Kids toys and how to properly use them. Big rubber ball.

… That was my first thought when I saw this ball for the first time.

… Apparently I’m not the only one.

… What had the designer in mind?

… What do kids think of it?

… Is it intended for kids?

Anyway, see below …

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7 thoughts on “Kids toys and how to properly use them. Big rubber ball.”

  1. It is not intended for kids.

    You can find them by searching “exercise ball” and “posture ball”.

    They’re for use in exercise and yoga. There are also companies that make chairs out of them (by creating a stand the ball sits in so it doesn’t roll away), for people with back problems that are not comfortable in normal office chairs.

  2. It is for people who suffer from the consequences of ergonomic office chairs, such as backpain and slipped disks. Constantly sitting in normal chairs is literally a pain for them and standing is often not an option. Having a thorough education with pantyhose monogloves help avoiding such trouble but you also need to take care of the front muscles of your torso (don’t ask me how) 🙂

  3. Oh, c’mon … I saw these balls in kids toys shops and I saw kids jumping on them.

    The ones for yoga/fitness do not have the “plugs”. At lest I did not see the handles on the rubber balls in “Decathlon”. My kids have the plugless version.

  4. Oh, I didn’t see the video completely. This is a toy indeed and I used to have great fun whith it when I was a kid – no second thoughts 🙂

  5. I thought the soundeffects as our secretary got up quite “interesting”…

  6. Exactly 😉 The kids version is a bit cheaper,though.

    I wonder if such thing can replace the office chair. Working would be much more enjoyable ;-P

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