MaxMara Moon Lolita 50 pantyhose review

MaxMara Moon Lolita 50 pantyhoseWe bought the pantyhose yesterday with 30% discount (normal price in NL is 22.95€). The description is very promising:

Metallic pantyhose with cotton gusset and soft knit waistband. Playing on every nuance of metal. Elegance that is unique, sophisticated, even unconventional.

But what about the reality?

  • Not shaped or “pre-formed”
  • The smell (stink?) of the impregnating stuff is very noticeable from several meters.
  • the density is high at the feet and low at the thighs but with no support
  • 8% elastan is obviously not enough
  • they are baggy at the ankles, though the size is correct
  • wrinkles at the ankles are way too visible
  • the “metallic shine” is rather dull or barely exists.
  • itchy and scratchy

The bottom line? AVOID! Especially at this price. They can’t cost more than 5€.

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