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What would be a perfect job for you?
Having fetish & bondage in mind, what for job would would you like yo have? Also, think of ikigai (

For example, it would be an interesting experience to work in a company that not only tolerates fetish & bondage style, but also encourages it. I'm thinking about a job in a research & development department of a company that creates and produces high-end high-tech adult toys and outfits, like real-life-like AI dolls, bondage and self-bondage devices and suits with multiple sensors (e.g. temperature, skin resistance, brain activity, sweat/liquid detectors, breath activity sensors, etc,), stimulators (electric impulses, vibrations, pressure or vacuum, pricks, smells, etc) combined with a neural network.
Don't know about this one. Yea, it would be exciting at first, I'm sure it will get dull as time goes on. Also, once your fetish becomes mainstream, then the thrill is lost and it now becomes a chore. No, I would not like a job like that.
I'm signin in Smile
(07 Dec 2016, 16:53 )Tinker D Wrote: Also, once your fetish becomes mainstream, then the thrill is lost and it now becomes a chore.
Mmm... yes and no, as always. Have a look at
To me 'Ikigai' seems indistinguishable from classic Western existentialism, albeit  a 'lite' version re-branded for a  generation who can't be arsed to read Sartre or Camus.

Same ideas, but 'ikigai' appeared much earlier Wink

So, what would be you dream job? Tongue
A minor position in the British Government.

Thinking about it, I think my dream job would be blowing holes in other peoples ideas. Something like government projects analizer.

I would look at your ideas and plans and locate faults.

Like a critic.
AKA Enthusiasm killer Smile
Critics are needed, but if they give no alternatives, advices or hints, they become:

(08 Dec 2016, 09:24 )Vixien Wrote: AKA Enthusiasm killer

indeed Big Grin

As always: no will, no way Wink

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