Self-Bondage stories added

Added two stories under “Tales” (“Self-Bondage in the Woods” and “Almost caught”) and “Real Contributed Self-Bondage Sessions” (“Dual Self-Bondage”).

Please let me know what you think about dual self-bondage. Does the story look real?

2 thoughts on “Self-Bondage stories added”

  1. “Dual Self-bondage” has a bunch of workable ideas. I just discovered Rope Rachets at our local hardware store and they are great. The nylon straps could work for binding two people together, but I wonder if straps with friction buckles might be more effective.

    The part that I found a little sketchy was the use of single cuffs for two wrists. Maybe. Going to have to try that… ;-))

    I’d love to see their design for ice locks and PVC frame. Sounds like they are busy little engineers…

  2. “Almost Caught” and “SB in the Words” are tightly written tales. Nicely done! Hope the author had a chance to try out the scenes.

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