Hello. I’m back. The  very busy “vacation” is over and guess what? I will spend  the next four weeks “home alone”.  Sounds exciting, but I haven’t yet recovered after the illness (overworked and caught a cold, also see here). Nevertheless, the preparations are underway: new DIY ideas are swarming in my mind, 5 ice locks and other interesting stuff are cooling down in the freezer, the hair below the waist level is gone, cotton bed sheeting is replaced with latex, new [fetish clothes] orders are waiting for the final clicks, and the “home alone” rules  are almost finished (please, feel free to add/change/modify/delete):

  1. I must wear fetish clothes (latex, lycra, etc) 24×7
  2. full encasement during the nights
  3. I must spend 4 hours (average) a day gagged and 8 hours plugged.
  4. Every second night I must sleep bound, every fourth – inescapably with time locks.

Average means: if I’m not gaged for 24 hours, next day I must be gagged for 8 hours.

What holding me off is my illness: stuffy nose and dry cough do not mix well with gags and cold latex.