Butt-plugs, rope harnesses and kids swimsuits. Part II

The previous experiment showed that a very small swimsuit can successfully keep a “standard” butt-plug tightly in place. But what about a very long and very flexible silicone one?

Under my normal clothes I was wearing the following:

As expected, the plug was not going to go slide away. It was held firmly in place, every attempt to escape was rudely suppressed and the prisoner was shoved deeply back in.

It was probably the first time I was wearing that plug for longer than 8 hours. One note, though. If you are going to repeat that, wear a latex pants – otherwise your outer clothes will be soaked with the produced by your colons lubricant (in a futile attempt to expel the extra object). This is what I did after several hours.

The bottom line – if you need to fix a butt-plug or a dildo in place, try a kids swimsuit. The smallest size you can pull on. You can always try some suits on in sport shops, just hide them under other clothes on your way to the fitting room and back. Just in case 😉

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