The Perils of Batgirl. Part I

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

By: The Weatherman (

Batgirl is a registered trademark of DC Comic, Inc. but they are in no way linked to this project. Nor is it my intention to defame the character of Batgirl. I was/am a big fan of the Batgirl character. I would have loved it if they had made Batgirl only shows. This story is just a logical evolution of that Idea.

It contains a bunch of bondage, fetishism, lesbianism, melodrama, and other elements necessary to tell this kind of story. If you are going to be offended by this… For heaven’s sake, DON’T READ IT.

As always your comments and suggestion are always appreciated.

See you soon. Enjoy.

The Weatherman. 🙂


Evening: All is quiet on the streets of Gotham City, as another fine day draws to an end. But what’s this?! Nora Clavicle and her fiendish cohorts… plotting yet again, to undermine authority in Gotham City? Swearing revenge on Batgirl for ending their most recent reign of terror and mayhem? Panic in the streets! Holy Fetishism!

Hold on to your hats! The best is yet to come!!……

Chapter 1

Barbara Gordon walked in the front door of her large ground floor apartment in the Center City. It was an upscale apartment in a particularly quiet part of town. Plush but not assuming.

She walked to the icebox and pulled out some iced tea; After a long day at the Gotham City Library, she needed something cool and refreshing. As she leaned back against the counter and sipped her tea, her thoughts went back to her date with Bruce Wayne the night before. She had worn her sexiest dress and pumps, and he hadn’t even kissed her. He certainly was strange. -Or maybe just shy. Hell, who was she calling strange? At least Bruce didn’t dress up in some outrageous, overtly sexual outfit and fight master criminals in HIS spare time.

She finished her iced tea and went to the living room. As usual, Charlie squawked his happy greeting; Glad to see her home safe again. She gently picked up the bird cage and carried with her into the bedroom.

‘It’s a good thing you can’t talk.’ she said, putting a little bird seed in his feeder.

She blew the bird a kiss and walked over to the closet. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor.

‘Batman would be putty in my hands if he were to see me in this bodystocking.’ she said aloud, her hands sliding down the soft silky material.

She walked over to the mirror and looked at herself. She had bought the black bodystocking on her recent trip to Paris. It was made from the softest 10 denier nylon and was sheer, except for two thin, black spandex strips that started at her shoulders and plunged down across her breasts, meeting in a V at her crotch.

Barbara loved bodystockings. The material clung to her every form, accentuating each of features. The outline of her body was a deep midnight black.; The rest a soft, sexual chocolate. It made her feel like a cat on the prowl.; Lascivious, wont on.

‘The Catwoman can’t hold a candle to me.’ she thought as her hands slipped over the silky material encasing her body. It felt so good that she began to caress her body, one hand cupping her ample breast, while the other wandering further south.

She mind drifted to her last encounter with Catwoman; She wanted to see it again. She walked over to the dresser and opened it. Inside was a video tape. She walked to the VCR and put the tape in, turning on the TV in the process. Catwoman had set up a video camera and taped their last encounter. After she was saved, Barbara had taken the tape. Secretly, she enjoyed watching it. It excited her.

Barbara sat down on the bed and started the tape. There they were. Catwoman and her sex kittens, carrying the struggling form of Batgirl across the room. Barbara watched as they lifted her onto the X-frame rack and tied her down. Then, Catwoman ushered her kittens away leaving them alone. Then, she gagged her and slowly tightened the rack, until Batgirl’s body was stretched to its maximum.

Barbara WAS getting excited. She remembered it all. Once helpless, Catwoman had taken extreme satisfaction in tormented her with both pain and pleasure, in only ways The Catwoman knew how. She had kept her in a constant state of arousal and distress for hours. Teasing her to the very brink of orgasm; But never allowing her release.

Eventually, Catwoman decided that she had played with Batgirl long enough and walked to the wall and pulled a switch. It activated a bladed, pendulum based, torture device, right out of the pages of Edgar Allen Poe.

Catwoman, then spared no expense in describing her fate in infinite detail, before kissing her and then leaving her to die.

Completely helpless, Barbara remembered watching in horror for over thirty minutes, as the razor sharp blade swung effortlessly back and forth; Lowering a fraction of an inch with each successive pass. It was only an inch away when Batman burst in the door. By the time he got to the machine and turned it off, it was only millimetres away. She had to hold her breath while her raised the razor sharp blade away from her body. It had been that close.

Batman had then taken the gag out of her mouth and kissed her.

The thought made Barbara quiver at the knees. One of her hands moved to caressed her breasts while the other moved between her thighs, exploring her soft pussy. Watching the tape had made her very wet. A wicked smile erupted as an idea came to her.

She got up off the bed, walked over to a chest that was sitting against one of the walls and opened it. Inside, neatly arranged, was some very “kinky” lingerie, made of latex, stretch patent, and leather. As well as a vast multitude of bondage paraphernalia, from which she selected a pair of handcuffs, some rope, a remote controlled vibrator and a red ball gag.

She walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down, laying the items down next to her. She took off her stiletto heeled shoes and swung her feet up on the bed.

‘Charlie you won’t tell anyone about this will you?’ She giggled.

She laid down and inserted the vibrator in her vagina. It wasn’t very difficult because she was still wet. The thought of bondage always excited her; Well, nearly always. The Siamese Human Knot that Nora Clavicle had tied her in, was certainly unpleasant, but that wasn’t exactly bondage either. She was very glad that Nora was in prison where she belonged.

Barbara sat up and picked up the white nylon rope. Then, she proceeded to expertly coil it around her slender ankles. Barbara liked this particular nylon rope, because it was soft and rarely left lasting marks on her skin. She carefully wound the rope around her ankles, taking up the slack, but being careful not to pinch her skin. Then she fed the rope between her ankles, cinched it and then tied it off.

‘Ooo… that feel so good’, she said as slid her hands up the outside of her legs.

‘Nice and tight’ she remarked, moving her stocking feet back and forth, testing her rope work.

Satisfied, she grabbed another length of rope and tied her legs together just above the knees. Experimentally she tested the bonds about her legs, rubbing her knees and thighs together.

Then she swung her legs off the bed and stood up.

She picked up another piece of rope, doubled it and coiled it around her waist a couple of times. Then she fed the ends through the loop and tightening it. She moved the loop behind her back, pulled the free ends between her legs and up and over her waist rope in front. Then she slowly pulled down on the rope, tightening it against her crotch. She tightened the rope until it was deep inside of her, then tied it off.

Next she took the red ball-gag and put it up to her mouth. She opened her lips and worked the large orb past her teeth, deep into her mouth. She moaned quietly, fantasizing about Batman taking control of her. She buckled the strap behind her head and tested the gag, attempting to push it out of her mouth with her tongue. If was quite effective. She picked up the remote control and cupped it in her right hand. Now for the moment of truth: The handcuffs: Black metal, cold, unyielding.

She locked one cuff around her wrist and pulled her hand behind her back. Then, she fed the free cuff behind her crotch rope, put her hand in the cuff and paused. The key lay on the chest of drawers across the room. Once she put the cuff on she would have a tough time undoing them.

Click…a tinge of exciting raced through her body. Click, Click, Click… and she was bound. She struggled experimentally and found that she was truly helpless. Her thumb caressed the button on the remote control teasingly, before finally turning it on. She winced, as the vibrator came to life inside of her. She fell to her side, struggling and enjoying her captivity. She concentrated on her bondage, pointing her toes and attempting to pull her stocking feet from the soft but effective ropes around her ankles. She could hear the nylon of her bodystocking rustling, as she moved her legs back and forth, attempting loosen the cunningly secure ropes around her knees. Every time she would try to pull her hands from the handcuffs, they would pull the crotch-rope, drawing it even deeper inside of her. Her mind took over…

‘What’s going on here?’ Batman said, a broad smile beaming on his face as he stepped into her bedroom.

Barbara, horrified began to struggle wildly, but to no avail. She had tied herself too well. She was HIS prisoner now. Batman came over and sat down on the bed. He began at her bound stocking feet. He slowly kissed and licked her toes and arches, slowly moving up and over her neat rope work, to her calves and knees. Then he moved up her thighs to her stomach. She could feel Batman’s soft exploring hands on her body, touching, teasing…tormenting. The warm touch of his mouth on her breast. She could feel the pull of the crotch rope and he playfully pulled it with his teeth. Oh…his expert tongue! She orgasmed, causing her pull up on the handcuffs, which in turned tightened the crotch rope, putting even more pressure on her clitoris -causing another orgasm. It raced through her body like a freight train, all the muscles in her bound body contracting, until finally, it was over. She collapsed, panting. A small bead of saliva formed at the edge of her mouth and dribbled down the side of her cheek. She could feel her heart beating fast and furious, her breathing still heavy and a ringing in her ears.

No! it was the phone!

Stunned, she squirmed to the side of the bed and managed to stand up. The phone rang again. She hopped across the room to the dresser and pulled the key to the floor with her cheek. Then, she reached down and picked it up. She quickly and expertly unlocked the cuffs, unbuckled the ball gag and pulled it from her mouth. Then she hopped back to the bed and picked up the phone


‘Barbara…Barbara is that you?’ (It was Chief O’Hara)

‘Y…Y..Yes Chief, …how are you doing.’

‘You seem out of breath, are you O.K.?’

‘Just exercising. What’s up?’ she said catching her breath.’ She had known Chief O’Hara since she was born. But rarely did he call her at home.

‘I’m trying to find your father. You wouldn’t know where to find him would you?’

‘No. Is there something wrong?’

‘No, It’s just…I just got a strange package delivered here. It’s addressed to Batgirl.’

‘Batgirl?’ Barbara said, her ears perking up.

‘Yes. I’ve been looking for the Commissioner, but he’s not around. I even called Batman on the Batphone, but he’s out of town checking out that lead on that bank security woman’s disappearance.’

‘Well sorry. I haven’t seen him. But I’ll tell him you want to talk to him, if he calls.’

‘Thank you. Have a good night.’ He said and hung up.

Batgirl quickly removed the ropes and hastily put everything back in the chest.

‘I would loved to have played some more but I don’t have the time…maybe later.’ She went into the bathroom and freshened up. Then she walked to the make-up table and reached beneath it. The entire make-up table and mirror swivelled 90 degrees, revealing a secret room. On the other side of the mirror was a purple outfit, wig, and shoes neatly arranged.

‘Here we go again.’ Batgirl said to herself, as she removed one outfit to don another. This new outfit however, was altogether different. Where her bodystocking was demure and elegant, this one was downright sexual. It was a purple teddy made of a patent material blended with latex. It was long sleeved, high collared, and it was cut high to show off her fabulous legs. It had taken hers weeks to find the fabric and another month to make the outfit. It fit like a second skin.

Before she put the teddy on, she took a pair out black pantyhose and slid them on. They were jet black and were sheer all the way to her waist. Then she stepped into the form fitting teddy and wiggled her way into it. Inhaling, she slowly zipped it up the back, all the way up to the nape of her neck. The teddy was so tight that it showed every detail in her ample body, yet it was stretchy enough to allow her free movement. She had recently forgone the cape because it was always getting in the way.

Next was the wig. It was a a shoulder length wig in dazzling red and because it was made entirely of human hair, it was very soft to the touch. She adjusted the wig into place and then brushed it. Then she took the cowl and carefully put it on.

Batgirl sat down in front of the mirror, and decided to wear shoes instead of boots. Specially ordered from Europe, purple patent leather pumps with five inch heels. They made her over six feet tall. She slid her stocking feet into them and then slowly stood up, looking appreciatively at her reflection in the mirror. She slid her hands down the outline of her body, admiring the incredible tightness of her costume. Then she put on her utility belt, spread her legs slightly and put her hands on her hips.

‘I AM the sexiest woman in crime!’ she said aloud, before leaving; The secret panel sliding soundlessly into place behind her.

Meanwhile, across town in the “Dress for Duress” fetish wear factory on Latex Lane, Nora Clavicle was getting dressed for what she hoped would be a stimulating evening. She was in good spirits.

Opera, her lovely assistant, would have delivered Batgirl’s package to police headquarters by now. Soon, everything would fall into place. She would be rich, the arrogant bureaucrats of Gotham would be hurting and maybe, if she was lucky, Batgirl would interfere.

‘Revenge will be sweet, my little Bat-nymph.’ She said to herself as she slowly pulled a black stocking up her long smooth leg. There was a knock and Vinyl entered the boudoir.

It had been over two years since Nora has discovered Vinyl “waiting tables” at a seedy strip joint, in Gotham’s red light district. Nora had been attracted to the ravishing, auburn haired beauty from the minute she had laid eyes on her. But what really impressed her was how well she took care of herself; Later in the evening, Nora watched Vinyl grab an overly zealous “customer’s” testicles and twist him into submission.

Vinyl had always had a particularly kinky edge to her, but with the help of Nora incomparable teachings, she had blossomed into full fledged fiendom.

She was dressed in a black PVC catsuit, with matching gloves, and five inch, stiletto heeled ankle boots. Around her slim waist hung a loose chain belt that glimmered in the soft light.

‘Is everything on schedule?’ Nora asked.

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘How’s our little captive?’

The captive was Mary Weston, the Manager of Security at the Gotham Federal Bank. Nora had kidnapped her as part of her master plan.

I slipped her into something….uncomfortable, but not deadly.’ Vinyl said, her eyes narrowing slightly, as she smiled.

‘Purrrfect. I’ll check on her later. She’s an important piece in our little puzzle, we don’t want to kill her… just yet. Come here.’

Vinyl walked over to Nora and stopped in front of her. Nora stood up and slowly inched forward, until she was very close. Then, she bent in and kissed Vinyl softly on the lips. She drew away slowly, letting the mood linger.

‘You’re such a good employee.’ she said, her hand moving between Vinyl’s legs. ‘Maybe later, when this is all over, we can play.’

‘Oh, I’d like that…ohhhhh.’ Vinyl responded, closing her eyes.

‘I bet you would.’ Nora said, slowly removing her hand. ‘Now, however, it is time for business. Let me finishing getting ready and then we will go and meet Opera at the Bank; There’s an easy twenty million dollars just waiting for us.’

‘What about Batman? Won’t he be bound to show up?’

‘Batman’s on a wild goose chase…’ interjected Nora, ‘…with that blundering red breast, chasing after some very carefully placed herrings.’

‘But why did you lure him out of town. I thought you built all those elaborate-‘

‘No. Those delicious toys are for Batgirl. Especially my newest invention.’

‘Oooo, you mean -‘

‘Yes… you should know how she’s going to feel. You helped me test it after all.’

‘How could I forget. It scared the hell out of me. -And I knew you weren’t going to let me die. I can’t wait to see Batgirl struggling…ooo…the thought is making me wet already.’

‘Yes…Batgirl our plaything; The thought is downright fiendish, isn’t it? And with Batman and Robin out of town, we can take our time with her. How…..Stimulating.’

Batgirl climbed off the Batgirl cycle and climbed the stairs of Police Headquarters. As usual all the heads turned in her direction.

‘Same body, different packaging, and I am just a librarian.’ Batgirl mused to herself, enjoying the sexual power that the outfit provided her.

She made her way to the Commissioner’s Office and opened the door. Chief O’Hara turned around, shocked to see her.

‘I understand that there is a package here for me.’

‘Batgirl! How did you-‘

‘A woman intuition is a powerful thing Chief.’ she said, as Chief O’Hara handed her the package.

It was surprisingly light. It was wrapped in multi-coloured bright paper, with a big bow on top. It had a little paper doll in her likeness attached to the front. She carefully examined the package, looking for any peculiar wires or such. Finding none she asked Chief O’Hara to stand back and she carefully cut the ribbon. Nothing happened. Then she carefully lifted the top of the box off. The only thing in the box was a piece of paper. It was an elaborate riddle:


Very soon you will call my name
In horror, and frustrated cries
For once into my clutches came
You’ll know too late just who am I.

On the outside, I’m plain vanilla.
You’d pass me by without a thought.
But underneath I feel so wicked.
A slimy darkness who cares for naught.

I wait for you with baited breath.
An experience most feared and new.
For slow may be deliverance (But inevitable)

*** I will be the death of you.

-I’ll introduce you to my friend soon.
Nora Clavicle
In Gotham I trust”

‘Nora Clavicle?! I thought she was in prison’

‘Escaped last week. Is that from her? ‘What does it say?’ Chief O’Hara asked curiously.

‘It’s just some twisted poem.’ Batgirl said as she read it to herself again. Something about it bothered her, something she could almost decipher. It was the paper. It felt like… Money!….”In Gotham I trust!”

‘I’ve got to go! I think I know where Nora Clavicle is going to strike next!’ Batgirl said, as she fled down the hallway.

Meanwhile at the Gotham Federal Bank: Nora had sent her girls to the car with the last of the money. She stayed behind, finishing up the final details of Mary’s intricate and quite deadly bondage.

First she had tied her arms tightly, making her elbows meet behind her back. Then she tied Mary’s knees and ankles. Then she gagged her. Then she tied a rope around her waist knotting it off. She then took a long piece of rope and carefully made a small noose. She pulled it over Mary’s head and tightened it around her neck. Then she fed the end between Mary’s bound ankles, through her legs, through her waist rope in front, back through her legs and then finally between Mary’s bound wrists. As she pulled on the rope it tightened the whole mess mercilessly, into an incredibly strict hogtie.

‘Thank you for all your help.’ Nora whispered, as she bent over Mary’s sumptuous, bound body. We would never have beaten the security system without you. And though we truly enjoyed playing with you at our little fetish hideaway, I think now, it’s time for us to part company. We will leave with the money and you … well, you unfortunately, will be staying here. PERMANENTLY.’

Mary started to struggle, but stopped immediately as the rope around her neck tightened even further.

‘You’d be wise not to move too much. I have tied you in a very special bondage. It’s called an Egyptian death tie. If you so much as twitch, the rope around your neck will tighten, strangling you to death. Unfortunately, the vibrator that I inserted in you is programmed to come on in five minutes. As soon as that happens…well… at least you’ll die…smiling!’

Nora got up, and began to walk away.

‘Don’t …..Move! She laughed wildly.

‘It’s you who shouldn’t move!’ Batgirl commanded, as she strode in the room confidently, stopping ten feet away from Nora, blocking her exit.


‘In the flesh. The party’s over Nora Clavicle. Untie her immediately.’

Nora casually put her hands in her leather coat pockets.

‘The party’s just beginning, Batgirl! Nora said as she pulled her hands from her pockets. ‘CATCH!’

Before Batgirl could react, Nora threw both of her hands in her direction. Out of them, came what looked like thin, crepe paper streamers. The streamers filled the air above Batgirl’s head and cascaded down upon her. But as soon as they touched her body, they began to entangle her, twisting and knotting themselves, pinning her arms and legs. Batgirl thought at first that the streamers would be easy to break; They looked like thin crepe paper. But In fact, she found to her dismay, that they were very strong, and as much as she struggled she couldn’t loosen them, not even a little.

In fact, if anything, the streamers seemed to be getting tighter. Every time she moved, she could feel the thin paper streamers constrict around her helpless body more and more. It was become harder and harder to breathe. Every time she would exhale the streamers would take up the slack.

‘Jesus! …ughh…What are these things?!’ Batgirl said as she felt the streamers continue to constrict tighter and tighter around her body.

‘Siamese bondage streamers, Batgirl!’ Nora gushed gleefully, as she approached the now completely helpless Batgirl. ‘They contract when placed in contact with the heat of the body. It’s really unfortunate that you had to face me here. I had such plans for you at the fetish factory. Oh well, that’s the breaks.’

Nora, pushed Batgirl down onto the ground and revelled in her struggling form, watching the evil streamers do their work.’

‘I’d love to see who strangles first, but Opera and Vinyl are waiting for me in the car. Good-bye Batgirl!’

Nora turned and walked quickly out of the room. Batgirl could hear her wicked laughter echoing along the hallway as she fled.

Batgirl continued to struggle on the ground, rolling back and forth, trying to gain some slight advantage. But the streamers were extremely strong and no amount of twisting or tugging could loosen them even a little bit. In fact, Batgirl could feel the deadly streamers continuing to constrict, tighter and tighter around her body, until she was barely able to breath.

Running out of time, Batgirl concentrated, trying to find some way to free herself. Her BatShears.. No good! They were in the back of her utility belt. With her arms pinned to her sides, she had no chance -or did she?

Batgirl had a last gasp idea. With an immense effort, she was able to move her right hand next to her utility belt. She held her breath and slowly worked opened the small compartment on the side of her belt. Out of breath, she exhaled quickly, immediately inhaling, as she felt the streamers take yet another centimetre of her breathing room. Batgirl carefully took out the small can of compressed BatAir out of her utility belt. She could feel that she was beginning to lose consciousness. She had only been able to take a very small breath and found that she needed to take another. Unfortunately, as she exhaled, the streamers tightened again and she found that she was now unable to inhale. She had one chance and one chance only. She aimed the spray can up at her body and spray herself with the compressed air.

The air coming out of the can was very cold and when it came in contact with the streamers, they loosened slightly around her chest. Immediately she inhaled, continuing to spray the can in the direction of her body. As the streamers expanded, Batgirl was given more movement and took advantage. Soon she was able to free first one arm and then the other. Then she quickly reached in the back of her utility belt and pulled out her Batshears, cutting the rest of the evil streamers from her body.

‘MMmmmph! Mary screamed into her gag.

‘Stay calm! And don’t move what ever you do. I’ll untie you.’

Batgirl, quickly got up and carefully cut the ropes from Mary’s body. Mary, overwhelmed, fell into her arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Batgirl did her best to comfort her, waited for the police to arrive and then quickly slipped away.

‘There certainly can’t be many fetish wear factories in Gotham’, she said as she drove along the darkened street, angry and ready for revenge.

Nora Clavicle wasn’t pleased either. She really hadn’t wanted to kill Batgirl so quickly. She had wanted Batgirl here, at the fetish factory, where Nora had spent countless weeks (and quite a bit of money) putting together her special surprise. Even in death, Batgirl had managed to spoil her well laid plans.

‘We could have brought her with us..’ Opera said, massaging Nora’s stocking feet. She knew full well, what was on Nora twisted mind.

‘It’s just not the same without the moment of capture. I was so looking forward to the look on her face, when she realized who my fiendish friend was. By then of course it would have been much too late. She would be caught and we would have had time to savour her pitiful struggles, as she tried to free herself. But I guess it was not meant to be.’

A wicked smiled erupted on Nora face. ‘We’ll just have to introduce Batman and Robin instead….Oh well, maybe we can have some fun by ourselves. Come help me change.’

Opera and Nora walked downstairs to Nora Boudoir. Once there Nora picked out an outfit for Opera and one for herself. Nora loved to dress for an evening of pleasure. Her disappointment was fading. So what if Batgirl wouldn’t be here to make the evening complete. She still had Opera to play with.

Nora took out a brand new pair of black seamed stockings and slowly slid them on. ‘Dressing for an evening of pleasure such as this is an important ritual.’ she thought. ‘One must play one’s part to the fullest, if one expect rewards.’

Nora picked up the black stiletto pumps and slid them on. Vinyl arrived and Nora gave her instructions on the type of bondage that she wanted Opera to be tied in. She didn’t really have to. Given free rein, Vinyl would come up with something equally intricate and uncomfortable; But this was her evening. Tonight, she wanted it done her way.

Vinyl helped Opera put on the last of her outfit, and then led her down the long hallway to the playroom. Nora stayed behind and slipped into her very tight costume.

Batgirl turned off her Batgirl cycle and coasted the last three blocks. She was correct. There weren’t many fetish wear factories in Gotham City; In fact there were only two. She had already ruled out the other one, so she assumed that this must be it. Batgirl slowed to a stop and got off her cycle. A dilapidated sign hung over the front door. DRESS FOR DURESS. This was the place.

Batgirl walked up to the door and tested it. Locked. She walked around the side of the building and caught sight of an open window on the second floor. She pulled out her Batrope and with a flick of her wrist, had attached it expertly to the pipe next to the window. Batgirl pulled on the line, found it firm, then swiftly crawled up the rope and slid into the beckoning window, leaving her Batrope behind, in case she need a different exit.

‘I know she thinks I’m dead,’ Batgirl thought to herself, ‘but I also know she had something extremely devious planned for me. I better keep my wits about me.’

Nora finished dressing and walked down the hallway into the playroom. Even though Batgirl’s presence would be sorely missed, she was still excited. Maybe it was the thought of playing in the playroom. Maybe it was the room itself. It had taken her months to prepare.

‘Though you can’t tell that by looking at it.’ Nora thought, as she stepped down the few steps that led into the room. ‘But that’s the most important element of the room -the surprise.’

She walked across the soft sandy floor to where Opera had been expertly tied between two posts and examined her. Nora pulled on the crotch rope and decided that Vinyl had done a excellent job. Just what she had asked for. Opera already had that misty, captive look in her eyes.

‘You look ravishing.’ She said, as she slid her hands over Opera’s helpless body. ‘You’re in for a treat..I think I’ll let Vinyl have her way with you … -After I’m done of course.’

‘MMM’ Opera moaned into her gag. She hadn’t been tied long, but already, her arms and legs ached from the bondage. She knew the mood that Nora was in. Maybe the idea of playing tonight was not such a good idea.

Nora moved her hand to Opera’s vulnerable pussy and began to massage it slowly.

….Then again

Batgirl walked down the stairs slowly, listening for any strange sounds. At the bottom of the stairs was a antechamber with three doors. Opening one carefully, she looked inside. It opened onto a long hallway.

Entering, she heard a voice coming from a room at the other end of the hall. Quietly, she walked along the corridor and peered inside.

It was a large circular room about 40 feet across. A narrow stone rim, that was slightly elevated from the rest of the floor, ran around the entire room. The rest of the floor was made of sand.

The room was completely devoid of furniture, or decoration or any kind, except two ornately carved pink posts which stuck out of the sand at the far end of the room. Tied spread-eagled between the posts was a girl.

Batgirl gaze was drawn to the girl tied between the posts. It was Opera, Nora’s devious assistant. She was nude except for a pair of black stockings, black patent thong panties, black stiletto heels and long black patent gloves. Batgirl was intrigued by the intricacy of the rope work.

Opera’s arms and legs were drawn far apart, and ropes criss-crossed her body holding her firmly in place. Ropes outlined her breasts and another was pulled tightly between her legs, drawing it deep inside her. It was a trick Batgirl was quite familiar with. In her mouth was a red ball gag attached to a head harness. Ropes connected the harness to tops of each post and to her wrists. She was tied so tightly, that she could barely move.

Nora Clavicle and Vinyl stood facing her. Nora was wearing in a tight, high collared, red patent teddy and long, red patent gloves. She finished off the outfit with a pair of sheer jet-black seamed stockings and six inch, red patent, stiletto pumps. In her left glove she delicately held a black riding crop which she gently rubbed up and down Opera’s inner thigh.

Vinyl was wearing her customary black PVC Catsuit and ankle boots.

Nora and Vinyl were engrossed in Opera’s bound body. Batgirl watched as Nora moved her hand slowly down Opera’s helpless body. She paused at her breasts, first caressing then pinching, causing Opera to squirm in pain and delight.

Batgirl, deciding the time was right, crept into the room and stepped down the six inches or so off the stone rim into the fine white sand.

Opera saw her and began to struggle wildly, screaming into her gag.

‘That’s right struggle, it will do you no good.’ Nora said, misinterpreting Opera’s attempt at warning.

Batgirl strode to the centre of the room at stopped.

‘Good Evening, Miss Clavicle!’ Batgirl said, breaking the silence.

‘Batgirl!’ Nora exclaimed, turning around to face her.

‘Yes Nora, Batgirl. I’m sorry I didn’t call before I came over but I wanted to surprise you.’ Batgirl responded smiling.

‘You’re alive!’

‘Obviously, though no fault of yours!’

Nora got over her shock quickly and wicked smile perked up on her face. Things might just work out the way she planned them after all.

‘Oh Batgirl, you don’t know how excited I am to see you. I’m actually glad you were able to escape my deadly streamers and join our little party… Speaking of surprises, I have something extra special in store for you. Ooo… and you’re dressed for the occasion. How perrrfect. I didn’t have time to tell you how delightfully lascivious your new costume is’ She purred.

‘I’m not here to participate in your sick little bondage games, Nora.’

‘Oh but you’re the guest of honour Batgirl. GET HER!’

Vinyl flew at Batgirl, but Batgirl was just too fast. she gave Vinyl a swift Batkick, then threw her across the room, her head kissing the stone walkway as she fell. Batgirl walked over to her, but she was out cold. So she strode back to the centre of the room and smiled.

‘There…that takes care of that,’ Batgirl said spreading her legs slightly and putting her hands back on her hips. ‘Seeing as how you couldn’t possibly hide anything in an outfit that tight, Nora, I can safely say playtime is over..’

‘Oh no Batgirl… playtime is just beginning…’ Quick as a cat, Nora jumped up on the stone, to the wall a few feet behind her, and smiling at Batgirl over her shoulder, pulled down a large red switch.

Alarmed, Batgirl, looked behind her, and then instinctively up at the ceiling, thinking a net was going to fall on her. But nothing happened.

After a few more seconds, Batgirl relaxed, returned her hands to her hips and laughed. ‘Well Miss Clavicle, whatever surprise you had so carefully planned obviously didn’t work.’

Nora let her hand slowly glide off the handle of the switch, turned and stepped down into the sand, casually walking a few steps toward the smiling Batgirl.

‘Oh, but it did Batgirl….’ Nora said pausing, an evil smile coming to her lips ‘Look at the ground.’

Puzzled, Batgirl looked down and noticed that she was now standing in the centre of a thin, ring, the top of which was just barely sticking out of the sand. Batgirl hadn’t noticed, as the ring, submerged just below the surface, had silently emerged from the soft sand surrounding her. It was quite large, about thirty feet in diameter and looked like it polished glass.

Suddenly, the ring pulsated, and Nora Clavicle started to laugh wickedly. Batgirl was starting to look up when she felt something odd touch her feet. Instantly she looked down a saw to her horror that her shoes were slowing sinking into the sand.

Alarmed, Batgirl lifted her left leg and her foot popped out of her half buried shoe. Balancing precariously on one foot, she took a shaky step toward Nora Clavicle, her stocking foot squishing into the suddenly mushy ground.

She immediately tried to lift her right foot from the sand, but it was much harder to do, because it was now deeply buried. When it finally came free, she lost her balance and her stocking foot immediately squished back into the unstable soil.

Now up to her ankles in sand, Batgirl tried to pull her left foot free, but the sand was so thick that even with all her strength she couldn’t pull it free from the sand. She immediately shifted her weight and tried the other leg, but it too was completely stuck.

Panicking, she began to struggle wildly, alternately trying to extricate each of her feet from the sticky sand. But no amount of twisting or struggling could free her from the sand’s captivating embrace. In fact it only made her sink deeper.

Horrified, Batgirl realized she had walked directly into another of Nora’s evil traps.

‘Quicksand!!’ Batgirl exclaimed, her struggles becoming even more frantic, as she realised the meaning of Nora’s cryptic poem.

‘Very perceptive, Batgirl…’Nora gleefully responded. ‘But it’s not just ORDINARY quicksand. Its CLAVICSAND!’

Batgirl looked up at Nora and watched her slowly slide her hands over her breasts, down her waist and between her slightly spread thighs.

‘It’s an utterly diabolical new invention I designed especially for you, Batgirl. It’s a uniquely formulated synthetic quicksand, deviously thick and once activated, fiendishly INESCAPABLE!.’

‘And I’m afraid that you’ve wandered right into the deep end. There’s at least fifteen feet of it under you, just waiting for your luscious body to sink into.’

‘Oh god!’ Batgirl exclaimed, her struggles becoming more desperate. She could feel the clammy sand creeping up her shins, as she continued to slowly descend into the sands placid surface.

‘Oh and you will sink…albeit extremely slowly. In that way it’s very much like quicksand. Unable to support your weight, your gorgeous struggling body will slowly slip deeper and deeper into it’s moist clutches until it disappears; Forever lost beneath its surface.’

‘-And don’t think that you can just lie on your back and float in this stuff…You can’t.’ Nora added gushing, overjoyed with the turn of events. ‘Vinyl tried that little trick and it almost cost her life.’

Batgirl realizing that she was helplessly stuck, stopped struggling, hoping that it would slow her descent into the incredibly viscous synthetic quicksand.

Unfortunately, instead of slowly down, her rate of descent increased..

‘Oh no Batgirl. Continuous struggling is REQUIRED in Clavicsand! The more vigorous the better. Staying motionless, even for an instant, will only cause you to sink faster, taking precious minutes of life from you. Of course, you’re bound to tire eventually…’ Nora remarked, laughing wickedly.

‘Oh god!’ Batgirl exclaimed, as she began to struggle again, soon finding that Nora was indeed correct; The harder she struggled, the slower she sank… She twisted and pulled at her legs wildly, trying to see if she could stop her descent, but even vigorous struggling didn’t stop her from sinking entirely. All she could do was helplessly watch, as more and more of her body crept into the fiendishly viscous bog.

A bead of sweat dripped off Batgirl’s cheek and onto her heaving breasts. She was tiring. The sand was incredibly thick, and the deeper she sank the more difficult it became to move in. Stopping briefly to catch her breath, Batgirl watched in horror as her descent increased.

Her thighs began to ooze into the ground at an alarming rate. She immediately began to struggle again, frantically looking around her for a way to liberate herself from the clutches of Nora Clavicle’s diabolical synthetic quicksand.

‘Oh god, I can keeping this up much longer!’ she exclaimed. ‘Please.. don’t let me die like this….Please!’

Nora walked up to the edge of the ring laughed. ‘I’ll take it under consideration, Batgirl….’

Chapter 2

Nora, obviously enjoying Batgirl torment, walked to the edge of the ring and leaned over slightly, sliding her palms down her smooth black stockings. Batgirl, biting her lower lip in anxiety, looked at the rippling surface of the quicksand surrounding her, and then back up at Nora’s evil, smiling face.

‘Ooo Batgirl, you’re beginning to realize the cruel beauty of my fiendish synthetic quicksand.’ Nora said in a soft, intimate voice. ‘It’s not just he fact that you’re sinking: it’s the struggling. You know that it is pointless, but you continue anyway; Hoping that with the added time, you might find a way to free yourself from its soft, sticky embrace….’

Nora said, smiling wickedly, pausing just long enough for her words to sink in.

‘But you won’t. I’m afraid, you’ll find it completely impossible to ever get out of that Clavicsand, Batgirl.’

‘Uhh…’ Batgirl groaned, as she struggled to lift first her right, and then her left thigh out of the deadly quicksand; Each resulting downward thrust causing her to sink, ever so slightly deeper, into its moist clammy surface.

Vinyl stirred from her forced slumber and looked up groggily. She felt the bump on her head, as her eyes focused on the struggling form of Batgirl, almost up to her crotch in Clavicsand. A smile erupted on her face, as she remembered her bout with Nora’s nasty nightmare, realizing that Batgirl’s torment would be ten times greater than hers had been. Vinyl stood up gingerly, her head pounding. She casually strolled around the room, her stiletto heels echoing on the stone rim as she walked.

Batgirl turned to look at her. Vinyl was beaming as she stepped down into the sand and strode towards the struggling form of Batgirl.

‘Enjoying yourself, Batgirl?’ Vinyl said, stopping at the edge of the pool of quicksand.

‘Care to join me?’ Batgirl retorted, out of breath from the constant struggling.

‘Oh no, Batgirl, I’ve already been in that quicksand before…’ Vinyl replied, sticking the toe of her boot into the sand, like she was testing the temperature of a swimming pool. “It’s amazing how deviously inescapable it is. The sands so thick; You would think that you just could climb out, or that eventually you’d displace enough sand, and you would float. That’s what I thought at first too. But I was SO wrong. I started just like you, just wanting to get my feet out. Once I sank to my waist, I gave up struggling; I remembered what the text books said about quicksand, and tried to lie down so I could float in it. But I didn’t float, I went all the way under. Nora was just able to turn the stuff off in time and dig me out before I suffocated.’

Batgirl looked at her in terror and Vinyl smiled.

‘But then again, you ALREADY realize that this is not ordinary quicksand. It something to do with this ring here; It constantly moves the sand under you, not allowing your body to reach equilibrium. You can feel the sand giving way under your stocking feet right now, can’t you Batgirl. And the friction of the sand particles on the outside of your legs. -Andthe weariness….

…….OH NO, I much prefer to watch YOU struggle from out HERE…’

Vinyl’s twisted, sadistic empathy only made Batgirl feel worse. She was right. Batgirl could feel the cold clammy sand, giving way under her; The moist particles sticking to the outside of her stockings, as she sank slowly lower and lower.

While Vinyl destroyed any glimmer of hope in Batgirl, Nora turned and looked back at tightly bound figure of Opera, who was obviously enjoying Batgirl’s distress as well. Nora knelt down and slid her red glove into the sand, and scooped up a handful of the sticky ooze. Returning to Opera, Nora began to smear to Clavicsand over Opera’s helpless body. Outlining her breasts and rubbing the moist goo between her spread thighs.

‘Isn’t this everything that you hoped for? Savour the way the sand feels against your body. Cool and inviting. You can just imagine Batgirl’s torment. Slowing sinking in it; Unable to escape. Knowing that eventually, even with all her efforts, she will drown.’

‘Mmmm’ Opera moaned into her gag, as Nora caressed her body with the clammy Clavicsand. Massaging her pussy and fondling her full, firm breasts.

Nora delicately took a small control that was dangling over one of the ropes, that was keeping Opera firmly in place between the poles. Nora flicked the switch and Opera began to writhe, wildly in her bonds.

‘Oh you like the vibrator that I had Vinyl insert, before she tied you up? Maybe, I’ll turn it a little higher…’ Opera convulsed.

Nora pressed her body against Opera’s and softly whispered in her ear.

‘Look at the way Batgirl struggles. It’s very much like bondage. The sand entangles her body with its soft sticky embrace, drawing her deeper and deeper. Notice the way the sand hugs her thighs as they move up and down rhythmically. Each frantic struggle introducing a new portion of her body to the moist kiss of the sand. Just look at her, she so helpless…..’

Batgirl’s body was by now dripping with sweat. Physically devastated, she stopped struggling for the briefest of moments, only to have her shapely thighs disappear completely into the sand. As Batgirl felt the cold,clammy ooze touch her pussy, she began to struggle again. Now unable to lift her legs, she began twisting her body.

Like a deadly dance she swayed and rocked. The sand slowly creeping up the outside of her hips. Experimentally, she tried pushing down on the surface of the sand with her hands. But they just slid effortlessly into the viscous ooze.

Vinyl, walked back to Nora, who was driving Opera into fits of ecstasy.

Soon, Batgirl’s hips disappeared into the mire. Up to her waist in quicksand, Batgirl looked around her in dread, but again, there was no escape.

‘Oh god! I’m so tired!’ Batgirl cried, stopping for a brief second to catch her breath. Immediately, she felt her descent increase even further. She watched in horror as her waist disappeared into Nora’s synthetic nightmare.

‘Nora and Vinyl watched Batgirl’s strength begin to falter, as they slowly brought Opera to orgasm. Opera gazed was transfixed on the half buried body of Batgirl, as she continued to move in the thick white ooze. Nora left Vinyl to caress Opera, and walked a few paces back to Batgirl, who was by now, completely exhausted. She was sinking faster now, unable to find the strength to struggle vigorously; At this rate, she wouldn’t last more than a minute of two.

‘Getting tired, Batgirl?’ Nora said in mock compassion. Nora walked back to the wall and opened a panel. Inside was a dial that was set to STRUGGLE.

‘Batgirl, this dial allows me to customize your descent. As you can see,it is currently set to STRUGGLE. But I can change that…’

Nora turned the dial to the right most setting: STILL.

‘If you stop struggling now and become perfectly still, you will stop sinking…’

Batgirl, absolutely exhausted from her efforts, relaxed. As she relaxed,her hands slid easily into the inviting sand, followed by her forearms and then her elbows. True to Nora’s word, once her arms came to rest at her side and her body became perfectly still, Batgirl felt her descent into the quicksand stop. Batgirl looked down and found that she had sunk up to the bottom of her breasts, the quicksand cupping them, like a demi cup bra.

Nora flicked another switch and another ring rose above the surface of the quicksand around Batgirl. It was exactly the same as the first ring, only much, much smaller, only a few feet in diameter. The first ring stopped glowing and slid silently below the surface.

To Batgirl’s amazement, Nora waited a bit and then casually walked over what used to be unstable earth, to the edge of the new ring. She got down on her hands and knees, leaning over the almost fully submerged Batgirl. Batgirl, realizing that firm ground was only inches away, started to lift her arms out of the quicksand. But she froze immediately: Her movement causing her to lurch suddenly into the sand, her breasts disappearing beneath its ripped surface.

‘Oh yes that right, Batgirl… the very slightest move will now make you sink. Now you get to experience the other side of Clavicsand’s,diabolically torturous spectrum: Utter motionlessness!’

‘You bitch!’ Batgirl exclaimed, sinking two more inches in the sand.

‘Shhh, you should be careful not to scream. It causes involuntary muscle contractions. ANY movement will cause you to sink; Maybe even your breathing’

Batgirl’s head and shoulders were all that remained above the surface. And although the edge of the clavic bog was only a foot away, she dared not move a muscle for fear of sinking completely out of sight.

Her motionlessness, intensified her experience. She could feel the clammy particles of sand, surrounding her entire body, pushing in on her, making even breathing difficult. She found it increasingly difficult to keep her balance submerged in the moist sticky bog. Every so often her muscles would contract and she would feel her body descend a little further.

“Oh god….” Batgirl whispered. “It’s impossible to keep my balance…..’

‘Poor Batgirl. Finding it hard too stay still? You can feel the sand all over your body now can’t you ?… close, pushing in on your arms, your legs…your breasts’

Nora stood up and slipped off her shoes. Then she dipped first her toe,and then most of her stocking foot, into the gooey sand, making circles in the soft earth. ‘So thick, and yet so….’

Batgirl moved slightly and felt herself slide into the sand a little further.

‘…. unstable.’

Batgirl, fearing that moving her head would cause her to sink, looked down her nose at the surface of the quicksand, now only inches from her chin.

‘Ohhh!’ Batgirl exclaimed, tilting her head back slightly, as she sank another inch..

‘You must be very still Batgirl…’ Nora whispered, as she removed her foot from the clammy ooze with a audible slurp, small particles of sand,clinging to her moistened nylons.

Batgirl watched, as Nora slowly moved her foot along the top of the sand,until it was right under her chin. Then she moved it to the right and placed it on Batgirl’s shoulder; Ever so gently pushing down with her toe.

‘No! Please!’ Batgirl screamed, shifting her weight slightly. Her shoulders sinking beneath the surface of the viscous ooze..

Her neck and her head was all that remained above the surface. Another shift in weight caused her to sink again. Her neck, slowly easing into the sand. when Batgirl’s chin touched the sand, she froze; Her head tilted back as far as she could.

‘Don’t move, Batgirl!’

Batgirl suspended in the deadly mire up to her chin, waited unmoving for what seemed like an eternity: concentrating on nothing else but motionlessness. Nora bent over Batgirl and caressed her cheek.

‘I know you can’t stay motionless for ever Batgirl. It’s such a shame that you’re going to die here, you’re body lost forever beneath the sands surface.’

‘Nora…’ Batgirl started to plead, but stopped as the sand crept over her chin, just under her lower lip.

‘Shhh….Batgirl. With you so helpless like this, I could easily rip off your cowl and find out who you are before you die. But I won’t; I like the mystery. I would like to remember you just as you are.’

‘If you kill me now, your fun will be over. You will never have the pleasure of trying to beat me EVER aga….’ Batgirl said in a last ditch effort to free herself: the sand creeping over her mouth silencing her last words.

Nora looked down at the pitiful form of Batgirl, seconds from death. She was right. Somehow, Batgirl’s death now would be anti-climatic. Nora decided that she was not ready for Batgirl to die………….yet.

‘Vinyl, turn off the sand.’

Vinyl, walked to the wall and flicked the red switch. Batgirl held her breath and watched, as the ring stopped pulsating, and slid below the surface. Then, she felt the sand, solidify around her body. Nora quickly scooped away the sand from Batgirl’s mouth and nose allowing her to breathe.

‘Untie Opera, and dig Batgirl out of the sand. I know a new game we can play!

Vinyl walked to Opera and quickly untied her. Opera was a little wobbly,but she recovered quickly.

Opera and Vinyl dug in the soft earth with their hands until they could free Batgirl’s arms. Then slowly, they pulled her from the stabilized synthetic quicksand, weak and exhausted.

The fact that Batgirl could barely stand on her own, did not impress Nora Clavicle; While Vinyl and Opera held her, Nora expertly bound Batgirl’s arms, making her elbows meet behind her back.

Nora faced Batgirl and softly brushed the sand from her face.

‘You are filthy aren’t you?’ Nora remarked rhetorically. ‘You must have sand in the most unspeakable places. I’m sure it’s most unpleasant. Girls…please take Batgirl and clean her up. I’m sure I can find something clean she can wear that will match her cowl.

Opera and Vinyl took the weak Batgirl and stripped her of all of her clothes except her cowl. Then they brought her to the shower. On the ceiling and floor of the large shower, were manacles of stainless steel. Binding her with the manacles, they rinsed the sand from her body and dried her. When they were finished, they handcuffed her wrists and elbows behind her back, and brought her back before Nora Clavicle who had picked out a sheer dark purple bodystocking for her to wear. With little choice,Batgirl waited as they put the bodystocking on her. It covered her from neck to toe, which meant they had to uncuff her to put it on; But they were taking no chances. They put a bondage belt around her waist and attached one of her wrists to it at all times, foiling any attempt at escape. When they were done, they removed the belt, and recuffed her wrists and elbows behind her back.

‘There. That’s perfect. Girls please take our guest downstairs to her room. I’m sure she would like to rest. She’ll need her strength!’

Opera and Vinyl took Batgirl downstairs to a small cell. They stood her against a wall and bound her legs far apart with manacles that were attached to the wall. They then attached a metal belt around her waist. It too was attached to the wall with a short chain. Then came the collar. Finally after Batgirl was helpless, They removed the cuffs from her elbows and wrists and bound her wrist in a matching set of manacles above her head.

‘Comfy?’ Vinyl said, an evil smile on her face.

‘Absolutely’ Batgirl said, mockingly.

‘Well, I’ll take care of that!’ Vinyl said, as she walked to the wall beside Batgirl and slowly turned a wheel.

The chains above Batgirl’s head began to pull apart, stretching her arms apart and lifting her feet off of the ground until she was just barely able to stand on her tiptoes. At that point, the manacles around her ankles, stopped her movement upward, stretching her body like a rack.

‘Comfy now?’

Batgirl didn’t say anything. She just stared at Vinyl defiantly.

‘This is for the bruise on the back of my head.’ Vinyl said, tightening the rack another notch..

‘Aaaa!’ Batgirl exclaimed in pain.

‘Much better….. See you in the morning! ‘

‘I hope you like sleeping standing up!’ Opera laughed, as she followed Vinyl out of the room.

The door to the cell slammed shut, leaving Batgirl in the dark. The stonewalls of the cell echoed the rattling of the chains, as she attempted to free herself. It was useless.

Normally, Batgirl would have been able to pick the locks and free herself. But without her hidden picks in her costume and utility belt, she was helpless. She relaxed and soon, even though she was in pain, Batgirl managed to fall asleep.

Batgirl awoke to the sound of the cell door opening.

‘Good morning, Batgirl!’ Nora said entering.

As her eyes got used to the light, Batgirl saw that Nora was now dressed in a tight PVC mini dress, with black stockings and Patent leather ankle boots.

Opera and Vinyl entered as well. They were both dressed in white PVC Catsuits and Stiletto shoes.

‘I have a special treat in store for you today. I am going let you decide your own fate! OK girls, hold her while I undo these cuffs.

Nora loosened the rack and then took off her manacles. As soon as Batgirl’s hands were freed, she began to struggle wildly, but it was three against one and she stood no real chance. Soon, she was forced to the ground, struggling uselessly against the weight of the women on top of her. Opera jumped onto to her shoulders and held her down, while Nora and Vinyl tied her hands behind her. Once she was subdued, Nora took over in earnest.

‘Fight ME you little vixen? Well, I’ll show you what stringent bondage really is!’

Nora took a piece of rope and looped it around Batgirl’s arms just above her elbows.

‘Aaaggh!’ Batgirl exclaimed, as Nora tightened the rope, pulling her elbows together behind her back.

‘You’re so flexible, Batgirl. That’s good…you’ll need to be.’

Nora wound the rope around her arms about five times and then cinched it off. Opera got up off her shoulders and straddled her waist, while Nora and Vinyl grabbed one ankle each. Batgirl valiantly kicked her feet but to no avail. The women easily crossed them and bound them at right angles. Then a rope was attached to her wrists and fed between her bound ankles. Nora slowly pulled on the rope until Batgirl was in a strict hog-tie. Another rope was attached to her elbows and pulled tightly around her the outside of her shoulders and then up behind her neck and around her shoulders again to her elbows. There it was tied off,effectively pulling her shoulders even further back.

‘Turn her over.’

The two women obliged and Batgirl was turned on her back.

‘Hold open her knees.’

‘What are you doing to me?’ Batgirl pleaded, trying to fight to no avail.

‘It’s just a part of the game, Batgirl. I think you’ll enjoy it.’

Nora unsnapped the crotch of Batgirl purple bodystocking to reveal her pussy.

‘God! What are you doing!? Stop!’ Batgirl pleaded as Nora, took out an object, put a small amount of KY Jelly on it and careful inserted it into her. Then she resnapped the crotch of her bodystocking and quickly added a tight crotch-rope, holding the object inside.

‘Uncomfortable Batgirl?…good. Now it time for you to decide your own destiny…OK girls, let’s introduce Batgirl to the Ramp of Decision!’

With that they picked her up and carried her struggling bound body to the next room.

The next room was large with a very tall ceiling. In the centre of the room was a very large and elaborate looking device. It was made up of a steel frame that held a circular pole. The pole was attached to the frame at both ends. The pole itself, started at about shoulder height and extended upward at an angle of about thirty degrees. It was thirty feet long and about three feet in diameter. The pole started off black at the bottom, and then every five feet it turned a lighter shade until at the top it was almost white. On the side of the pole in each gradient section there was writing. At the top of the pole was a huge clock.

‘This is the Ramp of Decision, Batgirl. There is a little bell at the top. All you have to do to go free, is to make it to the top, and ring the bell before the thirty minute time limit. Of course this would be easy if you weren’t all tied up, but that the whole fun of this little exercise. You’ll notice that the pole is split into sections. If you don’t make it up to the top, your death will be chosen by the section that you are in, when time expires.

‘Why don’t you just kill me and get it over with?’

‘Oh no, that would be too easy. If I had wanted that, I could have just let you drown in the Clavicsand. This is much more delicious. I get to watch you struggle to get to the top. And I recommend that you do struggle. Each section down from the top, determines a more and more nasty death. You see at the very top section is “Orgasm”, the next one is “Tickle”, then “Whip”, then “Shock”, Then “Sever” and finally here at the bottom, “Clavic’s Choice”. This one particularly nasty and I wouldn’t recommend that you end up here. If you fall off, the net below the pole, will catch you and that counts as the lowest ranking. Are you ready?’

‘Do I have a choice?’ Batgirl asked defiantly.

‘Well, now that you mention it…..NO. Girls!’

Batgirl was taken to the ramp and placed on top of the pole. Unable to use her hands, she had to use her knees and thighs to hold on.

‘One final thing.’ Nora said pulling out a harness ball gag.

‘No..please…’ Batgirl pleaded, but Nora was already pushing the red rubber ball into her mouth. She attached the strap under her chin and behind her head, and pulled the strap over the top and her head, attaching it to the strap behind her neck. Then she took out a thin piece of ropeand attached it the harness. She fed the rope though her elbow ropes, pulled it tight and tied it off, forcing her chin off the pole.

‘MMMMph…MmphMm! Batgirl protested to no avail.

‘There perfect. Ready?

‘MMMPh! Batgirl screamed into her gag.

‘I’ll take that as a yes. GO!.’ Nora said, as she activated the clock mechanism.

Batgirl began immediately. Using her knees she slowly shimmied her way up the pole. Soon she neared the second section. As soon as she entered it, the object that Nora had inserted earlier, began to vibrate. Batgirl stopped, gripping the pole with her knees.

‘Oh did I forget to mention that I inserted a remote controlled vibrator in you; With each new section, the intensity of the vibrator will increase.’

Batgirl didn’t have time to get upset and continued up the pole. Progress was slow and exhausting, and as she climbed the vibration in her pussy intensified. She tried not to get excited, but it was no use: the higher she climbed the more turned on she got.

She looked up at the clock. Twenty five minutes to go and she was already nearing section three. She would make it easily. But as Batgirl entered the third section, she felt some thing wet and slimy under her belly and stocking thighs. Batgirl knew immediately what is was. Nora began to laugh, realizing that the grease had been released along the length of the pole.

‘Yes Batgirl, it’s grease. It’s all along the outside of the pole now. Don’t ….. slip.’

Just as she said that, Batgirl felt herself begin to slide slowly down the pole. She began to struggle wildly, trying to gain some type of control, but it was useless. She continued to move down the suddenly slippery pole until she reached the bottom, completely disheartened.

Nora came over to Batgirl and cut the hog-tie rope.

‘There. That ought to give you a little help. You ought to get going. Trust me you don’t want to be down here when the time expires.’

Batgirl, slowly began her trek back up the pole. She was much more careful now and took her time. Even though it was slippery, she was able to very methodically inch her way upward. Inward and downward with her stocking feet, then her knees forward an inch, then her body forward…. The vibration in her pussy slowly increased, adding to her torment. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate. By level four Batgirl had broken into a heavy sweat. Making the journey even more treacherous.

At level five the vibrator began to pulsate wildly. It took Batgirl by surprise and almost caused her to miss a step in her regime. She was nearing orgasm. She tried to hold off but it was impossible. She lookedat the clock. Less than five minutes left. Level five was a nightmare. The grease flow out of the pole increased and the vibrators silentvibrations got even heavier. Batgirl plodded on, her bound body shakingfrom the exhaustion and tension of near orgasm.

She entered level six. Two minutes left. The vibration intensified to a monstrous peak. Batgirl saw the bell in front of her. Four feetaway…Then at the worst possible time, her body gave into the vibrators deadly temptation and orgasmed.

There was nothing she could do but hold on for dear life. Wave after wave of passion washed over her, as she rode out the storm. Finally, it was over.

Batgirl looked up at the clock; There were only thirty seconds left. Realizing how little time was remaining, she panicked. Abandoning her careful rhythm that had allowed her to climb up the incredible slippery pole with the user of her arms, she slipped. She stopped moving as soon as she felt the soft nylon of her bodystocking slip on the greasy pole, but by then, it was too late; She had already lost traction, and was beginning to slide helplessly downward.

Her worst fears realized, she struggled wildly to regain herself, but could not do so. To her utter dismay, she found that no amount of struggling could stop her downward momentum. In fact, her speed only increased. She stopped struggling and watched in horror, as she descended down the pole; Finally coming to rest at the very bottom, just as time expired.

Nora Clavical walked up to the broken form of Bargirl, leaned over her and whispered in her ear in mock compassion.

‘Oh Batgirl…. you were so close. I really thought you have a chance. But close doesn’t count. The selection is Clavic’s Choice. How delicious. I’m afraid that you’re going to wish I had left you in the Clavicsand, Batgirl….’

Chapter 3

‘Remove her from the pole.’ Nora commanded.

Batgirl was lifted off the slimy pole and held before Nora, the front ofher purple bodystocking glistening with the mixture of sweat and slime. Her head was still held up by the harness ballgag, that Nora had so thoughtfully inserted. Nora approached her and casually slid her hand down Batgirl’s body, pausing to caress her breasts, which were covered in ooze.

‘Ooo, Batgirl, you’re filthy. You seem to be making rather a habit of that lately. Girls, take Batgirl, and get her cleaned up again. I wanther to look her best for her grand finale.’

Opera and Vinyl led the still bound Batgirl back to the shower, cut the bodystocking from her bound body, and to Batgirl’s infinite relief, removed the ball-gag. Then the women took infinite pleasure in cleansing her thoroughly. When they were satisfied that she was clean AND substantially aroused, they led Batgirl back to a small room where Nora stood waiting, gun in hand.

‘Remove her restraints.’

Opera opened a switch-blade knife and quickly cut through the ropes holding Batgirl’s arms tightly behind her back. While Batgirl rubbed the circulation back into her wrists and elbows, Vinyl exited briefly, then returned, carrying a familiar purple outfit.

‘Look Batgirl’ Nora said, gesturing to the outfit that Vinyl had in her arms. ‘While you were “hanging around” last night, I had Opera clean your costume for you… PUT IT ON.’

Batgirl, looked down momentarily at the large caliber firearm which Nora was pointing at her midsection, then took the purple, latex teddy and black pantyhose from Vinyl.

‘I think it only fitting that you are properly attired when they find you.’ Nora added.

With a brief look of protest, Batgirl sat down on a small stool, and pulled on the pantyhose. Then she stood, and with effort, slid into the extremely tight teddy. She allowed Vinyl to help her with the zipper, andthen turned, faced Nora, and put her hands on her hips defiantly.

Nora erupted into a huge smile.

‘Oh Batgirl, your so precious. Always the crime fightress. Well, we’ll see how defiant your are once you’ve had a taste of my new invention. Girls, let’s introduce Batgirl to the Molded Damsel!’

The girls opened a large door and exited, only to return seconds later, pulling a large platform, atop of which was a huge robot-like object. It was smooth and futuristic looking, and made of what looked like black fibreglass. It’s arms and legs were straight and spread in a Xconfiguration. All in all, Batgirl thought to herself, it looked like a huge, black gingerbread man with its arms in the air. Where the face would have been, had been cut away revealing a hollow interior.

Vinyl set the wheel locks and climbed up on platform. She reached behind the figure and pushed a button. With the slightest of noises, the entire front of the figure slid open and slightly forward; then hinged at the bottom, tilting down until it was almost horizontal. Once opened, Batgirlcould see that the inside was contoured to the human body. And once closed, the figure would trap a person like a medieval iron maiden.

Batgirl removed her gaze from the device and looked over at Nora, who was busy watching her reaction.

‘Intriguing, isn’t it Batgirl? Care for a closer look?’

‘I can see it just fine from here’

‘Oh, I insist… GIRLS!’

If it weren’t for the gun, Batgirl would certainly have resisted, for though she didn’t know exactly what was in store for her, she knew with Nora perpensity for fiendish contraptions, it wasn’t going to be good. Still, the gun was aimed at her midsection, so she had little choice but to let Vinyl and Opera lead her atop the platform. They turned her around to face Nora, and shoved her backwards against the inside of the figure.

‘Step up on the footrests, Batgirl.’ Nora Ordered.

Batgirl, obliged and found that the footrests were no restful at all They were shaped like extremely high heeled shoes, and as she stood on them, Batgirl found she was forced to stand on her tiptoes.

‘Good. Now lean back.’

Batgirl, looked down at the gun and then at the two women next to her. Then she leaned back into the contoured interior of the figure. It wasnot hard, but soft and rubbery, and conformed to her body’s every curvelike a soft, clay mold.


Opera and Vinyl quickly made sure that Batgirl would not have second thoughts about being so cooperative. Bright blue straps which were affixed to the inside of the figure quickly immobilized her at her ankles, wrists and waist, as well as around her neck. When they were finished Batgirl could barely move.

‘Isn’t this a little overkill Nora, even for you?’ Batgirl commented. ‘Obviously, when this thing is closed, these straps will be pointless. I won’t be able to move once you close this thing.’

‘Oh, you’ll be moving Batgirl. You’ll be rocking and rolling in there soon. Opera, zip her up!’

Opera reached behind the figure and pushed a button. The front of the figure tilted up again until it was vertical, and then closed sealing Batgirl inside, her face visible in the cut-away portion of the head.

Batgirl had fully expected the front of the figure to fit like the back, but was still amazed at how tight and form fitting it was as it closed around her. For instance, instead of just pushing her breasts against herbody, it cupped them. The only area that wasn’t super tight was her head. She was able to move it within the cavity and look out on the wicked face of Nora, who climbed up on the platform and stood before her, smiling.

‘Comfortable Batgirl?’ Nora asked, wickedly.

‘It’s not too bad.’ Batgirl replied. ‘Actually it’s rather cozy.’


Nora reached behind the figure and Batgirl heard a quiet click.

‘We’ll see about that.’

Suddenly, Batgirl felt areas within the figure press even closer to her body. On and around her breasts, behind her knees and especially between her spread legs. Something pushed up against her pussy, causing Batgirl to flinch.

Then she felt the area around her breasts begin to tingle. It was like finger nails softly touching her, then hands messaging, then pinching.

‘Ouch!’ Batgirl exclaimed and strained against her bonds.

Suddenly, with a loud clack, the straps holding her wrists and ankles pulled slightly apart stretching her body like a medeaval rack.


‘Oh, I’m sorry Batgirl, I forgot to explain the idea of this device. Think of it as magic fingers, with a kick. As you are now probably already aware, hidden inside the soft interior are a number of sensory agents, all designed with one idea in mind: To give you the greatest orgasm, you’ve ever had.’

The area between Batgirl’s thighs awakened and Batgirl felt something wet, first caress and then vibrate against her clitoris, sending shock waves across her body. She arched her feet and again the machine tightened everso slightly, pulling her limbs further apart.

‘Ah!’ Batgirl exclaimed again.

‘It’s also programmed to make sure it’s the LAST orgasm you’ll ever have. Unfortunately, the machines sensors are programmed to tighten if you move. Of course, you will find it impossible not to respond to the machine’s stimulus. It will continue to arouse you, until eventually, you orgasm and are pulled apart at the seams…’ Nora said, breaking into a wicked laugh.

‘You bitch!’


‘Ah!’ Batgirl screamed, as the machine tightened once more.

‘I would love to stay and watch… You know me, I just love to watch you struggle, but I am afraid we must be off.’

Nora turned away momentarily as if to leave, and then turned back to face Batgirl, whose eyes were closed and head was tilted back, mouth slightly open, obviously in the midst of another pleasure wave.

‘Oh, and I’m afraid that this machine won’t respond to your cries for mercy like I did. In fact you’ll find it has no compassion what so ever. It will just continue it’s slow, diabolical little job until…’



‘… Well at least you’ll die… smiling!’

Nora stepped down off the platform and ushered the girls outside. But she couldn’t help but turn just as she neared the door and deliver one parting blast.

‘Don’t move!’

And then she turned, laughter echoing down the stone hallway as she left. Batgirl was left alone with her fate clearly laid out before her. The machine continued to arouse her, slowly caressing her body, and when she responded, it would stretch her slightly more. It was relentless. She concentrated on keeping as perfectly still as possible, but the tension within her body would slowly build, until it was torturous. Then againsther will, her body would respond, causing the machine to tighten slightly more, until finally she was stretched to her maximum. And the cycle would begin again.

Nora had certainly outdone herself. After just a short time, Batgirl’sbody was dripping with sweat from the strain and arousal. She was helpless to stop it. The pain from her limbs was becoming intense, and merged with the incredible pleasure, until they were inseparable.

The machines deadly activations had stepped up a notch. She would orgasm soon. She knew what would happen then: She would die. The machines sensations built again. Batgirl felt a touch begin at her feet and slowly move upward between her thighs to her aching pussy. It searched out hermost vulnerable area and slowly began to vibrate. At the same time small points of pressure began to move around and under her breasts, sucking ather nipples, biting, messaging.

The passion grew once more inside of her and she knew that she could hold out no more. The vibration on her clitoris increased until she could think of nothing but letting go, releasing to her pleasure, knowing full well, that if she did, she would die.

She didn’t care anymore. She had no more strength left. Her entire body stiffened in expectation of what was to come. Then suddenly the door to the room flew open.


It was Batman.

‘Oh my god!….. Batman! … turn..ah… this… machine off.ff! ………Hurry!’

Batman flew up onto the platform, found the button that turned the machine off, and pushed it.

Just as he did so, Batgirl came, in a rush of emotion that she couldn’t comprehend. Wave upon wave of pleasure rocked her body with such abandon,that she was completely unaware of herself, until the waves subsided hadand she found that Batman had opened the machine and was freeing her wrists and ankles. Exhausted, she fell into Batman’s waiting arms.

‘Batgirl, are you all right?’

Batgirl was limp, but came around quickly.

‘Oh thank-you, Batman! I thought that I was stretched. How did you…Nora! She’s gone!’ Batgirl exclaimed, realizing that Nora must have escaped.

‘Don’t worry about Nora and her gang. They are aren’t going anywhere.’

Batman lead Batgirl back to the playroom, where Nora, Opera and Vinyl were all up to their breasts in Clavicsand.

‘Well it seems like the Clavic trio have been caught in their own sandy soup.’

‘Batgirl, Please! Get us out of here! We’re drowning!’ Opera pleaded.

Batgirl walked up to the ring that enclosed the synthetic quicksand and smiled.

‘Oh you shouldn’t move…’ Batgirl said, dipping her stocking foot into the thick white slurry and making small rings in it’s viscous surface. ‘I think maybe it’s fitting that you should all perish at the hands of your own sadistic sludge.’

‘Oh god no, Batgirl. Please turn it off!’

Batgirl glanced at Batman and then back at the women, who like Batgirl earlier, could not help but move slightly in the deadly quick sand. Each slight movement causing their bodies to sink lower and lower, until only their heads remained above the surface.


Batgirl slowly walked around the ring of quick sand and then stepped up on the walkway. Then she paused, before finally flicking the switch that turned the fiendish synthetic quick sand off. Before the women could lift their arms, the slurry quickly congealed around them, trapping them up to their necks in heavy sand.

‘Well Batman? Should we go?’

‘Why not? Everything here is under control.’

‘You can’t leave us like this!’ Nora screamed.

‘The police will be here shortly to dig you out.’ Batgirl said as she walked down the corridor. ‘Don’t move….!’

Once outside, it dawned on Batgirl that the Boy Wonder was missing.

‘Batman, where is Robin?

‘He’s out checking out the other fetishwear factory. There are only two in Gotham City you know.’

‘Yes I know.’ Batgirl said smiling, as she straddled her Batgirl cycle and kick-started it. ‘How about dinner?’

‘I’m afraid that I will have to take a rain check. I promised Robin that I would take him fishing.’

‘Oh well…next time’ Batgirl said, as she turned her cycle to the street. She took a final look at Batman, thought momentarily about the wasted opportunity, and sped off into the night.

She arrived home exhausted. She took off her Batgirl outfit, washed it and hung it up to dry. It was latex; It would dry quickly. Then she slipped into a hot bath, her joints still aching from the stretch of Nora’s machine. She felt lucky to be alive. She momentarily wondered ifshe was crazy for continuing her crime fighting activities. Then the thought was pushed aside, as the soft, soapy sponge slid down her body and between her legs. She wondered what tomorrow would bring.

Barbara awoke refreshed. The morning was bright and cheerful. She had slept well. Her right shoulder was still a little stiff, but it would be OK. She put on a black bustier, thong bikini brief, garter belt and black stockings, then covered it up with a gray wool business suit. She looked in the mirror at her conservative exterior, and smiled. She wondered which outfit was really her. She grabbed a bagel and fled out the door, getting to work exactly on time, as usual.

There was a melee at the Library. As she entered the building, Tracy, her assistant came up to her, flustered.

‘Barbara! We’ve had a break in.’

‘How can you tell?’ Barbara said, looking around. Everything appeared normal.

‘When I unlocked the doors this morning, this was on your desk. It wasn’there when I locked up on Saturday.’

Tracy produced a small back box, wrapped in shiny, black wrapping paper and decorated with a big pink bow. There was a card attached, addressed to Barbara Gordon. It was unsigned.

Barbara took the box and opened it carefully. Inside was a jet-black kitten with a bright pink collar.

‘Oh how cute!’ Tracy said, reaching into the box before Barbara could stopher.

‘Wait!’ Barbara cried, but it was too late.

‘Ouch!’ Tracy exclaimed as she pulled her hand from the box. There was a small tickle of blood, flowing from a little nick on her finger. ‘Something on the collar pricked-‘

And she collapsed.

‘Tracy!’ Barbara exclaimed!

She felt for a pulse and found none. She attempted CPR but it was useless. Tracy was dead. She looked into the box and found a note.

“This is only the beginning of my revenge. Soon all Gotham City will hear me roar.


Barbara ran to the phone and called her father. Things were not right in Gotham City. She had a feeling that things were going to get worse.

What this? Catwoman back on the streets of Gotham?! Holy Sexual Evil-Purrrsonified! The best is yet to come.

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  1. Loved all of it except your version of Catwoman. The detail in the writing was magnificent.

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