What’s to like in Japanese schoolgirls? Senri Kawaguchi

Indeed… Schoolgirls is a fetish by itself, but Japanese (like most of other things Japanese have touched or invented) schoolgirls represent another level of fetishism praised by manga and anime (yes, another Japanese creation).

So, what’s to like? First of all, cute young oriental girls. Then the uniform (short skirts, stockings or over-the-knee’s, tights, funny backpacks, sometimes strange shoes, swimsuits). And finally their abilities, capabilities and desires.

Fighting is one of those capabilities “Kill Bill” showed. But here’s another one – playing drums. Senri Kawaguchi (川口千里), a 13yo Japanese schoolgirl (born in the suburbs of Nagoya, Japan in 1997), started playing drums at the age of 5, at the age of 8 years she started studying under Kozo Suganuma, received awards in the “Rhythm & Drums Magazine” Contest in 2007.

Look at the outfit and listen 😉

K-ON!! ( けいおん!!) anime series ED – Listen!! drum covers:

(nice overknee’s and the green frog here)

K-ON!! ED NO, Thank You! drum cover

(I like blue tights with yellow shorts)

K-ON!! GO! GO! MANIAC drum cover:

(nothing special about the clothes, added because of drumming). BTW, she plays jazz as well, not just teethcrushing rock.

Senri’s official site
Youtube page
Article in Drummer World

Thanks to bitch-lizzie

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