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Stories on demand - "The Rubber Trigger"
A few that I find...interesting ;-)

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I was soooooo tired after the last several crazy weeks so I finally finished all chapters. (Actually, if I do not post anything in the blog and begin tweaking the software, OS, web-design, etc, that means that I'm utterly tired and completely lost creativity for the time being).

Anyway, here's my brain dump and various random separate thoughts on Bob's novel (I would call it a novel). I'm still going to compose a dedicated post

I can't call it "my thing" except several episodes, but I think of this work not as of "a fetish/pr0n reading", but, as I said earlier, a novel (or even "drama"?) with erotic elements. To rephrase - it's not my thing from the masturbation point of view, but Bob is a very good writer, I would call it "a literature which spawns some thoughts and discussions".

Most fetish stories (even very good) only remotely resemble "the real life". Just like films with Bruce Willis or Stallone. Sorry, but crocodiles can fly only when thrown from a tree, and not too long or too far ;-)

The one from Bob looks and feels very logical and "real", despite the described unbelievable events. Life is a complex thing. Sometimes you think:"Gosh, I would've never believed if had seen a film with such a plot or read a book with such a story line". (but still, crocodiles can not fly! ;-) )

Bob's novel contains parts I've seen in "the real life" in person or read about in the news or memoires. Just to give you some examples:

The first part (Max' house, etc) is absolutely real. There are fetish/BDSM clubs, various fetish/BDSM events (I took part in some of them) or simply put: fetish/BDSM scene and life-style.

Black-mailing is a "common" practice.

Some sex-scandals are well-known (think of Straus-Kann, for example).

Humans are cruel. Women are more cruel than men. But kids are the most cruel creatures.

Kids begin with "sexual adventures" quite early. Earlier than the "age of consent". 14-16? Sure. 12? Definitely less usual, but it happens. Check the news. Last year an 8yo girl gave birth to a child.

Is it normal? No. Absolutely not. And this is what my post is going to be about. Early sexual contacts do not make anything good for the psychics. Or vice versa, early sexual contacts can be a consequence of a certain "abnormality". Bob portraits Alice as not quite normal (let's put it this way).

And this is what my own kids told me last year. During a school party a drunk pair (a boy and a girl) was obliviously fucking in a supposedly empty classroom. But they were spotted by their classmate who recorded a video with a smartphone and uploaded it on Youtube. All three became very famous in the school and beyond the walls of alma mater. The police interrupted the "euphoria" and "triumph" - the smartphone operator had to try to convince the judges that it was a friendly prank.

Another scandal took place last month, when a nation-wide list of school-girls who can easily be "convinced to have a sex" was published on the Internet.

We do not know what our kids know and do.

When you have nothing to lose or cornered, you can enjoy your lust openly (the episode with masturbating in front of Alice or looking under her skirt when she was getting out of the car).

When psychologically broken people stop struggling and dumbly follow orders. Also to avoid possible worse consequences.

I can continue if you want...

The moral?

The less secrets, the less fear to be caught and the less shock should this happen. My kids know quite a lot about my fetishes (I think my daughter knows a little bit more, see the related forum threads and blog posts). But still I would not want them to see some of the photos. Mmm.. actually lots of them... So, I'm vulnerable.

If you have no kids and you make no secret about your life-style - you are much less vulnerable to black-mailing.

And finally - beware of your desires, because they come true.

Bob, I'm eagerly waiting for next chapters!
Many thanks for the kind words. I'm sorry to hear you've been so exhausted - but hopefully it was in a good cause?

It was a little hard to work in the ballerina material, but I've been thinking of the next chapter for quite a while - and it's been very useful for my own pleasurable moments - if you see what I mean? Hopefully I can get it out here in the next week and others can share my enjoyment.

From my own personal experience kids can be the meanest creatures on the planet, and from a sexual point of view I recall my own early teen years and some of the things that I saw and did. Certainly there were, and still are 12 year olds getting involved with sexual adventures, often with older partners.

And of course there are always the older sexual predators hunting for the newly promiscuous kids. My English teacher, for example, was sent to jail soon I left his school, having been caught in sexual relations with a number of his boy students. But his activities were not unique among the staff, or others that I came into contact with.

I have no idea yet how this story will end, but I'm sure that as long as there is interest from you, then I can find more chapters and erotic adventures for our heroes and heroines to develop.

Thanks again *KISS*
For easy references I added links to all chapters here:
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I would certainly like to suck that finger *SUCK*

(10 May 2012, 16:16 )Like Ra Wrote: Another variant:

(10 May 2012, 17:19 )bob_masters Wrote: I would certainly like to suck that finger *SUCK*

Then another one for you. This is an animated GIF:

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Big Grin
Sorry it took so long, but here's Chapter 10. I have to confess that I came so many times thinking of this scenario - both alone and with others. I hope you like it. *KISS*

Chapter 10: A Hell of a Bet

Saturday night was an anticlimax for me – in a way. By the time we got back home, after dropping off the two sisters, Alice and Nico were already waiting to go out.
“Where the fuck have you two been?” Alice demanded as soon as I walked through the door. “Did you fuck her in the car or something?” she added with a sneer.
We hadn’t actually had sex, but it had been pretty close. We’d done some pretty intense tongue wrestling, and my cock had got a good fondling through my jeans, but there just hadn’t been enough space in the car. That and the fact that there wasn’t time - we needed to get back to the house or Alice would have made us both suffer.
“Is Eric here?” my daughter asked, distracting Alice from questioning me.
“Nah, Nico didn’t want him tagging along tonight. Nico says that we’re going to a black’s only club, so we can count on getting a good workout,” and she gave Annita a leer and a wink.
Annita looked at me and grimaced. She was still pale and bruised after Alice had raped her anus earlier, but our petting session in the car had brought some colour back to her cheeks.
“So hurry up and get changed, Nico’s waiting,” Alice said, giving Annita a push on the shoulder.
While Annita ran upstairs to change her clothes I went to see where Nico was.
“Get me another beer, dick head,” the young black man said as I walked into the living room. “And next time get some decent stuff, not this horse piss.” He held up the bottle and pulled a face. I noticed that there were already three empties on the table in front of him so I didn’t think it could taste that bad.
I went and got another cold beer and opened it before taking it to him. He took it from me without breaking his concentration on the X-factor that was showing on TV.
“Are you ready Nico?” Alice asked from the doorway. “Annie finally got back and we can leave anytime you’re ready.” She seemed eager to leave and I sensed that the thought of taking a few black cocks was already exciting her.
I had to admit that Alice looked great. Since I’d left to take the two sisters back home – the one I’d raped for her, and the younger one I’d only molested – the gorgeous blond had changed into a scarlet mini-dress that hugged her slender body. She was wearing black high heels and lots of makeup. She definitely did not look 14 years old.
“Yeah, let’s go,” Nico said, climbing to his feet and leaving the half empty bottle on my coffee table.
A few minutes later I watched him swagger down my driveway, each brawny arm wrapped around the waist of a gorgeous young girl – and one of them was my baby daughter.
A car was waiting in the street for them, and pounding rap music burst out of the doors when they climbed in. The smell of burned rubber filled the air when the pimped-up ford peeled away and roared down the road.
The rest of the evening and night was just hours of edgy boredom, spent watching mindless reality shows followed by old movie reruns. At midnight I went to bed, and decided to sleep in the guest bedroom just in case Nico or Alice wanted to use my bedroom.
I was woken up when the front door burst open, with guffaws of laughter booming up the stairs. When I looked at my watch it was almost 3:30 am.
For some reason I found myself lying in bed shaking with nerves, the blanket pulled up to my chin like a timid virgin.
The laughter got louder as whoever it was climbed the stairs. Finally I was able to make out Nico’s deep baritone voice intermingled with Alice’s high-pitched giggling. I couldn’t hear my daughter though and that bothered me.
Trembling, I slipped out of bed and opened the bedroom door a crack to see what was happening.
Nico and Alice came into view in the hallway half-carrying, half-dragging someone else. It was only when they turned into the doorway of the bedroom across from me that I could see it was Annita, and she seemed in a pretty bad way.
I guess Nico must have seen me looking, or maybe he just guessed that I would be awake, because he paused just before closing the door and turned my daughter so that I could see her properly.
“Hey man,” he boomed, “you should have seen your baby in action tonight. You would never believe how many cocks she took. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t been there to collect the cash.”
When I looked at Annita’s pretty face I was shocked. Her makeup was smeared and smudged across her face, and her eyes were glazed and drifting. Her lips were puffy and she seemed to be developing a big blue bruise on her left cheek.
Looking down her body it was obvious that she had been through something pretty rough. Her white t-shirt was ripped at the neck so that her naked right breast was exposed. The new skirt that she had bought on Saturday was now covered in dirt, dust and a variety of other stains, it was also on back to front. She was wearing only one high heel shoe, and the pantyhose that she had been wearing were gone.
“Oh my God,” I whispered, shocked at her terrible state.
Nico laughed and slammed the door, shutting me off from whatever else they had in store for my daughter.
It was left to my imagination what was happening, but the mocking laughter continued for a while, with the occasional slap or muffled cry drifting across the hallway to me as I tried to go back to sleep.
The last thought I remember before dozing off was that I hoped they would be awake and gone before Sarah got home. Usually my wife would come back on a Sunday just after lunch and always before 3:00 pm.
It was 9:45 am when I woke up, wondering where I was for a few seconds before my unpleasant memories crowded back in and made me groan.
Dragging myself out of bed I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and splash some water on my face. There was a lot of work to do around the house before Sarah got back, if I didn’t want to find myself in a whole world of hurt.
Quickly getting dressed I put my ear to the bedroom door where Nico and the girls were sleeping. Everything was quiet in there so I went downstairs and had some breakfast before tidying up the things I hadn’t finished the night before.
All I had to worry about now was getting Nico and Alice out of the house, and cleaning up my bedroom. I crept upstairs to see if there was any sign of life.
Still everything was quiet, so I carefully opened the door and peeked in.
At first glance everything looked normal – just a man and woman asleep together in bed – well, OK, not that normal since it was a black guy and a white girl, in MY bed. But when I tiptoed further into the room I had to stop myself from crying out loud.
Nico and Alice were nicely asleep, naked and snoring softly in peaceful slumber, but on the floor next to the bed was my daughter, also naked, but she was hogtied and gagged. Annie’s wrists were tied to her ankles with pantyhose and her knees were tied together too. She was lying on her side asleep or unconscious, and as I crept closer I saw that she had something stuffed into both her ass and her pussy.
I knelt down by her side and started to untie her. As I worked I noticed the network of scratches and bruises all over her body, legs and arms - and shook my head sadly. She had clearly suffered a great deal and I hoped there was no permanent damage.
When I freed her and pulled the gag out of her mouth - it was a pair of panties -she opened her eyes and started to sob quietly. I held her and gave her a gentle hug, not wanting to hurt her any more.
“Take them out Daddy,” she whispered, “take them out, they hurt me.”
At first I didn’t realise what she was talking about, but then I remembered the things I had seen stuck into her anus and vagina.
I let go of her and slowly moved down to her most private orifices. It took me a second or two to realise what had been pushed inside her young cunt, but with a gasp I recognised it – a black high heel shoe had been forced deep inside her, so that just the heel was visible.
Getting it out was not easy, and she whimpered and groaned as I eased the patent leather object out of her. At any other time I would have been dying to sniff and lick the shoe, but right now I was trying my best not to make my poor baby suffer.
It must have taken a good 10 minutes to extract the shoe – it was the one she had been wearing when she got home, and then I turned my attention to what was in her ass.
This object was much easier to identify, but it must have been equally painful when it was forced inside her. It was my wife’s hairbrush – a round one used for curling - and it had been forced in bristles first, with the handle left sticking out of her anus like a stiff little tail.
“I’m sorry baby,” I whispered when she cried out in pain, as I eased the ruined brush out.
There was no easy way to do it, so I just did it as gently as I possibly could, with her hand gripping mine so hard I thought she would break my fingers.
We lay together for a while on the floor, with me hugging her to make her feel better.
“Can you move baby?” I asked after a while. “Can I get you to your bedroom?”
I felt her nod her head against my chest, so I gently helped her get to her feet and almost carried her to her bed.
After getting some towels and a wet facecloth from the bathroom I did my best to clean her up.
“What happened last night Annie?” I asked as I wiped and dabbed at the swollen holes, scratched skin and dried stains. “If you want to tell me?”
After a couple of minutes silence she said, “Nico took us to a club a friend of his runs. I don’t know where it is, I didn’t see where they took us in the car.”
I nodded and kept on dabbing and cleaning.
“The club was full of black men and a few women. We were the only white people – Alice and me. It was crowded and hot, and the music was really loud.”
I didn’t say anything – just listened and cleaned.
“We danced for a bit and smoked some stuff, you know?” She sounded guilty and defensive about that, but I was hardly going to lecture her about smoking pot after all the other things she and we had done.
“I started to feel hot and a bit dizzy, so Nico and some of his friends took me and Alice through to another room in the back. It was for private parties, Nico said.”
With the wet face cloth I wiped my daughter’s sore pussy, and winced with her when I touched some part that was rubbed raw.
“At first we had a great time, but then guys started touching me and trying to kiss me, and I got scared. When I went to Nico he asked me to smoke some other stuff…free base I think he called it.”
I shook my head. It sounded to me like he was introducing her to crack, or something else pretty hardcore.
“After that I felt really…strange. Totally out of it. And I found myself lying on one of the tables, with loads of guys standing around. They kept touching me and pulling at my clothes. And then I was naked.”
She sobbed a little as she told me her story, and I felt really sad for her.
“Someone put a finger inside me, and then someone was having sex with me,” she went on, “It was horrible.”
I shivered at the idea of the gang rape that had gone on, and my mind conjured up an image of a young white girl, naked and spread-eagle on a table, surrounded by mocking black men, each eager to rape her in turn.
“And where was Alice and Nico when this was happening,” I asked softly.
“Nico was there. He was taking money from the guys having sex with me. I heard Alice, but only saw her once. That was when they dragged me off the table and made me do things with two of the black women.” She shuddered with disgust when she said this.
“It’s OK baby,” I said. “What did they make you do?” I have to admit that my cock was stirring at the thoughts running like a perverted train through my head.
“It was like the stuff Alice made me do to her, only worse,” Annie went on. She looked like she might be sick.
“I was dragged to each black woman and forced to lick her pussy or ass. It was disgusting. And all the men were laughing and screaming at me. And the women slapped and spit on me. That was when I saw Alice – she was the one that dragged me around, and made me do it. She pushed my face between their legs and beat me if I didn’t lick hard enough. I hate her!”
It was hard for me to hear all this about my daughter, but it turned me on too.
“They made me smoke more stuff and injected stuff into me. I felt really weird, and all I remember is one guy after another having sex with me. It was like a total nightmare.”
She hugged me closer and sobbed against my shoulder.
After a few minutes she went on, “I suppose I passed out, and the next thing I know I’m back at home and in your bedroom. And Alice was still being mean to me. She wants to have Nico as her boyfriend, so she humiliated me in front of him. She made me lick her, and pushed that shoe inside me while he watched. Then she tied me up and pushed mummy’s hairbrush up my bum. That really, really hurt a lot.”
Her anus did look mega-sore and I hated to imagine how it would feel when she went to the toilet next time.
“It’s OK baby,” I said, trying to sooth her. “You try and sleep a bit. Rest. And I’ll take care of Nico and Alice.”
I pulled the sheet over her battered young body and then took all the dirty towels to the bathroom laundry basket.
Hopefully Annita could sleep for the rest of the day and recover. She was young and I was sure that she would be OK. It could have ended a lot worse.
I went back to my bedroom and slowly shook Alice awake. She did look wonderful lying there, the sheet just covering her breasts, but one gorgeous leg was exposed.
“Huh, what? What is it?” she mumbled as I woke her up.
“Oh it’s you. What the fuck do you want?” she muttered, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.
“It’s time to get up,” I said. “My wife will be home soon.”
“OK, OK, hey Nico, time to wake up,” she said, sliding her hand under the sheet and searching for the big black man’s dong. It wasn’t hard to find – I could see the bulge clearly, lifting the material. I guessed that he had his ‘morning wood’.
“Mmmm, yeah, that feels good,” Nico moaned as Alice wrapped her slim fingers around his rock hard cock.
“Time to get up baby,” Alice crooned, stroking him.
Nico opened his eyes and looked around, pushing himself up, and resting against the headboard. The sheet fell back down to his thighs and exposed his muscular chest, flat belly, and enormous erection.
“Where’s Annie?” he asked, almost ignoring the work Alice was doing on his dick.
“She’s asleep in her bed,” I answered. “She’s in a pretty bad way,” I added.
Nico just grunted and moved his big hand to stroke Alice’s smooth skin.
“You want me to take care of this monster for you baby?” Alice asked, sounding aroused and eager for him to agree.
“Sure, do your thing baby,” Nico smiled down at her. Then he looked at me and sneered, “You can fuck off and make us some breakfast, this ain’t no peep show.”
He didn’t need to tell me twice. The sooner they were fed and gone, the better I would like it.
As I went out the door I looked back and saw Alice mounting the black man, her hand between her legs trying to fit his cock head inside her.
“Yeah baby, ride that thing,” I heard him moan as I closed the door.
Downstairs I busied myself cooking my ‘guests’ a very late breakfast and checking again that the house was tidy and ready for Sarah’s return.
While Nico and Alice tucked into their bacon, eggs and all the trimmings I started work on cleaning the bedroom and bathroom.
The bed needed to be stripped to the mattress, and even with the windows wide open the place stank of sweat and sex. From the amount of dried and drying cum stains, my bed had seen more action in the past two nights than it had in the last five years put together.
Both Nico and Annita had showered and dressed before coming down to breakfast, so I was feeling much better about the timing. I still had a good hour before it was likely that Sarah would reappear.
As I came back into the kitchen after finishing the bedroom, Nico was just drinking the last of his coffee.
“Hey jerk off,” he said as I walked in, ”I wanted to see you before I left, just to tell you what’s gonna happen next weekend.”
I stood and waited for whatever shit he had to say to me.
“Listen,” he went on, lighting a cigarette. “Like I told you before, it’s my little brother’s 13th birthday on Friday, and I’m giving him your wife as a present. He ain’t fucked a white slut before, so this will be his first time. You got a problem with that?” he asked, fixing me with an aggressive look.
I shook my head. There wasn’t much I could say or do about it.
“Good. Now, this is what’s gonna happen. By Friday I’ll give Alice a pill for you to slip your wife on Friday night. It’ll put her down, but not out, OK?” Nico said.
Alice giggled, “Will she feel everything that happens?”
Nico grinned and said, “Yeah, sort of. It’s what they call a ‘Date Rape’ pill. It makes the bitch sleepy, and relaxed. But yeah, she should feel everything, but she’ll be half asleep and won’t remember much, which is the whole point.”
“Wow, I can’t wait,” Alice said with that wicked gleam in her eyes. What an evil little bitch she is.
“On Friday,” Nico went on, “when she eats, slip the pill into her drink and call Alice when the slut starts to feel sleepy. We’ll be waiting and we’ll come right in and start the party.”
He was watching me closely the whole time he was talking, wanting to make sure I understood what I was supposed to do.
As he stood up and walked to the door he said, “Don’t fuck this up faggot, or the next time my friend organises a party at his club I’ll ask him to make it a gay night, and it will be you who’s the pigeon, not your daughter.”
They were both laughing as they left the house with a slam of the front door.
After checking that Annie was sleeping quietly I went around the whole house – twice – making sure that everything was as normal as possible.
There was an unusual amount of washing to do in the laundry basket, and I’d used too much air-freshener, but that couldn’t be helped – I’d rather have a complaint about that than the questions about why the house stank of cigarettes, marijuana or sex.
Even though I was sure that I’d done all that I could my heart was still pounding, and I jumped like a nervous filly when I heard the key turn in the lock. It was 14:45, and Sarah was right on time.
I stayed where I was in the kitchen, pretending to read the newspaper and appear as normal as possible.
“Hi sweetheart, did you have a good time?” I asked casually when Sarah walked in.
“It was OK. Where’s Annie?” my cheating slut of a wife answered coldly, not even bothering to try and sound cordial.
“Oh, she’s in bed,” I said, again trying to sound matter of fact. “She went to a party last night with Alice and feels a bit under the weather.” At least that part was true. “Last time I looked she was napping,” I said, heading off any intention to go and check on Annie’s condition.
“Mmm, well, I hope you didn’t let her stay out too late. Alice can be a bit irresponsible sometimes and leads Annie on. What time did she get in?”
“Oh, just after midnight,” I lied, turning to the sports section of the newspaper. “I think she ate something that disagreed with her, you know what kids eat at these parties.” We had discussed the subject many times and I knew that Sarah loathed the snacks and junk food that kids thought was cool to eat at each other’s houses. She would easily believe that it was the cause of Annie’s malady.
Annita spent the rest of the day in bed, and I took her a few drinks and snacks to help her feel better.
Sarah seemed even more distracted and uninterested in me than usual, and didn’t even bother to check whether Annie was dead or alive – what a bitch!
Thankfully Annie was starting to feel more like her normal self by the evening and I breathed a sigh of relief not to have to take her to the doctor. I don’t think I could have invented a story to explain the scratches and bruises all over her.
So I got away with the weekend – that’s what I was thinking when I went to bed that night. I got away with it.
That feeling was made even stronger as every day went by without the police coming and arresting me for the rape and abuse of Sandra and Melissa. And as I started to realise that they hadn’t reported me, so I started to wonder if maybe they were too scared or ashamed to do it, and maybe I might get away with it again? Maybe Alice could be persuaded to let me have one or both of them sometime soon?
The new week was pretty busy for me work-wise, and Annie seemed to recover quickly, only taking Monday off school.
I chauffeured Alice and Annie backwards and forwards as usual, but Alice kept her mocking and sexual taunts to a tolerable level in the car.
And it was now just Alice that took my money - she treated Annita like a stupid slave. From what I could tell from Annita, Alice was starting to use her as a whore, making her suck off boys in the school toilets, and taking money from them for the service. That worried me – mostly because it was making us public, and that was dangerous.
My life was really focussed on making it through one day at a time, and it wasn’t until Friday that I really gave much thought to what Nico had said about his brother and my wife. Would he really go through with it?
I got my answer on Friday afternoon when I collected Alice from school – she was almost panting with excitement.
“This is it,” she said breathlessly, when she climbed into the back seat. She held out a small red capsule in her hand.
“That’s it,” I said stupidly. “That’s what?”
“Well duh,” Alice answered as though I was the dumbest dumb person on Earth. “It’s the Rape Pill, stupid. One of Nico’s friends passed it to me at break time.”
“Oh, that,” I said, trying not to sound as nervous as I felt. Annita sat in the back next to Alice and I drove them home.
Alice chattered all the way and was driving me crazy with her endless ideas about what Nico and his brother might do to Sarah. I tried to close my ears and concentrate on the driving. I just hoped that whatever they did to her it was not too visible afterwards, or too obvious to her. Sure my wife was an obnoxious bitch, but if they raped her ass, no matter what pill they gave her, when she woke up she would know for sure that someone had fucked her ass, and then what would happen?
“Here moron,” Alice said when she climbed out the car. “Put this in her drink at supper time. When she gets sleepy, call me, OK? Don’t fucking forget or chicken out, or Nico will fuck you up.” I watched her strut up her driveway like Miss World, and then I drove away, the little red capsule in my jacket pocket.
Would I do it? Could I go through with it? Both questions kept running through my head.
When I got inside my house, and Annita dumped her school bag on the floor, I said to her, “Sweety, what do you think I should do? Do you think Nico means to do what he said?”
My daughter looked so sad standing there in her school uniform. She looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes.
“Yes Daddy, I’m sure he will do it. He’s mean, and so is Alice. Today she made me go into the boys’ toilets again. She charged the boys £15 for a handjob and £30 for a blowjob. Even Mr. Singh the maths teacher came and paid for a blowjob. It was disgusting. And Alice said I had to swallow every time…yuk!”
I pulled her close and gave her a hug. She felt so small and vulnerable in her school blazer.
When she looked up at me there were tears in her eyes, and her lips were slightly parted, just inviting a kiss. How could I refuse?
We kissed at the bottom of the stairs for a long time before I led her up to her bedroom.
I took my time undressing her, and then undressed myself, as she lay naked and ready on her bed. She was so beautiful lying there – even with the fading scratches and bruises, but my mind envisaged her in the school toilets, sitting in one of the cubicles, as a line of boys formed outside.
My cock rose and twitched as I thought of my sweet daughter rubbing and sucking all those cocks, pulling and sucking out all that young sperm. Even that dirty old Indian maths teacher had emptied his ball into her mouth.
I wish I could say that I was tender and loving when I climbed on top of Annita, but I wasn’t – I was inflamed with lust. I wanted her. I didn’t want to make love, I wanted to fuck like an animal.
She gasped when I penetrated her. Her slender young legs clasped me around the waist and drew me in deeper.
I was inside her, balls deep, before I kissed her. My imagination told me that I could taste those boys’ cum as I thrust my tongue into her mouth.
She wanted me as badly as I needed her, and we fucked hard. There was nothing romantic or tender about this fuck, it was just about perverted passion.
It was all over much too quickly and I exploded inside her, driving my spurting cock as deep into her as it could reach.
I didn’t care if she had an orgasm or not, but she screamed out and whimpered as I shot my load, and I felt her fingernails dig into my back.
Gasping I rolled off her, and almost fell to the floor. It was a single bed and not much room for sharing.
“Jesus Daddy, what was that about?” Annita panted.
There was an apologetic smile on my face when I said, “Sorry baby, I guess I was a bit rough. I didn’t hurt you did I?”
Annie laughed – it was a nice sound and too long since I’d heard it last.
“Yeah it hurt, but in a nice way. It’s complicated,” she said, snuggling up to me.
I put my arm around her and pulled her close. It felt good.
“Why did you do it like that? Rough I mean,” she asked.
For a few seconds I just lay there. Should I tell her what I was really thinking about? Would she be upset at me? I decided to just go for it. My life was shot to hell, so what more could happen to me?
“Well baby, I hope it won’t make you mad, but I was thinking about you and those boys. It sort of, well, excited me.”
“You mean, the idea of me in the toilets being used by those boys was a turn on for you?” She sounded incredulous.
I nodded, my chin bumping against the top of her head.
She broke away from my hug and propped herself up on one elbow, looking at me. The expression on her face was more puzzled than angry, which was a relief.
“You’re strange Daddy. Alice is whoring me out at school and that excites you?”
I shook my head. “No. I mean yes. It’s complicated. Look, the idea excites me, but not the reality. I love you baby, and I don’t want to hurt you. But when I think of these things - imagine these things - then they excite me. Like I said, it’s complicated.”
She lay back down and snuggled up to me again.
“You’re weird Dad, but I love you. And I kinda like the strange things you do. And I even like it when you’re rough with me. Like just now.”
I was glad that she was OK with my strangeness. It was too bad that she was my own daughter, and that she was only 14. But hey, no one’s perfect right?
“It’s time we got moving,” I said after I checked my watch. “Your mum will be here any minute and I need to get the supper going.” I gave her a kiss on the top of her head and climbed out of bed.
As I got dressed she lay there watching me.
“You know Daddy, when the others are around I have to do stuff to you and say mean things, but I don’t mean it you know?”
I looked at her and nodded. “I know baby, you don’t want to, but you have to do it. But it’s complicated, right?”
We both laughed at that. Life sure was complicated and it was getting weirder every day.
Sarah arrived a little later than usual and I was worried that she might have gone on an unexpected trip, but almost an hour late she finally got home.
“Hi sweetheart,” I called as I heard her come in. “Did you have a tough day?” Not as tough as her evening was going to be though – I would bet my life on that.
“Yeah, it was tough. What’s for dinner?” she asked lifting the lids on the pans to check.
She really did look pretty good in her office ‘uniform’ – charcoal grey jacket that emphasised her trim waist and large bust, and a tight skirt that showed off her butt. The skirt ended just above her knees and, with her shiny pantyhose, helped to show off her sexy legs. Wearing a white silk blouse and black high heels she looked pretty damn hot. Too bad I couldn’t just drag her into the living room and fuck her brains out, but then we’d never at that kind of relationship. Too bad.
My ‘moment of truth’ arrived after the first course was finished. Sarah was drinking Perrier water with the meal, but went off to the bathroom while I brought in the main course – sliced veal, with green beans, and roast potatoes.
Should I do it? Would she notice? What would happen if I did it, and what might happen if I didn’t?
“Do it, do it,” Annita hissed at me. “She’ll be back in a minute.”
My fingers were trembling as I took the capsule from my pocket, and I almost dropped the damn thing a couple of times before I got it to her glass.
“I can’t just drop the whole thing in, she’ll see it,” I whispered to Annita when I realised my mistake. The capsule was bright red and in the water it would be obvious.
“Oh for God’s sake Daddy, break it in half. Just empty the powder in. And don’t drop the casing.”
Of course she was right. What a dummy I was.
With my fingertips I pulled the two red halves apart and let the white powder fall into the fizzy water. Just to help the drug dissolve I topped up the glass and gave it a shake.
Sarah didn’t notice anything when she came back, and steadily sipped at her water as she ate her food in silence, obviously still preoccupied by something, or someone else.
The first yawn came as we finished dessert and I glanced quickly at Annita to see if she’d noticed. My little girl looked pale and nervous, but she caught my eye and nodded. My heart was pounding like I was running a marathon.
The effects of the drug seemed to speed up after that, and in a matter of seconds Sarah started to look dizzy, and when she complained of feeling tired her voice was slurred.
“Let’s get you upstairs to bed,” I said to her when she tried to stand up, and almost fell to the floor. “It must be all that travelling, you must be exhausted.”
I put her arm over my shoulder and my arm around her waist, and half carried her up to our bedroom.
Annita followed me close behind, but I managed to get Sarah to the bed, and let her slump inelegantly across the fresh sheets.
“You’d better call Alice,” I said, panting with the exertion and the stress.
I wasn’t sure what to do now. Should I take her clothes off, or just wait? I decided to wait.
While Annita called Alice, I went downstairs and tidied up the dinner table, and loading the dishwasher. Keeping busy seemed to help my nerves, but my hands were still shaking badly.
The doorbell made me jump when it rang. It was Alice.
“About bloody time, what took you so long?” Alice complained when I opened the door. She pushed past me into the hallway. Tonight she was wearing a red t-shirt – which really showed off her golden hair, blue jeans, and Nike trainers. And for once she actually looked her age.
“Where is she?” she demanded, looking in the living room.
“She’s upstairs, in our bedroom,” I said, pointing in the right direction. “She seems to be asleep.”
“Good. I’m gonna call Nico,” Alice said taking her phone out of her bag. As she dialled his number she said, “While he’s on his way I want you to get changed. Put that red latex catsuit on. He’ll like that, and it’ll look good on the movie I’m going to make tonight.”
“Oh God,” I thought, “not again.” But I have to say that the thought of wearing that tight rubber outfit made my cock react.
With the phone clamped to her ear, Alice walked up the stairs, talking with Nico.
I went through to my office and got changed. It seemed like a long time since I’d worn the latex, and just seeing and smelling it brought back those memories of San Francisco. It seemed like years ago now.
When I got back to my bedroom, Alice and Annita were standing either side of the bed looking down at the sleeping woman.
“Wow, you look great,” Alice said admiringly to me. “I’d forgotten what that looked like. We’ll have to make you wear it more often.”
I did feel damn good wearing the catsuit. It felt snug and protective, warm and sexy.
Alice burrowed in her bag for a few seconds and then pulled out a length of pink silk ribbon. It looked like the one I’d seen in the bag from the ballet shop last Saturday.
“OK, unzip your balls dick head, time to attach a lead,” Alice instructed.
I wasn’t sure what she meant, but the first part was clear – I opened the zip that ran under my crotch and eased my cock and balls out into view.
Not very gently, Alice pushed my legs wide and then started tying the silk ribbon around the base of my cock and balls. Since I wasn’t too excited yet, my cock hung flaccid, and my balls were loose and relaxed.
She wrapped the ribbon tight - too tight for comfort - around and between my balls – separating them, and then spiralled the silk tightly around and up the length of my shaft, tying a knot just at the base of my cock head.
Finally she put the remainder of the ribbon back between my legs and pulled my cock down and back between my thighs. From the front it would look like I didn’t have a cock at all, but from behind everything would be visible.
All the manipulation and fondling of my genitals had started a reaction though, but it quickly became obvious that getting a hard-on with my cock tied like that was not a good idea. As my cock swelled, so the ribbon cut into it.
Alice saw what was happening and gave a short laugh, tugging on the ribbon to make her point. “You’d better not get hard pervert, or it’s gonna cripple you. I heard a story at school about a guy tied like this, who burst a blood vessel when he got a woody. He could never get it up after that.”
I could believe it. With the ribbon wound around the shaft it was already uncomfortable. If my cock tried to inflate to normal erect size, it would be unimaginably painful - and I could easily imagine burst blood vessels. I tried to think of something else – anything but sex, just to relax and stop any blood flow to my dick.
The doorbell rang and Alice sent Annita to answer it. It was Nico this time.
“Oh wow man!” the big black man exclaimed as he swaggered into my bedroom. “You look so hot maybe I’ll fuck you myself,” he said laughing at me. I blushed and hoped he was only joking.
“Where’s your brother?” Alice asked, moving smoothly over to stand by Nico’s side and slipping an arm around his waist.
“Oh, he’s on his way. Jimmy is really excited about his present so let’s get things started,” he said moving closer to the bed and looking down at my sleeping wife.
“Should we strip her for him?” Alice offered.
“Yeah, good idea,” he nodded. “Strip the bitch. Save’s time.”
“OK faggot, get to work,” Alice said, giving my cock another tug on the silk leash. Then she turned to Nico and said, “It’s OK if I film this, yeah? I love making movies.”
Nico laughed, “Sure baby, knock yourself out. Just make sure I get a copy and that none of our faces are clear, OK?”
Alice grinned, and while I started taking my wife’s clothes off, Alice got her camera out and started filming me.
It’s actually quite difficult to take off the clothes of an unconscious person, especially if she’s wearing tight clothes and you don’t want to hurt her.
“Annita, give me a hand please,” I asked, since my daughter was just standing there watching.
“Oh yeah, that’s even better,” Alice muttered, wandering around the bed to get the best angles. “Daughter and husband stripping mummy, ready for a big black cock.”
Nico took a seat and lit up a spliff, enjoying the scene and relaxing while he waited for his little brother.
For me the hardest part of the whole thing was trying to make sure that I didn’t get excited – the tightness of the ribbon wrapped around my cock and balls was a constant reminder of what might happen if I lost control.
It had been quite a while since I’d undressed Sarah – several years in fact, and a good few months since I’d seen her naked. It came as quite a surprise to see that her pussy was completely shaved. She’d always kept her pubic hair well trimmed and neat, but I wondered how long she had been shaving, and who she shaved for?
Just as we finished taking off Sarah’s panties, the doorbell rang.
“That’ll be Jimmy,” Nico said, looking at the gold watch on his wrist.
“Great,” Alice grinned, “Just in time. Go and let him in faggot,” she said to me.
It wasn’t very comfortable walking in the latex catsuit, with my cock and balls all bound up, but at least Alice wasn’t holding the other end of my ‘leash’, which trailed along behind me on the floor, dangling from my tied cock.
I looked through the security spy hole before opening the door – the last thing I needed was to have a neighbour standing there wanting a cup of sugar.
There was another surprise for me when I opened the door though – there wasn’t just one young black standing there, there were THREE!
“Er, are you Jimmy, Nico’s brother?” I asked as they pushed past me.
The three just-teenagers looked at me like I was some kind of a freak, laughing and pointing.
“Hey bro, Nico, you in here man?” the tallest of the three boys shouted. I assumed that he was Jimmy.
“Yeah, up here. Come on up and see what I got you for your birthday,” Nico called down from my bedroom.
I followed the teen boys slowly – they bounded up like young lions, taking the stairs two at a time.
“Hey bro, who’s the faggot who opened the door…WOW!” Jimmy exclaimed, losing interest immediately in who the ‘faggot’ was when he saw my naked wife lying on the bed.
“Holy shit man, is she for me?” Jimmy grinned, prowling around the bed, ogling Sarah’s white flesh. The other two boys were also grinning like fiends, licking their lips in anticipation.
“Can we all have her man? Come on Nico, please?” one of the other boys pleaded, clasping his hands in front of his chest like he was begging.
I was shocked. It was bad enough one boy fucking Sarah while she was drugged – maybe I could explain that afterwards by saying it was me, but if three raped her, there was no way I could reason that amount of fucking away.
“Did you bring the stuff I asked for Jimmy?” Nico asked his brother.
Jimmy had a sports bag with him, and tossed it on the bed next to Sarah. “Sure bro, no problem. What’s it for?”
Nico unzipped the bag and looked in. Alice peered over his shoulder and frowned.
“Are those needles in there Nico? What are they for?” she asked.
“OK, good,” Nico said, ignoring all the questions. I was curious too – why would he need a bag full of syringes?
“Please Nico, can we all have the bitch? Nico can go first, but I never did no white bitch before,” the same teenager whined.
Nico laughed and pointed at Jimmy. “Ask Jimmy,” he said, “she’s his bitch.”
“Oh yeah, great. Hey Jimmy can I have her after you, please man?”
Jimmy’s eyes and grin were filling his young black face. He was the tallest, but he still wasn’t as tall as me.
They were all dressed in trendy street gear – little ‘Hoodies’, in low-slung jeans and trainers. Slim and full of energy, they were not the kind of group I would want to meet alone on a dark street corner.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m a party animal, so you boys can take a turn, but I’m first, right!” Jimmy grinned to his friends, taking high-fives from his gang.
“So, let’s get down to action, but before we start I wanna make sure the bitch stays cool,” Nico said. “While you boys get ready, I’m gonna send her up.” And he took one of the needles out of the bag.
“What’s that? What are you going to do to her?” I asked, worried about what might happen if I dared to ask a question, but more worried about what could happen to Sarah.
Nico walked around to where Sarah’s feet lay at the edge of the bed.
“I’m not gonna do anything faggot, you are,” and he held the thin syringe out to me. I could see that it was filled with a clear liquid.
“You ever given a shot before faggot?” he asked. The three teenagers were watching the exchange, and slowly taking off their clothes.
I nodded. A long time ago my mother had been very ill and needed daily injections, which I had done for her.
“OK, then do this. Stick it between her toes, no one will notice the hole there,” Nico instructed, pointing at Sarah’s feet.
“What is it?” I asked again.
Nico crossed his arms in front of his chest and stared me down.
“We’re gonna make your slut wife into an addict. And once she’s hooked she’s gonna be little Jimmy’s first white whore. You’re gonna do that, and you’re gonna give her to us, right?” His look was fiercely aggressive.
“Oh my GOD!” I exclaimed, too shocked for other words.
“You are gonna inject her with this coke, and you’re gonna do exactly what we tell you. You’ll inject her with what we say, when we say it. If you don’t do it, then we’ll take her, and we’ll take your slut daughter too. OK?”
I looked from my doped wife to my shocked daughter. What the hell was I going to do? Sure Sarah had turned into a first class bitch who was screwing around, but did she deserve to get turned into an addict and a whore? But did I have a choice? If I refused then they could take both of them. If I resisted, then Alice and Nico had enough evidence on me to send me to jail for the rest of my life, which would probably turn out to be very short.
Standing there in my own bedroom I felt so helpless and hopeless. Dressed in a latex catsuit, my cock and balls tied and under the control of a 14-year old vixen, and surrounded by a gang of black drug dealers and pimps. How could I stop them from taking Sarah or Annita if they wanted to?
“I guess I have no choice,” I said dejectedly.
“OK, then do it faggot, right now. Stick it in and give it to her real slow,” Nico said, clearly happy with his victory.
Alice had the camera right up close as I took hold of Sarah’s left foot and spread the gap between her big toe and its neighbour.
My hand didn’t even tremble as I slid the needle in and slowly pressed the plunger down.
Sarah twitched a little at the jab, but then let out a deep sigh as the diluted cocaine entered her bloodstream and took her high.
“Good job faggot,” Nico said, nodding. “There’s enough stuff in the bag to keep her that way for the week, but Alice and Jimmy will stop by every day or two to make sure it’s all going OK.”
I put the used syringe down on the dressing table.
“By next Friday I want that bitch on her knees begging for Jimmy’s cock,” Nico went on, playing to his adoring audience. “So make sure you do what we say. Oh, and by the way, I’m sure Jimmy will want to try her out whenever he comes around, so make sure she’s ready,” he said with a wink to his little brother.
Feeling totally depressed, I just nodded – resigned to whatever fate had in store.
The four blacks and Alice just laughed at me, and then Alice gave a jerk on my leash.
“Now the boys are naked, get down on your knees like a good doggy and kiss their feet. Beg them to fuck your wife, and make it good,” Alice giggled.
Blushing with shame I did as I was told. I kept my eyes down as I crawled over to the teenage boys and slowly bent to kiss their toes.
The laughter was so humiliating. But I needed to avoid thinking about that, otherwise my cock would start to react and then I would have a huge problem.
“Please sir, fuck my wife,” I mumbled as I kissed Jimmy’s black feet.
“What did you say faggot? Speak up, I can’t hear you,” Jimmy laughed, and someone slapped my ass really hard.
“Ouch!” I yelped, and then repeated my degrading request a little louder.
“Oh, OK, sure we’ll help you out won’t we guys?” Jimmy chuckled.
Alice was holding my leash with one hand and holding the camera in the other.
Jimmy swaggered over to the bed and pulled my wife’s legs open. She had a happy smile on her face, but I think she would have reacted differently if she weren’t drugged to the eyeballs. He ran a hand up her thigh to her shaved pussy and gave it a few inexperienced pokes.
“She’s dry man,” he complained. “How’m I supposed to get this into her if she’s fucking dry?” he said, holding his stiff cock in his hand. It wasn’t a bad size, almost as big as mine, but thinner.
“Yeah faggot, what you doing offering us boys your wife when she’s not ready for fucking. Get in there and lube her up for us,” Nico ordered. “Get the fuck on with it while Annie and I get warmed up.” And he started to strip off his clothes, pulling Annita over to the dressing table stool.
Trying to keep myself cool, and not get aroused by the situation, I moved between Sarah’s legs and started to lick her cunt. There were whistles and catcalls as I probed and slobbered over her lips, using my mouth and then my fingers to get her juices flowing. Just to make it as easy as possible, I was using my saliva as a lubricant for the black gang rape that was about to happen to her.
“OK, that’s good enough faggot. Get out the fucking way,” Jimmy snarled.
“Hold on Jimmy, let Alice get a shot of him putting your cock inside her,” Nico called out. I looked over to see what he was doing, and saw that he was sitting on Sarah’s padded stool. He was naked and Annita was kneeling between his legs, her head bobbing up and down on his shaft. She too was naked.
“Yeah, great idea,” Alice enthused, tugging my leash and pushing me back to the bed.
Jimmy took up his position between Sarah’s legs, taking his weight on his arms, his young rod just above her belly.
His black dong throbbed when I took it in my hand, and pre-cum oozed from the slit.
Alice got a close up of me holding the teenager’s cock as I slid the tip up and down my wife’s slit. She gave a little moan as I pressed it between her lips, and Jimmy applied just enough pressure to penetrate her.
“OK, that’s it faggot, I’m in,” Jimmy said, as he started to work his cock deeper into my wife’s cunt.
I was sweating like a pig, and not just from the tight latex catsuit I was wearing. The strain of keeping my cock under control was exhausting me.
“Right, back to work then faggot,” Nico said. “Get your white ass over here and I’ll show you where all white men belong.”
Alice tugged my leash and I walked carefully over to wear Annita was now standing astride Nico’s big black cock. As I watched she slowly eased the head inside her, lowering herself onto it, with her back to his broad chest.
“Yeah baby, ride Nico’s big dick,” Nico crooned. I stood in front of them and waited. Behind me I could hear Jimmy giving my wife a hard fucking, the bed squeaking, and Jimmy’s friends urging him on.
“Listen up boys, I’ll show you where a white man belongs while we fuck his women,” he called to the teenage gang. I didn’t look around to see if anyone was watching.
Nico continued, “Kneel down faggot, and suck my balls into your mouth. Hold them there. You can lick them and suck on them if you want, but you’d better do it gentle.”
“Oh my God, yeah,” Alice moaned. She must have been loving every minute.
“Oh God, yessss,” I thought, sinking to my knees in front of the dominating black thug. My cock was twitching like crazy and I was almost losing control.
Nico had his legs apart, and my daughter’s legs were spread over his thighs, the thick black shaft disappearing into her pink cleft.
I sank to my knees and crawled under his balls, my mouth searching for his wrinkled black nut sack. I had to tilt my head back to an extreme angle to do it, but thankfully his big heavy balls hung free, and except for the size it was easy enough to suck them gently into my mouth.
They filled my mouth to capacity and it was an amazing feeling - the heat of them, and the way they seemed to move around as though they were alive.
From my position I could look up the length of his glistening shaft, and over the flat belly of my daughter, to see her face looking straight down into mine over her small proud breasts.
“Easy boy,” I heard Nico chuckle, “just keep them warm for me.”
Above me I saw his big black hands massaging my baby’s young tits, and using them to help lift her, before letting her slide back onto his huge cock. In my mouth his balls shifted and rolled, my tongue naturally trying to position them for sucking.
Alice filmed it all, and laughed out loud when Annita let a long gob of spit drool out of her mouth. My daughter watched the extending line until it broke and fell with a soft splat on my upturned face – right on my nose.
The humiliation was incredible, and I wished more than anything that my cock was free so that I could masturbate.
Behind me the cheering and coarse commentary went on as Jimmy raped my wife on our bed. She was drugged and helpless, but in my mind she was wide-awake and enjoying every minute of the gangbang.
“I’m cumming man,” Jimmy yelled over the noise, “I’m gonna fill the whore with my load. Hey man I’m doing her for you, OK?” I assumed that last part was for me, but it was left to my mind to make up for the fact I couldn’t see what he was doing.
“Yesssss, yesssss, take it bitch,” he grunted, as the bed squeaked and his friends yelled and cheered.
It was pretty uncomfortable where I was kneeling, and the sight of my daughter sliding up and down the wet black shaft was mesmerising. And to make it worse Annie kept on drooling down that spit onto my face – did she think it was funny or what?
“OK, OK, my turn,” one of the teenagers yelled. I didn’t know which one it was, but I assumed Jimmy rolled off my wife about then.
“Oh gross,” the kid said, “Look at all that cum leaking out of her fucking cunt. I ain’t into cream pies and sloppy seconds man.” The disgust in his voice was clear, and I knew what he meant – in his place I might have felt the same.
The speed of Nico’s fucking of Annita seemed to be increasing, and his balls seemed to be getting tighter in my mouth.
“Hey man, we need this bitching cleaning up,” a young voice called, probably to me.
“Take it easy guys,” Nico panted, “I’m just gonna unload my balls in his daughter, then he can come over and clean his wife for you boys.”
They liked that one, and the cheering started again, this time encouraging Nico to reach the finish line.
I’d never had such a close-up view of a cock before as it pumped a load from balls to pussy. Sure there were only a couple of inches of shaft left visible with each up thrust, but it was easy to see each surge of jism pass up that fat muscle and into my daughter’s slippery hole. Fascinating.
Almost as soon as the last pulse passed upwards, Nico lifted Annita so that just the tip of his cock rested in her gaping hole. At first I didn’t realise why he was holding her like that, unless he wanted me to be able to see deep inside her ravaged vagina - but then I understood.
As I watched, bubbly slime appeared on the sides of his dick, and slowly oozed down towards my face. Some of it was thick and white, but a lot was watery and cloudy.
“Don’t waste it faggot,” Alice hissed in my ear, the camera only inches away.
On the positive side it meant that I could release his empty balls from my mouth, but the downside was that I needed to lick and slurp all that salty mix of his and hers cum off his still-rigid cock.
“Oh yeah, that feels good man,” Nico moaned as I worked to clean him off. “But don’t forget to suck what’s left out of Annie.” And he lifted her completely off his softening dick.
I only had a few seconds of my face buried between my daughter’s spread thighs, sucking at her sopping slit, before Alice pulled on my leash and dragged me over to my bed.
“Get the slut cleaned up faggot,” she instructed, “there’s still two boys wanting to use her.”
My mouth was gooey with sticky cum, and my neck was feeling stiff from kneeling in front of Nico for so long, but I climbed up on the bed as best I could in the latex catsuit and got to work on the leaking cunt of my wife.
“Yeah man, eat that cum,” was just one of the repeated calls from the group as they clustered around the bed.
Sarah moaned a little and wriggled as I licked and sucked at her abused pussy. With my mouth already covered in Nico and Annita’s fluids I didn’t really notice the flavour of Jimmy’s and Sarah’s. It looked disgusting though, so I just closed my eyes and concentrated on not getting hard.
“OK that’s enough, let me get at it,” a kid said from behind me, and he swatted me across the ass. “Get out the way fucker, I want some of that white slut.”
I moved over to the side of the bed and immediately a young black body filled my place between Sarah’s legs.
“Here you go bitch, see what a real man feels like,” he shouted, and used his right hand to feed his hard cock into my wife’s loose hole.
“Oh shit man, she’s too fucking big down here, I can’t feel a damn thing,” he complained.
The boys and Alice all burst out laughing.
“Try closing the bitches legs man, that’ll tighten her up,” Nico advised.
“Oh, yeah, thanks man,” the boy said, following the big black man’s idea and immediately getting some more traction with his thrusts.
Sarah grunted as the young buck humped her hard and fast, ramming his long slim dick as deep as he could. He lay flat on top of her, his hands squeezing and kneading my wife’s full breasts.
The noise level rose again with the yelling and loud crude advice. I was starting to wonder if the neighbours might hear and come around to complain.
“Here it comes man, I’m gonna blow my load,” the boy gasped and panted, beads of sweat on his brow, and his firm young body shiny with sweat.
“Go for it man. Give it to her,” Nico encouraged.
“Yeah, yeah, yeahhhhh,” the young thug grunted as he shot a fresh load deep inside my wife. Then he fell across her body, panting like an animal.
“Shit, that was hot,” the third boy said. “But her cunt is gonna be all sloppy and huge now, what can I do with that?” And he pointed down at Sarah’s gaping, oozing labia as the other boy rolled off her.
The others laughed and joked for a while before Nico came up with the idea of fucking Sarah’s tits.
“You ever try a titty fuck man?” he asked the teenager, who shook his head.
“Try it man. Just slide your dick between her tits and squeeze them together,” Nico said. “See if you can shoot your load on her face, it’s hot.”
The kid grinned and scooted up onto the bed.
“While Jacko there is humping your Mum’s tits, why don’t you get to work getting these boys hard again. You too faggot,” Nico said to Annita.
Annie was white and didn’t look too well, but Jimmy quickly grabbed her and pulled her over to him. With a hand on her head, he pushed her down onto her knees so that she could suck his dick.
She didn’t resist, closing her eyes as she set to work sucking him hard so that he could fuck her mother again.
“Yeah baby, suck it deep. I’m gonna screw your ass if you don’t do a good job,” Jimmy gloated as my daughter’s head bobbed up and down on his shaft.
I watched Jacko straddle my wife’s chest and bury his cock in the valley between my wife’s tits and start fucking – slowly at first, but after adding some spit for lubrication he started humping faster.
“What about me?” the third boy complained. “I ain’t no faggot. Who’s gonna suck my bone?”
Nico laughed. “Hey Alice, why don’t you give Mikey a hand, so to speak, while I give you a little something for your trouble?”
A look of doubt flashed across Alice’s pretty face, but then she slowly stripped off her clothes and got down on her hands and knees in front of a suddenly very happy boy. As she got naked Nico pulled on his half-erect cock, pumping it up for Alice’s benefit.
“Spread your legs baby,” Nico urged, kneeling behind Alice. “You need this don’t you slut?”
As Alice’s sweet mouth closed on the head of Mikey’s already stiffening cock, Nico eased his masterpiece into Alice’s tight cunt.
“Yeah baby,” Nico moaned as he slid deeper into Alice.
“MMMmmm,” Alice moaned as she slobbered over Mikey’s lucky cock.
“Oh God, yeahhh,” Mikey groaned as he closed his eyes in ecstasy.
How I wished that my cock was free. I needed to jerk off so badly, but I needed to try and stay cool, otherwise my tied cock would explode in agony.
Everywhere I looked there was beautiful, wonderful sex going on. Jacko was fucking my wife’s tits like a madman, his eyes staring down into her face, and rapidly getting closer to orgasm.
My daughter was working hard on Jimmy’s stiff organ, sucking him, jerking his shaft with her left hand while massaging his young balls with her right hand.
And right in front of me, Alice was sandwiched between Mikey’s cock stuffing her mouth, and Nico’s monster drilling her from behind.
Moans, groans, slurps and slaps filled the room, and I just stood there helpless and useless.
Jacko was the first to lose control and he rammed his cock hard, crying out as he ejaculated over the throat, chin and chest of my drugged wife. Oh God how I envied him.
Even as Jacko fell off my wife, Mikey gave up his load into Alice’s eager mouth, his hands clasped on her golden head, forcing his hot cum down her throat.
Jimmy held on as long as he could, but my little girl gave a pretty good blowjob, almost forcing him to give up the contents of his balls to her. She coughed and spluttered though as he tried to jam his spurting cock down her throat.
Nico could probably have gone on all night fucking Alice, and once she let Mikey’s dripping cock slip from her lips, swallowing his tasty load, she concentrated on her own pleasure.
Alice humped back onto Nico’s log, reaching back between her legs to alternate rubbing his balls with massaging her own clit. She moaned and urged him on, using the most perverted language to excite him even more.
I needed to do something. There was no way I could keep the blood from pumping to my cock. With all this sex happening, something had to give.
“Please,” I whimpered. “Please, can I untie myself, please?” I begged to Nico and Alice.
Nico looked over at me and laughed. “Sure faggot, why not. Untie yourself and I’ll think of something good for you.” He carried on banging Alice, his big balls slapping against her thighs as he fucked her doggy style.
My hands were shaking so much it was almost impossible to undo Alice’s knots, but finally I did it, and almost cried with relief.
“I got an idea faggot,” Nico chuckled, slowing his rhythm. “Since Alice is a bit busy, Jimmy can do the filming, but this is what you’re gonna do,” he said.
I didn’t care what it was - in my state I would have fucked anyone, or anything.
“What I want,” Nico said with a grin, “is a little family scene. A little incest action to get me off, OK?”
My cock was making up for lost time and was quickly inflating to a useable size. I nodded. I didn’t care. I just needed relief.
Alice had turned her head and was watching me, as Nico slowly sawed in and out of her soaking pussy.
“Annie, why don’t you get your ass on to the bed and get into a 69 with your slut mother. I wanna see some heavy tongue action on that pussy,” Nico instructed, enjoying playing porn director.
“And you faggot, you get to fuck your baby daughter right on camera,” he finished.
Jimmy picked up the video camera and started filming as we got into our positions. Annita certainly didn’t look eager, but my balls were throbbing, and from my point of view it could have been a lot worse.
Annie straddled her mum’s face. Sarah was still out of it, so she couldn’t appreciate the sight of our daughter’s tasty lips just above her mouth.
“Get you head down there baby,” Nico urged. “See what mummy tastes like.”
They all laughed at that, and more comments started up again from the exhausted boys.
“OK Daddy, time to fuck your baby girl. Smile faggot, and enjoy it,” Nico said, picking up the pace again and making Alice moan with pleasure.
I didn’t need telling twice. As Annita lowered her head between her mother’s thighs, I pushed my cock head against my daughter’s soft pussy lips.
Pre-cum was flowing like a river out of my slit, so I didn’t need much more lubrication, but it seemed that Annita was getting in the mood too. My daughter opened her thighs and her pussy to let me in.
“Oh God,” I moaned as my cock slid into the hot, liquid interior of my 14-year old daughter. My hands gripped her hips as I enjoyed the incredible sensation of young flesh wrapped around my yearning cock.
“Yeah, go for it man,” the boys cheered, but I was lost in my own world of pleasure.
My rhythm was urgent and intense. There was no way this was going to be a long session, and I didn’t care if Annie enjoyed it or not – but since she was grunting and moaning into her mother’s slimy hole, and pushing back onto me, I got the impression that she was enjoying it too.
Nico was matching my pace thrust for thrust, and I wondered if he was doing it deliberately. Was he racing me?
With everyone watching me, I was in paradise. Inside my shiny red latex suit I was soaked in sweat and overheating, but that was a small price to pay.
“I’ve got to cum,” I whispered to Annita, leaning forward over her back. “I’m sorry baby, I can’t hold out any longer.”
“He’s gonna blow his load,” someone shouted, and they all took up a chant – “Cum Daddy, cum Daddy, cum Daddy.”
There was no way I could stop. Nothing could stop me. The surge flooded up from my balls, and the irresistible pressure exploded as deep inside my daughter as my straining cock could reach.
“AAArrgghhhhhhh,” I screamed, as the most exquisite feeling on Earth burst in my head.
It seemed to go on forever – the pumping and thrusting, deeper and harder. Spurt after glorious spurt, with my breath held for too long.
I was too weak and spent to care about falling across my daughter’s soft back, pressing her down onto my wife’s limp form.
Breathing was tough, and I dragged in gulp after gulp, as my heart pounded.
When I opened my eyes and rolled off Annita, I saw that Nico too had shot his load. He grinned back at me.
“Great show man,” he panted. “You sure got me off fucking your daughter like that, and right on top of your wife too. Fantastic.”
It took a while for everyone to get themselves together, but from the back-slapping and excited chatter as they got dressed, I gathered that Jimmy’s birthday had been a great success.
As Nico, Alice and the boys got ready to leave, Nico said to me, “Listen man, I like the way things are with your family, and I’m gonna offer you a deal.”
I was exhausted, both physically and mentally, and I didn’t really see that I had any choices no matter what he said.
“I’m gonna take your wife for Jimmy, that’s a done deal,” Nico said. “I was gonna take Annie too, but that’s where I’m offering a deal. A bet really.”
I stood listening. The boys and Alice were waiting too.
“Annie’s a great little slut, and we’re gonna keep fucking her whenever we want,” he looked at me as though I might question him. I just shrugged - she was indeed a good fuck.
“Now here’s the bet. Annie is gonna be the prize in this bet so listen up,” he said, getting serious.
I was getting curious too.
“Annie’s not on the pill, you know that right?” he asked. I nodded. I had assumed so, which was why all this unprotected sex was so worrying – that and the thought of catching a disease.
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Sorry it took so long, but here's Chapter 10. I have to confe
*** These are the lines that got cut off ***

“OK, so here it is. The bet. I bet that we can make her pregnant before you can. The boys and me will fuck Annie whenever we want, but you’ll be the only white man using her. Whoever knocks her up first wins her. OK?”
I was so shocked that I could have fallen on the floor. I was speechless. That was so fucking outrageous that I couldn’t say anything.
He looked at me expectantly. “Well?” he asked.
My lips flapped and by brain whirled, but I couldn’t bring them together to form words.
“Of course it will take a while for the bet to play out, and we’ll get to try a lot of games with your baby slut, but at least it’s a chance for you to win her back. What do you say?”
He seemed to think I had a choice, but in reality what could I do? He was taking my wife – whatever that meant. He wanted to take Annita too, and I couldn’t stop him. If I didn’t agree to his bet, then they would take her anyway. This way all I had to do was make my own daughter pregnant, if I didn’t want her taken to become a prostitute and a drug addict. What was the choice?
“Of course we can’t let the bet go on forever. It takes nine months for the baby to be born, and if we give you three months to knock her up, that should be plenty, yeah?” He seemed to be negotiating – very strange.
I just nodded. Compared to the alternative, it seemed like a great idea. That would give us a full year to find a way out of this shitty mess.
“OK,” I said. “It’s a bet.”
Filthy, disgusting, intense, scary, addictive and still quite real. Everything goes from bad to worth. Many points of no returns have been passed. Everything is almost completely demolished, ruined and covered with buckets of sperm and a layer or syringes. I have no idea if it's still possible to fix at least something except lust. The lust is always there along with fear.

Speaking of points of no returns. I wonder when it was still possible to prevent the avalanche of disasters.

And yeah, letting your cock lead you is not a good idea. Other not good ideas are unprotected sex and drugs.

I'm waiting for the next chapter. I can't stop reading it just like it's difficult not to stare at someone's ugliness or deformity or not swallowing pages after pages of Stephen King's books.

This world is scary....