metal bondage chair and latex bondage suitWell, finally something new I’ve never seen before. Simple, elegant, aesthetically pleasant, extremely sexy and fetishy, business or office style bondage which leaves a lot to your imagination:

  • What is the story behind this image?
  • What for latex suit is she wearing?
  • What is inside the metal skirt?
  • Are her hands bound behind her back or the sleeveless semitransparent rubber bodysuit and the “chair” take care of them?
  • What is her function?
  • Can this outfit be used for self-study and self-bondage? E.g. she might have a remote control in her hand to scroll the text on a computer. A gag is a must here. The skirt can be time-locked
  • Nice chastity device!
  • And so on and so on….

Also this makes a reference to the self-bondage-suit-of-the-future post.

I don’t know who the artist is. Do you?