Pantyhose with shorts or a skirt?

AlizeeIndeed, what do you find more sexy? Skirts or shorts? I even added a poll (on the right). I noticed that I pay more attention to girls and women wearing pantyhose with shorts. Two examples.

I noticed the pair in a local supermarket just before the closing time. A 16-18 yo boy and a 12-14 yeargirl in shorts and shiny white pantyhose girl. She was wearing light green shorts, soft fluffy boots and a short jacket. It was quite cold outside (~4°C) but I was not sure if she was wearing pantyhose. I tried to catch a glimpse of reflected light but to no avail. I asked my wife if she could tell. Neither could she, but she suggested that the girl had pantyhose on, because her skin was looking perfect and without any signs of cold weather (like skin reaction to cold wind). But the pantyhose needed to be very thin since I could not notice them.

On another day I was watching and photoshooting a local competition when a 12-14yo (yes, that age girl in fishnet pantyhose and shorts again!) girl wearing jeans shorts, black 50-70 den pantyhose and sneakers sat beside me. I tried my best to not to look at her, but it was extremely difficult. Apparently, she was utterly bored, and while trying to amuse herself somehow she was strolling between the seats, occasionally leaning against the wall behind me with one leg bent, or falling down in the chair with her legs laying over the chair arms.

Probably it’s because shorts are associated with childhood I find shorts with pantyhose more exciting? Or because I also wear shorts with pantyhose? Or because shorts reveal more of legs and conceal the rest? Or because skirts are worn more often?
What do you think? Please vote (on the right sidebar) and let me know!

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