Adriana Lima. Mummified.

Remember this fantastic photo? Ideas are flying, soaring, jumping and swarming in the air. And what can be simpler than to stuff a nude celebrity in a plastic bag? Moreover, plastic bags are transparent and cheap. Much cheaper than, say, transparent latex or a dress made by a famous designer (see below).

Making a good photo is a different story, though. And Adriana Lima is not cheap either 😉

But back to the imagined bondage. Of course, these “mental things” does not work for everyone’s mind. Lots of people need simple, brutal, “meaty” images of trebling cocks and big tits (I wonder what Google will say about this post 😉 Indeed, when I was fifteen that was enough to make everything erect, but now I prefer (imagine) them tightly packed. The “boiling” brain does the rest. Depending on the current mood, I can imagine myself on their place. Mummified, bound, gagged…

You see? Here we go again ;-D

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