PVC fashion and PVC clothes for every day?

While latex fashion seems to be an already investigated and populated area, the PVC fashion remains at the same level as years and years ago – rain coats and transparent boots. At least I haven’t seen anything happening in this direction.

So even this photo on the left came as a bit of surprise. This is the first time I see transparent PVC underwear layered with a transparent PVC blouse and supported by a transparent latex mini-skirt. Rather not wearable publicly, but it’s still something.

Have you seen any plastic or polyethylene fashion photos? Please upload them in the Rain Fashion and PVC fetish forum thread.

Also see PVC on eBay – interesting finds.

Thanks to Malicu von Malice (Google+)

4 thoughts on “PVC fashion and PVC clothes for every day?”

  1. Looks like a school teacher. Posters in the background
    reminds me of Grade School.

    It does look good, But not something you would wear to class.

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