Can anybody recognize these shiny pantyhose?

It’s possible that these shiny tights are made by (or for?) American Apparel. Can anybody confirm that? Or point to the right direction?

Many thanks to Wutze!

14 thoughts on “Can anybody recognize these shiny pantyhose?”

  1. unfortunately no they’re not made by them (at least in the past few years). If they were I would definitely have a pair!

    Let me know if you hear!

  2. Those are american apparel. My girlfriend has them. What sucks is they stopped making the glossy footed one a couple years ago. They have the foot strap ones or the opaque that have some shine, but not what you are looking for.

  3. I have found other sites too, however, I checked some fashion outlets
    and have found that the full footed tights are now a no-no.
    But, if you look at Cheerleading or Dance wear, you’ll find almost
    Anything you like.

  4. Just looked on eBay, USA
    Tights tights, lots of tights.
    Some are 80% nylon
    Others are cotton.
    And shiny too.

  5. On ebay and other sites Omero Ultra Shine Tights Luxor 40 have a pair and love them great shine.

  6. Omero Luxor 40 are great love wearing them here’s me wearing mine in the cappuccino shade.


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