Latex, pantyhose, leather, mohair, velvet or ready-to-wear and Cerruti

Cerruti fashion latex mini skirt pantyhoseSilky latex, pantyhose (also with shorts), tight leather, mohair, velvet, high heels, opera length gloves, mini skirts, long legs… What do you think I’m talking about? Fetish party? Fetishists heaven? Collective fetish dreams?

Not even close (but it all depend how you look at it, of course ;-). Cerruti (French fashion house) with some help from Australian designer Richard Nicoll presented their fall/winter 2010 ready-to-wear collection for business women.

See 16 photos below.

In short – I like it. This collection is indeed wearable. Nothing freaky, nothing extravagant, nothing overly sexy, but something you may not even notice unless look closely. Richard managed to marry such antipodes as latex and mohair in utterly cute pastel coloured outfits. (In particular I like the baggy latex skirt and crème leggings with fluffy sweaters. )

BTW, you can buy these latex leggings for ~200GBP at Atsuko Kudo (they made all latex clothes for the collection).

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