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Latex (and other) Catsuits, Sizing
Today, I went to a taylor to get all measurements needed for a taylor-made catsuit. I told him, that I needed the measurements for a bicycle racing suit (which is fairly close to a catsuit except for the ankle/foot part, which goes over the shoes). There are a couple of things I would have done wrong, so it was a good decision to ask a taylor. He didn't ask for a payment, so I asked, and he charged me 5 Euro, good investment. I haven't decided yet, I have two options and both aren't exactly cheap:

Latex catsuit in many fancy colours, 0.4mm thickness, 130 to 150 Euro, the shop is here:

Vinyl catsuit from PUL (, about 225 Euro, plus shipment. The website says 110 Euro, but there is a surcharge for the special fabric and another surcharge of 30 pound for the special size.

I know latex and I know the vinyl coated fabric from PUL, I like them both.

I know PUL from a few purchases and they are very professional and reliable. I do not know the latex maker at all, but he was fast and precise on his answers by email.
One point for the vinyl catsuit.

In principle I like latex if it doesn't smell too strong (not the ammoniac smell which fades after a while anyway) and I am quite sure, it would be an extraordinary feeling to have a suit. For pure fetish reasons, I would probably prefer a latex suit over the vinyl suit.
Two points for latex.

The vinyl suit might be "useful" in public, under the pretext of low cw on the bicycle, I might actually be able to wear it during training rides.
One point for the vinyl catsuit.

Latex needs thorough care, especially after sweating in it. I often lack the opportunity for cleaning and I have seen latex rot in my wardrobe.
One point for the vinyl catsuit again, which doesn't have this weakness.

The latex suit is much cheaper than the vinyl suit.
One point for the latex suit.

The vinyl suit got 3 points
The latex suit got 3 points

I could not find any other criteria yet, so I am stuck.

Ok, another subject on this subject:

The idea of a catsuit is unisex, the designs are not, there are distinct differences between male and female designs. The male ones are longer, have wider shoulders and the waist line is usually at the top of the hip bones. The female ones have the hip line right at the end of the rib cage. Women have breasts. The crotch area of both designs must be slightly different. Of course, arm and leg width vary too, but that would be taken care of by the individual size. I want a mix of both: Reasonable crotch design, high and narrow waist and overall as skintight as possible. Optionally, I would like to use silicon breasts, so the chest area must not be too tight. I wonder if someone else has tried to get that and what were the results.
I've got one of these, in metallic black:
[Image: fc25-princess-catsuit.jpg]
It's a female's 'suit and, aided by the fact that it's an XS, it's tight. Very tight. ...It's to die for.

When it's laid flat, I always sneak a smile at the narrow waist; It is indeed a little higher than where I would expect a male's waistline to be, and is a tad narrower too, but aside from that, it looks rather androgynous. Until you try to slip it on, that is 😉

The main measurements to change would be: the body length, the feet, and the wrists (in that order). Oh, and the length of the crotch-zip!
Aside from those points, I wouldn't be able to tell my 'suit was made to fit a female.

Now, I don't know if it's just because of the tightness of the suit (which not everyone will want), but even the breasts flatten out completely (but very occasionally leave little nipple-like dimples).
So, if you are looking for a suit that can be both male and female in the chest department, then I'd say a female suit shouldn't be a problem. ...unless the silicone breasts are easily squished flat (flatter than real breasts).

One thing to keep in mind is that latex is stretchy. Some people say it can be stretched up to 6x it's original size, but I don't know how accurate that is.

I would love to have the suit also, But What I want, is a set of pockets so I can add breasts and hips. NO, I don't want inflatables. I don't want to fart when someone bites my tits.
(08 Jan 2013, 02:58 )Tinker D Wrote: I don't want to fart when someone bites my tits.
What an odd reaction system you have, Tinker D... most people would go "Ouch!" Rofl2

Aside from that, I want a pocket that I can put a vibrating bullet in.
...And then paint the opening shut with liquid latex! Shok
*runs to scribble idea down*

Thanks for your thoughts, LLL! Real latex can be stretched to 800%, as far as I know. However, if you sit on something tiny and harder than a cotton pad, it might break at 200% already - which I found out the hard way.

Yesterday night, I tried on an old catsuit made from lycra. I cannot remember if this was made for men or for women, probably for men, because the length of the arms, legs and torso are right and they switched from side seams at the torso to front/back seams at the trouser-section, right where the male waist-line is. But I am writing this, because this suit fits me very well, comes close to the picture of your latex catsuit except for the breasts. Well, apparently, what I wanted to say is this: Most male catsuits that I have seen in online shops, must be fitting the models badly, they often look quite silly, like a badly wrapped christmas gift.

In fact, the waist line of men is as high as the one of women, right underneath the rib-cage. That is, where normally shaped people are thinnest on the torso. When wearing a catsuit, I want to look like "dressed-naked", and that look generally seems to be reserved to women.

Looking at that picture again, I am tempted to buy a latex catsuit right away. Well, I have to wait at least until the next salary and until then, there will be the usual pingpong between latex and vinyl. Oh, and there could be a third option: Plain strong slightly stretchy pvc. But I am not sure, how easy it would be to move in a skintight pvc-suit. Such a suit - taylor made - would be around 100 Euro "only".

By the way, I don't want it as tight as possible, I want it comfortably tight. Otherwise, a size L standard female suit might be the right thing to buy.
(08 Jan 2013, 19:43 )Strappado Wrote: Most male catsuits that I have seen in online shops, must be fitting the models badly, they often look quite silly, like a badly wrapped christmas gift.
Rofl2 Brilliantly put.
I completely agree. Most of the pictures even do a fine job of making me feel insecure and ridiculous, just for even looking to buy such an item...
There are always exceptions though, and the ones that come to my mind are Simon O and Libidex. They have fantastic and completely inspiring pictures of their male stuff. Other companies could learn a trick or two from them...

(08 Jan 2013, 19:43 )Strappado Wrote: Yesterday night, I tried on an old catsuit made from lycra.
What a coincidence, I've just spent the last few days going through my entire collection (for the first time in years), and tried on more than a fair few lycra 'suits (catsuits, bodysuits, swimsuits, etc).
I have to say, I have no idea what was designed for whom. They all just feel the same to me.
There were a couple that the legs/arms were a bit short, but that was nothing to do with the 'cut' of the garment, just it's size... 😇
If I compared like-sized garments, or did a blind fit-test, I doubt I'd be able to tell at all...

(08 Jan 2013, 19:43 )Strappado Wrote: pingpong between latex and vinyl. Oh, and there could be a third option: Plain strong slightly stretchy pvc.
I've not experienced Vinyl/PU/PVC properly, I just can't seem to find anything tight fitting? 🤔
The stuff I have tried (generic, cheap, tacky PVC shorts, and stuff), I haven't been that impressed with, anyway.
I have ordered from PUL ( and their materials feel amazing, but they just don't have any designs that suit my wants ☹
I really would love a tight fitting catsuit (with welded seams!) made from that stuff, but until I find such a supplier, my choice is easily made: Latex. Latex all the way. If I'm not in a lycra mood, that is 😉

(08 Jan 2013, 20:37 )LustrousLaminaLover Wrote: I've not experienced Vinyl/PU/PVC properly, I just can't seem to find anything tight fitting?

The one I am mainly interested in is this one, read the description. While probably not remotely as flexible as latex, it does stretch and therefore fits.

erm, this one:
(08 Jan 2013, 23:09 )Strappado Wrote: The one I am mainly interested in is this one:

Oh look! A Sunbeam Alpine!
I can't believe that's what I noticed first... Dodgy

Hmm, can't remember if I've seen that one... looks quite nice. I just have this niggling feeling that it's gonna be wrinkly... which I try my best to avoid.
Although, I did ask for a sample of that material (among others) and remember finding it to be quite stretchy. I preferred the 'plain' PU samples, but the nylon backing did alter the material quite a bit. It was more like a wet-look lycra than a plastic. Well, a wet-look lycra that was made to look wet by way of a paint like layer on the outside 😉
I wish I could find the samples I had, so I could refresh my memory and give you a more accurate assessment though... (Another coincidence! I've been looking for them for days too!).

*scratches head and goes to start looking again*

Aha! I found them!
Yeah, the sample I've got here is of 4WSB(+40%). I've no idea what the % is for...
Anyway, it's how I remember it really, I little bit thinner than I thought though; it feels <0.5mm. It is quite like a thin coat of smooth paint on the outside and is actually very nice. Just don't stretch it too much 😕
When stretched, the material begins to reveal a criss-cross weave that looks/feels like square pores. They aren't really rough, but they add a texture to the glass-like un-stretched surface.
It also starts to let light through when it's stretched, but is by no means transparent enough to see through properly.
The nylon backing is like a nylon peach-fuzz, it's actually not too bad, and it's obvious that it's this you can feel through the 'paint' layer when it's stretched.
Other than that, I don't know what else to say... it slides quite nicely on it's self when un-stretched, but not so much when it's stretched. Sliding it about, backing to backing, makes it feel like you've got a thin layer of sand between the gloss, and it won't slide on one axis (no idea if it's weft or warp, though).
Anyway... not a bad material, much nicer un-stretched than stretched, which is probably why it's been 'filed away' until now.

On a side note, I need to thank you. I found a latex thong back leotard which I forgot I had!

Oh, and look what else I found (Sorry Like Ra, I know how you hate them ☹):
 IMAG0482.jpg     IMAG0493.jpg     IMAG0517.jpg   

I do have leggings made of almost this material, 2-way stretch though. I am wearing them now, to see, if the material is "breathing" (like gore-tex and the like, not sure, if "breathing" is the right word in English). Actually, it isn't or not much. This takes away one possible advantage of the vinyl suit over the latex, I cannot wear it on bicycle tours, not that kind of masochistic sweat fetishist.

Anyway, right now, if confronted with the question, I would take the latex suit. From the money I would be saving, I could also buy a shiny lycra suit for biking. I am going to stop posting about this now, I will wait until end of January and - perhaps - take a decision then. Too much money spent in the last few months and if I can wait, I will.

PS: congratulations for your findings! I suppose, you don#t need to think about my realize suit anymore. 😊 Actually, I tried it on again yesterday, still like it, but the offer remains open.

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