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Swimsuit and leotard links
Below are a list of links to various swimsuit related websites. Some sell desireable suits, like rubber or neoprene suits or full bodies/closed back ones. Some links are to sites about men wearing swimsuits in public. Some may have been linked to previously somewhere on this site, but why not double up when something's good? Big Grin


Agon Swimsuits

Neoprene section of the above

Turbo Swimsuits

A site about one-piece swimsuits
A nice gallery from the above site

An interesting site about men wearing one-piece swimsuits. Includes a couple of interesting galleries
There should be a thread related to leotards. Do we want to keep them separate?
I'd be happy to bundle them together- there are a few sites that cover both and it would avoid duplicating posts across multiple threads...
Other opinions?
OK, will paste them all here. But, I can't find my post about leotards.... :-\
The blog entries (this is obvious): (ordered here a leotard, haven't received anything yet :-\ )

Water-polo swimsuits:

Neoprene swimsuits:
Rhythmic Gymnastics Leoweb: a database of 3739 leotards as worn by 752 gymnasts over several decades...
Two more manufacturers:
Look at this German eBay shop: KURKLEIDER-KATALOG-2009 They sell competition leotards and tights for rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating (also for boys). Some of them are simply amazing.
Here's a link to a forum completely about swimsuit register it's free it's
Pity there are no men in one-piece swimsuits in that forum.

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