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Stories on demand - "The Rubber Trigger"
Thanks're sweet *KISS*

I'm actually writing the story like a real book, in Word - which maybe doesn't show too well here. But when it's finished (I've no idea how and when it will end), then you and anyone else can have the complete story if you want.

(05 Jun 2012, 02:06 )Like Ra Wrote: Filthy, disgusting, intense, scary, addictive and still quite real. Everything goes from bad to worth. Many points of no returns have been passed. Everything is almost completely demolished, ruined and covered with buckets of sperm and a layer or syringes. I have no idea if it's still possible to fix at least something except lust. The lust is always there along with fear.

Speaking of points of no returns. I wonder when it was still possible to prevent the avalanche of disasters.

And yeah, letting your cock lead you is not a good idea. Other not good ideas are unprotected sex and drugs.

I'm waiting for the next chapter. I can't stop reading it just like it's difficult not to stare at someone's ugliness or deformity or not swallowing pages after pages of Stephen King's books.

This world is scary....

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(07 Jun 2012, 12:37 )bob_masters Wrote: [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=5738]   

Gorgeous photo! It easily goes to my top10.
(07 Jun 2012, 12:37 )bob_masters Wrote: I'm actually writing the story like a real book, in Word - which maybe doesn't show too well here.

Just in case again, there 's a table of contents here:

(07 Jun 2012, 12:37 )bob_masters Wrote: But when it's finished (I've no idea how and when it will end)

This is what I like. The characters lead the show, not the author.
Hm, interesting story, read through it. Ra is right, its a bit like King...exciting Smile
Some parts I like more than others, for sure. Sometimes I think the main character is completely stupid, on the other hand I can understand him, sure...
Uhm, yes, maybe he should gain a bit of control back again, some more private moments between him and his daughter, and I would like some kind of "battle" between Jessie (I hope I got that name right spelled out of my rememberings) and her friends, especially Max, and this some kind of stupid guys around Nico. But maybe you already planned this.

To make a long story short...Keep going! Smile
Here's the next chapter. I hope you like it.

Chapter 11: Day-by-Day, On The Road to Hell

When you’re living on the edge like I am, every day seems like a lifetime, and the only respite from it all is to finally fall into a drained and dreamless sleep.
To be honest I didn’t really take Nico’s bet over Annita seriously – not at first. Not until Monday afternoon when Annie got back from school and told me about the black boys that Alice had forced her to fuck during the lunch break.
“Oh God Daddy it was terrible,” Annita sobbed as I held her in my arms. We’d just got back home after dropping Alice at her house. I have to say that the young blonde bombshell had looked in great shape as she’d almost skipped out of school, and danced up her driveway, humming to herself.
“What happened baby?” I soothed, stroking my daughter’s long brown hair. In her school uniform I always thought she looked younger than 14 years old.
“Alice made me do it with three of the black boys from the sixth form,” Annie said with a shiver. “They paid her, and then they each took turns making me suck them, and then had sex with me.” She shuddered as she told me the horror story of her day.
“I hate it when she does that sweetheart. Treating you like a prostitute is just disgusting, and I wish she wouldn’t do it. I’m sorry baby.”
“It’s not that Daddy. It’s not just for the money. She told me it’s because she wants to make sure I get pregnant. Nico asked her to only get black boys to have sex with me. She says that if I have a black baby, then she will get me as her whore!” And she burst out sobbing again.
“Oh my God Annie, what are we going to do?” I felt helpless. If we didn’t do something soon my daughter would end up either pregnant or with a disease – maybe even AIDS.
“You’ve got to do it Daddy. You’ve got to win me in Nico’s bet. It’s the only way.”
I shook my head. She sounded stronger than I felt. But I couldn’t do it – could I?
Annita broke away from my hug and stepped back to look up at me.
“You’ve got to do it Dad,” she said sternly. Her bottom lip was trembling, but her voice was firm. “You’ve got to make me pregnant or Nico will give me to Alice, and then I’ll be her slave forever.”
She turned and trudged up the stairs to her bedroom – a sad and lonely figure. The situation was driving me crazy, but I still couldn’t resist looking up her skirt as she climbed, catching a glimpse of her pale thighs as she reached the top.
I checked my watch - it was time for me to give Sarah her next set of drugs.
Since Nico and his young brother had left on Friday night I’d been following the schedule he’d set for me to turn my wife into an addict. Every few hours I needed to give her a cocktail of pills and injections that either kept her drowsy, or took her high.
I’d called her office first thing this morning and told them that she was sick with the flu. Said she needed to stay in bed and wouldn’t be in all week. They hadn’t seemed too concerned about her, so I didn’t offer more information.
Looking down at Sarah lying on the bed, naked and curled into a foetal position, she was still half asleep from the last pill I’d given her – a red one like the ‘Date Rape’ pill I’d used on Friday, plus an injection of diluted cocaine.
She looked peaceful and content, and I wondered how she’d feel if she knew what was happening to her, or what had already happened to her.
I remembered Friday night and the way those black boys had used her, and my cock started giving me ideas of maybe taking advantage of her myself. It had been a long time since we’d had sex, and anyway she’d never know. I stripped off my clothes and rubbed my cock to full hardness.
Sarah was totally relaxed as I rolled her over and pushed her legs apart. Her eyes were open, but they were distant and unfocused. She smiled a little as I positioned her on the bed.
There was something particularly wicked about what I was planning to do – rape my own wife while she was drugged and virtually unconscious.
Her shaved pussy lips looked pink and moist, and easy to penetrate, and I slid a finger inside her, remembering how I’d had to watch those boys fuck her, and clean her up for their next turn. Now it was going to be my turn.
“Daddy, what are you doing?” I jumped at the sound of Annita’s voice behind me, and blushed as I turned to face her.
Annie looked from my embarrassed face, to my rigid cock, and down to the spread legs of her mother.
“You’re not going to have sex with her Daddy are you, not after what I just said?”
I felt terrible standing there - ashamed, and I avoided meeting her stare.
“You can’t do it with her any more Daddy. Not if you’re going to make me pregnant. I need all of it Daddy. Or do you want those black boys to take me?” She sounded both angry and matter of fact. And I had to agree with her logic.
After a few seconds of waiting for an answer, looking up at me, she started to take off her school uniform.
“What are you doing?” I mumbled. My throat felt dry and it was hard trying to get my voice working again.
As she unzipped her grey pleated skirt and let it fall to the carpet she said, “Well, if you’re ready to have sex with Mummy, then you can do it to me instead. Three black boys did me today, so you have to do it to me as well.”
I was shocked. Not just at the idea of committing incest again, but by the tone of her voice and the way that my daughter was thinking. To her it sounded like the most natural thing in the world.
When she was naked Annita sat on the edge of my bed and reached out for me, wrapping her slim fingers around the hot, stiff shaft of my cock.
“Come on Daddy, it’s not that hard to do it to me is it?” And she pulled me closer, opening her legs so that I could stand directly in front of her, and taking the tip of my cock in her mouth.
“Oh God sweety, I’m so sorry about everything,” I moaned as she started sucking me. My wife lay next to Annita on the bed, and with her unfocussed eyes she seemed to be watching our daughter sucking my rock-hard cock.
Annita sucked noisily and massaged my balls at the same time. I had to admit that she was a great little cocksucker, and the fact that my wife was there added to the perverted pleasure.
“OK Daddy, I want you to give it all to me,” Annie said, letting my slippery shaft plop out of her lips. She scooted back onto the bed and lay next to her mother.
I licked my lips with lust as I watched my daughter spread her legs for me and lift her arms, beckoning me in. There was eager anticipation now on her flushed face – she wanted me to fuck her.
Annita’s pussy looked delicious and on another day I would have buried my face in it, giving her pleasure and opening her up for penetration, but not today.
I crawled between her thighs and up her body, holding myself on my arms, looking down into her pretty face. My stiff organ brushed against her silky-smooth legs, and then rested on the soft mound at the V of her legs.
With her young voice husky with emotion she said, “Do it to me Daddy. Fuck me. Give me all your cum. Please Daddy.” Her eyes were locked onto mine and they sparkled with hungry need.
She guided my lubricating cock to her labia, easing the head inside, and then closing her eyes with pleasure as I applied enough weight to let it slide deeper.
“Ohhhh yes Daddy. Give it to me. I want you to give me all your sperm every day. Give me a baby Daddy.”
Oh God it felt so good – but at the same time so dirty and perverted. I’d never felt such disgraceful lust in my whole life. And my wife was lying there next to us – that drugged, glazed expression in her eyes as I fucked my teenage daughter beside her.
Annita lifted her legs and wrapped them around my ass, locking me in place, buried to the hilt in her hot, wet slime pit.
“Fuck me Daddy,” she moaned, “I’ll do anything you want, but give me everything.”
“Oh baby, you’re so wonderful,” I groaned as I jammed my cock in as deep as it would go.
“Don’t fuck Mummy anymore, OK?” Annie said, her eyes open now and staring into mine. “You have to give it all to me. All of it, OK?” she insisted.
I nodded, concentrating on the fantastic feelings surging up my loins. Right then I would have agreed to anything.
“Promise me Daddy. Promise me you’ll give me all of it.” She squeezed me between her dancer’s legs and held me tight, stopping me from rocking back and forth into her.
“Yes baby, I promise. I promise to give you all my cum, every day,” I panted, eager to get back into motion.
She looked for a few mores seconds into my face, looking for the confirmation that she wanted. Then she unlocked her legs and my incestuous ride went on.
“Hee hee hee,” my wife giggled suddenly from beside us, and I turned my head to look across at her. She seemed to be almost fully awake, and was watching us, but she still had a stupid drunken look on her face.
“Oh shit,” I said, “I should have given her the next dose, she’s almost out of it.”
Annita was panting and moaning underneath me as I pumped in and out of her.
“Give it to me Daddy. Fill me with cum. Fuck me Daddy. Give me your baby,” she grunted in time with each stroke. Her eyes were closed and she was thrusting her hips upwards to meet mine.
“Hee, hee, hee. That’s naughty. You shouldn’t be doing that,” Sarah giggled.
My wife was getting more aware with each passing minute, and I looked into her face as I pounded our daughter.
Annita reached up and pushed her fingers into my mouth – I’ve always loved that, especially if the fingers are coated with pussy juice.
“Suck them Daddy. Suck them you bastard,” she swore at me. I love that too.
I sucked my daughter’s fingers into my wet mouth, first one, then two, and then as many as she could force in.
“Fuck me you pig,” Annita snarled, eyes narrowed with lust and passion.
“Mmmmffff,” I groaned, sawing at full speed in and out of my daughter’s pussy.
Putting something into my mouth like that usually acts as a trigger for me, and this time was the same way. The familiar boiling started in my balls and the tsunami surged up my body and exploded in my head in an Earth-rending climax.
“Yes, yes, all of it,” Annita shouted, thrusting up with her hips and locking me tight to her body.
“MMmfffffff,” I grunted around her hand that still stuffed my mouth.
I buried my cock as deep as it would go into her, emptying my balls into her womb.
Spent, I slumped across Annita, panting and gasping for breath, my sweat mixing with hers.
“What are you doing Bob?” my wife slurred from the bed just next to us. “Is that Annita? You can’t do that to her.” She was starting to sound normal – a little confused maybe, but almost normal.
I needed to give her a shot, and quickly.
“Sorry baby,” I said, slipping out of Annita. “I need to give Mummy an injection or she’ll wake up completely.”
It wasn’t that Sarah had to be kept drugged all the time, it was just that we needed to control the dosage. We needed to make sure that when she came down after the drugs, then she would get the maximum withdrawal symptoms. The idea was to build dependency as fast as possible, so that when she came down, she came down hard.
Taking a syringe out of the bag I quickly injected Sarah in the right foot. She sighed happily and slumped back on the bed, a look of contentment on her face.
“Phew, that was close,” I said to Annita, who was lying on her side watching me.
“What do you think they’ll do with her?” Annie asked with only a mildly curious tone. She didn’t really sound like she was particularly interested – like you might ask where they’re taking the trash when they collect it from your driveway.
I stood and looked down at my wife on our bed. To be honest I didn’t care very much what happened to her. I had loved her once, but she had been cold to me so long it was only a matter of time before she left me for someone else anyway.
“I guess Nico means what he said. They aren’t spending all this money on drugs for nothing. I suppose they’ll use her as a whore once she’s hooked. I don’t know if they’ll let her stay here, or if they’ll take her somewhere else.” I hadn’t given it much thought really. My first priority was to survive myself, and then protect Annita if I could. Sarah was a bitch and she had to look after herself.
“You know Daddy, I meant what I said.”
“Mmm, what’s that sugar?” I said, still thinking about Sarah.
“I meant what I said, about you making me pregnant Dad. I need you to do that. I need you to win that bet, and I’ll do whatever I have to.” I looked at her and I saw that she was deadly serious.
“I’ll do what I can sweety, but I can only try my best.” I shrugged – I was only one man and there were lots of black boys and men who would be fucking her.
Annita sat up on the edge of the bed, frowning.
“Daddy, you’re gonna do this for me. I know what turns you on and I’ll do anything to get you hard enough to have sex. I want it and you are gonna give it to me.” She sounded determined, and reached for my cock again.
“Sugar, I only just came, it’ll take a while for me to try again.”
“No Daddy, you’re gonna do me again right now,” and she gave my cock a hard tug.
I licked my lips at the thought of having my own daughter as a willing sex partner – willing to do anything just to have sex with me.
“Kneel down Doggy,” Annita said with a smile playing around her lips. “Kneel down and kiss my feet. I know you like being treated like a dog, so do it…NOW!”
Oh my God, do I like being treated like shit! She really had got that right. I knelt at her feet and started kissing them.
“Lick them pig,” she commanded. They were a little smelly and gritty after a day at school, but I did as I was told, bathing them with my tongue.
“Rub your pathetic cock and get it hard for me slave,” my sweet daughter instructed, and I rubbed my sticky dick as I licked her feet.
She sat laughing at me as I knelt there doing whatever she told me to do. Humiliating and debasing – it was wonderful, and my cock was responding.
“You’re never gonna fuck Mummy again, you understand?”
I nodded over her feet.
“Say it Daddy. Tell me that I’m gonna get all your cum and you’ll never fuck this old cunt again.”
“Oh God baby, yes, I promise,” I whimpered from carpet level. “I’ll never fuck her again. I’ll give all my cum to you.”
“Good. Now fuck me again. Give me a nice big load.” And she lay back on the bed, but this time she used her mother’s belly as a pillow for her head.
Sarah was high and out of it, but the idea of fucking my daughter while she lay on her mother was a huge turn on – and Annita knew it.
“Fuck me now Daddy,” Annita instructed, “and maybe later I’ll put on a show with Mummy to excite you again, you’d like that wouldn’t you Daddy?”
“Yessss,” I hissed, climbing back onto the bed, my cock rigid and willing again.
Half an hour later I was lying soaked in sweat and gasping for breath after dumping my second load into my daughter.
“Good boy, you can have a rest for a while now to get your breath back,” Annita chuckled, sliding off the bed and padding back to her own bedroom.
“Oh God,” I thought to myself, as my pulse slowly dropped to below heart-attack levels, “Which is gonna kill me first – winning the bet, or just trying?”
Annita helped me to cook dinner and I let Sarah get back to reality just long enough to eat and drink something. She complained bitterly of feeling terrible, exhausted, and depressed. I told her it was just the flu and that she’d feel better soon.
A ‘Date Rape’ pill added to her water put her down for the night, and an injection every hour until midnight kept her blood concentration of cocaine high.
After the last fix for Sarah I slumped into bed, having barely enough energy left at the end of the day to take off my clothes.
It was pitch black in my bedroom when I suddenly woke from a bad dream. I’d been suffocating – fighting for breath under a soft pillow, while someone laughed and giggled at my suffering.
For a few seconds I lay still, soaked in sweat, trying to get my mind back together and just breathe. Then I felt a warm body snuggle up next to mine and a small hand slid around my cock.
“Shush Daddy, it’s only me. Time for you to try again,” was whispered into my ear.
“Oh nooo, please, let me sleep,” I groaned.
“Hee, hee, hee,” giggled Annita. “No way Daddy, I need this inside me.” And she gave my cock a little squeeze.
“Please Annie, let’s do it tomorrow, I need to sleep,” I whined.
“Shut up Daddy,” Annita said quietly. “I told you what I wanted and you are going to do it to me.” Her hand rubbed my cock persistently, drawing it expertly into erection.
Beside me Sarah slept quietly on, snoring slightly as she lay on her back.
“But sweety, your Mum might wake up. I gave her a pill back at dinnertime, but that will have worn off by now. She might catch us.”
“Well, you’d better work quietly then,” Annie whispered, rubbing her naked pussy against my thigh and breathing into my ear. My cock was enjoying himself, but I was genuinely scared that Sarah might wake.
Over the next two days we got into a sort of routine – first thing in the morning I would slip into Annita’s bed and she would take care of my ‘Morning Wood’. Later, right after school, we would have sex as soon as she got home, and then again at bedtime. And she definitely lived up to her promise, seducing and commanding, forceful and vulnerable. Whatever she needed to do to get me hard and make me cum.
Unfortunately this blissful situation didn’t go on for long. Alice quickly realised that I was getting too many opportunities to fuck Annie, and that I was able to deliver all my sperm where it was needed, unhindered.
“When did you fuck her last?” Alice asked suddenly on Thursday afternoon when I stopped the car outside her house. She was sitting in the back and Annita was in the front passenger seat.
“Er, what do you mean?” I asked nervously.
“Come on dick head, when did you last fuck Annie? Did you do her last night, or maybe this morning?”
As a matter of fact I had. As Sarah slept soundly upstairs, Annita had come down for breakfast dressed only in black shiny stockings, a pair of black satin panties, and dramatically high stiletto-heel shoes. Her small breasts looked perfect, and her smile was total seduction. She knew just what I loved, and we’d fucked in frenzy on the kitchen floor - with me finally shooting my load inside her, and her warm panties filling my mouth.
Alice saw the look on my face and accurately interpreted my silence.
“Bastard!” she hissed, and slapped me across the ear. “I should have realised that you’d be at each other like fucking rabbits.”
The smack to the side of the head didn’t bother me much, but she seemed really pissed off, and that might be dangerous.
“And I bet you’re gonna fuck her again when you get home, right?” Alice went on, suddenly grabbing me by the hair and pulling my head back against the headrest.
“Ouch, no, no, of course not,” I lied. I had actually been planning on a long bondage and dress-up session lasting all evening. I’d hoped that Annita would let me put on one of my long satin nighties, and then tie me up, tease me, and mount me – again and again until I was totally spent.
“You fucking lying pig,” Alice sneered. “Well we’ll see about that.” And she waggled my head back and forth, almost pulling my hair out.
“OK bitch, so you think you can have his load whenever you want,” Alice snarled at Annita. “Well cunt, you can’t.”
I wished she would let go of my hair, it was bloody painful.
“Right you bitch, let’s see you suck him off. You want his load, well you can fucking eat it.”
“No please Alice, that’s not fair,” Annita whined. “Nico said that he can have sex with me, and you’ve made me do it with all those black boys. It’s not fair if you make him waste his cum.”
“I’m not gonna waste it slut, you are,” Alice said with a laugh. “Now get down there and suck his fucking dick, then I guess he’ll be done for the night.”
I almost laughed out loud. She had seriously underestimated my powers of perversion – even if Annita sucked me dry right now, I would still be able to recover and get in another two orgasms before bedtime. But of course the sperm content would be lower, and that was what concerned Annie.
With my head held back I couldn’t see much of what Annita was doing, but I felt her unzip me and extract my growing cock. It seemed that no matter what the circumstances these days I could still get an erection.
“Empty his balls bitch,” Alice chuckled, “But don’t swallow until I tell you, I wanna make sure the bastard shoots a full load.”
The hot wetness of my daughter’s mouth engulfed my shaft and I groaned with pleasure. My hands rested on the top of her soft hair as her head bobbed in my lap.
Thankfully the street that Alice lived in was a quiet residential neighbourhood, but even so a few school kids were winding their way home, and some passed the car.
“That’s it bitch, milk his balls,” Alice encouraged, still holding my head back by the hair.
Suddenly there were two faces pressed against the window on the passenger side, looking in at the scene happening on the front seats.
“Oh my God, someone’s there,” I gasped, startled by the young girly faces giggling at me.
“Keep sucking slut,” Alice hissed, “It’s OK, I know those girls, they’re the twins from next door.”
Alice reached over with her free hand and pressed the electric window button, lowering the glass so that the two girls could get a better view.
“Holy shit, is she doing what I think she is?” a freckle-faced youngster sniggered, her hand covering her mouth, eyes very wide.
“Hey Alice, is she sucking him? Is she?” the other, almost identical girl gasped.
“Yeah, she’s sucking his cock,” Alice said loudly. “I’m making the slut do it.”
“Oh God,” I groaned, my eyes flicking from one sweet blushing face to the other. This was like a dream come true – another one. Being forced to cum in front of an audience of very young girls, helpless to stop myself being abused in front of them.
“Christ Alice,” I gasped, “I’m going to cum.” I didn’t need to say it, but it added to the overall erotic atmosphere.
“Yeah, cum in the bitch’s mouth. Make the cunt gag on it,” Alice laughed, turning my head so that I was looking straight at the two young schoolgirls. From their size I guessed that they were maybe 10 or 11 years old.
I pressed hard on Annita’s head as I felt the hot load surge up from my balls and pump into my daughter’s sucking mouth. I kept my eyes on the faces of the schoolgirls, even now fantasising that it was their mouths that I was cumming into.
“Gaaaahhhh,” I grunted, pumping my seed into Annita’s face. She tried to pull back from my spewing cock, gagging on the thick creamy wads, but there was no way I could stop now, and I held her in place until my balls stopped producing, and my orgasm subsided.
As soon as I released her Annita sat up in the seat and my slippery cock slapped back against my belly. The little girls giggled at the sight of it – still hard, and shiny with Annie’s spit.
“Don’t swallow it bitch, open wide and show me the load,” Alice instructed, finally releasing my hair.
Annita dutifully turned in her seat with her mouth as wide as she could, and displayed the fruits of her labour to her tormenter.
Even from where I was sitting I could see the white bubbly sperm spread over her tongue, and some had even dribbled down her chin.
“Good slut,” Alice said, nodding approval. “Now show it to the girls.”
Blushing bright red, Annita turned very slowly and displayed her spunk-filled mouth to the two young girls.
“Oh yuk, that is gross,” the one with the most freckles said, giggling and blushing again.
“Yeah, I would never do that to a boy. But this guy is so OLD, who is he anyway?” the second girl said, looking at Alice.
For a second Alice ignored the question, and said, “OK slut, waste not want not, let’s see you two kiss and share that load.”
“Oh God no”, I thought, feeling both disgusted and aroused at the new humiliation.
Annita looked at Alice, frowning, and not sure if she meant it.
“Go on cunt, do it. You said you wanted his cum, well now you have it. But don’t be so greedy, share it with him. Go on you stupid twat!” Alice laughed, and gave Annita’s head a push towards me.
What could we do? Compared to other stuff Alice had made us do this was almost nothing. I leaned in closer to my daughter and made it easy for her, covering her open mouth with mine.
“Oh vomit!” exclaimed the two young schoolgirls watching. “That is like so disgusting.” And they both pretended to stick their fingers down their throats, simulating throwing up.
“Yeah, suck your slime out of her mouth you pig,” Alice gloated, watching me kiss my daughter, and sucking the salty, sticky slime out of her sweet mouth.
“You wanna know who this pervert is?” Alice said, turning to the girls standing by the side of the car.
“Yeah,” they chorused, “Who is this guy and why’d you make her do that with him?”
Alice turned back to us and watched us French-kissing for a few seconds, sloppy tongues fishing in and out of our cummy mouths.
“He’s her Dad,” Alice said with a giggle. “Don’t you think that’s kinda cool, making her suck her own Dad’s cock?”
“Oh My God, you are kidding right?” Freckle-face said, a look of shock spreading over both their faces.
Alice shook her golden head, a big wicked grin stretched across her face.
“They do anything I want, don’t you, you fuckers?” Alice said, reaching over and pulling Annita back by the hair. “You’re my total slaves, aren’t you?”
Both of us had a mix of sperm and saliva coating our lips and chins, but we nodded agreement. What choice did we have?
“Cool,” Freckles said.
“Wicked,” her twin sister gasped. “Will they do anything?”
“Oh yeah, they’ll do anything I want,” Alice said, getting her things together on the back seat and opening the door. “Maybe I’ll bring them over to your house one day and show you how cool it is to have a couple of slaves.”
“Oh yeah, that would be neat,” Freckles said, beaming from ear to ear. When Alice got out of the car and stood next to the young girl it was obvious that she was even younger than I’d first thought – the top of her head barely reached Alice’s shoulder.
“When can you bring them, tomorrow?” the second twin said, clapping her hands with excitement.
“I’ll think about it,” Alice said, turning away and walking up her drive.
The two twins watched her go and then, with a last look over their shoulders at us, they ran giggling up to their own front door and disappeared inside.
“Shit,” said Annita. “I hope you can manage to cum again later. I hate that bitch for wasting it.”
“It’s OK sweety, I’m sure we can find a way to get me excited again, it’s not that hard is it?”
She pointed down at my flaccid dick and said with a snigger, “That’s exactly what I mean Daddy.” And we both had a good laugh at her little pun as I started the engine and drove us home.
So that was to become our new routine. Sex together in the morning before breakfast, then off to school, then Alice would make me cum outside her house when I dropped her off. Usually she would make Annita jerk me off, or suck me off, but sometimes she would make me sit there and masturbate. All she wanted to do was make me waste my sperm, and she knew that it upset Annita.
Sometimes the twins would come along and watch, or they would be waiting for us when we arrived. Always they would giggle and point and mock as I shot my load in front of them. And always they would beg Alice to take us to their house and put on a show for them, but for a while Alice resisted.
I did follow Nico’s instructions and kept Sarah high most of the time, but by Friday night I didn’t think she was really hooked. Sure she grumbled and complained when I let her come down, but she wasn’t ready to suck cock for her next fix. Not yet.
When Nico came over he stood looking down at Sarah on the bed. She was high again and dressed in a cute white silk nightie. Alice wasn’t there for once, and it was just Nico, me, Annita and Sarah.
“Oh well,” he said when I told him she needed more time, “maybe it’s time we started her on freebase, that’ll break her. I’ll show you what to do before I leave.”
He started to take off his clothes, throwing them onto a chair as he stripped.
“Er, what are you doing?” I asked.
“Well, no point in wasting a good slut is there,” he said. “Spread her legs for me man and get her wet for me.”
At least he wasn’t going to fuck Annita, so that was good. I did as he asked and opened my wife’s smooth thighs as wide as they would go. She moaned a little as I knelt down and started licking her shaved slit.
“OK, my turn,” Nico said, standing with his cock in his hands, pointing the half-erect organ at me.
I don’t know why he wanted me to suck it and not Annie, but, still on my knees, I moved into position and took his big thick cock in my hands. As I put it in my mouth and started sucking, Nico reached out and pulled Annita into his arms, kissing her passionately.
If only I could have been a fly on the wall watching. The big black stud, naked and standing over the wimpy husband, who is sucking his cock. The teenage white daughter held in one strong black arm, being groped by the other hand as she is French-kissed, his wet tongue licking her face and fucking her lips. The mother and wife lying spread on the bed, waiting for the hard black cock that her husband is preparing for her.
My own cock was stiff and throbbing in my pants as I sucked on the monster growing in my mouth. His balls were fat and hard under my massaging fingers.
“OK cunt, time to see to your wife,” Nico grunted, pushing me roughly to one side.
Seconds later he was on top of Sarah, forcing his shaft into her.
Annita and I stood watching him rape my wife – he grunted with each forceful thrust into her, and she moaned as her cunt was stretched to accommodate his massive organ.
It was too much to watch without doing something. I needed relief and Annita was there – why not? Would Nico object?
Quickly I stripped and then helped Annita take off her clothes. At first Nico had frowned when he saw what we were doing, but then he grinned.
“Why not man, you might as well do her if I’m not,” he said.
Just to make it interesting I pushed Annie into a Doggy position on the bed, so that she was perpendicular to the other fucking couple, her head level with her mother’s.
Pushing her legs apart I slid my dick into my daughter’s slippery wet pussy as fast and hard as I could. She was certainly ready for me, and I sank balls deep on the first thrust.
“Yeah Daddy, give it to me, I’ve been dreaming of this all day.”
I was soon into the rhythm, holding her silky smooth hips and humping her like a deranged dog.
“Go for it man,” Nico grinned as he fucked my wife in front of me.
“Kiss her baby,” I hissed at Annita. “Kiss Mummy on the mouth, Daddy would like to see that.”
“Yeah me too man,” Nico said, shifting position, and lifting himself up on his powerful arms.
Annita giggled and moved so that her face hovered just above her mother’s.
“You want me to kiss her Daddy? Beg me.” I loved it when she made me beg.
“Oh God Annie, please kiss Mummy. Please baby, kiss Mummy on the mouth. Put your tongue inside. Please baby, I beg you.” The extra rush I got from begging made me even harder inside her, and she pushed back onto me, riding my cock.
I guess that we both had certain perversions in common Nico and I, because we watched fascinated as Annita started kissing her mother’s face. Unfortunately I couldn’t see much directly and needed to watch in the wardrobe’s mirrored door beside the bed. It was so erotic, watching the girl I was fucking – my young daughter, licking and kissing her mother, as a huge black man was fucking her.
There’s no way any man could hold his load long watching that scene, and it soon became a race between me and Nico to see who could shoot first.
The sound of grunts, wet slaps, gasps and sloppy kisses filled the bedroom until, with loud cries, we filled the two sopping cunts with our hot seed.
The two of us came almost simultaneously, and once again I had a monumental orgasm. It seemed that the more perverted the sex, the bigger and spectacular the climax.
“Holy shit man, that was great,” Nico panted, lying on top of my wife, crushing her into our bed. “Your family is fucking hot!”
I had to agree with him, we were something special.
My balls ached for half an hour after that spectacular fuck, and during that time Nico showed me how to use freebase and gave me a small bag of crack rocks.
He slapped me on the back as he left and seemed in a great mood. I guess he wasn’t such a bad guy after all, and he certainly seemed to like my family and me. The fact that he hadn’t brought Alice along with him made me think that maybe she wasn’t as close to him as she liked to think.
I put the crack away in the same hiding place as the syringes and cocaine - a lockable draw at the bottom of my wardrobe, and closed the door. It’s funny, I’d been handling hundreds, maybe a thousand pounds worth of drugs, but I wasn’t tempted at all to try any myself. In fact I’d never been tempted by drugs, and the only thing I was really addicted to was sex – the more perverted the better.
The weekend was good, and we didn’t have to see Alice at all, so it was just the three of us, if you count Sarah.
Nico’s idea to switch Sarah onto freebase crack was an immediate success. I’d been worried that she wouldn’t inhale and I’d need to drug her even before trying the smoke on her, and that was true the first few times, but then she was hooked and it got easier.
I’d always told Sarah the injections were medication for her illness, which was pretty weak really, but she’d gone along with it, probably because she was always half-stoned due to the cocktail of drugs I was using on her. But the problem was how to get her to realise that she was addicted to drugs if she didn’t know she was taking them?
Sure she was really depressed and had cold sweats when she was ‘down’, but I needed to get her to understand the cause, not just think she was ill. The freebase helped.
On Sunday I let her get really down for the first time. She was sweating and hugging herself lying on the bed, crying and unable to eat. I almost felt sorry for her.
I sat on the edge of the bed next to her and let her see me preparing the crack. Her eyes were puzzled, but she didn’t ask what I was doing.
“Here,” I said holding out a straw to her, “use this.”
“What are you doing? What is that?” she mumbled. It was the first time I’d heard her put together a sentence in several days.
Annita walked into the room and sat on the bed. She was wearing sexy red satin underwear, and glossy black high heel shoes. It was all for my benefit of course, and we’d already had sex 3 times since waking up.
“Sit up Sarah,” I said, starting to heat the bottom of the spoon with the lighter Nico had given me.
As the dirty white rock started to bubble and melt, Sarah sat up and shuffled closer on the bed.
“What is that?” she asked again, sounding weak. The dark circles under her eyes weren’t there through lack of sleep, but from lack of her needed drugs.
“It’s crack,” I said conversationally, watching the puddle of liquid in the spoon growing.
“Crack? You mean, like cocaine?” She sounded puzzled, but more curious that worried.
“Yeah, exactly,” I said. The liquid was starting to bubble and fume. It was time for her fix.
“What are you doing with that?” Sarah asked, looking at me with arched eyebrows.
“Well duh, it’s for you Mum,” Annita answered. “Don’t you even know you’re addicted to this shit?”
I gave Annita a frown. I wanted Sarah to know about her addiction, but not to alarm her too much.
“Here Sarah, this will make you feel better. Use the straw to breathe the fumes in.”
“What!” Sarah exclaimed, looking shocked. “What are you talking about?”
“Come on Sarah,” I urged, “Don’t waste it. Annie is right, it’s for you.”
My wife looked at us like we were crazy. She was sitting there on the bed in her knee-length white silk nightie, the same one she’d been wearing when Nico fucked her.
I held out the spoon, carefully keeping the lighter in the right position to keep the crack hot and bubbling.
“Come Sarah, get on with it. It will make you feel a lot better, trust me.”
Frowning, Sarah held the straw just above the boiling crack and with the other end in her nostril, gave a little sniff.
To be honest I was surprised that she did it. I’d been expecting her to storm out of the bedroom, but I was losing patience with her and if she’d got too out of line I would have drugged her another way.
“Oh wow,” Sarah said, sitting back from the spoon. “Ooofff, that makes my head spin.”
“Try again,” I urged, “Take a few sniffs.”
A few seconds later Sarah was lying curled on the bed, a big happy smile on her face. Her nightie had ridden up over her thighs and if Annita hadn’t been there I would have been tempted to fondle the bitch, and maybe give her a good fucking.
Annie saw me looking at my wife and read my mind.
“You wanna fuck her?” she asked, kneeling on the bed and looking adorable in her red underwear.
I licked my lips and felt my cock twitch at the idea.
She smiled a lovely smile and said, “OK, you can fuck her, but you cum in me, right?”
How could I refuse? I nodded, blood already pumping into my shaft.
As I stripped my clothes off, Annita pulled her mother into position. God it was exciting having Annie as my daughter, what a lucky man I was.
To prepare her for my entry, Annita started massaging her mother’s cunt, gently sliding a fingertip over her clit and along her labia, before easing her long thin index finger inside.
Sarah moaned and smiled up at her daughter as she finger-fucked her.
“I think she’s about ready Daddy, but don’t forget what I said, I get your cum OK?”
My cock bounced ahead and showed me the way to paradise. Sarah’s pussy was nicely wet and soft as I eased into her. Not quite as good as Annita’s hot cunt, but still worth a few minutes of humping.
Annita wasn’t going to just sit and watch though, she wanted her own action.
As I picked up the pace and gave her mother a good solid fucking, Annita pulled off her red satin panties and rubbed them over Sarah’s face, finishing by pushing them into her mouth.
“There Mummy,” she chuckled, “time to do the laundry.” Then she got to her knees and straddled Sarah’s upturned face.
“Mmmmm, mmmph” Sarah mumbled, smiling around a mouth full of delicious teen-flavoured satin. She watched her daughter’s sweet round ass descend onto her face and then she disappeared from view.
Since I had Sarah’s legs over my shoulders and I was jamming my cock in up to the hilt, the sight of Annita raping her mother’s face was an extra turn on.
“Yeah, go for it sweety,” I grinned, as Annita rubbed and ground her gorgeous wet pussy all over Sarah’s face.
It was a marvellous sight, but there was a worry at the back of my mind that Annita might accidentally suffocate her mother. And we didn’t want any stupid tragedies.
Sarah was too far gone to know anything, but although it was a good fuck, it wasn’t great – I needed something more, something special to rock my socks.
“This is just not happening for me sweety,” I finally said to Annie. Sarah’s cunt was just too sloppy, and I’d already cum three times that day so I needed something extra to get the juices flowing.
“Mmm, I have an idea,” my sweet angel said, climbing off the slippery face of her mother and sliding off the bed. “Just wait there a second,” she said, walking out the door.
I fucked Sarah slowly for a minute or two more, and then just gave up. She was smiling happily, but her hole was just too big for me to get any traction inside her.
Just to keep hard I took Annita’s panties out of Sarah’s mouth and started rubbing my cock with them. Satin always got me excited and this time was no exception.
Just as I was wondering where she’d gone Annita walked back into the bedroom. She had a big grin on her face, and a big cock strapped between her thighs.
“Wow,” I said, “Is that for me?”
“Maybe next time Dad, but I was thinking of using it on her,” and she pointed at the prostrate figure on the bed.
“Mmm, OK sweety, but what about me?”
“Here, look,” she said, showing me the harness, “If I pull this strap to one side, you can fuck me from behind while I’m fucking her, OK?”
Wow, that was more than OK with me.
I watched as Annita climbed between her mother’s legs and inserted the big black rubber cock into the gaping hole that I had recently ploughed.
As soon as the dildo was fully embedded she looked over her shoulder and gestured me into position.
“Just pull the strap open, then fuck me Daddy,” she said with a grin, “And enjoy the ride.”
My God, what a wonderful, kinky girl. I’ve had a few 3-somes in my time, but not like this.
It took a few seconds to find the right rhythm, but then we were away. As I pushed into Annita, she pushed into her mother. It was like I was fucking Sarah, but through our daughter’s body.
What a mind-blowing dance. Lying on Annita’s back, forcing my cock as deep into her as I could reach, while she lay on her mother’s belly, driving her huge dildo up her Mum’s vagina.
The leather strap of the harness kept rubbing against the base of my cock as I fucked Annita, and that added to the stimulation.
I kissed my daughter’s neck, shoulders, ears – anything I could reach with my mouth, while I fucked her from behind. And Annita kissed, licked and sucked at her mother, twisting her breasts and nipples in her fingers, trying to hurt her mother as she raped her.
I caught sight of us in the mirror, and what a sight. What a perverted family. Daddy, daughter and Mummy, all forming a fuck sandwich. True the bottom layer was stoned out of her mind, but the rest of the sandwich was hot and ready to spread the mustard.
“I gotta cum baby,” I grunted, as I thrust harder and harder inside my little girl.
“Do it Daddy,” Annita panted over her shoulder, “Give me everything you got.”
Sarah seemed to be coming out of her fix and looked up at us with a puzzled frown on her face.
“I think Mummy is waking up,” I whispered into Annita’s cute little ear. “Maybe she knows we’re fucking her?”
“Oh God, yessss,” Annita hissed, and I could tell from her tone and movements that she was nearly at the edge.
“Should we both cum on her together? You wanna cum on your Mummy?” I knew that Annita was like me in that way, she loved dirty talk when she was fucking.
“Yes Daddy, make me cum on Mummy, fuck me Daddy.”
It really was that easy. That’s all we needed to slip over the edge together.
As Sarah looked up at us, her lower face still glistening with her daughter’s gooey cunt juice, I was sure that she saw and felt what was happening, it’s just that she couldn’t make sense of it.
The look on her face was comical as Annita and I used her, and reached our orgasms together on top of her.
Lying together in a stack, panting and sweaty, I had to laugh. Sarah always had loved pancakes, and now she had become one, squashed into the mattress and struggling to breathe under our combined weight.
Annita needed me to pull my cock out of her, and slide off, before she could release her mother. After we’d disengaged our cocks, both rubber and human, we lay panting and giggling on the bed like kids. Well, one of us still was, but I felt pretty youthful too.
All three of us showered and got dressed. Sarah was quiet and withdrawn, but for once I hadn’t given her an immediate next fix, I wanted to see what she would do.
I made us some supper and watched my wife pick at her food. She had certainly lost weight over the past week or so, and she didn’t look well. Since she now knew what she needed to feel better I wondered how long she would take to ask for a fix.
Annita was sitting on the sofa next to me, watching TV, her long slim legs drawn up under her bum, wearing only a red tee shirt and black panties. The shirt barely covered her ass and exposed all of her gorgeous thighs. My hand rested lightly on her leg.
Sarah came into the room and stood nervously chewing her fingernails – another new habit. We both ignored her.
“Bob?” she said quietly.
“Mmmm, what is it Sarah?” I said, not looking at her.
“Bob, I think I need some more…er…medication,” she stammered.
“Mmmm…do you feel bad sweety?” I asked, still not looking in her direction.
“Yes, I’m not feeling good at all. Can I have something, please.”
I liked the ‘please’ at the end of the request. I hadn’t heard her say please or thank you for a long time.
“You want something sweety? What do you want, an injection or some crack?” Now I looked at her, and let her see me stroking our daughter’s naked leg. Annita looked at her mother and smiled sweetly.
Sarah coughed and cleared her throat. “Could I smoke a little something?”
“Ah, yes, you want some crack? OK, no problem, I’ll get you some. Why don’t you sit next to Annie while I get it.”
I patted my daughter’s thigh as I stood up and went to find the crack and equipment.
It only took me a couple of minutes and I was back before the commercial break was even finished.
“While I’m getting the rock ready, why don’t you get comfortable sweety?” I suggested to Sarah, smiling. “What do you think Annie, how should Mummy get comfy?”
Annita looked at me and winked, she knew where I wanted to go with this.
“Mum, you know, this stuff costs a load of money. Dad had to earn this for you, so you should show a little gratitude.” In a way she was right, I did have to earn it, but not in the usual way.
Sarah looked nervous, scared almost. She shuffled her feet on the carpet in front of our daughter.
“So what you gonna do for Dad and me Mum? You don’t work any more, and Dad does everything around the house. Seems like you need to do something for us too.”
Sarah licked her lips nervously and her eyes flicked between me preparing her next freebase high, and her evilly grinning daughter.
“What do you want?” Sarah said, in an almost whisper.
“Why don’t you kneel down right here in front of me Mum. Right there,” and she pointed at a spot on the carpet in front of her knees.
Sarah glanced at me, and I shrugged. No harm in kneeling is there?
My wife slowly got to her knees. The skirt she was wearing was a bit big for her now, but it was still one of my favourites – made from a glossy, wet-look material, it came just above her knees, and had looked great stretched tight across her thighs. Her white blouse was cotton, and she looked like a perfect secretary, although a bit tired and run down.
I lit the lighter and started heating the spoon.
Annita leaned forward and stoked her mother’s tired face.
“How much do you want this fix Mummy?”
Sarah chewed her bottom lip and stayed silent.
Annita’s tone hardened when she said, “I asked you a question Mum. Things have changed around here, and you’d better answer me if I ask you something. Now, how much do you need this fix?”
“I need it Annie,” Sarah finally said quietly, her eyes looking with longing at the bubbling liquid.
“Yeah Mummy, I know that, but how bad. Tell me. Ask me for your fix. Maybe you want to beg me for it.”
God I loved her for that. My cock twitched at the way Annita was leading her mother towards domination and humiliation.
“Annie please. Don’t make me say that. Please.” On her knees she was already half way there, it wasn’t hard to go the rest of the way, and I should know I’m an expert.
“Say it Mum. Say it or you don’t get it.”
“Please Annie. Please can I have it. It hurts. I need it.” Sarah almost sobbed the words, and her bottom lip trembled. A tear formed in each eye.
“Mmmm,“ Annita said, stroking her chin and playing the role of cruel bitch. “I’m not sure you need it bad enough. Maybe you need to convince me Mummy. Show me what you’re willing to do to feel better.”
“I don’t know what you want. Why are you being so mean Annie? Why are you doing this to me? Sarah sniffed, twiddling the straw between her fingers; eyes watching the rock become liquid.
Annita laughed wickedly.
“Why don’t you kiss my hand Mummy, show me you love me. Show me you’re grateful for the nice things we do for you.” And she held out her right hand, delicately, like a Princess might.
There’s nothing wrong with kissing your daughter’s hand is there? I’d kissed a lot more of her than that.
After a few seconds thought, Sarah shuffled forward on her knees and bent her head to kiss Annita’s hand, but Annita moved it at the last second and rested it on her knee.
“Kiss it Mummy. Show me you love me.”
Sarah frowned, knowing she was being played with, but not sure what to do about it. She shuffled forward a bit more and bent lower.
“Hahaha, fooled you,” Annita laughed as she moved her hand away and her mother ended up kissing her knee.
“Let’s try again shall we,” Annie said, putting her hand back on her knee.
I’d stopped heating the crack, watching the little scene unfolding in front of me.
Sarah was frowning and biting her lip. I could see she hated what was happening.
Slowly Sarah lowered her head, lips puckered to plant the kiss.
As Annita watched her mother’s head get closer she slowly slid her hand further up her thigh, and rested it in the ‘V’ of her crotch.
Sarah immediately sat back on her haunches and shook her head, a stubborn look on her face.
“Come on Mummy, you know you need your medication,” Annita teased. She patted her pussy with the hand she wanted her mother to kiss.
But still Sarah refused.
“Mum, don’t make me mad OK. I told you things had changed. Since you’ve been…sick…Daddy is mine now. We sleep together and everything, don’t we Daddy?”
I smiled at her and nodded.
Sarah looked even paler than a few minutes ago.
“So Mummy, things have changed for you too. You need this…medication…right? And we decide if you get it or not, OK? So that means you do what we say, and since Daddy does what I say, I decide if you get your fix or not. You understand Mummy…I decide.”
Sarah seemed to have followed the logic. I thought it was pretty clear.
“You understand me Mummy?” Annita was sitting back against the sofa cushion, smiling at her kneeling mother, her hand still resting on her crotch.
Sarah looked pale and sad, but finally she lowered her eyes and nodded.
“Good, now, like I said, I want you to kiss my hand. Don’t make me ask again.”
For a few long seconds I didn’t think she would do it. She must have realised what was going to happen, but finally, very slowly, she shuffled forward on the carpet, avoiding looking at Annita or me, until she was close enough to lean forward and reach the hand.
Annita opened her legs wide so that her mother could get close.
“Kiss it Mummy, kiss it. You’re going to do a lot of things for me, but this is the start.”
Sarah bent forward, so slowly, her hands by her side.
I realised that I was holding my breath. Would Annita keep her hand where it was, or would she move it and force her mother to kiss her pussy.
As she felt her mother’s breath on her hand Annita moved it away, and placed her other hand on the back of her mother’s head.
“Kiss it Mummy. Kiss it and show me you love me. Kiss it if you want your fix.”
From where I was sitting I couldn’t see much. Sarah’s head was between her daughter’s thighs, but if she was obeying the order I couldn’t tell.
“Good. Very good. Keep doing it until I say stop.” I guess Sarah was actually kissing Annie’s cunt.
Annita looked over at me and winked, a big smile on her face. She took her hand off her mother’s head and set her free to kiss or not. She kept on kissing.
The whole situation was a real turn on. Sarah had finally realised that she was an addict, and she was clearly prepared to do almost anything to get a fix.
“Now lick me Mummy. I want to feel your tongue on me. Show me how much you love me. Show me how bad you need your medication.”
My cock was hard as a rock in my pants. How I would have loved to kneel behind my wife, lift her skirt, rip off her knickers and fuck her senseless.
From the big smile on Annita’s face I assumed that Sarah was doing what she was told and had accepted her new role in life. It would only get worse from here on in. But I wasn’t worried about that right now, what I wanted was a soft wet hole to bury my stiff cock in.
“You wanna fuck me Daddy?” my sweet daughter asked, as her mother continued licking her.
“God yes!” I wanted that a lot.
“OK, give Mummy her fix, and then you can fuck me.”
Five minutes later Sarah was inhaling the crack fumes and getting high.
While she knocked herself out I stripped off and replaced her between my daughter’s smooth creamy-white thighs.
“Yeah Daddy, eat me,” Annita moaned as I licked and probed, and sucked on her little hard clitoris.
But I needed a fuck. I needed it badly. Some days I could eat pussy for hours and be happy to get a girl off, but today I needed to pump a load as fast as possible.
I pulled back and looked up at Annie’s face.
“I’m sorry baby, but I need a fuck,” I said, my eyes pleading for it.
“OK, no problem Dad, I’m ready. Let’s show Mummy what fucking looks like, up close.” She jumped off the sofa and peeled off her tee shirt and knickers.
Sarah was sprawled on the carpet, half stoned and wanting to get all the way.
Annita laughed at her mother and pushed her down flat on her back.
“You just relax Mummy. Relax and watch what Daddy does to me now. He gives me his big cock every day, and from now on you don’t get any.”
Annita straddled her mother’s head, facing her feet.
“You can watch Daddy fuck me Mum. If you want you can lick his balls or lick my cunt. But now you’ll see how things have changed.”
I didn’t care about anything but that wonderful ass and the slit that was ready for my cock. OK it was my daughter’s slit and it was my wife’s face underneath, but who cares right?
Thanks to her mother’s tonguing, my cock slid smoothly into Annita’s willing fuck pit.
“Oh God I love your cunt,” I groaned, gripping her hips with both hands and jamming myself as far into her as I could go.
“Yeah, fuck me Daddy,” Annita said loudly, and I realised she was making sure that her mother could hear what was happening, as well as getting a worm’s-eye view of my cock fucking our daughter’s fantastic slit.
“Baby this feels so fucking good,” I moaned, humping her hard and fast.
“Gimme your big load Daddy. Fuck me hard. Make me pregnant Daddy.”
She pushed back hard onto me, making sure that she took my full length with every thrust. Her cunt was so tight it was like she was milking me with her hand.
“Come on Daddy. Give me a baby. Which do you want a girl or boy?” she panted, on her hands and knees, doggy style, above her mothers prone body.
I hadn’t given that question a single thought before. If I knocked her up would I want my daughter to have our son or daughter?
“I want a little girl, a daughter,” Annita went on, jamming her ass onto my stiff muscle. “Then I can teach her how to please you. Teach her all the tricks to get you off.”
“Oh God Annie, don’t, that’s too much.” It was true - I wasn’t really into incest. It only excited me when I was already excited, like now.
“Yeah Dad, you can be our slave. Imagine being the slave of a little girl. Imagine all the dirty things we could make you do.”
I was getting close. She was driving me over the edge.
“Cum in me Daddy. Cum up me you dirty bastard. Fill me with cum. Let Mum see you fill me up.”
“Gahhhhh,” I grunted, forcing myself to the hilt and pumping my hot wads into her womb.
“Yeah, yeah Daddy. Every drop. I want it all,” she shouted, screwing and rotating her hips back onto my spurting spike.
I slumped across her back as my energy failed, gasping and slick with sweat.
“Nice one Daddy,” my little girl giggled. “I think that might have been the one. You sure filled me up this time.”
I pulled out with a wet plop, and sat back against the sofa, getting my breath back.
Annita stayed where she was, on all fours, her gaping wet cunt just above her mother’s eyes.
“You see Mummy. This is what Daddy gives me every day. A nice big load. And I’m gonna have his baby soon.”
I guess Sarah was mostly out of it, but her eyes were open and she seemed fascinated by her daughter’s sloppy hole.
As I watched, my bubbly slime started to ooze out of Annita, forming large viscous drops on her thin, tight labia, before slowly dripping down onto my wife’s upturned face.
I suppose Annita wanted to make a point, but she stayed there until the drips had coated her mother from forehead to chin with a mix of our sticky fluids.
“There Mummy, don’t say I never give you anything,” she laughed, as she lifted her leg and moved away, and allowed her mother she see something more than her slime-filled twat.
“That was mean,” I said, smirking. My cock had wilted now, but I was sure we’d be fucking again before bedtime.
“I really think you did it that time Dad,” Annita said, looking at me with a big happy smile. “I really think you made me pregnant. I felt it. I’m sure.”
Sarah had one more fix before I put her to bed in the spare room. I was tempted to make her turn a trick to earn it, but that would all come later.
Annita joined me in the marital bed. It was like we were man and wife now, and she seemed convinced that she was knocked up.
Next morning – Monday morning – Annita got her period.
I'm really sorry it's taken so long to finish this chapter. There were 2 problems - lots of work; and the fact that I kept jerking off every time I thought about what to write. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. *KISS*

Chapter 12: Slavery and Debauchery

There’s only one woman I’ve ever known who enjoyed sex while having her period – my first wife. When I asked her why this was so, her answer was that it was the only time she felt truly relaxed about not getting pregnant. This was weird because she always claimed to want to have a baby.
Messy and quite unpleasant, this is one of the few styles of sexual behaviour that has never turned me on. Periods and scat, and maybe puke, are not really for me. Sure I did have sex with her whenever she was in the mood, even if it was a bloody awful experience, but I always got it over with as fast as possible.
Annita wasn’t the same – she definitely wasn’t interested in sex once menstruation started. But that left me with a problem – I was used to getting hot sex any time, as many times a day as I could manage. What was a sex addict supposed to do when the source dried up?
I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad when Annita told me about her period. I was glad that she wasn’t pregnant, but disappointed that she wasn’t having my baby and that this stupid bet wasn’t over.
Alice was furious in the car when we told her, and stormed off into school with a barrage of foul language. For her it meant another month of organising black fuck sessions, and another month without getting my daughter as a full-time whore.
Annita was disappointed too, and she made it clear that she wasn’t interested in any kind of sex with me unless it offered the opportunity to knock her up.
I considered fucking my wife, even though she was a crack addict and her cunt had become huge and unfeeling as a result of being fucked by big black cocks. Nico seemed to enjoy using her, which was great for him, but left her useless to a white man with an average-sized white dick.
By the time I picked up the girls after school on Tuesday I was feeling pretty desperate. Before breakfast I’d tried begging Annita for a blowjob, or even a handjob, but no joy there. Jerking off alone didn’t appeal to me – I was used to better things now, and I wanted something kinky.
Alice was silent on the ride from school, but when I stopped the car outside her house the two young twins from next door were waiting, as they often did now, to see what perversion Alice would impose on Annita and me.
“Can we watch, hey, please Alice can we?” the one with the freckles cried out as soon as we stopped.
Alice climbed out and started walking up her driveway.
“Aw, come on Alice,” the sister of freckles complained, “Pleeeeasssse.”
Alice paused and turned around, and a slow smile spread over her face.
“You really want to see them do stuff? I mean not just little stuff?” Alice said, almost daring the girls.
“Oh yeah, please,” the twins said in chorus, clapping their little hands and almost dancing in the street.
“OK, let’s do it in your house. Your parents aren’t home are they?”
“Oh no, they don’t get back for another two or three hours,” Freckles said, beaming.
Alice led us up her neighbour’s driveway and the twins let us in the front door.
Their house was a little smaller than ours, and older, but it had been renovated so that there was just one big room downstairs, with the living area at the front and the dining area at the back.
A large set of French-windows at the rear let out into a small neat garden. It was all well decorated and furnished with light, modern shades.
“Very nice,” I said as the girls led us through the small hallway and into the large open space of the living area.
“Shut the fuck up,” Alice said nastily. “Shut up and strip off.”
I bit my tongue rather than answer back, but I wasn’t happy at the way she was swearing at me. After two days without sex no one needed to force me to take my clothes off.
The two little schoolgirls stood rooted to the spot as I took off my shirt and trousers, and blushed bright red when I pulled down my boxers, exposing my growing hard-on. Being watched like this was a major turn-on, and I would have loved to just kneel there in front of these little girls and flog my log.
“Annie, get his cock hard. You might be on the rag, but some of us still need a good fucking, and I haven’t had a good seeing to since the weekend,” Alice complained, taking off her panties.
The thought of fucking Alice would have made me hard without Annita’s half-hearted tugs, but it was welcome anyway.
“Wow,” giggled Freckles as Annie pulled my dong fully erect. My daughter seemed totally disinterested, but everyone else in the room was ogling my throbbing bone.
“Get us something to tie his hands and feet,” Alice instructed her young acolytes. “Get some tights or something, and some of your Mum’s silky panties for later.”
The two girls giggled and ran away happily to do Alice’s bidding.
“While they’re gone, get over here and eat my cunt,” Alice instructed, sitting down in a big, stuffed armchair positioned in front of a large flat-screen TV.
No problem. I was down on my knees with my head between those luscious teenage thighs in about two seconds.
“Easy boy, take it easy,” Alice said, pulling my head back by my hair. I guess I was getting a little over excited.
What a wonderful blonde pussy! I could happily eat that hole every day and would beg for more. Still, I did as I was told and eased off – reducing my slavering to a more considerate pace.
“Mmmm, that’s better,” was my reward as I felt a hand give a little pat to the top of my head, and Alice’s legs opened wider to give me deeper access.
“Now listen to me you twats,” Alice said as I kissed and tongued her sweet lips. “While those little cunts are out of the room, this is what’s happening.”
Frankly I didn’t care what she was planning, this was good enough for me.
After getting herself comfortable, Alice went on, “Nico has promised me a load of cash for each bitch from school that I can get hooked on his stuff. Even more if I can get them on the game for him. Getting a pair of twins is like winning the jackpot, I can make a fortune from these two - if I can get them hooked and groomed. And you two are gonna help me.”
I could see what she meant. The best way for a pusher to get to kids was to sell through other kids and use peer pressure. As for converting those addicted kids into willing, or unwilling, sex workers, I was sure that there was a huge market for them. And I could definitely see how a pair of twins would carry a serious premium in terms of price – who wouldn’t want a matching pair of girls to play with?
“So, we’re gonna start today on these two, and we’re gonna get them over to your place later this week so that we can turn them the way I want, OK?”
It was no problem for me, but what choice did I have? My wife was already an addict and would be used by Nico’s brother as a whore, so what did I care about another few little bitches being groomed at my house?
Only a couple of minutes later I heard Alice tell the twins to tie my hands, and I dutifully put them behind my back so that it was easy for them.
The knots were a little too tight for comfort, but it wasn’t too bad. Then they tied my ankles. I guessed that they had learned their knots in the Girl Guides and the thought of being abused by them one day in those cute uniforms sent a thrill up my dribbling cock.
“OK, on your back cock boy,” Alice instructed, pulling me by the hair out of her sweet pussy. My mouth and chin were already slick with wonderful nectar.
I was happy to oblige and quickly arranged myself in the middle of the carpet, wriggling like a worm at their feet. My cock slapped against my belly as I moved, and there must have been a look of expectant joy on my face.
Alice fished a marijuana joint out of her handbag and a lighter, then strolled over to where I lay on the carpet. She straddled my prone body with her legs, looking wonderful in her school uniform. Then she lit the spliff and lowered herself onto my cock.
As she slowly rubbed her tight little cunny along the length my stiff cock she took a deep pull on the joint.
“Right, I’m gonna use his cock, anyone want to try his mouth?” she asked, looking around the flushed faces.
Alice reached under her school skirt and manoeuvred my stiff muscle into her wonderfully tight twat.
“Mmmm,” she moaned as she slid down the full length of my shaft, impaling herself on my vertical erection.
“Mmmmm,” I groaned as her slippery hot love tunnel gripped me from top to bottom – a perfect fit. There’s nothing better than a young teenage pussy for holding a cock. Tight, hot and juicy, but especially the tight part is what does it for me. Once a girl gets past 18 years old, and definitely once she’d had a baby – forget it, it’s just a hole. It’s a bit like wearing a golf glove – tight for the first round, or maybe two – but after that it’s baggy and used, and you can throw it in the bin.
Undulating her hips Alice slowly masturbated herself on my cock, sucking on the marijuana as she rode. What an amazing feeling, and what an erotic sight – a beautiful blonde schoolgirl kneeling astride my body, riding my organ and using me like a sex toy. And to make it even better, we had an audience of young schoolgirls, with the twins staring like their eyes were about to pop.
“You’d better not cum unless I tell you to, cock slave,” Alice said with a snigger, knowing she was in control.
This was as close to paradise as it could get for me and still be alive. And no way did I want to spoil it by cumming.
Alice looked over at the twins. “Here, try it, you’ll like it,” she said offering her half-smoked spliff to Freckles.
“Oh no, no, we couldn’t, Mum and Dad would go bananas,” the girls cried, looking shocked.
Alice laughed. “Well, what do you think they’d say if they knew I was fucking a man on their living room carpet, while you watched?”
The twins looked at each other with huge eyes. Alice had a point.
“Here, come on, no one will ever know. And it’s not like a cigarette that will give you cancer or something. This is just grass,” Alice said, waving the marijuana towards them. Her full weight rested on my cock, and I was fully embedded inside her. With my hands tied behind my back, this raised my hips just that little bit to increase the depth of penetration. It felt wonderful.
“Here, give it to them Annie, do something useful,” Alice said, waving it at my daughter, who had remained standing and looked totally disinterested in what was happening.
Annita stepped forward and took the spliff. After drawing on it herself, she offered it to Freckles.
Holding it like it might be deadly poison, the little girl took the crimped white stick and looked at her sister for some guidance. Both girls looked pale and unsure. Sure there was the neighbour having sex with a guy right in front of them, but the thought of sucking on a bomber made them nervous.
With a nervous shrug Freckles finally put the spliff between her lips and took a tiny pull.
“Holy shit,” Alice laughed as she continued her wondrous undulations, “it’s not gonna kill you.”
Freckles blushed and took another, longer drag. Then coughed and hacked at the small inhalation, before handing it to her sister.
I lay on my back on the carpet, the fantastic sensation of hot liquid pleasure squeezing my hard horn, as I watched the two little schoolgirls taking turns to suck on the spliff. From my angle I had a good view up their legs, past the knee-length white socks and up under their pleated grey school skirts. I couldn’t quite see their panties, but their thighs looked amazingly smooth and I longed to have a chance to test that smoothness.
“Hey Annie, light me another,” Alice called, starting to speed up her fucking motion, and putting her hands on my chest to change the angle, grinding her cunt down onto my cock.
“Oh yesssss,” I hissed, closing my eyes with the fantastic feeling.
“You see how he likes it,” Alice chuckled, “But he’s not gonna cum unless I tell him to. He’s my total fuck slave, aren’t you?”
“Oh God, yesssss,” it was just too good. Who needs drugs when there’s tight teen pussy available?
Alice was grinding herself closer to the edge now, eyes closed as she focussed on the pleasure zone in her crotch.
“Fucking yeah,” she groaned, “Fuck, fuck, yessssss.”
How I could lie there watching this beautiful teenage schoolgirl fuck herself to orgasm on my cock and not cum was a miracle. But it felt like an amazing honour to watch it and be part of it, and it was that awe-inspiring aspect that kept my cum in my balls.
“Oh Christ that was fucking great,” Alice panted, finally still, and half-slumped across my chest. “And he’s still hard if anyone else wants a go?” she chuckled. “You see, I told you he wouldn’t cum.”
Easing herself of my slippery, rock-hard muscle, she walked on wobbly legs back to her armchair, where she lit up another bomber.
Annita was sitting on the arm of the sofa where the two little girls were watching, their faces flushed from the mixture of voyeuristic sex and sucking on marijuana.
“So, who’s going to use him next?” Alice said, sucking down the smoke. “Come on Tricia, what about you? At least try his face, he’s pretty good with his tongue, hey Annie?”
Annita shrugged, “Sure, he’s my Dad, but he knows what to do with his tongue.”
The two little girls looked at each other with big comical eyes, and then giggled. I didn’t know which one was Tricia, but then I didn’t care either.
“Come on, give him a try. You ever have a man lick your pussy before,” Alice cajoled.
“I’ll try him,” Freckles said, standing up. “What do I need to do?”
“Way to go Tricia,” Alice said with a grin. “Just take your knickers off and sit on his face, he’ll do the rest.” So now I knew who Tricia was, and it seems that I would soon have a close encounter with her baby cunt.
Both girls kept on giggling, but Tricia eased her panties down her legs – almost losing her balance as she pulled them off over her shiny black school shoes.
“So, like, I just sit on his face?” Tricia said, standing beside my head. She was frowning and blushing, and giggling all at the same time. “Won’t he suffocate or something?”
Alice laughed and I saw that Annita was trying to hide a broad grin.
“Look,” Alice said patiently, “Just kneel with one leg each side of his head, then lower your bum on his face. Lift your skirt so that you can see where to put yourself, and just put your pussy on his mouth. Of course if you don’t let him breathe then he’ll suffocate, but just lift your bum every few seconds so he can suck in some air. OK?”
Lying there looking up her skirt, listening to the instructions, I wanted to jerk off so badly, but with my hands tied behind me I was helpless to relieve myself.
Tricia did as Alice had told her. I watched her totally bald slit and wonderfully smooth thighs and ass descend slowly and carefully. The hem of her skirt was lifted and she was bending forward watching me as she lowered herself.
“Mmmmmppffff,” I had to moan as that soft heat covered my nose and mouth. I automatically sniffed the sweet scent of pre-teen ass. Gorgeous.
With my head under her skirt and my mouth busy under her ass, this is where I belonged. I probed and licked, and just like a good girl she lifted her ass to let me grab a breath or two every few seconds.
Down under the sweet, silent, heat I was treated to a burst of giggles every time she lifted off me.
“Oooh…it tickles,” I heard the first few times.
“Lift your skirt so I can see him,” I heard Alice say once. And Tricia obediently lifted her school skirt, and I noticed that Alice was filming again. This time though I knew it wasn’t me who was going to be the blackmail victim.
My tongue was making Tricia wet with saliva, but I didn’t think she was old enough to actually get sexually excited and lubricate herself, but she still tasted pretty good.
As the minutes passed she did seem to get more relaxed as my tongue did its thing on her tight little slit, and I noticed that she put more weight down onto my face. I also noticed that she left her ass in place longer, as her confidence grew, but that made it harder to breathe.
Her little pussy did get more open because my tongue was able to slide in deeper, so maybe I was wrong about such young girls getting excited. It was my first time under someone so young, so it was all new territory for me.
But then she was gone – lifting herself off my head, and going to sit back on the sofa. Her face was red and she looked embarrassed, not meeting anyone’s eye as she pulled her knickers back on. I wondered if maybe she had felt something a bit hotter than she’d expected. Well, time would tell, and maybe I’d get another chance at her.
Her sister took her place as Alice filmed, and this little girl wasn’t reluctant to rub her tight little ass all over my face. She definitely had some big girl feelings going on, and her little hole was hot and moist as she pressed it hard onto my nose and mouth.
“Mmmmpphhhh,” I complained, as the little girl pressed her full weight down on my face and kept it there, rubbing her slit hard and fast over my nose and mouth. I like enthusiasm, but when it gets hard to breath then even I will struggle.
There wasn’t much need for my tongue, the little cunt was just using my whole face to rub herself off on. She was tight and hot, but there was definitely a good flow of lubrication. I don’t know if she reached an orgasm, but she certainly coated my face with a sweet-tasting layer of pussy slime.
“That was hot Cindy,” Alice giggled, still filming the scene “You’d make a great porn star.”
Cindy slumped down next to her twin sister. She was panting and gasping for air almost as much as I was. She certainly was a hot little bitch – much sexier than her freckle-faced sister.
“Wow, that was wild,” Cindy panted. “Can I do him again when I get my breath back?”
Everyone in the room laughed – even Annita, and Alice lit another couple of spliffs for them to share. I lay there on the floor watching, and feeling very frustrated. The juices on my cock were drying and sticky, and my ardour was wilting a bit due to the lack of attention.
“I think we need to get moving,” Alice said after a glance at her phone. “My Mum will be home soon and I need to get changed.” She put the camera down and pulled on her panties.
“Please,” I mumbled quietly from the rug. “Please, can I have something?” I needed some relief. All the physical, visual, and aural stimulation was driving me crazy, and I didn’t want them to just leave me with nothing.
Alice looked down at me with a sneer on her face and laughed. God she was gorgeous – imperious and sadistic, but amazingly sexy.
“What do you think girls, should we empty his balls?” she asked, looking at the two twins who had stood up, and had a gleam of pure evil in their eyes. They looked at each other and giggled.
“Did you bring some of your Mum’s panties down?” Alice asked.
Cindy grinned and picked up a pair of red silk knickers from the sofa. “Will these do?” she asked. Her voice was a bit slurred and I guessed that she was still stoned from the marijuana.
“Perfect. Did you girls ever jerk a guy off before?” Alice said, turning to pick up the video camera again.
The twins gave an embarrassed laugh and shook their heads.
“Well, why don’t you do him? Both of you - together - using your Mum’s panties? Alice said with a big smile.
I lay there and licked my lips, tasting Cindy’s drying pussy juice. My cock twitched with hope and my heart was racing. What a dream come true that would be – a pair of pre-teen twin schoolgirls jerking my cock into their Mum’s silk knickers. I would give every penny I had for that treat.
Tricia looked doubtful and her face was bright red with embarrassment. Cindy looked excited and nodded, her face was flushed with lust.
“Go for it Cindy,” Alice giggled. “Come on Tricia, don’t be boring. See how much you can pump out of him. I bet it will be a huge load.”
Cindy was down on her knees beside me in a flash, her little hands spreading out the silky red panties ready for action.
Tricia didn’t look so enthusiastic, but she reluctantly knelt down on the other side of my body, avoiding my eyes, her face burning red.
“So…what do I do?” Cindy asked, a puzzled expression on her pretty face. She was slowly waving the panties above my stiffening cock. I wanted to groan with frustration, but bit my lip in case I put them off.
Alice was filming, and said from behind the viewfinder, “Why don’t you ask him what to do? He’s the pervert. He’s the one who knows best how to get a big load from his balls.”
“Oh God, yes please,” I thought, my pulse racing.
“OK,” the little angelic schoolgirl giggled, turning to look down at my face. “What should we do mister?”
My throat was dry. I could hardly speak. I licked my lips and tried to control myself.
“Er, OK. Wrap the panties around the shaft of my cock,” I mumbled. There were beads of sweat breaking out on my forehead.
“Cool. Like this?” Cindy asked, her little fingers quickly enfolding my throbbing dick in the cool material. My cock pulsed and grew to full stiffness under her touch.
“Oh God yessss,” I hissed through clenched teeth. All the girls giggled at my enthusiasm, and Alice zoomed in for a long close up of my face, naked body and silk-clad cock.
“Now what?” Cindy asked, her fingers resting lightly on my wrapped cock.
It was hard to speak. Hard to put into words the things I had fantasised about for so many years.
“Rub it slowly. Rub my cock with your hand. Please. Rub the silk up and down,” I gasped out.
Cindy did as I asked and it was wonderful. She looked from what her hand was doing, up my body to my sweating red face, and she grinned at me.
“Come on Tricia, try it. It’s all hot and stiff. And it kinda throbs like its alive,” Cindy said, smiling at her sister across my body.
“Mmmmm…yesssssss,” I groaned as Cindy kept up the rhythm and finally Tricia’s little hand took hold alongside her sister’s.
A wet patch was forming where the silk covered my leaking cock head and I must have been oozing pre-cum like crazy.
It took a few seconds for them both to synchronise their strokes, but then I was back in heaven, looking back and forth between their cute faces as they rubbed the silk up and down the full length of my straining muscle.
Alice was walking around us, making sure she got good shots of the girls working on me.
This was great, but I wanted more. More perversity. Before I let my balls spew their hot load I wanted to see if I could make another fantasy come true.
“Please, girls. Cindy and Tricia, please, each of you, sit on one of my legs. Let me feel your pussies on my thighs. As you rub me. Please.”
The two little girls giggled and looked at each other, then at Alice. Alice grinned and shrugged – why not?
They needed to untie my ankles, but that only took a few seconds.
Spreading my legs apart Cindy knelt over my right leg and slowly lowered her naked, hot, sweet pussy onto my knee.
Tricia had put her panties back on after riding my face earlier, but I didn’t mind. The feeling of her damp knickers pressing against my left leg was just another great sensation.
“Yessss, oh yesss. Please…rub yourselves on me as you stroke my cock. Please.” This really was paradise. The two schoolgirls’ skirts were draped across my thighs, and over their own, as they pressed their pussies against my legs. Their cool fingers were wrapped around my rock-hard cock, rubbing the red silk slowly up and down the hot flesh.
It was too much for Alice. She was sitting on the sofa, the camera in her left hand while her right hand was inside her knickers rubbing her clitoris.
My daughter seemed to be the only one unmoved, and she was sitting watching me with a sulky expression on her face. But even that excited me – my own teenage daughter watching me being jerked off, while her best friend filmed me.
I couldn’t last much longer. Either I would have to cum or my heart would explode.
“Uncover the end of his cock,” Alice instructed, her voice sounding throaty and hoarse with lust. “I want to see how much he shoots when he cums, so keep the end uncovered.”
The little girls did as they were told and cool air flowed over the slippery tip as they unpeeled the sodden silk.
My left knee was slick with Cindy’s juices as she pressed herself onto me, grinding pleasure out of the hot hole between her legs.
Tricia was panting and flushed, and the heat between her thighs was rougher thanks to her cotton panties that she rubbed against my leg.
“Please, please…rub my balls. Cindy, please rub my balls. Tricia…pinch my nipple, please,” I panted, searching for the final stimulation that would send me over the edge.
“Beg for it. Make him beg to cum,” Alice hissed from the sofa, her own orgasm close.
“Oh God, please,” I gasped. Begging would be the final straw. “Please…girls…please, let me…cum.”
Lying there naked, hands tied and being jerked off by two schoolgirls - the physical pleasure was out of this world. Being watched and filmed by another amazing schoolgirl while she masturbated, and mocked by my own watching daughter – the psychological thrill was overwhelming. So many fantasies wrapped up together. My own belief is that great sex is 20% physical and 80% mental stimulation, and with all the parts thrown together in that room I wondered if my body and mind could take what was happening.
All those staring eyes. All those little hands and fingers rubbing, squeezing, pinching. All those pretty young faces, red with passion and sweaty with lust. The hot wet pussies pressing down on my legs.
The surge in my balls was titanic. The heat spreading up from my groin was agony. I thrust with my legs, forcing the spike of my cock high into the silky grip of the girls.
“Aaarrrrggghhhhh,” I screamed as the massive wave of pleasure smashed into my brain. My back was arched like a straining bow as the girls pulled the orgasm out of the roots of my balls.
“Aaaarrrgggggggg,” I screamed, even though all the wind was gone from my lungs and only a hollow gasp whispered from my gaping mouth.
Blackness swallowed me.
Nervous laughter and excited giggles brought me back to consciousness 10 minutes later. I was still naked, but at least I was untied.
It was only several days later when I saw the edited video from Alice that I truly realised the scale of the orgasm that had exploded in me – and the amount of cum that had exploded out of me.
I’ve shot some major loads in my life, especially since I’ve started indulging in my favourite perversions – since San Francisco in fact – but this load was impressive by anyone’s imagination. The spurts of thick white goo had shot over my head and shoulders onto the carpet, and then – as the pressure reduced – the gobs of cum had hit my face and chest, before finally pooling on my belly.
The two schoolgirls had been so shocked by their success that they’d just kept on pumping my cock until there was nothing left to squeeze out. The fact that I’d passed out did nothing to halt the spurting, or the pumping of the girls.
Lying on the carpet I was exhausted and spent. My balls throbbed and it hurt to try and sit up.
“Come on pervert, time to leave,” Alice laughed, poking me with her shoe.
Someone must have cleaned me up a little because apart from a few sticky patches on my chest and belly there was no trace of cum on me. I guessed that it must have been Annita since I couldn’t imagine anyone else caring.
I groaned as I rolled over and dragged myself up off the floor. I needed a hot shower and a rest to recover from the throbbing in my strained balls.
It took another 10 minutes to get dressed and stagger out of the house.
By the end of the week Annita was getting back to her normal self and I’d recovered from the extreme sex that had drained me.
On Friday night Nico came over again – alone again- and brought a copy of the DVD that Alice had made from our episode with the young twins. We all had a good laugh at the expressions on the girls’ faces, and Nico said how impressed he was at the load I’d produced.
Nico seemed to like coming to our house and he was obviously happy and relaxed around me and my family.
The situation with Sarah was stabilising – my wife was obviously totally hooked on crack now and she’d shown that she was willing to do pretty much anything to get a fix. I was expecting any day now for Nico, or his younger brother, to put her on the street as they’d said they would. Still, Nico seemed happy to keep things the way they were. This evening I’d made her dress like a whore, just because I liked her looking that way, and because I knew Nico was coming. While we all watched the DVD of me with the two schoolgirls she was preparing some snacks and worrying about where her next fix was coming from – or more importantly, what she would have to do to earn it.
I got the impression that things had cooled off between Nico and Alice, but I didn’t want to hope for too much – after all the most important thing to worry about was the bet over getting Annita pregnant.
Of course watching the DVD got Nico and myself feeling a little frisky and he ogled Sarah every time she came into the room. My wife was nervous around the big black man, but I also got the impression that she liked his attention and I was absolutely sure she loved his cock – there’s no way she could fake those cries and moans of lust when he fucked her.
As we watched and then re-watched the scene where the girls pumped out my record load, Nico reached over and pulled my wife onto his lap. She gave a little squeal and wriggled as one big arm held her tight, and his other hand slipped under her mini-skirt.
“Hold still baby,” Nico whispered into her ear, “I’m going to give you what you need. And then I’ll give you the other stuff you need.” And he laughed at his own joke.
My cock throbbed in my pants as I watched the huge black stud molesting my wife.
“Hey Bob,” Nico called to me as he thrust his hand between Sarah’s thighs, massaging the front of her panties and feeling the hot slit underneath. “Go and put on that latex suit you’ve got, then I’ve got an offer for you.”
Puzzled, I hurried out of the room to do as he asked. I had no idea what he had in mind but I was feeling horny as Hell and I was sure it must be something to do with sex.
Getting into the red latex catsuit by myself was still a major exercise and it took me a good 15 minutes to pull on the tight, shiny sheath. The fact that I was excited and sweaty made the stretchy job even harder.
I was still panting when I walked back into the living room…and stopped dead, mouth gaping, in the doorway.
My wife was bent over the arm of the sofa, her skirt around her waist and her knickers around her left ankle. Nico had his big hands on her waist and he was humping her hard from behind. Her white silk blouse was open and her tits were free, swinging below her in rhythm to Nico’s thrusts into her.
What made the scene even more erotic was that my daughter was sitting on the same sofa, naked from the waist down, and with her legs spread under my wife’s face. Annita was dipping her fingers into her wet cunt and transferring the slime to her mother’s sucking mouth.
My cock twitched and swelled inside the latex, and the restraining containment only increased the blood flow to my hard on.
“Oh My God!” escaped from my slack, suddenly dry, mouth.
Nico grinned and looked over at me, not even slowing his fucking of my wife.
“Hey man,” he said, “get over here and massage my balls.”
It was tough to walk with my growing erection trapped in the latex, but I hurried over as best as I could to the big black buck whose cock was buried deep in my wife’s slippery hole. She grunted every time that monster dick hit the bottom of her womb, and sucked greedily on her daughter’s slimy fingers.
Nico was completely naked, his muscular body and legs shown off to perfection as he jammed his huge penis into the white woman bent over in front of him.
I gently reached between his thighs and wrapped my right hand around his tight ball sack, massaging his big, hot bollocks with my fingers.
“Mmmm, that feels good man,” Nico moaned. “Lick my pits man, while I fuck your wife for you.”
I frowned, not knowing what he meant.
He raised his left arm, the biceps bulging, and rested the hand behind his head. “Eat my armpit man. Lick it like it was your daughter’s juicy cunt.”
The hair under his arm was thick and black, and not at all like Annita’s pussy hair, but it looked like this was another thing that Nico and I both had in common – we both loved having our pits licked.
The smell was a mix of sweat and deodorant, but it wasn’t unpleasant. My armpits are very sensitive and I guessed that Nico was the same way.
I gently licked around the hair, teasing him like I would a woman if I was going to eat her pussy. Then I slowly moved into the thick growth and began sucking and licking at the long black bush, wetting it with my saliva and tasting the salty essence of man.
“Mmmm, that’s great,” Nico groaned, closing his eyes with pleasure as I licked and sucked at his armpit, and continued massaging his balls at the same time.
When I paused for breath I noticed that Nico had stopped humping my wife and was standing still, but Sarah was thrusting her ass backwards onto his cock, impaling herself and grunting even harder as she did the fucking for both of them.
My cock was huge inside the latex and painfully trapped in the tight material. I needed some action myself soon or I might blow my load inside the suit, and that would be a serious waste of jism.
Suddenly Nico stepped backwards, his big black dong slipping out of Sarah’s stretched cunt with a fat, wet plop. “Easy guys, take it easy, I’m not ready to blow yet. I want something else,” he said with a broad grin.
My wife groaned with disappointment and looked back over her shoulder at the retreating object of her unsatisfied lust. Her eyes were slits of greed, and her face was flushed and sweaty. I guess she’d been pretty close to the edge, and the way her cunt was gaping and drooling, it would take something pretty big to get her to the finish line.
Nico strolled over and dropped into one of my big armchairs, his fantastic cock slippery and glistening with my wife’s cunt slime.
“Listen man,” Nico said, his smile fading slightly and a frown creasing his forehead, “I said I had a proposal for you, and I have. While I tell you about it, get over here and clean off my dick.”
I was sure that he meant for me to clean his cock, but Sarah beat me to it. She was down on her knees in front of the big black man in a heartbeat, worshipping at the solid altar of muscle that she clearly loved.
Nico laughed and shook his head in amazement as my wife started kissing, licking and slobbering over his shaft, having no problem at all with the taste of her own juice, or doing it in front of her husband and daughter.
“OK Bob, here’s the deal,” Nico said, as my wife’s mouth worked energetically on keeping his dick hard and clean. “We had an arrangement over your daughter – you remember?”
I nodded. Of course I remembered, who would forget something like that?
Annita was still sitting on the sofa. She was listening and watching, but her hand was absentmindedly stroking her thigh, and moving up and down her pussy lips.
With my rock-hard cock trapped inside the latex it was hard to drag my eyes away from my daughter’s sweet cunt. Right then I would have given a whole lot of anything to be able to fuck her.
“Right then,” Nico said loudly, bringing my attention back to what he was saying. “I’m talking about cancelling that game and doing something else, something just between the four of us. You interested?”
As far as I was concerned I didn’t have a choice, so I just nodded and shrugged. “Sure, no problem,” I said, “what do you have in mind?”
“You know I like you? You and your crazy family?” he said, smiling, and looking from me to my daughter, to the top of my wife’s head as she suckled on him.
I nodded. I’d been thinking the same thing, but I didn’t know what he’d do about it.
“OK, so my deal is this. I will keep all three of you for myself – for now – if you all agree to do exactly what I want, when I want it. What do you say?”
“Well duh,” I thought. What else did we do anyway? What else could we do? He’d wanted to turn my wife into a crack addict so that he could make her a whore, and we’d done that. He’d wanted to get my daughter pregnant – either by me or some black guy – and we’d been trying that, and Alice had been using Annita as a whore while she was doing it. He’d blackmailed me into being a do-anything slave, and I was definitely that now.
“Sounds OK,” I said, “but what would you want us to do?”
Nico was still grinning, but he looked a little sheepish. “You’ll keep all this between us, right? If you tell anyone, then the deals off and both Annie and your wife get put on the street as whores for Alice, OK?”
“OK, no problem,” I said hurriedly. Almost anything was better than seeing Alice selling Annie as a full-time hooker. Sarah I wasn’t so worried about, but I loved my daughter – probably too much and in too many ways.
“Right, OK,” Nico went on, “So, the girls, that easy – I wanna fuck them any time any where. I just love fucking your wife man, that’s hot, especially when you and Annie are there to watch. That really turns me on. Always has – fucking a whole family is the biggest turn on ever. And man, I really want to knock Annie up, see her have my kid, that would be cool.”
I nodded and smiled - I loved that idea too. It had always been my biggest and most secret fantasy – to have a whole family as fuck toys. To be able to make them commit incest and abuse each other, and then for me to take my pick with any of them. I think I’d pumped enough sperm jerking off over this fantasy to make every girl in the world pregnant a dozen times over. Unfortunately the closest I’d gotten to making it real was the current situation with my own family, and someone else was using us as fuck toys.
“OK,” I said, “I know what you mean, but I have two questions right now. First, what about me? And second, how long do you want us for?”
“Mmmm,” Nico said, sitting back into the comfortable armchair. I couldn’t tell if it was a moan of pleasure generated by my wife’s mouth, or if he was thinking about an answer.
He put a big hand on the back of Sarah’s head and encouraged her to take more of his cock into her mouth.
“OK,” he said as my wife responded to his pressure and stretched her lips to the maximum, gagging on his fat muscle. “I’ve been thinking a lot about you Bob, and I want to start by saying that I’m not gay, OK? If you ever call me queer I’ll fucking rip your balls off and make you eat them – right?”
I nodded. No problem for me not calling him “gay”. The fact that he’d had me suck him off, or lick his balls and armpit, that didn’t make him homosexual. It just made him kinky. In his place I would have liked the same things – and much more - and I’m not gay either.
“Right, so, I’m not fucking gay, but I want you as my bitch Bob.” He looked embarrassed when he said it, and I was surprised to see how the words and the idea affected him.
I felt puzzled, and frowned. “What do you mean Nico? What do you mean by me being your bitch?”
Nico scratched his head, having trouble saying just what he wanted.
“Look man, I want you to dress the way I like, and do the stuff that I want. Like now. That red latex is hot man. The way you look in it I just wanna bend you over and fuck your ass.” His words all came out in a rush and I was shocked at just how passionate he seemed to be about me. I was also shocked at the thought of him bending me over and trying to get that monster into my anus.
“Er…OK Nico,” I mumbled, feeling embarrassed for both of us. I noticed that Annita was sitting on the edge of the sofa, elbows on her knees and hands cupping her chin. A broad grin was spread across her face and I could almost hear her laughing at the idea of her Dad being this big black thug’s ‘bitch’.
The hand that Nico had resting on Sarah’s head slowly curled into a fist full of her hair and he lifted her face off his cock.
“Bob, get over here and take your wife’s place. Annie, go and find me some of that lube you’ve got in the bathroom, your Dad is going to need a load of it if he’s gonna be my bitch.”
I wasn’t exactly sure what he had in mind, but as I knelt between his thighs and started licking his cock a knot of fear started building in my guts.
A few minutes later Annie unzipped my ass and balls, and cool air flowed over my exposed and vulnerable flesh. I got cooler still when my daughter’s slim fingers began spreading cold, slippery goo over my butt crack, and my rigid dong.
I gasped and almost dropped Nico’s saliva-coated cock when a finger pushed it’s way deep into my anus, closely followed by a second, and began spreading lube inside me. My muscles automatically clenched around my daughter’s digits.
Nico pulled my head off his cock and looked into my eyes. “Do you want to be my bitch? If you do this for me – do whatever I want – then I promise that you will be free as soon as you find replacements.”
My mouth tasted of his salty pre-cum, and I was near panic at the thought of him fucking me.
“What…what do you mean…replacements?” I stammered.
Nico was staring into my eyes, lust flushing his face. He wanted to fuck me so bad. “What I mean Bob, is that as soon as you find me another family to use, then you and your family will be free. That’s fair, yeah?”
I had to agree that sounded fair. Except that I was going to get fucked by him and torn apart on his cock long before I could find another family.
He pulled me up by the hair and sat me on his lap facing him, my legs straddling his thighs. His huge hands stroked the tight, smooth latex – running from my waist up to my neck, and then back down almost to where my stiff cock poked from the open crotch zip.
“Go and get the handcuffs Annie. Cuff his hands behind his back. I want to take him while he’s helpless. Oh, and if you’ve got some high heels that’ll fit him, bring those too. You like that idea Bob?”
Well yeah, I love a little transvestism, and in principle I always like the idea of helpless sex, but the idea of his huge black muscle stretching and ripping me while I was unable to resist wasn’t too attractive.
While Annie was gone Nico went on, “I have an idea where you can find a new family for me Bob. It came to me when I was watching your new DVD. Why don’t you get me the family of those two girls? You’ve got a good start with that video – those girls will do anything for their parents not to see it… ANYTHING. And they’ve already started on drugs – OK it’s only grass for now, but it’s a start, yeah?”
I swallowed hard. He was right of course, the video was the perfect blackmail material, and I should know, I’d fallen for a similar trick.
Annita came back with the steel handcuffs and a pair of glossy black slingback, open toe shoes with 4 inch heels. I like wearing high heels with my other sexy clothes – although I can’t walk more than a few steps in them. But walking wasn’t going to be the issue in this position.
As my teenage daughter cuffed my hands behind my back and then knelt to strap the high heel shoes to my feet she said, “Yeah Dad, imagine what you…what WE could do with that family?” She looked up at my face and gave a big grin – I could see that she didn’t care a toss about them, they were just a way out of our problem.
Annie was wearing a short black pleated skirt that showed off a lot of silky-smooth leg, a tight red cotton T-shirt - without a bra so that her little hard nipples showed through. I’d watched her get dressed and I was hard before she even got beyond pulling on the white satin panties. Her red high heels made me lick my lips, and the way she walked in them drove me crazy.
What Nico was offering as a way out for us was a fantastic opportunity. If we could make it work we would be able to turn a sweet, ordinary family into a group of drug addicted sex toys for Nico and his friends. And if he kept his word, we would be free and I would get out of the UK as fast as I could book the trip for Annie and me – Sarah could do what she wanted, I wasn’t gonna take that crack-addicted cock slut with me.
“You like the idea Bob? You willing to be my bitch while we work on that family?” Nico’s big black hands roamed over my latex-encased body. His massive organ stood up between us, only a few inches from my own much smaller white dick.
I licked my lips and nodded nervously. Looking down at that towering monster – it was as thick as my forearm and almost as long – I couldn’t imagine trying to fit it in my ass. A faint worry crossed my mind about unprotected sex, but it was beaten away by the overwhelming panic of the damage that could be caused by taking something that size into my tight white anus.
“Good bitch, let’s see how much you can take,” Nico said, lifting me up so that I was standing, straddling his thighs, his dick pointing at my butt. “Annie, you guide me into him,” he instructed my daughter.
Sweat was standing out on my forehead in big drops, and my mouth was as dry as the Kalahari.
“Crouch down baby,” Nico crooned, “Take Nico’s big dick. After this you’ll really be my bitch.”
I lowered myself until I felt the tip of his cock touch my ass. The strain on my legs was already making them ache. Wearing high heels hurts my calf muscles after a few minutes, and with my legs spread, and crouching like this, I was struggling to support myself already.
I felt a cool hand start to massage my cock, and looked down to see Annie rubbing the lube up and down my shaft. She grinned at me and winked. She was holding Nico’s dick in her left hand ready to penetrate me, and was slowly massaging my cock with her right hand.
“Lick my face bitch. Lick my mouth. I like that,” Nico instructed.
I groaned – partly with the growing pain in my legs, and partly with the pleasure that my daughter was giving me.
Leaning forward I ran my tongue over the black man’s stubbly face. I could taste the salt of his sweat and the tang of his aftershave. He closed his eyes as I increased the speed and pressure of my tongue. When I got to his lips he opened them so that I could lick his mouth.
“Mmmm, yeah bitch, good doggy. Lick me. I like that.”
With my hands cuffed behind me, and in a crouching position, my legs were giving way and I started sinking – sinking onto his huge black cock.
Sweat ran down my face and dripped off my chin onto his chest. My ass was pressing against the tip of his dick, and I couldn’t help but start to sit down on it – especially with Annita kneeling there guiding that muscle towards its target.
“Oh God, please,” I groaned, meaning ‘please help me not to have to take that cock.’
Nico thought I meant something else. “Oh yeah, beg me for it bitch. Beg for my cock,” he grinned, his face glistening with my saliva and his excited sweat.
His cock head was pressing hard against my well-lubed asshole and I could feel Annita trying to force the tip into my anus.
“Please Nico, please,” I groaned through gritted teeth.
“Say it bitch. Beg for my cock,” Nico ordered, and reached up to rest his hands on my shoulders. He didn’t press me down, he didn’t need to – just the extra weight of his hands made me sink a little lower.
The strain on my legs was unbearable. My anus was being stretched – forced – open with the pressure. I could feel the head entering me, one millimetre at a time, invading my defenceless body.
Annita looked up at me, still massaging my cock. “Imagine what you can do to those little girls Daddy,” she said, leering up at me. “Imagine what it will feel like to touch them and fuck them.”
“Oh God,” I moaned. She was playing to my weakness for perversion. She needed me to be Nico’s bitch so that she didn’t have to be, and she could get away from him. She would say anything to excite me and get me to take his cock.
“Please Nico, please fuck me,” I whimpered.
Sarah was standing behind Nico’s chair watching everything. There was a cruel look in her eyes and I could imagine the feeling of revenge she had - revenge against me for turning her into a crack whore.
“Take it bitch,” Nico grinned. “Take my cock now.” And he started to increase the downward pressure of his strong hands on my shoulders.
With all the lube and the stiffness of Nico’s spike, my anus was stretched, and stretched some more. The fat head of the black cock slowly eased inside.
It had been a long time since I’d taken a cock, but now I remembered that familiar burning sensation, combined with the feeling of an over-full asshole.
“Come on Daddy, take it,” Annita urged.
“Yeah darling, see how it feels to take a black cock,” Sarah sneered, leaning forward and massaging Nico’s broad chest, tweaking his nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She rested her head on his shoulder. Her eyes were fixed on mine, watching the growing pain in them as the big cock penetrated deeper.
“Arrgggghhh, no please,” I cried out as my legs gave way even more, and Nico’s muscle slid into my rectum, the sphincter muscles forced far wider than nature ever intended.
“Oh yeah, take it bitch,” Nico moaned.
The cock massage that Annita was giving me was helping a little to distract me, but the pain was intense. It was like I was being fisted, Nico’s cock was so fat and long.
“Did you see the family photos Daddy?” Annita asked. “Did you see that there are the two girls and a teenage boy? Imagine what you can make them do. Imagine what you can do to them,” she said, trying her best to divert my mind from the impaling cock.
“Jesus Holy Christ,” I cried out, trying with all my strength to support my weight on my shaking, failing legs. The high heels were forcing the pressure of my weight onto my calves, and I just couldn’t hold out. Sweat poured down my face and inside the latex catsuit I was melting. This was torture – a stress position thought up by the Devil himself.
The pole buried in my ass stretched and forced my rectum beyond breaking point.
“Arrgggghhhh. Noooooo,” I cried out as I felt some part of my guts give way.
But still I sank down onto Nico’s cock. There was no way to resist. I would only stop when either he hit the junction between my rectum and my colon, or when I reached his balls. Hell, if he was long enough and pressed hard enough he could even force his way into my colon.
But still Annie tried to help me, massaging and teasing my cock for all she was worth, saying all the disgusting depraved things that she knew I liked.
“Daddy, did you see their wedding photo? Imagine making her wear the wedding dress and fucking her in it while her husband watches. Imagine fucking the kids while the parents have to watch.”
It worked a little, but the pain was huge.
“Yeah, baby, take it. Bitch you are so fucking tight it’s unbelievable,” Nico grinned at me, his hands slipping down my body to grip my waist.
Finally my descent was stopped by his thighs, and in this position there was no way I could take more of his shaft inside me. My body was full to bursting. I was sure that my guts had already burst. No one could take such a huge object inside them without being damaged.
I couldn’t say anything, I was just glad that I had finally reached the end and I could rest my legs.
“Mmmm, baby, I want you to jerk him off. Make your Daddy cum, OK Annie?” Nico said to my little girl, a malicious smirk on his lips. When he saw the confused look on my face he went on, “I want you to feel every inch. I want you to take my cock and be my bitch even if you’re not turned on – you’ll take my cock when I want to fuck you, not when you want it. Understand?”
“Oh God please don’t do that, please Nico,” I pleaded. It was only the fact that I was sexually stimulated that made the fucking bearable. If Annita drained my balls and then Nico fucked me, it would be double the humiliation and pain.
Annita looked up at me, doubt on her face. What should she do, obey her Daddy or the big black gangster with his cock jammed up my ass?
“I’ll do him,” my wife announced, “I’ll milk him so he gets to know what it’s like being a cock whore.”
“Aw no Sarah, please don’t,” I cried, but she just laughed and walked around to kneel opposite her daughter, and replaced Annita’s hand with her own on my cock.
Nico’s laugh was a deep rumble. He loved watching my family fight over his cock.
Sarah was nowhere near as good with her hands as Annita, but our little girl had already done most of the work, getting me to the finish line wouldn’t take much.
“Give me your knickers,” Sarah demanded as she pumped and tugged at my desperate cock. I didn’t want to give up my cum – that would make the fuck really tough, but it’s hard to resist when you’re faced with a determined woman.
Annita stood up and handed over her warm satin panties.
“I think the bitch is nearly there,” Nico chuckled, “I can feel his ass clenching on my shaft as he tries to hold on.”
“Please Sarah, don’t. Don’t do it,” I begged, trying to control myself. But it was useless.
Sarah looked up at me with an evil grin. “I’ll teach you, you fucking bastard,” she said, holding our daughter’s panties just in front of my throbbing cock as she pumped it.
“I’m gonna milk you onto Annie’s knickers, and then you can suck them clean while Nico fucks your ass. See how you like it. Bastard.”
I couldn’t hold on. I was helpless. The tugging hand wouldn’t stop and my balls were full from the teasing and massaging done by Annita earlier in her attempts to distract me.
“Aaarrgghhhhhh,” I cried out as I gave up my load onto the warm white satin. And Sarah, my sweet wife, squeezed out every last drop of semen from my balls.
When she was sure that I was empty Sarah stood up and carefully balled up the satin into a mouth-sized shape. I could see the slime on the material, carefully positioned so that I would taste that first.
“Man, that was fucking awesome,” Nico said, his eyes wide. “I felt him cum through his ass. His ass gave me a squeeze every time he pumped a wad.”
I was panting and drained of energy as well as cum.
“Open wide,” Sarah said, like she was talking to a baby at feeding time.
Slumped in an exhausted heap and impaled on Nico’s cock, I did as I was told, and Sarah stuffed the messy satin of our daughter’s panties into my mouth.
It wasn’t the taste of my own cum that bothered me, or the sneering contempt on my wife’s face, it was the fear of what was coming next that was twisting my guts into knots.
“OK bitch, time for me to have some fun,” Nico said, gripping me tighter around the waist.
For the next 30 minutes Nico used me like a living sex toy. The dirty panties in my mouth acted like a gag, and that quieted my screams, but it was a long, disgusting nightmare just the same.
Using his brute strength, and whatever I had left in my legs, Nico dragged me to my feet, and then let me slide back down his slippery pole.
Handcuffed and exhausted there was nothing I could do to stop the fuck. Sarah stood behind Nico and enjoyed every second of my pain and humiliation.
I was lifted up and dropped back onto his full length. Time after time after time.
Without the sense and distraction of a hard on and some full balls, it was rape. There was no other word for it. I didn’t want to do it. I couldn’t stop it. He was fucking me against my will.
Nico watched my face, taking his pleasure from my body and my surrender. All I wanted was for it to be over.
Annita looked upset and tears ran down her face as she watched, but Sarah grinned and leered like an evil fool.
To finish off Nico picked me up and laid me down on my back on the carpet, all the while attached to his cock.
It seems that he wanted to get even deeper into my body, and pulled my feeble legs up over his wide shoulders as he forced his cock balls deep into my ravaged ass.
That’s when the pain went up a few notches and the burning turned to white agony. I guess his cock was forcing its way into my colon, but at the time I didn’t care about the biology, I just needed a respite.
His sweaty black face was directly above mine as he supported his weight on his powerful arms, and jammed himself again and again into me.
All I could see when I opened my eyes was his triumphant face, glorying in my helplessness and his physical superiority.
Finally…finally, thank God, he came. With deep throaty grunts I felt his thick cock spurt its hot load into my ruptured and stretched insides.
“Thank God, thank God,” was all I could think as I hovered on the edge of consciousness.
Recovery took a while. Annita looked after me and cleaned me up. She told me that Sarah had left with Nico - I hoped he was going to whore the bitch out to all his oldest, dirtiest customers.
Everything ached. Every part of my body was sore. To move made me dizzy, and the lower half of my body felt like I’d been beaten with a baseball bat. My insides were on fire and the thought of going to the toilet made me want to be sick.
Annita made a little bed for me on the floor, using cushions and pillows, blankets and towels. She showed real guts and maturity when she attended to my ruptured ass, trying to hide the mess that oozed out of me.
I was frantic not to have to go to the hospital – how could I explain what had happened? The sight of blood on the towels that Annie used to clean me made me panic, but after a few hours the bleeding stopped and I was just left with the constant ache.
My sweet daughter dosed me up with paracetamol, and we shared some marijuana together to ease the pain.
For two days we shared our nest in the living room. There was no sign of Sarah, but I was sure she was high somewhere, being fucked raw by black cocks.
To pass the time while I recovered we talked about what we would do with Tricia and Cindy, her brother, and their parents. I knew that I was getting better when our chats started to get a reaction from my cock, and my sweet little girl was so gentle when she sucked me off that I almost cried.
Towards the end of the second day I was able to move around a little without feeling like my guts were going to fall out of my ass, and our ideas for getting away from Nico were starting to sound more realistic.
We could only hope that Nico would keep his promise to let us go if we could get another family to replace us. He could keep Sarah as far as I was concerned, but I wanted to get Annie away from him and his gang.
What we decided to do, once I was fit and well again, would be to start on the girls – Tricia and Cindy. Blackmail them with the DVD we had. Get them into taking more and harder drugs. Get them addicted. Along the way we’d force them to make more DVD’s and perform more disgusting sex acts together. I’m not usually into such little girls, but the idea of having them as my sex slaves was seriously erotic. I went into a lot of detail with Annita over this part of the plan, and then had to rest for a couple of hours after she gave me a fantastic blowjob to calm me down.
Once the girls were under our control we’d get the father. We’d use the girls, and Annie volunteered to play a part too, to trap him. Just like it had happened with me, it would be easy to get something on him – incest and underage sex – and then blackmail him and break him.
We’d get the son at some point, it didn’t matter how or when, but he was Annie’s age and he’d be the easiest to snare.
The mother was always going to be the hardest. Just like with Sarah, it would be tough to get something on her and turn her into a sex slave for Nico. We didn’t know her well enough yet so we decided to deal with her last, and tackle that challenge when we got there.
With every hour that passed my strength recovered a little bit more, and my mind concentrated harder on the plot that we needed to execute to get out of our trap.
Could we make it work? Would Nico keep his word? Could Nico control Alice – she was a real bitch and wouldn’t give us up easily? How long would it take for us to have control over Tricia and Cindy’s family? A lot more questions than answers, but our lives depended on finding those answers and making our plan work.
After five days I was fit enough to start executing the plan. Sarah was still gone, so Annita and I could do whatever we wanted. It was time to start.
(11 Sep 2012, 10:23 )bob_masters Wrote: and the fact that I kept jerking off every time I thought about what to write.

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(11 Sep 2012, 10:23 )bob_masters Wrote: “I want you to feel every inch. I want you to take my cock and be my bitch even if you’re not turned on – you’ll take my cock when I want to fuck you, not when you want it. Understand?”

Very good point. Very thought out. Very valid for self-bondage. And just bondage.
HELP! HELP! Motivation FAILURE. Slipping into terminal apathy ;-)

I've nearly finished the next chapter, and the story's end is in my sight. But energy levels are slipping... I need encouragement to finish...
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(16 Oct 2012, 01:00 )Like Ra Wrote:
(11 Sep 2012, 10:23 )bob_masters Wrote: “I want you to feel every inch. I want you to take my cock and be my bitch even if you’re not turned on – you’ll take my cock when I want to fuck you, not when you want it. Understand?”

Very good point. Very thought out. Very valid for self-bondage. And just bondage.