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Tom Tame's sissification hypno videos

WARNING: All files in this thread are very addictive and may cause permanent damage to your health and behaviour. If you listen long enough, the effects might be irreversible! Listen at your own risk and only if the effects are desirable! Beware of bimbofication, dollification, impotence, chastity, submissiveness, extreme self-feminization desires, and sexuality changing suggestions!

Since Tom's videos have a very distinctive style (of course, you can find influences of various hypnotists, for example, Mr Daniels).

What we know about Tom:

Age: 50
Location: Texas
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious
City: Austin
State: TX
A little about me... Sissy inside, masculine outside. A little shy, but nice and warm and funny. I love women so much it's hard to say, but I am so curious about sucking cock. Sorry, I'm not a hypnotist. I make the kind of videos that I want to see. In addition to videos, I also write sexy TG E-books:

NEW BOOK: The Sissy Institute:

You can find my short captions here:

You can find my books here:

You can find me on Reddit here:

All my videos, both long sissy hypno and short captions, can be found on my mega site: - banned - new Mega

My latest video can be found here:

I make these because I enjoy making them, but if you'd like to support my work:

On HypnoTube:

Feel free to say hi or email. I only check my email every now and then, so don't worry if I don't answer right away.

All files are in RetroShare. Search for Tom_Tame collection file in RS (currently contains 45.9GB).
Tom Tame's videos are next level, and lately I've even noticed the audio from their vids being used in other videos, they're mixed that well.
TomTame's page on hypnotube.
Totally agree. Tom Tame's stuff is great.
Anything by Tom Tame that stands out?
Pavlov's Sissy, one of his earliest vids listed, is outstanding; and it adds a trigger that gets used in later vids.
Interesting stuff. Not boring, entertaining, arousing, addictive. I can imagine, that HFOs are pretty much possible.

Any short/long-term results, effects?
This is what I can say so far (after watching a dozen of videos):

o- high quality of videos
o- great CG ideas (moving dots, etc)
o- excellent inductions
o- some nice NLP tricks
o- interesting audio and video layering
o- very questionable rushed main sections
o- odd sections breaking the trance immediately
o- very rough and rude suggestions - no subtlety, unlike how it's done in the inductions

In short: very good potential, needs work. Tom Tame, are you here?
a lot of the videos have a bunch of ideas but not everything carries over.

'pavlov's' has an arousal audio trigger
'deep conditioning' starts the flowers visual cue and eye movement opener
'brainwashing triggers' has the wardrobe visual, balloon and candle, pink as "soft" trigger, and lips trigger, along with some other smaller stuff
'training loop' has the kaleidoscope visual effect that appears later, but I'm not sure if it's linked with anything. starts some sound spatialization.
'tick tock' reinforces the balloon and the candle, but it's definitely from a previous video and is reinforced here. also has 'pleasure' trigger and the metronome.
'rabbit hole' has the rabbit visual, and maybe some trigger with girls in bunny outfits, because that shows up again later.
'star light' does a lot with eye opening and closing and sound spatialization.
'lighthouse' has the doll trigger and some other trigger phrases.
I didn't like the feathers one.
that was just from memory, so I'm probably missing some that don't come up as much later, and might have some first appearances wrong.

also, y'know, they're all about "being soft inside and out" (usually a limpness thing) and "being used by men" and that sort of thing, so it's not exactly my cup of tea as much as I appreciate the craftsmanship.
I'm new here, but I've lurked around quite a bit before actually making an account. I really got into asking myself why and how the videos work and if there are malicious things at play behind the scenes. I had watched random hypno videos on and off for about 6 or 7 years, and at first the idea of being changed is what got me aroused, as with most people using hypnosis as sexual entertainment.

This last year I really got worried about what I had done or been doing to myself though. I usually just forget and don't care about any specific file after I'm done. I may have felt the effects at the time in the hypnosis, but shortly after I wouldn't feel any lasting effects. The only files I've ever really gone back to are Bambi, only listening to it maybe 4 full times ever.

The tomtame hypnosis videos were the first ones that I really felt like I wanted to come back to frequently. I say frequently, but I didn't listen every day or anything like that. It would be maybe twice a week for maybe 3 or 4 weeks. The files I mainly listened to were the Rabbit Hole Fuck Bunny, Pavlov's Sissy,  and Ticktock Bi. I had listened to all of the others at least once. The more recent ones like Starlight and Lighthouse Doll were the ones that made me stop and freaked me out for whatever reason. I had shortly after ordered pueraria mirifica to try that, which reacted badly with me, so I had ordered legitimate hormones and tried them for a week before throwing them away even though I had liked the feelings, but I know I can't transition with my life conditions and I do not want to be impotent. I just had an unshakable feeling that there was malicious intent behind them beyond what was on the surface that I could tell. 

I had just read your posts on the 5aman74a 6and13r files which is what compelled me to write this. I had done research here and other places on how hypnosis works and what is or isn't "evil". I'm not saying tomtames files will hurt you or that the creator is even trying to hurt you. I just got freaked out by them and wanted to share my experience and ask if you think any of the same sort of suspicions could be placed on his work? When you were pointing out the specific mirror triggers in the other files I had realized that similar things would happen to me and that's what really freaked me out along with the suspicion of spies and ulterior motives.

Sorry for the long post! I just wanted to include everything relevant.
I'd like to add some things. 
The first being: that I had never knowingly listened to the SB files that I'm aware of.

The Second being: I'm not crediting his videos to being the ONLY thing that made me want to try hormones. I'm sure that after listening to hypnosis over the years that I had definitely picked some stuff up, I just wanted to point out that it was after these videos that I actually felt a much stronger influence, and ultimately did the action of ordering and taking them. 

The third being: I'm not saying that me taking hormones is what you should be afraid of. It is something that is covered by the warning at the top of this thread. If you don't want the suspected (potentially unhealthy) outcome to happen, don't watch it. What I'm trying to ask is what is deeper than that, if anything? What other motives are behind his work if someone can tell?

I just wanted to share my experience with the hormones because I felt it was relevant, but I don't want to be seen as someone who is now just upset because they "got what they asked for". I've stopped all hypnosis because I don't want to open up my mind to the endless possibilities like I had been. I just wanted to get some insight on my questions. I'm especially worried about the spirit linking stuff as well. I'm rambling now so I'm going to wrap this up. Thank you guys.

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