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What's the best control top pantyhose?
I'm looking for something that would really give a hugging sensation around my waist, but all the control tops I've tried seems to be pretty loose. Any recommendations?
Go one size smaller and for tall women.
Or some butt/tummy shaping pantyhose . They are quite firm around hips and tummy .
I love super tight control top pantyhose too! These are some of my faves...
SLIMMERS.png thumbnail   
Just bought this pair and they are tight! I love the way it really hugs my tummy and thighs. There is quite a lot of pressure on my balls tho, should I be worried about that? It doesn't hurt but I could definitely feel it pressing down there.[Image: 223-9561_PI_66786MN?op_sharpen=1&id=wgdb..._sharpen=1]
Just pop your balls back in your body and tuck your cock between your legs. Your pantyhoes will do the rest.
And if you get a rash, sprinkle some corn starch on your cock.

A buddy of mine can tuck both balls and cock in his body. But I can't. Mine is too damm big.
(20 May 2017, 19:17 )doxel Wrote: It doesn't hurt but I could definitely feel it pressing down there.
Pain is the main indicator here. Yogi say that we should stay away from any clothes, but it's usually warm in India Wink
These look super sexy...
pp_Tum-And-Bum-Shaper-Tights.jpg thumbnail   
(26 Jun 2017, 16:40 )mysecretpantyhose Wrote: These look super sexy...
Pretty Polly is always a great brand and pick myself Pretty Polly are one of my favorite brands. Sizing and fit are generous plus looks great on.
I recently bought Solidea Wonder Model 70.
These are the best I found so far. They are not very tight on the legs, but they have a tight "ring" just at the top of the tighs. It helps to keep them up and not slide down on the leg. The material is also very soft. I chose size based on lenght, not width and they fit very well.
I just ordered a high waist pantyhose from them. I can't wait to try them.

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