The art of leggings, too many shiny tights or
James Lillis and Big Cartel

ultra shiny wetlook latex-like  leggingsThis guy is amazing. One of those maniacs-fetishists-workaholics who instead of “Errrmmm.. no, you can’t do this, because … “, says: “Tell me what your fantasy is, and I’ll make it”. Especially, if someone has already made something similar.

James Lillis works with polyester/elastane(spandex/lycra). Also he makes ultra shiny stuff out of PVC “no one wants to sew”.

This is what’s written in his blog:

I often hear “I had PVC leggings but they can apart after a few washes.” That’s because the manufacturers don’t use post-apocalyptic strength PVC.

Seriously, you won’t have a problem with these, they will survive a nuclear blast.

Don’t like shiny wetlook latex-like stuff (ha, his leggings got returned once, because they were too shiny!”) have a look at other funny patterns (below).

Don’t like super-tight wrinkle-free design? Ask for it.

Want something really weird? What about sheers with zippered back-seams?

Pity, that he’s EOL’ing and selling out his Black Milk 2009 Collection, but on the other hand, that will make some space for new ideas. Like:

I’m thinking of a PVC catsuit type thing that goes all the way up. It’s a work in progress…

Want to buy something? Check James Lillis Big Cartel.

Don’t like leggings and prefer pantyhose? Just put on pantyhose underneath 😉

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James Lillis and Big Cartel”

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