Shrink wrap for mummification?

I wonder if anybody used shrink  wraps for mummification. Bondage or self-bondage – does not matter (though using shrinkable in self-bondage would be very interesting).

This is what I’ve just found.

Master shrink system
The 18″ Package Master comes in two variations of shrink wrap: PVC film and Polyolefin film.

  • PVC film restricts soap fragrances from flowing through the wrapping. This is particularly useful with melt and pour soaps by sealing the product allowing no moisture into the package. he film is durable, but brittle. It is great for individual product wrapping. If you are wrapping multiple products together or food, Polyolefin film is recommended.
  • Polyolefin film allows fragrances to seep through the shrink wrap. This works best with cold process soap where moisture has no affect on the product. Polyolefin can be easily identified by its stretchy properties. It produces little odor, and also ideal for bundling multiple products together.

Both come in 500′ rolls and cost $49.95 per roll.

What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Shrink wrap for mummification?”

  1. I don’t know how easy it is to use shrink wrap for self bondage, but would be interested in knowing.

  2. Here’s some ideas and thoughts.

    o- Usual PVC wrap falls off on itself, you don’t even have to do anything special.

    o- Sticky tape requires a bit of a struggle, but sweat makes the glue not so adhesive.

    o- Depending on the working temperature of the wrap a hairdryer or exhaust of the vacuum cleaner can be used

    o- First the lower part of the body can be shrink-wrapped, then the rest.

  3. I’ve used Pallet-wrap (the warehouse undustrial stuff) many times for self bondage. I will warn you – it is far far stronger than domestic “clingfilm” – so while you may like and enjoy the extra restrictive feeling, you should be warey of the fact that you will not be able to free yourself) (use with great caution)

  4. Answer to Like Ra, Their is no way out ounse U get yourself into the wrap, U will need a real person back up as this stuff dosn’t give. Beleive me I tried & got caught, my girl friend found me & it was awhile b-4 she let me free. (she had her fun 1st).

  5. Shrink wrap needs heating to shrink. The “natural” temperature, at which pvc starts to shrink is around 60°C, polyolefin usually requires more than 90°C. This is too hot for the human body. I think, the stretch wrap used to secure transport palettes, is much more suitable, it needs to be wrapped with some tension and then adapts pretty well to the shape of the wrapped object. A few layers will be very secure this is wrap is much stronger than the one used in the kitchen.

  6. I have been using stretch wrap (pallet wrap) for over 20 years in self-bondage. I can wrap everything except wrapping my arms to my sides. For this you need a partner. I have used different stretch wraps over the years and I prefer an 80 gage black blown film. Blown film clings better than cast film. And the black color is really cool for mummfying.

  7. I’ve both wrapped myself and had my wife do it to me several times, and while it is indeed difficult to get out of on your own, I’ve done it. That said, if you get an extremely tight wrap, you will not be able to get out on your own. Use caution with techniques such as holding the roll down on a fixed object while wrapping yourself. You probably won’t be able to escape without help.

  8. Depends on the amount of layers and tightness. There is another risk – the risk of compression (restricted breathing, compressed vessels, overheating, etc.)

  9. works excellent and if u have access to it get it,then go over it neatly with black duct tape,result: awesome restraint.

  10. never cut this off with a knife,never should anything be cut away from a body with a knife use good quality surgical scissors, as far as suffocation,use a proper hood(leather,neoprene,etc.).best have someone there to get you out in case of emergency too.

  11. I have a question regarding wrapping over pantyhose or lycra.

    I’ve successfully used domestic ‘cling film’ for SB over my naked body, though limited to feet, legs, crotch (very sexy when wrapping ‘toys’ inside you) stomach, chest and head (also sexy, but take care with air holes) leaving my arms and hands uncovered, but it doesn’t work very well when I’m dressed up.

    Does pallet wrap overcome this problem? I’d love to experience the feeling of being sealed into a cocoon of plastic wrap whilst being dressed in my favourite fetish wear.


  12. I do it frequently. I wrap everything except my hands. A good pair of scissors is really a must for escaping in self bondage, but the feeling of being immobilized in industrial pallet shrink wrap is unbelievable. Lots of sweat. I normally wrap myself naked, but it’s nice in leotards / unitards, too.

    As long as you don’t have a cold or anything else that plugs your nose, it’s also really nice to wear a ball gag with your head wrapped.

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