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Tom Tame's sissification hypno videos
(01 Nov 2023, 22:40 )Like Ra Wrote:
(01 Nov 2023, 22:23 )dustymoon1 Wrote: I did find this link....
In the first post? 😉

I didn't even look there - no - dark web site....
(02 Nov 2023, 20:23 )dustymoon1 Wrote: I didn't even look there
The mega site has been taken down. Save any backups you have.
(29 Nov 2023, 21:47 )jthursday Wrote: The mega site has been taken down. Save any backups you have.

Quote:This folder or file was reported to contain objectionable content, such as Child Exploitation Material, Violent Extremism, or Bestiality. The link creator’s account has been closed and their full details, including IP address, have been provided to the authorities.

All files are in RetroShare. Search for Tom_Tame_20231007.rscollection file - currently contains 45.9GB.
from Tom Tame's Patreon:

" kicked me

Go figure. Account terminated for terms of service violation. So, I'm looking for another free hosting cloud for the files.

Found in the Internet:

"A Tale of two Maids" by Tom Tame

A Tale of Two Maids - Tom Tame.pdf (Size: 899.67 KB )

Is it .. The Tome Tame?
 A Tale of Two Maids - Tom Tame.jpg   
Just found this on the Internet.

A Tale of Two Maids


We're Going to be Sexy Maids
Show Content

Maid for Adventure
Show Content

Two Sexy Maids Reporting for Duty, Sir
Show Content

"A" is for A-Cup
Show Content

Pretty Things
Show Content

A Maid's Work is Never Done
Show Content

A Maid on her Knees is Still A Maid
Show Content

Maid in Form
Show Content

Maids in Blue
Show Content

Maid Unmade
Show Content

I Sing the Maid Electric
Show Content

Maid by Hand
Show Content

Maiden Voyage
Show Content

Show Content


Show Content
Reformatted with "spoilers" - should be easier to read.
"Why not love?" 710MB is also available here - (also on Retroshare).

Tom Tame Wrote:The new video is done. I've been having fun with and Blue Willow. There are tons of free AI tools, but I'm a novice. Still, it's a new art form that is exciting, especially when combined with other free sources. For TTS, I've started to use ElevenLabs, though there is a character limit. I also use Azure, and again, you only get so much free before you get charged.

This was suggested to me by someone (I'm sorry if I don't credit you - I can't remember who). Why not a video about loving men? So be prepared!
(17 Feb 2024, 12:43 )Bailey Wrote: TomTame made two new videos, tiktok styled and very loaded with BS triggers (and was pretty strong considering)

I have to say, I had my SO listen to Tom Tame's "Why Not Be a Doll?" and it knocked her down HARD. She really was a programmable sex doll. She just followed instruction, and couldn't talk or act on her own. She had no memory of what happened when I brought her back out of it.

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