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Transparent rubber tights and catsuits
Wow, indeed. They look fantastic. No air-bubbles (unless photoshopped out), very transparent, very shiny with no dull spots, outstanding colour.

So far, I had only bad experience with transparent latex. The worst and the most annoying things are bubbles and dull and non-transparent spots.

Thin transparent latex tights is one of my biggest dreams, but making it come true takes time and helluva money...
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And some pics from my collection:

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amazing how thin and strong condoms are, but no one has made tights with the same material yet... or have they?
The thinnest material they use for making tights is 0.25mm. The thinnest latex you can buy in rolls is 0.15mm. And it's definitely much thicker than condoms (0.01 mm and 0.09 mm).
A few more:


Incidentally, as nice as those smoky-grey-brown tights in the third post otherwise are I really don't like the seams down the side and around the ankle. Seams should be at the back and sole, nowhere else 😉
Looks like Manuela from SimonO 😉
I don't know who it is, I found the images at

Here are my Libidex transparent latex tights:

Aha, this is what I've missed 😉 Excellent fit! No bubbles! And the colour I always wanted for my transparent latex. BTW, do they have normal or low waist? The Simon O male tights have low-waist. Something I do not like because the cut-outs of my latex leotard are higher than the tights band.

Two things stop me from buying transparent latex tights: air bubbles and price.
And one unanswered question if I need a built-in piss condom just like in my blue tights.
They have a normal height waist, about up to my navel.

If you need them even higher, maybe choose a transparent sleeveless catsuit instead? They'll make the girls' suits to a male cut c/w CB sheath if you like but if you want a piss-condom I have no idea, you'll have to email them.

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