(Shiny) pantyhose with microshorts. A new Indonesian trend?

It took me one year to find the girl wearing these “unusual pantyhose” ! (The pantyhose turned out to be leggings, but let’s not mention it 😉

Have a look at 19 photos below. Is it a trend in Indonesia? Is every pretty girl over there wearing pantyhose with microshorts nowadays? Apparently in NL the only two persons who wear similar shorts with shiny pantyhose are me and my daughter….

If you think that there is a better photo out of 19, than the one I placed on the left, please let me know.

Via Dinda Wirasti (Facebook)

7 thoughts on “(Shiny) pantyhose with microshorts. A new Indonesian trend?”

  1. I`m sure most(probably all) of these pics are from Taiwan, from 3 or 4 girls` albums in “blog.yam.com” or “www.wretch.cc”(are both taiwanese website). You can check the pic within a clock shows “15:45”. The location is “Chiayi(嘉義) train station”, and you can find there are two words(嘉義) and a number(7) on a icon.(Chiayi is a city in Taiwan.) And you can check the page with this pic in facebook. You can find she just answered: “MRT in Hong Kong”(totally WRONG!). Which means she is not the girl inside these pics. I dun know who she is and why she did so.

  2. My “Indonesian” theory is based upon the discussions in Facebook. I have no any other info. Just sent her a friend request. Let’s see…

  3. First, I confirmed that the place(s) shown on the pictures is not from Indonesia, mostly from Taiwan or HK, especially the picture situated at train station is from Taiwan.

    Second, I confirmed here in Indonesia, many girl wearing pantyhose or tights with short or microshort, can found at every shopping mall in Jakarta and other big city in Indonesia.

  4. Martin ” wrote:


    What do you prefer, then? Mini-skirts? Don’t they look like malfunctioned diapers? 😉

    Actually, loooong time ago I also preferred skirts to shorts. Then preferences shifted towards shorts.

  5. Woo! Sedap kalau wa gesel pantyhose lu tanpa menanggalkan jeans gue.Tekan2 buckle besi gue ke luaran memek lu. Oooh…ah sedap banget!

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