3D Fetish Art by ChristopherT

The first ChristopherT‘s work I stumbled upon was the one with two figures mummified with inflatable latex bodysuits and connected to each other with a latex trunk. My first thought:”Someone made a photo in the style of heavy latex catalog by DeMask”. However, the trunk was something new I had never seen before.

“Interesting idea” told I to myself and clicked on author’s name and a photo of a latex clad girl appeared in front of me. Low-key lighting, black latex, black hair, black stiletto heels, white skin… Only with the third picture it came to my mind that there was something wrong with those photos 😉

Yes, it was Poser. But, you know, there are 3D images (it’s very tempting to play with Poser, isn’t it?) and there are 3D images (e.g. 4F Creations). Cristopher’s creations are not perfect, but some of them did fool me. And (most important) he knows what fetish is about and to make it work. Whether it’s semi-transparent latex, wrinkles on stockings or an inflatable butt-plug.

Anyway, it works for me 😉

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