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Bambi Cloud
Really love the idea of the lovense integration, have toyed with using it with my hypnosis but so far have not. Has anyone tried or have any tips?
(18 Jul 2023, 01:09 )AndreaJayne Wrote: Really love the idea of the lovense integration
Sounds like a separate thread?
(18 Jul 2023, 01:38 )Like Ra Wrote:
(18 Jul 2023, 01:09 )AndreaJayne Wrote: Really love the idea of the lovense integration
Sounds like a separate thread?

It does, and I've kicked it off
I was thinking about an avatar that gets more bimbofied (or bambified?) as you progress through levels. A bit more of gamification, just a suggestion.
@bambiislv, questions, if you do not mind 😉😇

o- Are you using t3.mikro instance?
o- What image are you using? Amazon Linux 2 AMI?

Looks like the storage is very limited per server:

Free tier: In your first year includes 750 hours of t2.micro (or t3.micro in the Regions in which t2.micro is unavailable) instance usage on free tier AMIs per month, 30 GiB of EBS storage, 2 million IOs, 1 GB of snapshots, and 100 GB of bandwidth to the internet.

Where are those 100GB storage and 1TB bandwidth?
And 750 hours is just one month!
(11 Jul 2023, 23:54 )bambiislv Wrote: But it only lasts a year.
Ah, I see, it's "12 months free", not "Always free"
What means... If you don't pay, the site disappears in less, than one year. Scary...

(11 Jul 2023, 23:54 )bambiislv Wrote: Cloudflare's R2
Forever Free: 10GB
Otherwise: $0.015 / GB
Linode S3: $0.02/GB

Cloudflare wins!
(12 Aug 2023, 10:57 )Like Ra Wrote: Downloaded the files (apparently, updated).

How did you download these from the Bambi Cloud Playlist?

There doesn't seem to be any obvious way to do that.
(12 Aug 2023, 21:37 )Penguin Wrote: How did you download these from the Bambi Cloud Playlist?
E.g. in Firefox:

- Start playing a file
- Tools -> Page Info -> Media
- Choose the .mp3 file -> Save As...
- Close "Page Info" window
- Refresh the page

Yeah, not that obvious indeed ...

Wil move to this thread:
As expected:

u/BambiSheep Wrote:hey y'all! so mods have been chatting a bit, and we wanted to address the BambiCloud site people have been using.

We have received complaints from creators who have had their content posted on there without their consent. The files on there also don't contain any content warnings/descriptions and because users can upload their own files, there is no guarantee that someone won't upload something with a familiar name that's been edited by a bad actor to contain potentially harmful suggestions.

Because of the safety/ethical/copyright concerns mentioned above, we don't advocate the site's usage, and we ask people not promote or link to the site on this server. Promotions/screenshots from the site will be deleted from this point forward. We also have no idea who made the site, so if you are a creator and want your files removed, we recommend reaching out to the email listed on the site to request content removal.

prettyspirals666 Wrote:The problem with copyright stuff is peeps stealing content from creators behind a paywall, esp when a lot of the times the peeps making the files are young, broke and queer. It's not like stealing files from Sony, the people effected are small creators that often aeady have free content available and rely on their paid content as an essential part of their income.

Also, a lot of sites have rules in their tos about piracy/sites that work to help host/distribute stolen content, and allowing the site here could possibly be a tos issue. It's really not worth the risk of possibly losing the subreddit to wait and see how Reddit feels about it if the site is reported or posts here are reported for promoting a piracy site.

I think whoever made the site probs isn't aware of the laws around hosting or distributing stolen content, but you can get royally fucked with fines and stuff for that, so I really hope they stop allowing people to upload their own files. If they had an option for creators to verify on there, creators could upload their own stuff for people to use in playlists, that would be hot. I would definitely submit my own free files! The site is kinda sketchy in the sense that we don't know how tos piracy rules could be enforced if we allow people to share stuff about that site here. Like one of the sites to report pirated content/sites adjacent to that is literally on the FBI website... it's a big deal, and we want to avoid getting caught up in that mess. Like I think the concept of the site is super cool/the playlist builder is awesome, but I really am not sure if the creator of the site is aware of the legal risk they are taking on and users uploading content they don't have permission to upload are also putting themselves at risk.

If you google the fines and penalties etc for this kinda thing, you can see why it's a big deal/why peeps might wanna avoid uploading stuff to that site/why the creator of the site may want to reconsider their current model.

It kinda sucks cuz when stuff like that comes out, people tend to message us about complaints even if we don't manage the site because we are probs the closest thing to someone/people that can be accountable, and a couple creators weren't happy their stuff was on there.

Also, if it wasn't for tos concerns/content theft, we would def allow posts about it. It's hard cuz with something like this it's been reakly popular and useful for a lot of the people in the community but also, when modding here we just need to take into account the long term stability and safety of this place when stuff like that is being shared. If the creator of the site updates it, we would def consider allowing it again.

I'm going to reach out to the creator of the site with mod concerns and concerns brought up by other users/content creators sometime over the next couple of days. If they update their page to fix the piracy thing, we will def allow it again! I really just think they aren't aware of the possible legal risks they are taking on, and it's also why I want to reach out.

Side note: another major issue is the site itself doesn't have a place (privacy policy) where it details how content is stored/managed and used. That could also be another headache for them because the FTC requires sites to publish a privacy policy and if it's one thing I know you don't want to piss off the FTC.

bambiislv Wrote:Bambi cloud creator here. I totally agree with your concerns, and I do not want to condone piracy. File uploading is now disabled, and I will begin the process of cleaning up the content on the site today.

Files that were released for free by their creator will remain on the site as long as I'm able to verify their origin, but all other files will either be removed or made permanently private (only visible to the uploader). I will also be removing duplicate files and checking for tampering.

On a related note, I was looking into adding Patreon integration to Bambi cloud to allow creators to make paid files available to pledged users. If any creators are interested in this, let me know!
BambiCloud has haptics now:

bambiislv Wrote:New Feature!

You can now connect your vibrating Lovense toys to Bambi Cloud!

Files and playlists marked with the icon have haptics support. Currently, only the files from the Bambi Bimbodoll Conditioning session and the Bambi Training Loops playlist have haptics, but support for more files will be added over time.

To start using this feature, go to the Account page and click on the Connect to haptics button.

bambiislv Wrote:Each trigger does have its own vibration strength! (ranging from 20% to 100%) Snaps and some sound effects also affect the vibration strengths. If you aren't noticing a difference, make sure that your "max vibration" setting is set to 100%.

In a future update, I'm also going to be adding the ability to enable/disable specific triggers and modify the vibration strengths for each trigger.

First step is to go the "Account" page on bambi cloud. You can find that here: (make sure you're logged in first). You should see your profile and your settings on this page. If you're on mobile, you might need to scroll down to find the settings. In the settings there should be a section labelled "Haptics Settings" with a big blue button labelled "Connect to haptics". If you click this button, the app will generate a QR code for you to scan which will appear in a popup along with further setup instructions.

You can use either the Lovense Remote app or the Lovense Connect app (you don't need both). I actually didn't know the Lovense Connect app existed, but I just tried it out and it was actually easier to set up than the Remote app. I noticed that the Lovense Connect app doesn't seem to have a way to load the QR code without scanning it though.

If you're using the Lovense Remote app, there is an additional step that is required after scanning the QR code which allows the app to run in the background for long periods of time. In the Lovense Remote app, go to the "Me" tab in the bottom-right corner, tap on "Settings", then at the bottom tap on the toggle switch next to "Game Mode". This will activate game mode until you disable it, so make sure you disable it when you're done listening to avoid draining your battery. The Lovense Connect app seems to run in the background automatically, so there's no need to enable game mode if you choose to use it.

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