On vacation

Spending the vacation week together with my relatives.

It’s sunny here. I always have the most shiny pantyhose on (Oroblu Style, Jovanda Breeze and Crystal, etc) . The relatives did notice (of course), but do not show any interest or concerns. And I think it’s good. It’s up to me to decide what I’m going to wear.

The complete list:

  • Jovanda Breeze 12, Jovanda Crystal 17, Oroblu Chic 9, Oroblu Geo 8, Oroblu Style 15 with breeches or bridges
  • Wolford Le 9, Glamour Caribe 8 with shorts, slippers and no socks
pantyhose for men in pantyhose in tights stockings mannen in panty kousen man колготки для мужчины в колготках невидимые колготки блестящие satijn dunne panty doorzichtige

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