Quick selfbondage session in the shower

Being plugged for almost 8 hours with a 20cm dildo (see this post) led almost semi-conscious state – I desperately wanted to remove the huge plug and … to pee. I could barely concentrate on what I was doing (working, updating the site, daily chores, etc) But I could not have the bathroom to myself. Kids were taking a shower, going back and forth, and so on and on and on, while the plug was driving me nuts, the cramps were almost unbearable.

I wanted to play… Finally, the kids were sleeping, my wife was taking a nap on the sofa (I told her I needed to do something with the computer), and I grabbed a prepared bag with toys and jumped into the bathroom.

I was wearing the following:

The setup:

  • ankles and knees are bound
  • the SRD is connected to the knee rope
  • elbows are bound using cycling shorts single-glove method
  • hands are bound using the SRD, cinch noose and wrist loop
  • the piss condom is connected to the breath-through gag
  • the legs are pulled up and bound through the ice-in-sock system to the water tap 1,2m above the floor
  • the release knife is on the floor in ~1m away from me

I was laying on the floor on my back, blindfolded, gagged, and plugged, with my bound hands squeezed between my back and the floor and my legs up in the air bound to the crane. Warm water was gently showering on me. I pulled on the pull rope, cinched the noose and drew my wrists closer to the knees thus restricting my movements even more.

I tested my bonds – I could not move much. I did a very good job in virtually no time and using a minimum amount of tools.

The only release was the ice timer… Then a very slow (you can’t move fast with wrists bound to your knees) crawl to the knife.

If you have any ideas, thoughts or enhancements to this selfbondage scenario, please drop a line underneath or in this forum thread.

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