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Subliminal suggestions in hypnosis
United States Patent
Inventors: Lowery; Oliver M. (Norcross, GA)
Family ID: 23820410
Appl. No.: 07/458,339
Filed: December 28, 1989

Silent subliminal presentation system

A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.

Explanations: (in German)

How to encode/decode "Lowery's" subliminals:
Checked multiple times using various files - silent subliminals do work... However, apparently, it's not possible to "install" a trigger. "The program" works, but you can't create a "shortcut" to it.

Just installed "Spectrogram" Android app and playing with the "plug files. Here's some spectra:

 Screenshot_20170712-221915.png    - the left part is very close to the laptop speakers, the right one - 1m away from them

 Screenshot_20170712-222946.png    - 2m

 Screenshot_20170712-223209.png    - MP3 and 192kHz FLAC

Very noticeable, but completely silent.
I continued to investigate what works, and how it works. In general, a hypno-session consists of an induction (a method to achieve the state of trance), the body (where something is suggested, the actual program), and an awakener (a soft way out of the trance).

Just like meditation, trance is nothing more than a concentration on one thing (in this case the voice of the hypnotist), relax and stop the internal dialogue. The hypnotist tries to get through the filters of our mind (e.g using NLP) to convince our mind that this is what we want. In other words, that's it us who are programming ourself. In theory, we cannot be programmed if we do not want to, or if we do not accept what is suggested. But, how can it be a reliable proof, that it's not us who consciously follow the program? For example, if we watch too many horror films, a trigger might be set to be afraid of going into dark cellars or attics. Or, the program suggests to walk on high heels when you wake up. And we remember it and "fake it until you make it".

So I created a list of silent subliminal files, and randomly played them while doing my usual work. My idea was to check my feelings periodically and then look at what file is currently playing. Some files I heard before in the normal "voiced" more, and for some of them I read only the description.

As I aeady said, the subliminals work. Somehow. I DO feel that my state changes. For example, my hands get heavy, it becomes difficult to type, my head begins to feel internal pressure, the stream of thoughts slows down, I feel tingles, arousal, agitation, various movements inside. At the end I was leaking without erection 😁

However, after several hours of continuous play, nothing happened what was suggested in the files. Virtually nothing.

And what does it prove?
I've just gone through dozens of articles on the subliminal messages, and found an interesting tendency. Virtually none of researches conducted in 1980-1990 confirmed that subliminals work. But the works published after 2000 claim otherwise.

I'm attaching one of the articles I've stumbled upon (check the references as well).

"Subliminal messages exert long-term effects on decision-making"

Simon Ruch, Marc Alain Züst, and Katharina Henke

Department of Psychology, University of Bern, Switzerland and Center for Cognition, Learning and Memory,
University of Bern, Switzerland

Quote:In experiment 1, subliminal face–occupation pairs affected conscious decisions about the income of these individuals almost half an hour later. In experiment 2, subliminal presentation of vocabulary of a foreign language enabled participants to later decide whether these foreign words are presented with correct or incorrect translations. Subliminal influence did not significantly decay if probed after 25 versus 15 min. This is unprecedented evidence of the longevity and impact of subliminal messages on conscious, rational decision-making.

It's getting interesting...

Attached Files
subliminal_messages_niw013.pdf (Size: 350.54 KB )
Years ago, movie theaters use to splice food and drink slides into the film.
Sometimes it works sometimes nothing. It depends on what crowd shows up.
(12 Aug 2020, 02:24 )Tinker D Wrote: Years ago, movie theaters use to splice food and drink slides into the film.
That's what I mean - it was proved as not-working by 1980-1990 researches.
This article contains an interesting summary on the previous researches related to subliminal priming. Apparently, images work better, than words, subliminals affect behaviour and not a choice.

Quote:Over the course of time the effectiveness of subliminal messages has been the subject of much
controversy. This study investigates whether subliminal messages spread via the internet had
an effect on which words participants were likely to choose. 108 Participants were presented
with a countdown after which a series of four words was presented from which the
participants had to choose one word. During the countdown a subliminal prime was presented
in the form of a word present in the fifth series. This process was repeated five times for five
different word lengths. The result suggests subliminal priming cannot be used to affect
people's choice of words in a real life situation.

Attached Files
Subliminal primes in real life situations a study on the effect of textual subliminal primes presented on computers via the internet Kobilsek,_K._-_s0220744_(verslag).pdf (Size: 229.75 KB )
You have to remember that science or scientism rather is hypnosis in itself.
MKUltra and similar programs include what is portrayed in the media about "scientific results" or "scientific consensus" (which is nothing but a shitty wordgame, no such thing). It is all about compartmentalisation and dysinformation. Do you think the universities or other institutions that were told to do certain experiments were told about the true intent? When the agencies see that their stuff actually does work they often tell those who did the experiments something along the lines of. "Looks like it does nothing, no biggie, though. Better luck next time. Thanks for your effort. Appreciated."

Do you think the powers that invest into society wide brainwashing experiments want the public to know that their shit actually works?
(25 Jan 2021, 17:52 )peterpumm Wrote: Do you think the powers that invest into society wide brainwashing experiments want the public to know that their shit actually works?
The scientific society would definitely publish something. And there must be a reason why MKUltra project was cancelled. Because it was not working?
(25 Jan 2021, 17:57 )Like Ra Wrote:
(25 Jan 2021, 17:52 )peterpumm Wrote: Do you think the powers that invest into society wide brainwashing experiments want the public to know that their shit actually works?
The scientific society would definitely publish something.
Why? If something is not supposed to be published it won't be. It's not that hard to suppress info. And don't forget what I said about compartmentalisation.
Besides, there is not just the silly and goofy university "researchers". Also, a ton of medical "consensus" is just plain out wrong. As always, who benefits? Who established western medicine and its institutions and denigrated the competitors? Nevermind military or "para"military research. Delgado in the 50s had public shows of how he could basically mind control a steer via brain electrodes. Forgot the name of that mad scientist (there were many others) that used children and other psych ward inmates for human experiments and installed electrodes in their brains to control them, back then also. Seen Musky's Neuralink presentation? Be sure that research is actually at least 20 years more advanced in reality, at least in the military.

I am not saying subliminals definitely work. I am just saying it is extremely beneficial to keep certain knowledge occult. Keep the sheep asleep.

Quote:And there must be a reason why MKUltra project was cancelled. Because it was not working?
No. And it was not cancelled. It just got a different name. MKUltra, MKNaomi, Monarch, MKombat 😉 call it whatever.
That is the usual shpiel. If it has a use it will be done. If the name of it gets a bad rep in the public eye, guess what happens. The file gets closed, they say they stopped. And in their demonic mind they are not even wrong. What really happens is they open a new file, give it a different name. Till the public gets too upset again. Rinse, repeat.

See, it's all word games. Hypnosis on a different level. "PR."

And so is what many know as MKUltra. It's not just some silly individual experiments, some dude who had a dolphin fetish and a fable for floating tanks and a freaked out dude that hopped out a hotel window on LSD. CIA (which itself is really just an expansion of British intelligence and bankers) and its "business partners" employed society wide institutions.
PR firms, universities, "private" organisations, on and on and on. It is like with Bernays. The whole idea is to subvert and mind control the whole population. It is all about C O N T R O L.
Look at all the bullshit around you today. Everything we experience today is to keep us constantly traumatised and mindfucked. That is what MKUltra is and was about.

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