Lycra top with a hood

lycra top with a hood -01The version I bought is shiny black (called wetlook black). The vision is very limited, though the breathing is OK.

What makes this hood very interesting is that you can take it off unless you take off everything you wear on top of it. And if you wear something underneath the hood… You got the idea 😉

A possible scenario:

  • make the pantyhose hood with a built-in gag (see here)

    You could make the gag even more effective and invisible under the hood if you apply some sticky tape over it (see here)

  • put on shiny pantyhose
  • insert you favourite plug(s)
  • put pantyhose on your arms
  • put on a leotard
  • lycra top with a hood -02tie a rope harness (e.g. karada). It will be a bit difficult because you will not be able to see much
  • put on high heels
  • then you can bind yourself completely, or just bind your hands together using bike-shorts-single-glove (see here). But be very careful with high heels! One wrong movement… Please, try not to fall down.
  • Enjoy! You will not be able to undo the gag, unless you undress completely (you can leave pantyhose and high heels on and the plug(s) in, though.)

A similar hood can be bought on eBay here.

Any other ideas? Please let us know!

4 thoughts on “Lycra top with a hood”

  1. wow, this is awesome
    i wish theyd have a full leotard one (thats sort of a dream for me, there are hooded leotards, but not as tight as this one!)

  2. They do make full leotards. To check the size I’ve ordered a “normal” leotard: no hood, no gloves, long sleeves. But the problem is – the zipper fully unzips with every movement. They say they always use this kind of zippers and nobody complained.

    Well, I have… No changes. My wife suggested to use hook&eye to keep it in place. So, needs testing.

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