Erection of the day. Bound elbows

bondage-art-59I used to keep this picture in the browser for several months as a “mood changer”. While quite minimalistic, it’s got everything to press the right buttons:

  • Bound elbows. Just reading or hearing this expression explodes my imagination. Simple bondage yet so powerful!
  • Gag. I bet there is something inside! Not just an over the mouth scarf.
  • Latex gloves
  • Sheer black stockings

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2 thoughts on “Erection of the day. Bound elbows”

  1. The only problem is the REALITY of elbows tied that way. There are nerves etc that can be affected, and as someone who makes “bondage porn” I can tell you it is about 15 minutes, then cut free, then redo if the video is longer. Simply put, this kind of tie, while soooooo hot and erotic is also time limited 😛 Unless of course you want damage lol

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