Home alone and naughty ideas

Hello. I’m back. The  very busy “vacation” is over and guess what? I will spend  the next four weeks “home alone”.  Sounds exciting, but I haven’t yet recovered after the illness (overworked and caught a cold, also see here). Nevertheless, the preparations are underway: new DIY ideas are swarming in my mind, 5 ice locks and other interesting stuff are cooling down in the freezer, the hair below the waist level is gone, cotton bed sheeting is replaced with latex, new [fetish clothes] orders are waiting for the final clicks, and the “home alone” rules  are almost finished (please, feel free to add/change/modify/delete):

  1. I must wear fetish clothes (latex, lycra, etc) 24×7
  2. full encasement during the nights
  3. I must spend 4 hours (average) a day gagged and 8 hours plugged.
  4. Every second night I must sleep bound, every fourth – inescapably with time locks.

Average means: if I’m not gaged for 24 hours, next day I must be gagged for 8 hours.

What holding me off is my illness: stuffy nose and dry cough do not mix well with gags and cold latex.

7 thoughts on “Home alone and naughty ideas”

  1. Wow… those sound like some great requirements… I wish my boyfriend would do something like that to me. 🙂

    Oh, and post video/photos of some of this!

  2. Actually, (1) and (2) are not that difficult, because I always wear pantyhose 24×7 and if I sleep alone I’m fully encased in one or more layers of lycra (or latex).
    (3) is also not difficult if (4) is met. Bound for me means no visible bare skin, gagged, plugged and blindfolded.

  3. Hi Ra!

    You’re a lucky self-bondage & pantyhose lover to have all this time to yourself! I managed a whole 6 days once (I posted some of my experiences in the forum), I tremble to think what I might get up to if I had WEEKS to play! Go for it – and please keep us informed of progress (and PLEASE play safe!!!). Sleeping encased is great fun, try my method of fully encased bondage in pantyhose if you can. I’ve always fantasised about a night of self-bondage with the wake-up call of a timed enema – but can’t see how to actually achieve this (but it’s still a great dream – eh?)


  4. Hi Madjack,

    Yeah four weeks. Alone but the time is shared between work, shops, night sleep, home server maintenance, site updates, photo editing etc. 😉
    I did try your method (a bit modified).
    As of enema, I did that, have some photos, the report is in the pipeline. Gonna try again with some additions or vice versa – bare minimum. I have no energy for something very serious, so I keep things simple but effective. Wait for “Session 57”. 40% done 😉

  5. Hey,

    I have a suggestion for people who want to have fun but have colds.

    Obviously, you can’t use a gag, which isn’t as fun, but it’s better then nothing. If you must have a gag, use a breathable gag such as an O-ring or wiffle ball type gag.

    Another concern when you have a cold is temperature. If you have a fever, don’t try, it means your cold is really bad and you NEED to rest.

    If you don’t have a fever, one of the best things to do is stay warm, since cold temperature lowers immune system response. Latex may plays with the body’s senses of hot and cold, but it’s thin and isn’t well insulated. If you’re like me and live somewhere that’s cold, you need to stay warm to get over your cold. I find the best way to do this is neoprene, aka a wetsuit.

    Here up in the rocky mountains during the winter, sick or not, it can get cold. I don’t enjoy paying a huge natural gas bill for heating, so I do my best to stay warm the old fashioned way, and that includes when I’m bound.

    Anyways, enough explanation, wetsuits are keep you warm, and can be very like the sensation of latex if you get thin, cheaper neoprene. It also has it’s own world of sensations that you may like enough to use it regularly. It’s also fun to use in combination with cold water (hot water too, but that’s bad for the neoprene).

    The one problem with this is when I go wake boarding in the summer, I can’t go without taping my cock to my leg, or without collecting very confused/shocked looks. :p

  6. Obviously, you can’t use a gag, which isn’t as fun, but it’s better then nothing. If you must have a gag, use a breathable gag such as an O-ring or wiffle ball type gag.

    Or a gag you can easily breath around. It must not prevent coughing. Just test that in advance.

    If you have a fever, don’t try


    the best way to do this is neoprene, aka a wetsuit.

    This is exactly what I was wearing in my (still the only :-\ ) session!

    without collecting very confused/shocked looks

    Probably you have something really interesting down there ;-P

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