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Fetishes in society
What do you think about the acceptance in Society for different fetishes? I have the feeling, that in the last years bondage became more and more accepted. I would have no problem telling the most of my friends that I like Bondage, but I would never tell them that I like latex. Bondage has become "normal" in the last time maybe because of 50 shades of gray?  But I think latex still has this pervert reputation even though fake latex leggings became a trend. Do you have the same impression? Why is this like it?
I think the best and healthiest thing is to be able to have links with other people knowing that fetishism is part of your life.

At a certain age the fetish is no longer felt with such intensity. I think it's a good time to socialize with others and make friends in person.

Regarding the rest of society, I think it's okay if they can not accept it. It is difficult to spend time with someone knowing that what you saw is causing erotic pleasure at the same time. But if dressing a catsuit was not a cause of eroticism but only of taste and fashion, I think it would be easier to share it with other people. And it looks good too.
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(15 Nov 2019, 20:32 )clarc Wrote: Interest in kink does not preclude sexual contact with any member of FS, especially as we're a very consent-conscious society.

I fed this to GPT-2 (, and this is what "the general public" would say:

Quote:Interest in kink does not preclude sexual contact with any member of FS, especially as we're a very consent-conscious society. I am open to all aspects of BDSM, including kink, as long as it isn't hurting anyone else or harming anyone's safety. I'm interested in all people and sexualities. For me, there is no need to judge a person's orientation or gender. There is a place in this community for anyone with any sexual orientation, no matter what their gender is.

This one is more interesting, despite it contains a loop:

Quote:Interest in kink does not preclude sexual contact with any member of FS, especially as we're a very consent-conscious society. There are many BDSM-loving kinky people who are not in the lifestyle because they're concerned about public opinion. Most of them have had friends or family that were involved with kinky practices, and are just not comfortable discussing the issue, at least not in a public setting. When we were together, I could tell you stories of the times I was spanked, or tied up, or tied up and spanked, or tied up and spanked and tied up, or tied up and spanked and tied up. I could also tell you stories of my family members that were involved with kinky activities, and I was just not comfortable talking about it in front of the rest of the family.

On the topic. I think (@vanessa_fetish thinks otherwise 😉 ), that interest in any kinks has subdued in the last ~15 years and the average age of fetishists/BDSMers shifted towards 50. Probably because fetish clothing is expensive and became more mainstream thanks to music videos and live performances. OTOH, the millenials have acquired hypno-fetish and cosplay escapisms. Not unknown to the older generation, but the scale is very different.

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