hot! But it is legitimately a life changing program, and not for the better. I liked jacking off to sissy hypno and fucking thinking about dicks and lingerie here and there but this fucking i HORRIFYING. I have never felt more alone and horrified than when I was having a fucking orgasm listening to this because I couldn’t fucking control myself and I felt like I was screaming inside my own head. This is a very serious warning, stick to other amateur sissy hypno, because this is not something to be toyed around with lightly, and potentially has very serious long term effects.

I am/was mentally healthy, I had an above average IQ score, and this was extremely detrimental to me. I am not saying that listening to this once every week or two will give these results, but I highly advise against ever touching it. Simply due to how addictive it is and can be and due to the unforeseen Sabotage it can have on your subconscious. I’m writing this on the 14th because even though I stopped on the 11th I still felt “out of it” for the 12th and 13th.
Sissytaylor94010 Wrote:This is no fucking joke. I've listened to powerful audio hypno way harder than the stuff you see on sissyhypno. At some point they caused me to temporarily have that voice in my head. During some hypnos I'd feel like I was not in control and couldn't get out, or that I was someone else, or so so far deep down into hypno I didn't feel like my personality was there which let me pretend to be a female. Due to my unstable mental health I would sometimes fuck with myself thinking like I was someone else or imagine the hypnotist in my head telling me what to do, and obeying it. Fucked. But.

Bambi is nothing like any of that. I have never experienced anything like it in my life. It's real. It's not just hypnosis. It actually turned off my conscious brain for the first time in my life. I have never experienced a state of unconsciousness like that. It actually turned me, off. I was gone. No memories. No feelings. No person. Sounds like the ultimate thing we all want out of this shit right. Except for creating something else that I have no control of. No matter how entrancing that may seem to you if you're like suicidal or whatever, this is something you do not fucking want. You're not changing into Bambi. You're not becoming a girl, and you aren't killing yourself.

You're inviting an unwanted houseguest into your brain. Someone else. Not someone else that is also you. You don't want some bitch in your head. I don't think you can even comprehend by thinking about it what that means. Thanks for reminding me of Bambi guys because I just made a connection and I think I ruined my life. I've listened to a few hypnos that brought me to the most vulnerable place in my heart, and said things that hurt me really really badly with no protection. My heart would just hurt. For weeks sometimes. I'd eventually heal.

But for months. I haven't been watching sissy hypno. But my heart hurts. All the time. And I finally learned it's linked to my sexuality. Because after I orgasm, the pain goes away. I've been thinking about transitioning more and more, for real.
I just remembered. That pain, that I feel right now, in my heart, came the day I listened to Bambi and it never went away. That was months ago. I also know this is the connection because as soon as I remembered bambi reading this post, that heart pain has started growing. I think the pain is this other personality deep inside wanting to come out. And (maybe maybe not this part) its been filling my head not with sissy thoughts, but with becoming a woman. Damn this shit is fucked. Thinking about it now I really really want to experience being Bambi. Dammit. I don't know what this means.
Optimist85 Wrote:Hi all. First of all DNLTBSA thanks for sharing and warning. I wish I would have read that earlier.

Here is my Story with B4mbi Sl33p.

I've been listening to more "Vanilla" hypno files for the past 10 years or so, and never noticed any severe effects. Mainly Gender Transformation 1 & 2 from I.V., but I only used it as a fantasy to get off. I didn't believe that the files worked. I did get HFOs however and in retrospective there were other post hypnotic triggers that influenced my life negatively.

When I was listening one of the I.V. files, the file was broken. So I looked for something else. So I googled and found the positive comments for B4mbi Sl33p. I was aeady in a feminized mindstate due to the other hypno files probably.

I downloaded the first ten files and listened during three days. I listened to them a lot. Not the whole 2,5h, but I shuffeled the Induction, HFO file and some others. I listened to the whole thing twice, but to some files several times.

First day. It was just a hot experience. Triggers didn't work yet. Great HFO. Amnesia triggers did work however. Lost motoric skills, bumped into things at home. Refered to myself as B4mbi when I looked in the mirror. Woke up several times with a hard on checking if I wear panties (I didn't).

Second day. Heavy cravings to listen to the files. Listened on the way to work. Listened on the way back home. Listened at home. People knocked at door interrupting the trance. Almost opened the door dressed up and in high heels, but sent them away. Continued to listen. Met a friend and felt very dissociated during the meeting. I was only thinking about the files and how sad it will be that my friends won't see me anymore. Listened when I got home back again. Couldn't fall asleep... it was impossible. When I eventually fell asleep after hours I woke up in the middle in the night, my mind saying one of the trigger phrases very loud (hallucination). Didn't think too much about that. Again checked a couple of times if I wear panties when I woke up (I didn't). Almost got no sleep.

Third day. Again listening on the way to work. Had a confused day at work, forgot a lot of things. Difficulties to put sentences together. Slow typing. Weird mannerisms. Sensitive breasts. Jacked off, I don't know three times at the restroom? I usually never do this at work by the way. Cravings to listen to the files. Listened at way home again. Listened the whole 1-10 in a row. Finished off after waking up from trance with sucking a dildo while watching a bimbo trainer porn. Was in a very good happy mood. Again loss of motoric skills, like a retard.

When trying to fall asleep on the third day, the horror started. Instead of falling asleep, I started to fall into trance. But I wasn't listening to any files. I entered sleep paralysis, heard a loud giggle and the hypnotic voice from the mp3 said loud "get out, get out". This was another hallucination that was programmed by repeated listening. The voice who controls B4mbi ordered B4mbi to take control of me.

Because I experienced sleep paralysis a couple of times, because I didn't listen to the files in the reccomended order of 1-3 and 10, because I was interrupted on the second day, and because I had a shitload of luck I was able to snap out, before "B4mbi" was able to take over.

I couldn't sleep that night either and decided to stop listening.

The next day at work was somewhat productive. At home I made a transcript of the uniform mp3, noticing that it is a "takeover file" erasing your personality and replacing it with "B4mbi" that is controlled by the hypnotic voice from the recordings.

At night I met friends, and I took a girl home later. While having sex I had the urge to put on my girly clothes all the time (which I otherwise would only do with a person I trust for obvious reasons). After a while I figured out that if I wanted to cum, it only works with the GG trigger, which was one of the suggestions. I came, she went home, I went to sleep.

Had maybe three hours of sleep that day. I was kind of airheaded and unconcentrated, but didn't think too much of the hypno. Had some errands to run, later went to a concert. When I went to bed I thought that everything will be fine.

That was wrong.

When I was falling asleep, suddenly I started feeling my imaginary pussy, which is between cock and ass for me. I would describe the feeling as a light tingle first, but within seconds the sensation got as strong as an engine. A thought passed through my mind "I have to put on panties". I stood up and went to the drawer. It wasn't me controlling the movements. But I eventually was able to stop myself. For a couple of minutes my body was out of control and pacing through my apartment. I was fighting against myself. Finally I forced myself to sit down in a state of fear until the effects calmed down.

I wasn't able to sleep for obvious reasons. The whole situation felt like the movie exorcist. I spent the next day at my mothers place. She gave me weird looks and probably thought I'm on drugs. I had muscle spasms in different body parts, like once a minute or so. And the insomnia was draining my strength. It was horrible.

However, when I got home I listened to Nimjas Deep Reset a couple of times. I was able to finally fall asleep. While I got almost no sleep during the week when I listened to B4mbi, I slept a lot every day during recovery from the files. I'm still listening to the Reset from time to time when the triggers and suggestions seem to creep up. It has got a lot better, but don't fool yourself, the files are highly addictive and destructive.

So what is Bambi Sleep and what are the long term effects with Bambi Sleep?

The files are aimed to totally eradicate your personality. Your personality will be exchanged by an alter ego called "B4mbi". The text is worded in a format that B4mbi is stronger than your "old self" (you) and that the alter ego can only be controlled by the anon who is making the files.

In other words, you get dissociative identity disorder (mental illness) and the alter ego takes over. There is one passage before the HFO in file 9 that literally states to "wave yourself goodbye".

The addictive effects of the pleasure triggers are comparable to hard drug use.

You will be forced to wear the "uniform". Life gets more stressful when not wearing it. One anon reported it is impossible to leave the house without panties and at home he/she has to wear panties and heels at least. It becomes a compulsion limiting your life and choices.

Don't fool yourself if you have gender dysphoria that this may be cool to listen to. You will stop to exist. You will dumb down. You will have a loss of motoric skills. Read about the female takeover files at warpmymind, and about people listening to dumbing down files. It is creepy and unfortunately it happened to some daredevils.

The following suggestions and triggers are used: heavy amnesia, forgetting yourself, forgetting who you are, forgetting your name, trancing trigger, reward trigger, heavy arousal (GG), addiction to C, addiction to masturbation, dumbing down to retard level, inability to type and read, inability to understand, unawareness, post hypnotic triggers that make you fail in your real life (lose job, lose relationships), heavy brainwash, obedience triggers. You get erased and replaced at some point. The name "B4mbi" and "B4mbi Sl33p" will also act as triggers, so you may not be able to read self help related to the topic. For example if you go to the B4mbi Sl33p download site. Panties are referred as very powerful and act as trigger. The uniform acts as trigger. You can only take off the uniform if you suck on a phallic object. In later stages it may be almost impossible to take off uniform or panties as there are mechanisms in the files that prevent you from taking them off. Also if you hear (or read) B4mbi Sl33p you start to trance and forget everything that comes next. So you can imagine what that means if the product is named B4mbi Sl33p and you read something related.

Insomnia is very likely. If you have seen the movie Fight Club, it may explain what happens. Either you are awake or B4mbi. The insomnia makes you weaker and the alter ego stronger. While B4mbi is awake you have amnesia. B4mbi continues to listen the files, gets stronger and you are f*cked.

This is only the first batch of the files. The next ones are much more extreme and effective, with other triggers and suggestions.

So yeah, you may have luck and not experience any of the effects. I can only tell you that a month ago I also thought I couldn't be hypnotized and the files hit me like a brick wall. I escaped hell, and I sincerly tell you that some things are worse than death.

If you are crazy enough not to believe the negative reports you find on the internet, have a reset / cleaner file ready. Nimjas Deep Reset is quite effective. If you aeady started listening, this is no joke: listen to the reset on repeat the whole night for days if necessary. Otherwise you are destroying your life.
Sooo.... Looks like hypnosis is indeed a meme, hype, BS, pseudoscience, and does not work...
(22 Jan 2020, 02:06 )Like Ra Wrote: Sooo.... Looks like hypnosis is indeed a meme, hype, BS, pseudoscience, and does not work...
lmfao, really does look like.

all those experiences are very interesting (and somewhat scary/appealing) ofc, but I still have to say that accorded to what I've experienced, witnessed, bambi files depend a lot on the subject's soft spots. The files had some effects on me, but my brain always set an ultimate barrier that prevented me from giving up 100% even if I counsciously wanted to.

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