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Full Version: What's the best control top pantyhose?
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I'm looking for something that would really give a hugging sensation around my waist, but all the control tops I've tried seems to be pretty loose. Any recommendations?
Go one size smaller and for tall women.
Or some butt/tummy shaping pantyhose . They are quite firm around hips and tummy .
I love super tight control top pantyhose too! These are some of my faves...
Just bought this pair and they are tight! I love the way it really hugs my tummy and thighs. There is quite a lot of pressure on my balls tho, should I be worried about that? It doesn't hurt but I could definitely feel it pressing down there.[Image: 223-9561_PI_66786MN?op_sharpen=1&id=wgdb..._sharpen=1]
Just pop your balls back in your body and tuck your cock between your legs. Your pantyhoes will do the rest.
And if you get a rash, sprinkle some corn starch on your cock.

A buddy of mine can tuck both balls and cock in his body. But I can't. Mine is too damm big.
(20 May 2017, 18:17 )doxel Wrote: [ -> ]It doesn't hurt but I could definitely feel it pressing down there.
Pain is the main indicator here. Yogi say that we should stay away from any clothes, but it's usually warm in India 😉
These look super sexy...
(26 Jun 2017, 15:40 )mysecretpantyhose Wrote: [ -> ]These look super sexy...
Pretty Polly is always a great brand and pick myself Pretty Polly are one of my favorite brands. Sizing and fit are generous plus looks great on.
I recently bought Solidea Wonder Model 70.
These are the best I found so far. They are not very tight on the legs, but they have a tight "ring" just at the top of the tighs. It helps to keep them up and not slide down on the leg. The material is also very soft. I chose size based on lenght, not width and they fit very well.
I just ordered a high waist pantyhose from them. I can't wait to try them.
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