I wonder if anybody used shrink  wraps for mummification. Bondage or self-bondage – does not matter (though using shrinkable in self-bondage would be very interesting).

This is what I’ve just found.

Master shrink system
The 18″ Package Master comes in two variations of shrink wrap: PVC film and Polyolefin film.

  • PVC film restricts soap fragrances from flowing through the wrapping. This is particularly useful with melt and pour soaps by sealing the product allowing no moisture into the package. he film is durable, but brittle. It is great for individual product wrapping. If you are wrapping multiple products together or food, Polyolefin film is recommended.
  • Polyolefin film allows fragrances to seep through the shrink wrap. This works best with cold process soap where moisture has no affect on the product. Polyolefin can be easily identified by its stretchy properties. It produces little odor, and also ideal for bundling multiple products together.

Both come in 500′ rolls and cost $49.95 per roll.

What do you think?