Unusual bondage or lockable clothes

metal bondage chair and latex bondage suitWell, finally something new I’ve never seen before. Simple, elegant, aesthetically pleasant, extremely sexy and fetishy, business or office style bondage which leaves a lot to your imagination:

  • What is the story behind this image?
  • What for latex suit is she wearing?
  • What is inside the metal skirt?
  • Are her hands bound behind her back or the sleeveless semitransparent rubber bodysuit and the “chair” take care of them?
  • What is her function?
  • Can this outfit be used for self-study and self-bondage? E.g. she might have a remote control in her hand to scroll the text on a computer. A gag is a must here. The skirt can be time-locked
  • Nice chastity device!
  • And so on and so on….

Also this makes a reference to the self-bondage-suit-of-the-future post.

I don’t know who the artist is. Do you?

9 thoughts on “Unusual bondage or lockable clothes”

  1. The site to find this and other images is : fetic.com.

    If you want a story for this (one of the billion possibile, try it on my site, under “stories (appetiser…)”. You can find it.


  2. this is cool
    if im not mistaken it looks like the “skirt” is the chair, and you have to remove the top piece to get in, this is really cool, so youre not wearing it but its still on you

  3. YES! I’ve seen these pictures in Marquis but could not find them on the Internet! Thanks much for the link!

  4. cool – really cool!

    No need to have a background story, this is just – er,
    cool 🙂

  5. If you may, Querthe’s Story now it’s here talesoftheveils.info/querthe/non-TOTV/chair.html

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