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Bambi Sleep stuff
Don't play with Bambi
It's a kink or fetish only to some extend
Neither safety net or watchdogs gonna protect you from effects and you won't be able to remove them with cleaning files

BTW I'm new here
Hello from non English world  😊
(13 Jul 2018, 18:19 )TopKek Wrote: Don't play with Bambi
Unless you can use her:

And welcome aboard!
You are talking about dabc?
He's a guy.
And very evil person who caused a lot of suffering to others.
But he quit discord eventually.
Less evil in Internet is always a good thing.
Amber is slow takover with very submissive-slave personality, while Bambi is possession with many triggers.
Anyone who knows the triggers could take advantage of that subject.
I got into Bambi Sleep when it came on to the scene in 2017, the strange thing is it feels like much longer ago than that. As a crossdresser who often feels their identity is very much female, any hypnosis which would increase that was something I simply had to experience. I’d aeady been listening to a lot of feminising hypnosis since 2016, some got a result but a lot didn’t.

I think the reason many things didn’t work on me is because they were done by women, who expected unconditional worship from the first time I listened (fat chance of that if I don’t trust you) and their tone was always filled with mockery and cruelty. I was never a fan of that since in the past I felt a lot of shame and humiliation for being the way I am and I knew that BS was undermining me. Also when you take into account that I never needed to be forced into wearing my female clothes those files seemed pointless.

The Bambi files were different. Since it was TTS, the robotic voice had no personality, nothing to rub me the wrong way or feel jarring. It actually seemed to work on me and I could relax and switch my overly active brain off. That background tone also works wonders on me and really calms me down. You can hear that entirely on its own in the Bimbo Drone file.

I listened to Bambi Sleep a hell of a lot. I followed the listening order on the blog and listened every night for two weeks. I removed the IQ Lock from my playlist after I heard it the first time because it made me uncomfortable. Same goes for the Body Lock, since the medical procedure freaks me out, I can’t even watch Casualty on the television for goodness sake.

So my playlists were typically as follows:
  • 01 Bubble Induction
  • 02 Bubble Acceptance
  • 03 Bambi Named and Drained
  • 06 Bambi Attitude Lock
  • 07 Bambi Uniformed
  • 08 Bambi Takeover
  • 09 Bambi Cockslut
  • 10 Bambi Awakens
There were times listening to this stuff that had me thinking “WTF am I doing to myself?” So like anyone who feels a bit guilty I stopped listening, removed the files from my phone and told myself I wouldn’t do it again. But something in these files had its hooks in me because I always did return.

In fact after long breaks from listening to Bambi I found it even more powerful when I did listen again. Something about it was helping me break down my stupid inhibitions so in that context it felt good for me.

When the newer material came out I constantly revised my playlist. Oblivion is a very strong file but overwhelming is probably what my analytical mind needed. Despite the fact that it’s intended to replace you entirely with Bambi it did me a lot of good because I found I could trance much better to other files. Maybe it finally broke down all those inhibitions. In this period I did as I stated on another thread listen every night for two months. Guess I was desperate huh?

At no point did I ever become Bambi, maybe because I’ve always felt I’m Crystal deep down and the files couldn’t change that. Of course it’s fair to say that as Crystal I’ve become a little more like Bambi.

So why did I stop considering this all sounds so great and pretty much achieved what I wanted?

A number of reasons. The bimbo suggestions seemed more and more common as newer files were released. I started to feel really stupid sometimes and it interfered with my work. I found myself lounging around and daydreaming. What’s worse I didn’t care and only when I started getting pissed off emails from clients did I find any motivation to snap out of it.

Another problem is that I live in a situation where my crossdressing is closeted and I can’t chance discovery. I do find that distressing because I love to dress and feel like my true self. Yet Bambi has suggestions which make you feel even more distressed about it when you can’t dress as Bambi and I really don’t need that shit fucking with the delicate balance I have aeady. If the creator had restricted this to one file which you could avoid it wouldn’t be a problem. But he didn’t do that and I find it very irresponsible.

Some bizarre stuff that happened was that I seemed to pick up new mannerisms, started playing with my hair like a girl. Sometimes walking like a girl, or sitting like a girl automatically, mincing with my arms too and sighing like a girl. Once I even heard a girl in my head laughing at me which really scared me. You know when you talk to yourself sometimes? Well I found myself talking more often in my feminine voice which is basically my own voice but much softer in tone and delivery and the things I said were pretty shocking. It also became spontaneous rather than feeling I was doing it purposefully. Some days I would giggle just like Bambi.

I had awful headaches coming out of trance sometimes and one time it was so bad I had no balance and fell over. Other times I got them in the middle of the day, like a fuzzy feeling which wouldn’t go away. There were other oddities like feeling like some of my limbs didn’t belong to me. A bit like that feeling when you sleep on one of your arms and it goes numb.

What else? Oh yes the insatiable desire to suck and pleasure cock. Now I’ve socked cock before but I found myself wanting it more often and I started to daydream about finding myself a boyfriend. In the past my sexuality was more in the middle but listening to Bambi so often I think might have reduced my interest in women and I would think of them as competition.

One more thing. I fell asleep to Bambi a few times and when I woke up I felt incredibly horny. Immediately reaching for my dildo to suck it off. Like some kind of compulsion. As you'd expect I didn't remember falling asleep but I also had no memory of what I'd listened to.

So there you go. Should you listen to this sort of thing? In my opinion no. Well not unless you are very selective and can enjoy it in very small doses. If you get really overkill with it like I did it will change you in ways that you don’t even notice until they become commonplace.

There’s probably more I can mention but this post is long-winded enough as it is. I haven’t listened to Bambi for about a month and while I do feel some part of me is craving to go back I don’t like the way it’s affecting me and making me question my femininity. I want to be the best feminine version of me I can be, not some vain bimbo with no street smarts. Maybe that thought kept me from completely surrendering to this stuff or perhaps it just woke me up to how I really am. I still have no idea what is really me and what is something I’ve been told to think and feel.
hey! bambi sleep did nothing for me but i really enjoyed the 09 Bambi Cockslut part.
do you guys know anything similar? more like a fantasy hypno?

i hope you get what i mean and you have some stuff!
thanks in advance
(24 Oct 2018, 23:30 )Vanillacokeisbae Wrote: do you guys know anything similar? more like a fantasy hypno?
Actually, any hypno file can be used as fap material, which is abundant on the Inet. What is really interesting is bending the reality.
Interesting conversation with the Bambi creator on
Quote:Sorry for any confusion. I actually made the website for my wife who could never remember the blogspot url and when she did, found the layout confusing. I copied most of the content purely just so it wouldn’t seem like I’m trying to change your product or use it for another purpose. I never promoted the website at all and actively left all patreon stuff up just in case people happened to visit the site. Honestly I figured if she was struggling on how to get started with Bambi Sleep and even just getting to the website, she wouldn’t be the only one. It was never my intention to deceive anyone which is why I’ve directly linked to your content so that you could still control it. The YouTube videos were invaluable in getting my wife into a trance at the beginning. Honestly, now she only listens to them when I send her a custom playlist while I’m away at work. I’m not sure she’d have succeeded without the videos initially.

I’ve added a direct link to the blogspot in the header and also labeled the website as unofficial.

Hopefully making it a lot more obvious that it isn’t an official website will suffice. Otherwise, I’d fully be willing to add you as an admin so you can monitor the content.

Bambi Sleep creator response:

Bambi Sleep Wrote:Bambi Sleep · November 28, 2018 at 11:17 pm

OK, thank you for clearing this up. Sorry for the curt response, it just really looked like it might be some sort of dubious impersonation or scam site. I added a some info to the patreon post aeady (, but.

The main thing I’m worried about is that I make updates to the text on the blog and the audio tracks sometimes and don’t really want another copies around I can’t modify that could get out of date. I wonder if you could structure the site as an overview that’s easy to navigate but still link back to the original content so it gets updated?

Not sure what to do about the videos. I’m aware there isn’t really a good solution for streaming the tracks or making playlists online without downloading them. I’m not sure about this stuff being on YouTube where it could get stumbled across easily or draw negative attention, and YouTube hasn’t been too friendly to this kind of content in the past. Even if you didn’t intend it for mass audience people will find it. I’m afraid I aeady flagged the YT channel for impersonation when I was worried about the intentions of this site, not sure what it’ll do though.

Maybe this will be a kick to get me to figure out what to do about streaming properly.

Good luck with the wife!

As I said many times I avoid Bambi and encourage everybody to do the same, but the guy behind made a fantastic job organising a chaotic stuff and make it easy to use. Great design as well.

 Screenshot_2018-12-03 Bambi Sleep - Bambi Sleep.png   
Thick plottens.

Someone (the web-site admin? It does not look like it's Bambi's creator) is running a (clearly paid) global SEO campaign to promote to higher search engines ranking, what invalidates the lame from the very beginning "wife excuse". But that's not all. Look at the ad text! They are promoting bimbofication hypnosis for medical reasons!

It's reported (I've never tried it, checking Bambi's Discord should be enough to keep everybody off this stuff), that Bambi's stuff is very strong and extremely addictive. Also, there are various conspiracy theories about global male sisification/bimbofication projects (many reasons given). While all these theories look like "yet another Internet meme", watching what's happening is quite worrying.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 Screenshot_2018-12-03 Activity – Cormier Rutledge – OhMy Bytes.png     Screenshot_2018-12-03 Better patterns that lead to improved bambi sleep Berkencan.png     Screenshot_2018-12-03 Enjoying bambi sleep by following advice coming from experts - hipbanjo3’s blog.jpg     Screenshot_2018-12-03 Enjoying bambi sleep following advice coming from experts.jpg   
(03 Dec 2018, 15:54 )Like Ra Wrote: Thick plottens.

Someone (the web-site admin? It does not look like it's Bambi's creator) is running a (clearly paid) global SEO campaign to promote to higher search engines ranking, what invalidates the lame from the very beginning "wife excuse". But that's not all. Look at the ad text! They are promoting bimbofication hypnosis for medical reasons!

It's reported (I've never tried it, checking Bambi's Discord should be enough  to keep everybody off this stuff), that Bambi's stuff is very strong and extremely addictive. Also, there are various conspiracy theories about global male sisification/bimbofication projects (many reasons given). While all these theories look like "yet another Internet meme", watching what's happening is quite worrying.

what are the URLs to find these posts (in the images) please?

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