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Bambi Cloud
Anyone know if they have also been inactive on reddit? I cannot find the account myself.
(22 Feb 2024, 07:07 )jthursday Wrote:
(21 Feb 2024, 22:43 )bellmar Wrote: Anyone heard from @bambiislv haven't heard back on a file upload for almost a week.  Sent 2 Emails, I'm a touch concerned?


I sent an email on Sunday and haven't received a reply back either.

Bambiislv is back and files are being uploaded again.
(29 Oct 2023, 18:48 )bambiislv Wrote: There currently isn't a way to view the number of hours listened, but I am planning on eventually adding a page that shows some more detailed information, including listening time.

The reason that mentioning Bambi cloud on the subreddit was disallowed was centered around users being able to upload files to the site. I have since removed the ability to upload files and made all user-uploaded content private. As far as I'm aware, this issue is now resolved.

I finally found you bambi cloud architect
i have the real need to work with you as this is the most exiting bambi project i can closely relate too as a developer bambi
your project its the best thing happening to our community (even with some minor content infringements at start)

Why? centralized niche-oriented content platform available to every bambi out there. right now, if we lose bambis along the way they take their content with them.
as a community service you could provide a last resort of saving your bambi creations even after bambis stop monetizing on their creations for any reason.

so AWS?
does this mean bambicloud is containerized?
1TB for almost 80€??? scaaaam! what a dual core with 4GB? like a really tiny adult VPS? giggle

i might be able to help with the hosting after your free plan expires.
or maybe just in case, of an emergency where something legally shitty happens &/or some cloud provider decides you go against their ToS & shut you down
i could setup & add a bare metal to my local network & give you SSH access. My price? user access to all audios for my entertainment! ^^ giggle

currently i have 4TB on an intel quad core wtih 16GB. my bandwidth is 300 down 50 up which is what i need as a stream at 4k!
if more is required i can simply ask my ISP for more, my location is Europe, Austria which means some extra DSA regulations but nothing fancy as the cloud isnt a social media site.

respecting social integrations?
best thing is to compartmentalize considering user data requirements.

you split the cloud between the audio hosting backend, db, heptic integrations, etc
& add a tiny VPS with the social media site using a CMS with all the social media integrations hosting the user database with all the private info secure & removed from audios, using UUID to link users & audios is simple enough, might be tedious TBT this way you are able to outsource to a mod team the ability to quickly resolve private data conflicts.

this way you move teh actually cloud to a safer place in the back away from public only allowing connections from the social server. you only need to fetch() for your audio system, hepatic integration, fetch the target audio from the db while the front server just collects the parts to pass to render before sending a cached static site to the clients browser.
this way we can even add a front server audio stagging blob & are able to check if the user has ownership of the files passing several checks before finally adding to the cloud. it also facilitates adding monetization options for content creators & posible new monetization chances for the cloud seeling add space trageting specific content creators

lastly but not least!
on the heptics integrations i might provide you with bambi hucow powers & the ability to integrate, connect & use all remote-controlled toys on the market!
Even the ones you build yourself! like i want too with my tiddy pumps.
since i dont want to blow away my entire bag of mischief on a public forum ill withhold the toy integration solution till you contact me as i do desire to be part of your project helping out our community in the possess

plugged & listening to your cloud & hoping for a positive reply
(11 Jul 2023, 23:54 )bambiislv Wrote:
(11 Jul 2023, 23:34 )Like Ra Wrote: This one, right?*all

100GB storage
1TB transfer

Looks good! That makes me think to apply for a free AWS account myself. E.g. for storage.

Did you use any site templates, or everything is built from scratch?

Yup that's the one. It's great! But it only lasts a year.

For object storage you might also want to look at Cloudflare's R2 which is a much cheaper alternative to S3.

(11 Jul 2023, 23:34 )Like Ra Wrote: I see you provide files directly, so they are cached by Cloudfront, what reduces the traffic dramatically. And no streaming services are needed.

However, 100GB can be quickly consumed by uncontrollable upload.

Ah, everything is included in that 1TB. Hm... If the popularity increases, that also might be a problem.

Yeah CloudFront pricing is ridiculous. I'm actually using Cloudflare's CDN which is almost as fast, but completely free with no data limit (Bambi Cloud currently uses about 4 TB per month).


I stumbled on this thread googling for bambicloud+lovense , i thought it would be fun to write some fanfic about that, great minds think alike, and you're aeady on it.

I'm just subscribing to the thread to ask if you're familiar with squid proxy server.

Reason: it's open source, you can host your videos on a Linux box and have a bunch of "VPS" boxes with unmetered nics as front end proxies, referring to the file server as an "origin server."

So you would embed or source it as

And have all the squid VPSes DNS aliased, i.e. has multiple "A" records for every IP address running squid and returns a random one round-robin.

It's "good enough" for DirecTV and Verizon DVR , they both used something similar to this, at least they were about a decade ago........... their origin server happened to be Amazon AWS too. But it could be on any Linux system where the content isn't against the rules and the pipe isn't metered.

Not likely to peruse or contribute to topics but if that's something you're ever curious about if you're getting crushed by traffic and cannot afford to run your site, dm me here and ill throw some configs on a Pastebin if these instructions(info) don't give you enough info to work with.

I had to do this when my AWS bill started hitting $1000 a month. I switched to five VPS boxes that are all about $9 a month unlimited bandwidth. My content isn't adult, though, so I was able to use anyone I wanted.

BambiCloud is admired from afar in certain subcultures.

@Like Ra
 R (4).jpg
(11 Jul 2024, 20:17 )brandynette Wrote: @Like Ra

nah . random person (nerd) with unrelated objectives.
(11 Jul 2024, 21:27 )sissypickles Wrote:
(11 Jul 2024, 20:17 )brandynette Wrote: @Like Ra
nah . random person (nerd) with unrelated objectives.

ahh nice!

happy you were able to cut costs
know how you will save even more?
get your own machine setup your fav OS & install the apps & services on it
i pay 40€ Monthly for electricity ^^
(11 Jul 2024, 19:15 )sissypickles Wrote: I'm just subscribing to the thread to ask if you're familiar with squid proxy server.
From what I understand, you mean the reverse proxy concept - front end is open to the Internet, back end connects to the origin servers.

But why do you need a reverse proxy, if you are going to host the origin servers on VPSes? Why don't you connect to the VPS directly? (CloudFlare supports files up to 100MB, unless you buy the Enterprise level).
(11 Jul 2024, 21:31 )brandynette Wrote: get your own machine setup your fav OS & install the apps & services on it
i pay 40€ Monthly for electricity
It's just not accessible 😂

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