Tighs for Men. Gerbe. Paris.

Gerbe line for men
What an event! Gerbe! Notorious French company started producing pantyhose (or tights) for men! Not just thick cotton stuff like Wolford used to make or wool but 20 den nylon/lycra from other less known manufactures. But …

Yes, but … These “buts” can easily destroy all the joy…

  • Not cheap. At least two times more expensive than analogous “women’s” pantyhose:
    23,19€ for 100% poliamide
    28,50€ for poliamide/lycra
    34,90€ for 70den.
    I don’t believe that the quality is so superior to “women’s” tights. 15-20€ for the “front opening”?
  • Only two colours. Beige (tan) or black.

Yes, some men will begin to buy The Real Pantyhose for Men with a big sigh of relief, but I believe that the rest (like me) will stay away from the overpriced models. The result could be the same as with Wolford’s men’s tights – “The product is discontinued”.

Tights for men Pantyhose for men Tights for men

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