glamour fetish chessChess was never meant to be a fetish sport, but now I’m not that sure.

Indeed, why not to make bondage chess, self-bondage chess (you can play with yourself or with a computer, right?), fetish dare chess, etc. For example,

  • pawn = additional rope or any restricting item (e.g. sticky tape)
  • rook = gag
  • bishop = plug
  • knight = chastity belt
  • queen = enema
  • every second rook, bishop or knight makes the bondage more severe (e.g. bigger plug or gag)
  • the faster you lose, the more time you will have to spend in bondage
  • you begin naked, every 5 min you put one item on (e.g. pantyhose, leotard, gloves, hood, stockings, heels)
    That would make self-bondage funny, because i doubt you can win if you play with a good computer program ;-)