Self-bondage art. Part XI

See previous parts here.

It’s become a tradition that I break long periods of not showing up with selfbondage art posts. No exceptions this time. I’m slowly recovering after an enormous load, and I’d like to see someone who’s enjoying tying themselves up. And since they are all drawn on paper or in PhotoShop, there is nothing to worry about – the merciful artists will not let them die should something go wrong 😉

18 pictures today.

6 thoughts on “Self-bondage art. Part XI”

  1. uknownnobody ” wrote:

    I’ve seen the first two pics on

    Yeah, right I remember them now.

    uknownnobody ” wrote:

    There are a bunch of great self-bondage ideas there also.

    Mostly imaginative only. I like the site, but the “self-bondage ideas” are either rather impossible or simply lethal.

  2. Hey! Ra’s back!!

    Welcome home – you’ve missed all the fun… probably 🙂

    I love the girl in ’49’ – you can write your own story just from the scene:

    – she’s not quite helpless, but soon will be
    – is this a solo session or maybe a treat for her lover?
    – how will she finsih her bondage, how will she free herself?

    So great to have you back my friend – maybe not so long next time?


  3. Like Ra ” wrote:

    You meant “he”, didn’t you?

    Oh dear…. another case of my eyes seeing what my brain wanted me to see!

    My twisted mind can handle this though….

    ‘She’ is indeed a ‘she’… the bulge is obviously a vibrating device with remote control and timer for ‘her’ fun and teasing later…

    yeah, that should do it!

    Blushing, but still loving the art!


  4. Madjack ” wrote:

    My twisted mind can handle this though….

    Nah, I would definitely prefer to see a bound boy, because I can easier imagine myself in his place. But bound girls are also fine – I have good imagination 😉

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