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Stories on demand - "The Rubber Trigger"
(17 Dec 2012, 11:50 )bob_masters Wrote: But energy levels are slipping... I need encouragement to finish...
Sounds very familiar. Hence I created a dedicated thread: Erection of the day Wink
Well...I'm back, after a long absence. I'm thinking of writing something, and maybe I'll actually finish this story ;-)
That should be Chapter 13, not 14. Unless you forgot to post C14
Actually I posted out of sequence - sorry. Here is Chapter 13, which I thought I had posted before I went on 'pause' before.

Let me know what you think. Likes/dislikes.


Chapter 13: The end in sight?

As it turned out I was wrong about the mother being the hardest to ensnare, but then I hadn’t counted on the help of her children.
Tricia and Cindy were easy – Nico was right about that. Tricia – the twin with freckles – was reticent about giving in to my blackmail attempts, but Cindy didn’t need much ‘threatening’ at all and jumped at the chance to do grown up stuff.
Annita and I got to work as soon as I was fit enough after Nico’s severe fucking of my ass, and we had two clear days before he brought my wife – Sarah – back home.
I was still pretty sore, but with my daughter’s help we managed to create a reasonable video of the little twins smoking marijuana and performing disgusting (wonderful) sex acts on the floor with a ‘man’. We’d edited-out my features as much as possible, but we didn’t worry too much about the details – after all, the idea was to show the girls, not look at me.
So, after pulling the video into a decent montage of amazing scenes, and – in my case – jerking off a few times while Annita smoothed it all out, I asked Annie to bring the two sweet schoolgirls over for a chat.
“Hello girls,” I said cheerfully when Annie showed them in, “have a seat,” and pointed at our sofa, strategically placed in front of our large flat screen TV and DVD player.
Tricia looked a bit nervous, but her sister was all enthusiasm and energy, looking around at the pictures in our living room and completely at ease. Annita brought them each a glass of Coke and I settled down to show them our creation.
“Right girls,” I said, rubbing my hands together as I watched their sweet innocent faces, “Annie and I thought you might like to see the video that Alice made. Would you like to see it?”
They both looked a bit doubtful, but it was really a rhetorical question – I was going to show it to them anyway. I pressed the ‘Play’ button on the remote.
I watched their cute faces closely as the screen sprang to life, and my cock twitched as their rosebud mouths fell open in surprise.
“Oh my God,” Tricia’s lips said, but no sound came out. Both pairs of sweet eyes opened wide in their pale faces as they watched themselves performing on the big, bright screen.
The little-girl voices giggled out of the TV as they smoked grass and played with the big adult cock on the carpet.
Tricia buried her face in her hands as she watched herself and her sister take turns sitting on the man’s face.
Moaning and pleading from the naked man made her look back at the screen.
I thought that she might faint when she saw herself rubbing on his leg as she stroked and pulled on his drooling cock, her sister similarly occupied on his other leg.
My cock was throbbing and straining in my pants as I watched the girls’ faces.
While Tricia could hardly bear to watch, Cindy seemed fascinated. After the initial shock wore off she seemed to really enjoy watching herself, and leaned forward to get a closer look, licking her lips with eagerness. She was one hot little bitch.
By the time it got to the final scene – with my onscreen self pumping his load like a maniac – I was ready for some of that relief right then.
As the screen turned black I looked at the girls and grinned.
“OK ladies, what did you think?” I said, “Did you like that?”
Tricia looked sick, but Cindy grinned and said, “Wow, that was awesome”.
And that was the way that I got them. Cindy couldn’t wait to get her clothes off and repeat the action, and with her on my side her sister soon gave in. And it was hardly necessary at all to threaten them with showing their parents, or their friends, or putting the video on the web.
Just to make sure that we had enough material on them, I made them perform a few tricks right there and then, while Annita filmed it.
Cindy didn’t protest much at all as I ‘made’ her strip naked and pretend to masturbate on the sofa next to her sister. And she didn’t hesitate for more than a few seconds as I told her to kneel and suck on my throbbing shaft. Annita zoomed in for close-ups as that sweet hot mouth closed over my cock head.
I needed to give her a few basic instructions on cock sucking, but she was a quick and easy learner.
Tricia took a little more persuasion, but she could see that her life would be unbearable if the video got public. So with a bit of hair pulling and a couple of gentle slaps from me, she slowly took off her clothes and joined her sister kneeling in front of my manhood, taking turns to play with my balls and suckle on my fat cock.
“Mmmmm, that’s great,” I moaned, as the two little angels turned dirty. “Now look up at the camera and smile as you lick my shaft.”
I hadn’t really planned all the details for the meeting – in one of my more excited moments I’d thought of taking their virginities in the first session, but then I’d decided that it was too early.
With my cum boiling in my balls I couldn’t really hold out for long.
“Oh yeah girls, that’s fantastic,” I groaned, as their little hands massaged and stroked, and their hot little tongues curled and swirled over my leaking cock. “Now put your heads up close together and open your mouths, Daddy Bob is going to shoot a big sticky load on you.”
As the little naked girls squashed up shoulder to pure white shoulder, and knelt cheek to cheek, I waved Annita in for a close up – I wanted their sweet innocent faces full shot when I unloaded on them.
“Yeah Cindy, pull on it, rub it, that’s great. Keep pulling even when I start cumming, OK?” I put a hand behind her head to hold her in place. Her auburn hair was soft and silky. “Tricia, open your mouth, I want Cindy to aim for it as she rubs me off.”
They needed more practice - as hand jobs go it wasn’t great. But the important thing was to get them started. Any way, it was the scene that counted – and getting it on film.
“That’s it slut, do it, make me cum you little whore,” I groaned, as Cindy pulled me towards the finishing line.
“Gaarrrhhhh, yessssss,” I cried out as my first thick wad spurted out and hit Tricia right on the forehead. Not a great shot – I wanted it between Tricia’s gaping lips.
But Cindy kept on tugging, just I’d told her to. Her little tongue stuck out as she concentrated on the target.
“God, yesssss,” I hissed as my orgasm took control and each tug on my cock pulled out another spurt of hot jism.
My left hand gripped Cindy’s hair tight as the little slut milked my cock over her sister’s upturned face. Tricia screwed up her eyes and closed her mouth at the first taste of my salty semen, but that didn’t stop me – nothing could have stopped me, coating her sweet angelic face in my fuck juice.
“Christ that was good,” I gasped as I eased Cindy’s tiny fingers off my wilting muscle. I guess I’m the same as most guys – once I’ve shot my load it’s OK to carry on with a gentle cock stimulation – maybe I’ll keep hard, but my cock is too sensitive to carry on rubbing at the same speed.
Annita was right there with the camera, catching every oozing drip of cum on Tricia’s face. And man was she plastered – not a single glob looked like it had missed.
“Yuk, this is gross,” Tricia muttered through tightly closed lips.
“You ever tasted cum before girls? How about you get cleaned up?” I asked. There was something that I REALLY wanted them to do while being filmed.
Cindy started to get to her feet, but I pushed her down.
“I don’t think we should waste all this lovely sperm,” I said, gripping Cindy by the hair. “Push some of it into Tricia’s mouth. NOW!”
Some of the cum was sliding down her face and dripping off her chin onto her flat chest, but there was plenty left on her face for my purposes.
“Come on, do it. Use your fingers Cindy. Scoop it up. Slide it into her mouth.” I needed to sound harsh. They had to learn who was the boss, and that they were there to serve me.
“OH please, NO!” Tricia whined. But her eyes were gummed up and she was effectively helpless. She waved her hands around like she was trying to shoo away flies as the slime slowly oozed down her face.
“Do it,” I urged Cindy, giving her head a little shake.
Reluctantly she put out a finger and dragged it across her sister’s cheek, collecting a small slippery dollop of cum, which she slid to the tightly squeezed lips.
“Open,” I growled. “Don’t make me have to threaten you Tricia. You really don’t want your Mum or Dad to see what you’ve been doing, do you? And anyway, it’s not so bad. It’s a bit salty, but it’s not bad. You’ll get used to it.” She certainly would need to get used to it – first my cum and then it would be Nico’s, and after that anything was possible.
“Please don’t. Please,” Tricia begged. But by trying to speak she relaxed her lips a little and Cindy’s cum-coated finger slipped into her mouth.
“MMM…uurgg,” Tricia spluttered, trying to spit it out.
“More,” I instructed. “Scoop it all in. Do it.”
Slowly Cindy did as she was told, and gradually – with a lot of crying and begging, Tricia sucked her sister’s slimy fingers clean, and my load ended up in her mouth after all.
“Now you Cindy. Clean Tricia’s face. Lick her face clean.” This was the part that I really wanted filmed. My cock started throbbing again as Cindy – reluctantly at first, started to run her little pink tongue over her twin sister’s shiny cheeks and chin.
“Oh God that is so gross!” Tricia groaned.
“Oh my God, that is fucking fantastic,” I whispered, as I watched the erotic sight of the two naked nymphs. My cock was straining again by the time Cindy got to licking Tricia’s lips. I just had to get them doing some hot lesbian action.
“Kiss her,” I said to Cindy.
“What?” she said, turning to look at me. Her eyes were shining and she seemed pretty turned on, despite her age. Tricia was blushing a bright pink.
“I said,” my voice sounded hoarse with lust, “I want you to kiss each other. On the mouth. Lots of tongue.”
“Oh God, no, please,” Tricia moaned, but it seemed half-hearted to me. And Cindy definitely seemed up for the action. They needed so little persuasion that I wondered if they’d done this kind of thing before.
Up close the sight and sounds of little lesbians sucking on each other’s faces must be one of the most erotic experiences you can get. It’s even better when they’re sisters, and better still when they’re twins.
My lust was driving me crazy – I had to fuck somebody.
Ever since Nico had changed the rules of the game so that there was no longer a need to get Annita pregnant, my daughter had turned pretty cold in the bedroom department. It reminded me of my wives – both of them – hot as Hell before the marriage, but cooling fast once they had the ring on their clutching fingers. Anyway, right now Annita wasn’t top of my preference list for a hard fucking.
Indecision made me hesitate for a few more minutes – should I take the plunge and fuck one of these underage bitches? It was wrong, but so was everything else that had happened over the last months. And it would be in a good cause – it would break in one of the girls ready to hand over to Nico, and that was part of getting my daughter free of him.
But it wasn’t a matter of choice, or logic really – it was basic animal instinct. Right there in front of me were two fantastically sexy girls, doing erotic and arousing things to each other. They were asking for it.
The only real choice to be made was – Cindy or Tricia? Cindy was closest.
There’s a beast in all of us, and sometimes it comes out. Now was one of those times.
I threw off my clothes and grabbed Cindy by the hair, pulling her off her sister. My cock was pointing the way, and the little girl gasped as I forced her flat onto the carpet. Tricia pushed herself away from us, shuffling on her cute butt as far as the sofa, fear and shock on her face.
This wasn’t about love or sweetness, this was animal and rough. Nothing short of a .45 magnum round would have stopped me.
Cindy’s eyes were round and huge as I forced myself on her. My hands were everywhere – stroking, poking, tweaking and probing. Excitement and lust was making me sweat like a hog, and I must have been drooling – totally out of control.
I forced her legs apart as wide as they’d go.
“Hold still bitch,” I grunted. “Daddy wants your cherry, and I want it NOW!”
Then I was above her, holding myself up with one hand while with the other I started rubbing my cock head along her bald slit.
The little bitch was definitely turned on. Sure she was small and tight, and right now she was scared - but there was definitely juice lubing up that hot pleasure hole.
“You ready baby,” I grinned down at her. “You ready to be a woman?”
It was another rhetorical question – ready or not I was coming in.
“Aaaiiieeee,” Cindy cried out as I forced the tip of my leaking muscle between those oh-so-tight lips.
God she was tight. But that just drove me on. I had to get my cock inside, and every ounce of strength I had would be used to drive it home.
“No, please,” she whimpered, eyes wide and little white baby teeth biting hard on her sweet bottom lip.
“Little bitch,” I growled, poking my cock deeper with every attempt at entry. “You want it don’t you? Answer me you whore.”
Sweat trickled down my face and dripped onto her hair. She was so fucking cute lying there looking up at me with those amazing ‘fuck me’ eyes. Well, if she wanted it, she was gonna get it.
“Open up bitch. Open your cunt for Daddy,” I groaned. I was making headway, and it was only a matter of a few more minutes before I’d reach the breaking point – hymen breaking that is.
“Please don’t, it hurts,” she lied. I knew that she REALLY wanted to be fucked. It was written all over her face. And if she didn’t want to fuck why was her pussy all juiced up?
“Lying bitch,” I snarled. “Take it. Take it all. I know you want it. All you fucking bitches are the same.” I was panting the words out, and with each breath I jammed my rock hard spike deeper, and closer to that thin piece of skin that separated girls from women.
“Oooouch,” Cindy cried, as my cock finally bumped up against the last barrier. She closed her eyes – in pain, or pleasure – but I didn’t really care which.
Tricia was huddled up against the sofa, big scared eyes watching her twin sister getting raped. Did she envy her? Would she prefer to be the one with a big adult cock pushing into her hot little hole? Her turn would come soon enough.
Annita was filming the whole thing. Who was she making the video for though? Hell, I didn’t care – it would make an amazing addition to my personalised porn collection.
“Time to grow up sweety,” I said, grinning down at the youngster, and pausing for breath. The little girl’s twat was gripping my cock like a fist, and I could feel a pulse pounding through the shaft. It was probably mine, but it turned me on to think it was her body pulsating around my invading muscle.
“Nooooo,” she whimpered, but I knew that she didn’t mean it.
“Yesssssss,” I hissed, as I raised my hips and withdrew an inch or two before lunging forward hard and fast.
“Aiiiiieeee,” Cindy screamed, as my cock tore through the fragile screen of skin.
I felt only a small, momentary resistance as I took her virginity. It was hardly anything at all. So easy to take.
After that it was an easy fuck. Sure she was tight, but girls are built for taking cock aren’t they?
Cindy sobbed as I took my pleasure from her hot little body. Tears rolled down her velvet cheeks, and I bent my head to lick them up. That was the cherry on the cake, so to speak – lapping up the tears of a deflowered virgin.
“Yeah, bitch, take it all,” I sneered at her, sawing my cock in and out of her woman’s hole. She needed to know what she was for. This was her future. She was lucky that someone as gentle and caring as me was her first lover – I doubted that any of the black men who would use her later would be this kind.
“I’ve gotta cum slut,” I moaned as the heat in my balls started to move. “Are you ready for your first load slut?”
My big cock was bumping against her insides as I jammed myself as far in as it could go. She winced and cried out as I ravaged her, but I was sliding out of control and into orgasm.
“Yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSSS,” I shouted as cum raced from my balls and gushed out inside her. Now she really was a woman. This is what she was built for – taking a man’s load.
“Ahhhh, yeah baby,” I panted. “You are one hot little fuck toy.”
She lay there snuffling and whimpering, as though she hadn’t enjoyed it. I rolled off her and lay on my back on the carpet. “That’s better,” I said, with a sign of contentment.
While I went and took a shower I asked Annita to get Cindy cleaned up and to take both the girls home. It was getting late and I didn’t want the parents wondering where the little brats had gone. My plan was to fuck the other twin the next day – I didn’t want to leave them to think about things for too long or they might do something stupid.
I didn’t need to worry really – the girls felt that they were completely trapped. I could do what I wanted with them. It was that easy.
The next day was Friday and I had a feeling that time was running out before my slutty wife came back and Nico made another appearance. I needed to work fast to develop the twins and their family.
It was pretty clear to me, when Annita brought the girls round after school, that Cindy really was happy to have been fucked. She seemed more confident, and she didn’t seem in any discomfort after losing her virginity. She acted even more seductive and grown up, clearly thinking she had an advantage over her sister.
I took the girls up to my bedroom and didn’t waste any time getting them and myself stripped off and ready for the next act.
Tricia was nervous and anxious of course, but she was trapped. How could she refuse to do what I told her? And Cindy played a big part in dragging her along – convincing her sister that they really didn’t have a choice, and anyway it didn’t hurt that much.
Both the little girls sat cross-legged and nude in the middle of the big bed.
I stood naked at the side of the bed, arms folded across my chest, waiting, as Cindy cajoled and argued her twin sister into giving up her virginity. I wanted Tricia to do it all ‘voluntarily’. Sure I’d forced – raped – her sister in front of her, so Cindy hadn’t had a choice. But I wanted to see Tricia give in and surrender, and then degrade herself of her own free will. This wouldn’t be a rape – this would be Tricia offering herself to me and doing anything and everything I wanted.
Finally Tricia nodded. She didn’t say anything, and she looked flushed and sad, but she nodded to her sister. She was giving in. I held back a smile of victory.
Cindy gave her twin a big hug and then sat next to her, her pale, slim arm around her shoulder.
“Are you ready?” I asked Tricia. She nodded, her eyes downcast.
“OK then, come over here and suck my cock. Get it hard so that I can fuck you.”
My heart was pounding, but this was going much easier than I’d ever dared to hope.
Annita stood by the door and videoed everything.
After a few long seconds, and after a gentle push from her sister, Tricia scooted over to my side and stood in front of me. She was so cute, and looked so sad – it was heartbreaking.
“Suck my cock,” I told her. “Do it good and get me hard. Then you can beg me to fuck you.”
Her face was bright red with shame, and her bottom lip was trembling, but she knelt down and gingerly took a hold of my half-hard cock in her little right hand.
“Suck it. Suck Daddy’s cock Tricia,” I said, reaching out and gently pressing her head in the right direction.
I felt her lips meet my cock head. For a few seconds she hesitated, but then she opened her mouth and wet heat engulfed the end of my growing muscle.
“Mmmm, good girl. Now, you, Cindy, lie on the bed and let me see how good you are at rubbing yourself off. Annie, pass her a hairbrush to use.”
I wanted both girls in action. It made me hotter and looked better on video.
My dick quickly swelled up to full size as Tricia inexpertly suckled and rubbed my manhood. She needed a lot more practice to be any good, but there was time, and I was a willing teacher.
The sight of the hairbrush handle sliding in and out of Cindy’s recently deflowered pussy was also a serious turn on. She sure was a great catch – what a star whore she would make for Nico.
“OK bitch, get on the bed next to your sister, it’s time to get you ready for fucking.” It had been great making them snog each other the day before, but that was child’s play. This time I wanted them to go a big step further.
When Tricia was sitting still I folded my arms across my chest and took on a stern expression. I wanted them to cross a line today, one that they’d never forget.
“OK Cindy, I’m gonna fuck your sister, but first I need her nice and wet. You’re gonna do that for me. Get your face down on her pussy and start licking.”
Mentally I held my breath. Sure I’d raped her. Yes she’d talked her sister into agreeing to be fucked. But would she go down on her sister?
Both the girls flushed even deeper red, and looked at each other as though they might die of embarrassment.
“NOW,” I said sternly, frowning at the hesitation. “Cindy, get your face into that cunt. Lick it. Do it now. How can I fuck her if she’s dry?”
Tricia still hadn’t met my eye. She lay down on her back, arms by her sides.
“Good. Open your legs Tricia. Cindy, get busy,” I said, smiling a little now that Tricia had given in. But would Cindy actually perform oral sex on her sister?
Cindy sat nervously chewing on her bottom lip. The hairbrush lay on the bed next to her, the handle glistening with her juices.
“Get on with it Cindy,” I told her. “What are you waiting for, Christmas?”
Slowly Cindy moved into position between her sister’s slender legs. After a final hesitation she lowered her head between Tricia’s thighs, and the girl gasped as her sister’s tongue began gently lapping at the tight lips that I was soon to penetrate.
I turned to Annita to make sure that she filmed this latest obscenity, but she was ahead of me, already shooting a close up of Cindy’s little wet tongue poking at her sister’s love hole.
Cindy was on her knees, head bowed into the crotch of her sister. Her sweet little ass was sticking wonderfully up into the air. It was irresistible, so I didn’t resist long.
Climbing onto the bed behind that angelic butt, it was easy to slide my drooling cock between her delicious thighs, rubbing my spike against her hole – which had already been warmed up and opened during her play with the hairbrush.
She stopped her licking and looked back at me over her shoulder.
“Keep licking her,” I said, reaching forward and giving Cindy’s head a gentle push. “I’m going to keep my cock warm inside your cunt until she’s ready.”
With my own legs I eased Cindy’s thighs apart. My cock was oozing so much pre-cum, and Cindy was already loosened up, so it was a pretty easy entrance compared to the day before. It only took a dozen or so thrusts before the whole of my muscle was embedded inside her – well, at least as far as it could get.
With my hands on her slender hips I slowly fucked her doggy style while she lapped and licked at her sister’s virgin twat.
“Mmmm, that’s good Cindy,” I crooned. It was hot and tight in there, and on another day I would have happily shot my load deep inside. But today my cum was destined for another cunt, and it was time to get down to the main course.
“OK slut, that’s enough for now,” I said, giving Cindy a slap on the butt and pulling my rigid dick out her with a squidgy plop. “If she’s not wet enough by now, it’ll have to do.”
The little girl lifted her head from between her sister’s legs and looked back at me. Her face was hot and red, with her mouth and chin glossy with saliva and – maybe some baby cunt juice? Her eyes were shiny and narrowed with lust. I think she would have preferred me to keep on fucking her, but there would be time for a session with her later, once I’d taken her sister’s cherry.
“OK Tricia, look at me,” I said, as I moved between the virgin’s sweet thighs. Her eyes were tight shut, but that wasn’t how I wanted this to go. There was no way that this little bitch was going to try and ignore what was happening, and just shut herself off from her rape.
“Look at me Tricia,” I repeated, pushing her legs as wide as they would go. “I’m gonna fuck you, slut. I want you to see who it is that takes your virginity. I want you to remember your first fuck forever. A lot of men are going to fuck you after me, but I’m the first. After this, every time you fuck, you’ll remember me. This is forever.”
There was something about these two little bitches that brought out the sadist in me. Normally I’m a nice guy, and I’m not into girls this young, but there was something about them that made me want to be wicked.
I lay down on top of Tricia and started rubbing my hard cock against her belly and her crotch. She lay there staring up at me, her eyes wide and scared. I kissed her little mouth hard, forcing my tongue inside her mouth, watching her eyes.
There was no way I was going to be able to penetrate her like this. It felt good rubbing myself against her body, but even after her sister’s licking, her virgin cunt would be just too tight to get into. I needed a helping hand.
“Hey Cindy,” I called over my shoulder. I knew she would be close, and watching every move we made. She was a hot little whore and might even be rubbing herself off. “Get over here slut, and put my cock into your sister.”
I felt the girl move across the bed, and then her little hand reached between me and her sister, grasping my hot cock in her cool fingers.
“That’s it slut, yes, rub it up and down her cunt, and then put it in,” I instructed. God it felt good. And getting her sister to help me rape Tricia was a masterstroke.
“Mmmm, yeah. Put the tip inside. Do you like that, slut?” I said, looking deep into Tricia’s beautiful grey eyes. She bit her lip as she felt the end of my cock slipping into her cunt.
I kissed her mouth again, and licked and sucked at the sweet, soft skin of her face. I felt like a beast, but I felt great.
All I had to do was use my weight to drive my spike slowly deeper into the virgin. Her sister’s hand was guiding and easing my shaft inside, it was perfect.
“Are you ready, slut?” I asked, when she winced and closed her eyes with the pain. My cock head had reached her hymen, and the time had come.
“Look at me. Look at me Tricia as I pop your cherry. I want you to remember my face forever. Every time a man fucks you. Every time a man puts his cock into you, I want you to remember that I was the first.”
I looked over my shoulder at Cindy, who was kneeling beside us, her hand still gripping my muscle. Her face was a picture of lust. Her right hand was on my cock, but her left was buried between her pure white thighs – pressed hard against her cunt. She looked like she was enjoying this almost as much as I was, and definitely more than her sister.
I grinned at her, and then looked back at her sister lying still as a corpse under me. It was time.
I thought about trying to make her beg me to fuck her - to make her ordeal as humiliating as possible, but then why bother?
“Here you are Cindy, “ I said, drawing my cock back a couple of inches, “Here’s what it feels like to become a woman.” And I jammed myself back into her with blunt, sudden force.
She screamed – but it was only a little squeal really, her eyes suddenly very big and very round.
“You like that slut?” I laughed at her. “You like how it feels to be full of cock?”
I wiggled my hips and ground my cock deeper, using my full weight to force the shaft in up to the hilt.
“Yeah baby, I can see you like that,” I said, kissing her mouth and swirling my tongue around, chasing hers.
Maybe I was getting used to popping virgin cherries, but as I slowly humped her, I found myself drifting into a mental fantasyland. Wasn’t fucking a little virgin exciting enough anymore? I caught myself visualising the little bitch choking on my cock, and slipped into an even more outrageous scenario than I was living in real life.
As I fucked her, and looked into her shocked and saddened eyes, I imagined what it would feel like to force my cock down her throat - to rape that little O-shaped mouth. What a turn on it would be to watch those eyes panic as she fought for breath around the fat shaft of my muscle, buried in her larynx. Could she swallow as much of me as was currently thrust into her baby womb? Would her gag reflex milk me as surely as her pulsing vagina was now?
These two little whores brought something evil out in me. Why was I fantasising about this little girl choking on my cock, when surely it was erotic enough that I was raping her? Something was changing in me. Committing all these outrageous sex acts was driving me nuts. Would I ever get back to being just a normal sex addict with a lust for latex, high heels, and female dominated sex?
Even as I was fucking Tricia, Cindy’s hand crept over my ass and started massaging my balls.
“Oh God, yes Cindy, make me cum in this little fuck whore,” I groaned, as those nimble little fingers probed and tweaked, stroked and teased.
Tricia’s eyes stayed locked on mine as I pushed myself up on my arms above her, grinding my sex into her as deep and hard as it would go.
When I’d fucked Cindy I hadn’t been able to get my full length into her, but although Tricia was her twin she clearly had more room inside – I was able to force my cock balls-deep into the little bitch.
“Yeahhhh, fucking take it bitch, take it ALLLLLLL,” I cried as the hot jism surged up from my soul and poured out into the tiny slut’s insides.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I grunted as each spurt filled her and flooded back out of her cunt hole.
“What a whore,” I gasped, as I finally slumped across her sweaty little body. I was totally spent – she’d milked my balls like a pro.
I waited until my cock wilted enough to slip out of her body before I rolled off and lay next to her, still panting like a dog.
Cindy was still kneeling on the bed beside us, red and flushed, and kept glancing back and forth from her ravaged sister, to my limp muscle. I couldn’t tell from her expression whether she was jealous of her sister, or worried that she might really be hurt.
Once I’d got my breath back I padded off to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up. Neither of the little virgins had bled much when I popped them, so at least there wasn’t much mess to mop up, and if Cindy was anything to go by, they didn’t have much internal pain either. Couldn’t be much better really.
Just like with Cindy, I got Annita to clean Tricia up. It was too bad that my daughter was only interested in the videoing and blackmailing side of the plan to get control of this family – I still lusted after her, and I would have fucked her any time she would let me.
We all sat around on the bed having a little picnic – snacks and Coke – while I took stock of the situation and planned what I was going to do next.
Tricia was still looking pale and stayed silent, but Cindy was in good form, and the way she kept looking at me I could tell that she would be ready for sex as soon as I could get it up again.
“So, now you two girls are broken in, who are we going to get next?” I mused, thinking out loud more than expecting any answer.
“What do you mean?” Cindy said, crunching on a mouth full of potato chips and scattering crumbs all over my bed.
I looked at her and frowned, not sure how much to let these ‘victims’ in on our plans.
“Well, I love the idea of having a whole family to play with,” I said, telling the truth, but not the whole truth. “So, now I’ve got you two, how do I get the rest of your family? Is it easier to get your Dad, your brother, or your Mum?”
I’d thought that the girls would be shocked and appalled, but once the initial surprise wore off – after about 30 seconds – Cindy was ready with an answer.
“Well, it’s got to be Chris, our brother,” Cindy said, looking thoughtful. “He’s 14, but he’s so mixed up he would probably jump at the chance to get back at Mum.”
That sounded intriguing. I’d thought that maybe I could use Annita to seduce him, and then somehow get him to perform some kind of incest with his sisters, but this sounded even better.
“Your Mum and brother, what’s going on between them?” I asked, sipping at my own Coke.
Cindy and Tricia glanced at each other and exchanged troubled looks.
“Come on Cindy, after what we’ve done together you can’t hold back. I’m going to get both of them anyway, so why not tell me? Unless there’s nothing to tell of course,” I said, implying that she didn’t know anything worth knowing.
Cindy frowned and sipped her drink.
After a few seconds of thought she said, “Mum does…things…with Chris, when Dad’s away, which is a lot. We’ve heard them,” and she glanced nervously at Tricia. “Chris really hates Mum and tries to stay away from her, but at night, sometimes, she goes to his room. And they do…stuff. His room is right next to ours, and we can hear everything. It’s…gross.” She looked at her sister and they both pulled faces.
This definitely sounded promising.
“What do you mean by ‘stuff’…and ‘gross’?” I asked, naked curiosity in my tone. I noticed that Annita was paying close attention too.
The two naked little girls kept looking at each other, obviously embarrassed, but Cindy was looking for agreement from her twin before saying more.
“I’ve never seen them do anything,” Cindy said.
“Me neither,” Tricia said, in a shy, whispery voice, still recovering from her first fucking.
“So what do you think happens?” I pushed. If something was going on between Mum and son, then that would be a potentially easy way to get them both into my clutches.
“Well,” Cindy finally said, “once we’ve gone to bed and Mum thinks we’re asleep, we hear her come upstairs and go into his room.” Her voice was breathless and almost a whisper. “We hear him asking her not to do…it. She laughs and says something – it’s too quiet to hear, but he keeps saying, ‘no Mum, please don’t,’ but then she laughs and does…it, anyway.”
This was getting too much to bear.
“OK, so what is… ‘it’?” I asked, exasperated. “What does she do to him?”
The girls looked at each other again and blushed some more.
“Well,” Cindy started hesitantly, “we’ve heard the bed squeaking and bumping, like when Mum does…it…with Dad. At least when they still used to do... it.” And she giggled like a naughty little girl with a secret.
“OK, so you think they’re doing…it? Sex?” I said, prompting.
“Yeah, only Chris doesn’t want to,” Cindy said.
“I think Mum’s really mean to do it with Chris if he doesn’t want to,” Tricia added, looking angry and sad at the same time, a cute pout on her sweet mouth. I felt my cock twitch at the thought of sliding in and out of that rosebud.
“Have you ever talked with Chris about it?” I asked. “Does he know that you know?”
“Yeah, he knows we know,” Tricia answered, “He was crying in his room one day and we asked him if it was because of Mum. And he said ‘yes’, but not to tell anyone.”
“Did he tell you what she did with him?” I asked.
“No, but he hates it. He told us he hates it, and that he hates Mum,” Cindy said.
“OK, so when do they do…it? How often?” I needed more information if we were going to get anywhere.
“Like we said, every time Dad’s away, and sometimes even at the weekend during the daytime, if Dad’s out and she thinks we can’t hear,” Tricia said, with a disgusted look on her face.
“And how long has this been going on? Can you remember when you first found out? Or did Chris tell you?” Most people believe that it’s always the fathers that commit incest in the family, and that it’s never the mothers who are the predators, but when you read stories in the press these days it seems like that’s not true. Mothers seem to be involved at least as much as the fathers, and sometimes they even work together to abuse their children.
“Well, it’s been going on since we moved to the new house, and that’s like two years ago,” Cindy said, and again Tricia nodded confirmation. “So Chris would have been about 12. Maybe it happened before we moved, but I don’t remember.”
“OK, ok, I understand. So, do you think Chris would help us to trap your Mum? Will he talk to us about it?” Unless he would I didn’t see much use for the information.
“Well, I think he will,” Cindy said, looking for confirmation from Tricia, who nodded. “And there’s something else as well,” she said. “We think that he doesn’t like girls very much. Except us. We think he might be…you know…gay.” And she blushed again at using the ‘G’-word.
That would make sense. I could imagine a boy abused by his mother turning against her, and then against all women.
“Mmm, what makes you think he’s gay?” I asked after a few seconds of thought.
The two girls glanced slyly at each other and giggled, embarrassed.
“Well, we snuck into his room a few times, and looked on his PC,” Cindy said. “And when we looked at what websites he’d visited, and what videos and photos he’s been looking at, well, there weren’t any girls on them.” And they both giggled again.
That sounded perfect. Nice incriminating material to start the blackmailing process off.
“So, what was he looking at then? Come on, tell us,” I laughed, being light about it, but very curious. As a porn expert it would tell us a lot about his state of mind and weaknesses.
The girls were blushing like mad and totally embarrassed.
“Well, like I said, it was only with men. But a lot of the sites had men tied up. He looked at videos of men dressed like women, but doing…it…with other men. It was funny sometimes, but some of it was gross,” Cindy said, pulling a face.
“Ok, good,” I said grinning. Very promising indeed. Gay bondage and cross-dressing. Very advanced for his age, but definitely good for blackmail.
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Chapter 14: Onward and upwards

When Chris walked in with his twin sisters I was shocked!
I don’t know why, but I had expected a weedy, skinny kid, with spots and wimpy attitude. After all, he was only 14, and Tricia and Cindy had told me he was probably a gay cross-dresser, and into pretty advanced bondage porn.
It’s probably some kind of cultural conditioning, but I didn’t expect him to look the way he did – slightly taller than me, broader in the shoulders, but a little narrower in the chest, and a lot slimmer in the waistline department.
With his athletic physique and shoulder-length blonde hair, he looked more like a pop star or male model than a sly, sexually abused transvestite! I would have said he looked at least 18. And I could definitely see why his Mum would want to fuck him – he was a hunk that any girl would drop her panties for.
He was wearing a tight pair of jeans, black Puma trainers, and a body-hugging Manchester United red tee shirt. The outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination, and – even though I’m not gay – I was excited to think what we might be able to develop him into.
As I showed him and the girls through to the living room, doubts raced through my mind. What if the girls were wrong and he wasn’t what they’d said? What if his Mum wasn’t abusing him? What if he wasn’t into wearing women’s clothes, and bondage? Sure we’d been into his room and seen there was a lot of porn on his computer, and his web history was full of cross-dressing websites and BDSM, plus quite a lot of good rubber fetish sites. But so what? He was certainly big enough to put up a fight, so rape was not a realistic option.
He sat on the sofa, and his twin sisters sat either side of him – tiny in comparison, but acting kind of protective. Very cute and sweet.
Knowing they were coming over I’d laid out some soft drinks and snacks on the coffee table, so I offered the kids something to drink, playing the good host.
I’d asked Annita to stay upstairs out of the way, for now. Since Chris was supposed to not like girls much, it made sense to keep things simple. Annie had our cameras ready though, just in case anything got tasty, and then I would just call her in.
Chris sat nervously between the blonde twins, fidgeting, and looking around the room, obviously unsure what was going on. He turned down my offer of Coke or crisps. Not a good sign.
I didn’t know exactly what his sisters had told him. All I wanted from them was to get him into the room with me so that I could see what he was like, and try to…well…develop some kind of useful angle to catch him.
“OK Chris,” I started, after watching him fidget for a few more minutes. “You’re probably wondering why I asked Tricia and Cindy to invite you over here?”
His eyes were the same shade of grey as his sisters’, and now that I looked more closely into them I could see that’s where the messages could be read. They say that the eyes are a window into a person’s soul, and in his case it seemed to be true.
He just shrugged, and his eyes sent messages of confusion, pain, and anger, all in a couple of seconds.
“Cindy told me you wanted to talk about Mum,” he said with a surprising little-boy voice. Clearly his voice had not broken yet, and the sound took 10 years off his age.
He went on, “She said that you didn’t like Mum and that you wanted to get back at her for something. What did she do to you?”
When he mentioned his Mum, his eyes flashed with anger, and his jaw clenched tight.
I needed to be careful here, I had never met the woman, so I couldn’t make many false claims or he could catch me out in a lie. I decided to try the path of truth first.
“Actually Chris, I’m a friend of your sisters. And they told me that your Mum is mean to you. That she has been hurting you for a long time. What I want to do is be YOUR friend Chris. I want to stop her hurting you. To help you be happy.”
Now he looked confused, and worried. He nibbled at his bottom lip and looked from one sister to the other and back again. They nodded pale faces in confirmation, and each took hold of one of his hands to reassure him.
Good. He looked convinced. I had an opening.
“It’s OK Chris,” I told him, with a sympathetic smile. I actually liked the kid, and I did genuinely feel sorry for him.
“The girls only told me a little bit, and I can try to help – as a friend, but if you want to tell me more, I’m ready to listen. If you want?”
There was doubt and confusion in his eyes now. Hesitation. Would he open up, or shut me out?
“It’s OK Chris, I’ll never tell anyone else, I promise,” and I meant it. “Whatever you say will stay in this room. And I can tell you that I know what it’s like to be…abused… by a parent.” Well, it was sort of true – in my case people would say that I was the abusive parent after what I had done with my own daughter. But I didn’t need to tell him that.
A look of surprise – shock – passed across his face, his mouth falling open in an ‘O’. And for a second, with his shoulder-length blonde hair and full pink lips, he reminded me of his sisters, just before my fat cock slipped into their mouths.
My cock twitched at the thought of him sucking my dick.
“Patience. Patience Bob,” I told myself. “Take it slow, let him take the bait.”
“You were abused too?” he gasped. The ‘too’ gave away his confirmation.
“Oh yes,” I lied, “for years. When I was a boy, a teenager really, about your age. So I know what you’re going through. I can help.”
He gnawed at his bottom lip again. Looked from me to his little sisters. Pain and tears welled in his eyes. Would he break?
Cindy looked up into her big brothers face, tears in her own sweet eyes, and said, “Trust him Chris. Tell him. Let him help you. Let us help you. Mum deserves to be punished doesn’t she, after what she’s been doing to you?”
A tear ran down his smooth, downy cheek and his bottom lip trembled.
“OK, I’ll tell. But you promise it’s a secret? And I can get back at Mum for what she’s done?”
I nodded. There was pain and anger in those eyes. He wanted revenge. And he would get it - but at a huge cost to him.
So, he told me his story over the next 2 hours. He broke down in tears several times, along with his sisters, and needed to take a few drinks to keep his voice strong enough to speak about what had been done to him. But he told it all.
And this is what he said.
When he turned 12 he started to have wet dreams. Most mornings he would wake up with sticky pyjamas and stains on the mattress and sheets. And he would have a ‘stiffy’ that made getting dressed even harder.
He was confused and had no idea what was happening. Was he sick? Was there something wrong with his ‘thing’? He was too ashamed and embarrassed to talk to anyone.
His mother noticed of course, and started giving him ‘funny’ looks. She changed the sheets and said nothing. She would just give him an odd smile that made him feel…uncomfortable, and he would go all red.
At school, at swimming or after sports when he got changed, he’d noticed that his ‘thing’ was much bigger than the other boys his age. They noticed too and they made fun of him. He’d felt so embarrassed that he began to skip sports lessons, which got him into trouble.
When his Mum asked him why he wasn’t going to sports, he’d lied and said he felt ill. That his ankle hurt. That he felt sick. Anything to avoid having all those boys pointing at his ‘thing’ and laughing at him.
His Dad travelled for work a lot and was hardly ever at home. Even when he did come home he wasn’t interested in Chris or the twins, or even their Mum. He worked, that was all.
One day, when he really did feel ill and stayed off school, he had a fever and his Mum ran a bath for him. While he was lying in the bath his Mum came into the bathroom and knelt down by the side of the bath.
Without saying a word, his Mum took the bar of soap and began washing him from his neck to his feet. To start with she ignored his ‘thing’, but after washing his feet she slowly worked her way back up his legs, and this time didn’t stop until her slippery, foamy fingers reached his adolescent cock.
When he asked her to stop, she just shushed him, like she would a baby, and carried on soaping his balls and – growing – dick.
Embarrassed, he tried to push her hands away. He kept asking her to stop. It was wrong. It was wrong!
She just kept on saying, “Shush,” like he was being difficult. And kept on rubbing.
His body betrayed him.
His mother betrayed him.
Confused. Betrayed. His cock stiffened and his mother smiled.
He moaned. Why did this feel so good? Why did he want her to continue?
He begged her to stop. He cried. He sobbed.
She pushed his hands aside and carried on pulling his innocence away.
He had never even played with himself. He didn’t know about masturbation. His only orgasms had come at night when he was asleep. He didn’t even remember what it felt like, or what the dreams were that caused him to make the mess.
His mother continued. Up and down, swirling around, making him groan.
With no warning his body suddenly started doing things he had no control over. His hips bucked against his Mum’s slippery fingers. A surge of pressure from his young balls. His fists clenched. He grunted. He closed his eyes.
A surge of release pumped through his body as he spent himself in his mother’s hands - hot spatters of goo hitting his chest; splashing into the bath water.
Gasping for breath he opened his eyes. His mother was rinsing her hands in the water, wiping the slime off his chest and shoulder. She was smiling.
Without a word she got up, dried her hands, and left the bathroom.
He felt ashamed. Dirty. Betrayed. Used. How could she have done that? Why?
After that it was always the same. She would never say anything, except “Shush,” when he tried to stop her or protest.
She started coming to his room at night after the twins were in bed. Any time of the night.
He would wake up to the feeling of her hands on him. On his ‘thing’.
Sometimes it would be her mouth down there, sucking him.
And he was always hard. Stiff. His body betraying him. His body wanted her touch. It was disgusting.
Right from the first time, in his bed, as soon as he was hard, his mother climbed on top of him and pushed his ‘thing’ inside herself.
She would rock back and forth, moaning. The liquid heat of her would make him moan too – another betrayal.
On and on she would go, hands roaming his body, fingers pinching and squeezing. Sometimes slipping her fingers inside herself, before pushing the slippery result into his mouth to suck.
And always his body would betray him. No matter how he begged her to stop, his ‘thing’ would stay hard. And somehow she knew when his body was ready to explode because she would stop, and wait, until his breath was normal again.
Only when she was completely exhausted and satisfied would she allow his traitorous body any relief, smiling down at him as she rode his orgasm, and his dirty cock spewed out it’s hot mess inside her.
Then, without a word, she would dismount and walk to the bathroom to clean herself.
The only good thing was that this stopped his messing the bed. Sure he still woke up with a ‘stiffy’, but he wasn’t waking up with sticky sheets any more. And often his mother would come back in the morning to take care of that ‘stiffy’.
As time went on he discovered what other boys his age discover – the joys of masturbation, porn, and girls. Except in his case he found girls rather…disgusting. But he did like the ‘feel’ of their clothes and underwear.
This part was hard for him to tell me, so I asked the two twins to leave us alone at this point.
He had a laptop of his own to use for homework, so it was easy to search out porn and photos that excited him. Masturbation was difficult though because his mother was around him all the time, and she took him whenever she felt he was capable of satisfying her.
His only peace was when his Mum took the twins out shopping on Saturdays. Then he had almost the whole day to indulge himself.
He started out just randomly visiting normal porn sites, but found that he was more attracted to sites with leather, latex and rubber. Especially if there was bondage involved. And even more so if the men were the ones in rubber and bondage. He even liked the sites with so-call shemales and transvestites. Masturbating over videos of men dressed as women having sex with each other.
Pictures and videos of women made him feel slightly sick to his stomach. Imagining sex with them reminded him of his mother – gross!
But this made him feel even worse. Even more ‘queer’.
It was on one of these Saturdays that he first tried on some women’s clothing. He took some nylon stockings and panties out of the laundry basket. He also took a silky nightie – it was stained at the crotch, and Chris was ashamed to think that it was the same one his mother had been wearing when she had ridden him the night before.
They were his mother’s, but he pushed that to the back of his mind. This was an experiment to see what it would feel like to wear such feminine things.
Well, after struggling for a while to get the stockings on, and then getting tangled in the nightie, he finally sat down on his bed and looked in the mirror.
And that was a moment that changed his life. He loved it. He loved the way he looked. He loved the way it felt.
He didn’t feel the need to masturbate. It wasn’t a sex thing – not really. It just felt…good. It felt…right.
Of course he did jerk off wearing her clothes and looking at his favourite porn site. The nightie was already stained, so she would never notice another wet patch in the silk.
That became his Saturday treat, every week.
From then on, whenever his mother came after him, he would close his mind to her and focus on how it felt to wear the silk and nylon. How that slippery material would slide over his body and caress his young cock. How hard he would cum while he watched those leather and latex encased men, tied, abused, drained.
His mother must have wondered why he was reaching orgasm so fast, but it didn’t stop her coming to his room. In fact she came even more often, even using her silky panties to rub over his cock, body and face. She would wear sexier clothes around him. Wear nylons and satin when she rode him. And he couldn’t help but look, waiting for Saturday when he could wear them himself.
It was really hard for him to tell the next part of his story, but eventually he told me about his experiments with anal penetration.
His mother was the first, using her fingers to probe his tight young anus while she stroked him to hardness. But the videos on the porn sites showed just what could be pushed up there.
He started with small objects, like pens from his pencil case. It was smelly and he didn’t want to use them afterwards. He needed something else.
One day, in the bathroom, he discovered an old hairbrush in the waste bin. He often went through the bins looking for discarded stockings, panties, or other gems. It was the only way he could get stuff without stealing from his Mum.
The handle was about six inches long and an inch thick – perfect. It was plastic and easily cleanable, so he could reuse it.
Kneeling on the bed, and using hand cream as a lube, he eased the handle into his anus and slowly fucked himself while he masturbated. He was amazed at how…feminine… soft and submissive… he felt while he was doing it, dressed in nylons and his Mum’s nightie.
In the beginning rubbing his cock made the penetration easier, but he found that he didn’t need to rub himself in order to cum, as long as he kept pushing the brush in and out of his ass hole. The feeling of penetration was so good that he could cum without even touching himself. And if he controlled the pace of the anal action, then he could control when he would cum.
So now he had discovered something wonderful. And he quickly looked around for other objects to use, building up a hidden store of items that he could fuck himself with, and cast off women’s clothes that he could wear.
He also managed to buy a supply of condoms – usually from public toilets – which he needed for most of the objects, and sometimes for actually wearing. He liked the feeling of constraint that the latex gave him when his cock was hard and encased in rubber.
And to build up his supply of clothes, he realised that if he visited his friend’s homes, then he could raid their laundry baskets and steal stuff belonging to their sisters or mothers. It was risky, but who would suspect a 12-year old of stealing women’s clothes?
Over the months, and in between his mother’s raids on his body, he experimented and practised, using porn videos off the web as his guides.
Vegetables from the fridge were a good source of pleasure – carrots, courgettes and cucumbers – encased in condoms, allowed him to stretch his muscles and develop his anal techniques. He also started practicing deep-throat, trying to control his gag reflex. He loved watching this done in the porn films, and worked hard on trying not to throw up, or choke.
His latest tryouts were involving self-bondage. He used elastic bands and shoelaces to tie up his cock and balls, making it painful for him to get an erection and cum. Somehow the pain associated with orgasm felt – right. He needed to be punished for pleasuring himself.
So this had been going on for almost two years, and he had built up quite a collection of clothing and objects, all carefully hidden around the house and his bedroom – not easy when you have a nosey mother and inquisitive younger sisters.
And that was the problem. He was caught. He wasn’t sure if it was because his sisters kept sticking their noses into his room and they found something – he didn’t have a lock on the door, so he couldn’t lock anyone out - or if it was just his mother getting lucky.
Anyway, one day a couple of months earlier, he had come home from school in his uniform – yes, at his private school they still had to wear stupid uniforms – and his Mum had been waiting for him in his room.
That wasn’t unusual; sometimes when the twins weren’t around she would want sex with him as soon as he got back. But this day was different.
On his bed was piled a large part of his collection, and his Mum was standing there, arms crossed under her breasts, frowning at him.
“What the Hell is all this stuff?” she demanded. “Where on Earth did you get it all from?”
He’d turned bright red and stood there silent. What could he tell her?
“I recognise this,” she said, holding up an old nightie. “I threw this out months ago. And these are my old knickers. Did you take them out the bin? Why?”
She had picked through the pile, holding up various items and inspecting them, shaking her head.
“Whose is this?” she asked, holding up a white, lacy, padded bra.
He had taken it from a school friend’s house – and he liked to wear it under his nightie, stuffed with things to make it look like he had boobs. But he couldn’t tell her that could he?
“Is it your girlfriend’s? Do you have a girlfriend?”
Another nightie, silk panties, nylon stockings and tights, a white silk blouse, a black skirt, and one of his main prizes – a pair of black high heel shoes that he had bought from a Salvation Army thrift shop in town.
“And what are these for? And these?” She held up some of his ‘toys’. A large-handled hairbrush with no bristles left, and a ball gag he had made from a rubber ball and a large elastic band.
He stood and chewed his bottom lip, face flaming red.
“What do you do with all this stuff?” she asked, picking up one of his special objects – a foot long, and two inches thick, piece of bendy black rubber that he had spent a whole weekend shaping to his needs. Carefully carving one end into a rounded mushroom shape, complete with glans to make it look and feel more realistic.
He had only just got to the point where his anus was stretched enough to be able to take its girth. And now she had found it – damn!
“Have you become some kind of sick pervert Christopher?” She didn’t look angry, she had a horrible smirk on her face.
“Do you like to wear these?” And she tossed her old nightie in his face.
“Do you get off wearing my old underwear? What would your Daddy say if he found out?”
“Dad’s never here, and doesn’t care anyway,” he’d said, suddenly angry.
“And this,” she went on, as though he’d never spoken, “Do you use this on yourself?” She waved his big black homemade dildo in his face.
“Show me,” she demanded. “Put my nightie on, and show me how you use this.”
He stood, hesitating. This was his secret life. This was his, not hers.
“Put this on, and show me what you do, and I might let you keep it. If you don’t, it all goes in the trash – and stays there.” She was smirking again. He was only 14 and had to do what she wanted, even if he was bigger and stronger physically.
Inside he was weeping with frustration and rage. Humiliation and pain. How could she do this to him? He chewed at his bottom lip until he tasted blood.
“Well?” she said, tapping her high-heel shod foot on this bedroom carpet.
Shaking with tension and hatred, he slowly took off his maroon school blazer, his maroon and yellow-striped tie, white shirt, and grey flannel trousers. His underwear and grey socks came off last.
His Mum had just stood and watched him strip, the gleam of lust in her eyes.
She tossed him her old white, silk nightie. He had cum wearing it so many times he had lost count.
“Put it on sissy girl,” she grinned.
Even just touching the delicious material had made his cock twitch, conditioned to know that pleasure was coming soon.
He slipped it on over his head and felt the nightie slither down his body and over his growing dick.
“Oh very pretty,” his Mum had sniggered, “I hadn’t realised I had three daughters.”
His face was bright, beet, red. And he seethed inside. How he hated this monster!
She picked up the black dildo and one of his discovered condoms, and said, “You need one of these Christine? Do you practice safe sex like they teach you at school?”
Without bothering to wait for his non-answer, she opened the packet and deftly stretched the pink condom over the black rubber cockhead.
“Here you go baby, let’s see how that fits. Get on the bed and show me. I can’t believe you can take something that size.”
He took the long black dildo from her hand and picked up the tube of lubrication that had been tossed into the pile of goodies on his bed. He applied a generous dollop and covered the condom.
“My goodness, you are an expert dear. I never would have guessed.” And she did look genuinely impressed.
Trying to ignore his mother watching, he had climbed on the bed and knelt, lifting the hem of his nightie and spreading his legs, positioning the tip of the latex-encased dildo at his anal opening.
“Wait a second darling, I have something for you,” she’d said, and then lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties.
“Here, open wide. I’m sure you prefer the taste of fresh silk?” And, balling the panties in her hands, she pushed the still-warm underwear into his mouth.
He hated it. He hated her. But his cock twitched and hardened. And he hated that too. Betrayed yet again. Always.
Slowly he eased the tip of the dildo inside his ass. He needed to concentrate, and relax. Take it slow. Take it easy. He closed his eyes and let his body adjust to the penetration.
The familiar…soft, submissive, feminine…feeling crept over him as the dildo slid further inside, opening him up, filling him, stretching him. Deeper. Deeper.
His cock grew as the dildo penetrated. Deeper and harder.
Pre-cum oozed from his cock – a big adult-sized cock on a teenage boy. Bigger than most men, he would have made many porn stars jealous.
“Oh My Good God!” he heard his mother exclaim. “That is so just So Fucking HOT!”
This was the most he had ever taken so far. Six good inches deep. He felt full. Fulfilled. He opened his eyes.
His mother had pulled up her skirt and was sitting on his desk, one foot on the floor, the other on the seat of his chair, legs spread wide. She was using another of his toys – the bald hairbrush - on her dripping twat.
“Fucking do it! Go on! Fuck yourself, you bitch!” his Mum had grunted, as she masturbated herself, just a couple of feet from him.
The silk of the nightie felt wonderful, stretched over his body, moving with him and stroking him as he performed.
His cock dripped, and oozed, and twitched, like a disgusting animal with a dumb mind of its own. How he hated its betrayal of his wishes. And he wished now that it was bound and tied, so that it would suffer pain as he gave himself pleasure.
His hand eased the dildo in and out, faster and deeper – deeper than he had even gone before. Pressing until it hurt. Pain and pleasure.
He moved his left hand to his hated cock and balls, squeezing and twisting, inflicting the pain his cock deserved. Using his right hand to rape himself with the dildo, as his mother demanded.
“Oh Christ. Oh my Fucking Sweet Jesus, Yesssss,” his mother hissed, fucking herself faster and harder with the hairbrush.
He wasn’t sure when he should finish. He could cum when he wanted by using the anal stimulation to control his orgasm, but when should he cum?
His mother fucked herself to a grunting climax before him, her eyes bulging - glued to the sight of her teenaged son impaled on a huge black dildo, dressed in her nightie, gagged with her panties, and squeezing his cock and balls in a frenzy.
“Cum for me. Fucking…cum…NOW!” she hissed, juices flowing down her hands and dripping on her son’s carpet.
Pain. Pain and pleasure. Now he could release the pressure.
Taking at least nine inches of fat rubber cock, he drove himself over the edge.
He gripped his balls as hard as he could to increase the pain, as the surge of cum pumped up his engorged shaft and spewed out over the pile of stolen lingerie in front of him. A huge load. Spurt after spurt drenched the panties and slips, bra and stockings.
He grunted and moaned around the sodden panty gag, almost delirious with the pleasure.
“Sweet Jesus,” his mother gasped, as her own climax waned. “Un-be-fucking-lievable!”
Chris had slumped over onto his own messy collection. Too spent to be able to kneel any longer, his wilting dick smothered in the silks and satins and nylons, the rubber cock still embedded deep in his ass.
Out of breath, but still in his own word of femininity and softness, Chris had spent many hours like this. Lying on his bed, wearing something soft and silky, his anus full of false-cock, his own cock emptied and limp. Able to relax and just …be. His masculinity taken out of the equation, at least for a while.
His mother had left the room unnoticed. He didn’t care. He didn’t want to think about her. He just wanted to lie there and…feel.
Unfortunately for Chris his mother had not found the experience of having a cross-dressing, anally stimulated son, a negative one. On the contrary, she now seemed to find even more sexually deprived ways of getting satisfaction from his youthful body.
Despite the fact that he obviously hated what she was doing to him, she took every opportunity to abuse him. Dressing him up – even adding extra touches, like make up – to make him more effeminate, before grinding herself to orgasm on his cock. A cock that she controlled through knowing that anal penetration would allow him to stay hard as long as she wanted. Only allowing him to climax when it suited her.
And so his torture went on, day after day; night after night.
By the time he finished telling me his story he was weeping and sobbing his heart out.
I gave him my handkerchief, and hugged him to make him feel better. I did feel sorry for him. Really. But I didn’t fancy him. His dirty, disgusting, perverted mother turned me on. And his stories of her abuses had given me a real boner. What a wonderful bitch! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her – and my cock into her!
As he slowly calmed down I decided that the best way to move things forward would be to take him upstairs and show him my own collection of clothes and toys.
One of the few good things about the developments with Nico and my family was that all my fetishes were out in the open, which meant that I could hang my sexy silks and rubber catsuit in the wardrobe with the rest of my stuff. No need to hide any longer. The down side was that I didn’t get much chance to dress up any more, and I hadn’t worn the red latex catsuit since the time Nico had fucked me in it – almost destroying my ass in the process!
“Come on,” I said to Chris, as the tears finally started to dry up, “I want to show you something.”
With a few sniffles he got up and followed me to my bedroom.
“There, what do you think of that collection?” I asked, sliding back the mirrored door and opening my wardrobe.
He looked at the hanging nighties and silky women’s clothing with confusion at first, but then he stepped forward and ran his hands along the rack of silks and satins.
“But, aren’t these your wife’s?” he stammered, looking from the goodies in my closet, to my face and back, caressing the material.
I shook my head and smiled, “Nope, these are all mine. If you want we can look at my wife’s stuff. She has some sexy bits and pieces, but they’re probably too small for you. The same for Annie’s stuff.”
“Wow,” he gasped, turning back to the two dozen or so pieces that I had collected. “I would never have guessed that you…” and his voice tailed off as he realised what he was about to say.
“And here is my favourite,” I announced dramatically, sliding open the other door to display the shiny red latex catsuit – still in pristine condition.
“Oh my goodness,” Chris exclaimed, almost pushing me aside to get to the sexy prize. “I’ve seen photos, but I never thought I would get to touch one in real.”
I pulled it out for him and took it off its hanger, holding it against him to check the size. He was almost drooling with desire.
“Would you like to try it on?” I asked, smiling at the obviousness of the answer.
“Oh God, yes please. Can I, please?” He was already stroking the smooth latex, and almost embracing it.
“Sure,” I said neutrally, “but just a quick question. Am I right, you’ve never actually…been with…had sex with…a man?”
He blushed to the roots of his blonde hair and avoided my eye, and shook his head. “No,” he mumbled, “I never really had a chance to. But I want to try. If I wear this, do you think…maybe…you will…you know…like me enough to…try? Please?” And he looked at me with big doe eyes, his full lips wet with his nervous licking.
“OK Chris, let’s get you into this. I’ll sort out some other stuff for us, and then we’ll give it a try. OK?” My cock was pulsing in my pants. Here was a 14-year old boy – an ass-virgin, begging me to let him wear a sexy latex outfit, and then fuck him! It was every latex-loving homosexual’s dream come true.
The only problem was that I’m not gay. My arousal wasn’t caused by wanting to kiss him, or take him to bed – no, my throbbing cock was caused by the extreme perversity of the situation. The wrongness of it. The wickedness. What made me hard was the thought of seducing this young boy and bringing him into our dirty games. The thought of what I could do to him or with him. Another sex toy to be played with. Watching him with his mother or sister, and eventually his Dad – I hoped.
Chris quickly stripped off his normal clothes, turning away modestly when he got down to his underwear. “How cute,” I thought, “but we’ll soon break that shyness.”
When he turned around to start pulling on the catsuit it was my turn to gasp. His cock was not that of a 14-year old boy. No way! This was a porn-star sized organ if I ever saw one. It was only half-hard, and already it was the size of mine. His balls too were big and well formed, and completely bald. With a dong that size it was no wonder his mother was after him.
I helped him get into the second skin of the latex, pulling here and there, and smoothing it over his legs and up his body. His cock grew steadily with all the manhandling, and started to leak pre-cum. He was blushing like crazy whenever I touched him.
His ass was as smooth as a baby’s as I stretched the latex around him. I’d left the zippers closed while we pulled it on, just to keep the shape. But I was looking forward to unzipping that round, little boy’s bubble butt.
Once he got the latex up around his chest it all flowed pretty easy. He was slimmer and better muscled than I am, so the top half fit better for him than me. While he pulled up and pushed his arms inside, I went off and found the other items that I wanted to use on him.
The latex hood was hardly used, and I thought it would be good to get as much of him as possible covered in the bright red latex. That slipped on easily enough. I warned him that he would probably not be able to hear much – so he should watch my lips to make sure he understood anything I told him.
My black stilettos with ankle straps were also barely worn. But the way he walked with them on showed that he had had far more practice than I had – he was a natural when it came to walking in high heels.
The fat black rubber ball gag made him open his eyes wide when he saw it, but he spread his pretty pink lips until his jaws cracked to make sure that he could take it. I didn’t plan on fucking those lips this time, but I wondered how good he’d developed his deep throat skills, and that thought made my cock twitch.
“OK Chris, I guess you haven’t tried much bondage yet, but this next part will restrain your arms just about 100%,” I said, holding up a few metres of nylon rope. “Put your arms behind your back and cross them, hands holding your elbows,” I instructed. And then quickly wrapped the cord around his wrists, forearms, and finally tied it off after winding it around his biceps. The position pulled his shoulders back and completely immobilised his arms.
“Not too tight?” I asked, and he shook his head. His eyes were huge saucers – he was like a kid in a candy shop, where all his Christmas’ and birthdays had come on the same day.
“Now for his cock and balls,” I thought, kneeling in front of him and carefully unzipping the huge bulge, and the ass-access zipper.
I suppose he was fully hard now, but he was enormous. It took both my hands to pull his dick out through the zipper, and thankfully he was leaking so much pre-cum that it finally just popped out with all the lubrication it was producing.
His big bald balls hung below his massive cock, not too tight yet, and I wondered just how big a load they could produce. “Well, there’s not long to wait,” I thought to myself.
From one of my drawers I’d taken a pile of thick elastic bands and some shoelaces – ancient artefacts from my self-bondage days. I didn’t use them anymore, having access to the real thing.
He stood quietly, breathing deeply and slowly as I set to work binding and restraining his balls and cock. I didn’t want to hurt him too much, but he had said that he hated his cock and liked to feel pain as well as pleasure.
I kept looking up at his face for clues as I separated his balls with elastic bands, then tied the shoelaces tightly around the thick base of his cock, winding them up the length of the shaft before tying them off under the glans. I added tight elastic bands every one or two inches up the column of his dick. He winced a few times, but otherwise he held still and let me do my worst. By the time I’d finished his whole cock was slick with pre-cum, and pulsed with the pressure of the laces and elastic.
“OK Chris,” I said, finally satisfied that he was as I wanted him, “lie on your back on the bed, your head as close to the headboard as you can.”
It was a struggle for him to climb up, but I helped him – holding his arms, and making sure the high heels didn’t snag on my sheets. After a little pushing and pulling on my part, he was in place.
“Right, one last thing and we’re ready,” I said, taking some more rope from my drawer.
I lifted each of his legs in turn, and attached each ankle to the headboard, so he was in a similar position to if his legs were over my shoulders, but spread as wide as they would stretch - fully exposing his ass.
“There we go,” I said when I’d finished.
Standing back from the bed I could see that he was completely restrained. There was virtually no possibility of moving anything, except maybe a finger or two behind his back, and maybe he could turn his head just a little from side to side.
With all the mirrors around the room, he made a very pretty sight indeed.
There was one final check to be made.
I climbed back onto the bed between his legs and made sure that his stiff, bound cock was lined up with his sweating face.
“Listen Chris,” I half shouted – not sure if he could hear through the hood, “I’m lining up your cock so that when you cum you’re going to cum in your own face, OK?”
“MMMmmm,” was all he could answer. His eyes were huge, and his pupils seemed to fill them.
“OK, just blink to say yes, and shake your head to say no, OK?”
“Good, now, I’m going to fuck you Chris. Slow and deep. That’s my style, OK?”
“I’m going to fuck you, but before I cum, I will tell you to cum, and you will. OK?”
“You will not cum until I tell you. OK?”
A tiny shake of his head was all he could manage. Good enough.
I quickly took off my clothes, the front of my boxers soaked with my own pre-cum, and cock as hard as a rock. Jesus I felt horny!
There were plenty of tubes of lube in my collection, so I took one and climbed onto the bed. Chris’ ass hole was a cute pink colour, but seemed to be pouting at me, with tiny twitches and pulses in the puckered opening, like a mouth wanting to be kissed.
I squeezed some lube directly into his hole, and it seemed to open slightly on its own – inviting me to push something bigger in there. Some more lube onto my throbbing cock, which I smeared all over the bell end and the shaft. I didn’t know how tight the boy was going to be, but I had a feeling this wouldn’t be a hard entry.
Shuffling forward between his spread legs I looked down into his face. His eyes were closed, and he looked peaceful and ready.
“Chris,” I said loudly, “open your eyes. Keep them open. I want you to watch me. I want you to see who is fucking you. I know many men that will want to fuck you, but I’m the first. So watch me and make sure I’m enjoying myself. OK?”
I positioned myself over his ass, with my left hand holding the headboard, and my right hand manoeuvring my cock head into his anus, using light pressure from my hips to test the resistance. His wide eyes were staring at me; drool trickling past the gag and down his cheeks.
“Mmmm,” I said, as his ass seemed to rise slightly, trying to pull me inside faster. I held back – I was going to control his penetration, not him.
As he relaxed back onto the bed, I used my position to ease an inch of cock inside. Even this early in his ass seemed to be sucking me, like a whore’s mouth.
“Fuck me,” I whispered, as his ass continued to welcome me with an open anus. This was not the ass of a 14-year old boy. I didn’t know any others his age, but this was an expert fucking ass.
I fed more muscle into the gripping, sucking ass hole. All the time his big doe eyes watched and smiled.
Slowly, slowly. Deeper, deeper. Once I was past half way I put both hands on the headboard and just used my weight to control the penetration.
Finally I was balls deep. Rock bottom. My sack resting on his butt cheeks. It was hot in there - hot and tight. But not as tight as a teenager should be.
I knelt there, still and calm, my cock buried to its maximum depth in his young ass.
Sweat trickled down my face and dripped off my chin. I was sweating like a pig.
“Waste not, want not,” I thought to myself, and moved my head to be above his, so that my sweat could drip onto the ball gag and run onto his lips.
“You like the taste of man sweat Chris?”
His eyes grew even wider, his pupils even bigger. He looked totally high.
I laughed, “I’m gonna teach you how to give a tongue bath Chris. How to lick and suck a sweaty man clean from head to toe. You like that idea Chris?”
Slowly. Slowly. Very slowly, I drew my cock all the way out, until just the tip rested in his hole. It tried to keep me in. I swear it was trying to suck me in. He even tried to lift his ass to keep it in longer.
But I waited. Waited until his big eyes were begging. Pleading. Just the tip resting inside. His anus twitching. Trying to seduce me to come back into the wet heat.
Then slowly back down. Very…slowly. Back down to the bottom of that hot ass well.
He closed his eyes for a few seconds and moaned through the gag as I hit maximum depth again.
I knelt there, caressing the smooth shiny latex of his legs. Feeling the hood. Stroking his chest. Waiting. Deep.
He opened his eyes, and I repeated the whole movement. Slowly. And again. Slowly.
“Do you belong to me now Chris?” I asked, waiting, with just my cock tip inside him.
“Are you going to be mine Chris? My complete slut? My sex toy?”
“Good slut. Should I fuck you harder now slut?”
“A lot of men are going to fuck you Chris. I will arrange it. They will pay me so they can fuck you. Do you want that slut?”
“I know some big black men that will want you. Do you like black cock Chris?”
His eyes closed as I sank deeper into him.
I speeded up, slowly. Increasing my pace. My sweat dripping steadily onto the gag and into his mouth, over his face.
“Mmmm, you have a great ass Chris,” I moaned, as his eyes opened and he gazed up at me with both lust and adoration. How wonderful it is to have a young teen – boy or girl – in love with you, and begging you to fuck them.
I was banging him harder now. Full thrusts. Half out, then back in deep and hard.
His own cock was leaking like crazy. With each thrust into him a new flow oozed out and dripped onto his latex-encased body. The headboard was banging against the wall with each downward plunge into his bowels.
This was hot, super hot. But it got hotter.
I heard a gasp from the doorway, and glanced into one of the mirrors. The two twins had returned and were standing in the doorway watching us. Annita was there too, recording the scene on our video camera.
“Oh yessss,” I hissed. I love an audience of young girls when I fuck. I speeded up, a familiar pressure building in my loins. I closed my eyes and pounded onwards.
Suddenly there was a pressure on the bed, an extra weight moving behind me. A small, cool hand started massaging my balls, and a thumb slipped into my own anus.
“Oh GOD, yesssss,” I groaned, my eyes still closed tight. Was it one of the twins, or my daughter? From the size of the fingers I guessed it was one of Chris’ little sisters.
In my mind it was Chris’ mum joining in the fun, helping me to fuck her son.
My pace was furious, pounding in and out of that hot, clutching teen ass.
I opened my eyes and looked down into his, my sweat splashing all over his face.
“Cum you slut. Cum for me. Cum now. Cum in your own face,” I ordered him.
The pressure was building. I couldn’t last much longer.
He closed his eyes and I felt his ass tighten, squeezing my thrusting cock.
He grunted and his anus went into spasms.
Despite all the laces and elastic binding his cock and balls, with a sudden spurt, he came. A thick gout of jism shooting from his fat cock to hit his forehead. And with each thrust into him, a new dollop would erupt and spatter across his eye, his nose, the gag, and his cheeks.
As his flow eased, the gouts grew weaker, hitting his chest, and then dripping to his belly. He was coated in cum from shiny latex navel, to the top of his red latex hood.
Amazing! He really could cum – on demand - without direct stimulation of his cock. And what a load he could produce. Spectacular!
I set about depositing a similar quantity of hot cum into his rectum, banging my dick into his twitching hole, balls slapping his ass.
Those tiny fingers continued to massage my own anus, slipping 1-2-3 as deep as they would go.
I was gonna shoot. The pressure was mounting. I could feel the force building.
Maybe it’s just me, but often – just at the second I’m starting to hit my climax – I get a sort of clear ‘flash’ of a mental image. It can be anything or anyone. My mind jumps to a scenario that may have nothing to do with who or what I’m doing, or was thinking about up to that point.
Just at that point I had an image of Chris’ Dad fucking his son instead of me. I’ve never seen that man, but right then, just as my load started moving up from my balls, I could visualise him bent over his son just as I was, his big cock buried balls-deep into his son’s rectum.
“Gharrrrrr,” I groaned, as my fat cock pulsed and jetted, deep in Chris’ hot, wet, ass.
“Jesus…Fucking…Christ,” I cried, as I pumped into him. Both hands locked on the headboard, driving my cock as deep as it would go.
One of his eyes was locked on my face as I spent my load – the other was stuck shut with a dollop of his own cum. My load must surely have been a huge one – deep in his bowels. His first ever.
I knelt there, gasping for breath, after I finished, feeling his ass still squeezing and sucking at me – seeming to beg for more.
“There,” I panted, “was that good for you? You enjoy that?”
Blink – although it looked like a wink, since he could only use one eye.
“Good slut, but I’m not done with you yet.”
I eased out of his clingy ass hole, my cock still nice and firm. His anus pouting at me as it gave up my dick with a soft “plop”.
Cindy grinned at me as I climbed off the bed – it had been her fingers up my ass when I came in her brother. Cheeky little bitch. Wonderful.
Padding into the bathroom, I went to wash myself. That was the main drawback for me about anal sex, it was so messy.
After cleaning myself thoroughly, I went back to continue my work on Chris.
I didn’t have a big collection of butt plugs, but I took my favourite – the red one with the black horse-hair tail – and climbed back on the bed. I wanted to keep Chris’ ass open and stretched. I was going to fuck him again later and I thought it was good to keep him filled and feeling submissive.
Once the plug was settled, I untied his ankles from the headboard and laid his legs carefully on the bed. I was going to keep him bound and immobile until I was ready to fuck him again, but first I needed to tidy him up a bit.
The latex covering his belly and chest were spattered with his cum and pre-cum, and my sweat, so I wiped it up with a pair of silky panties from my collection for use later on.
His cum was splashed all over his face, but I didn’t want to waste it. I scooped some up with my fingers and smeared it over his lips, and pressed some of it into the small gaps between the gag and the corners of his mouth.
I used the cum-soaked panties to clear the load out of his eye.
“You’ve tasted cum before I assume? Yours?” I asked him, holding up more of the gooey slime.
Blink. Blink.
“Do you eat your own cum? Often?”
“OK Chris, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to get used to the taste. A lot of men are going to want to cum in your mouth – including me - and you need to get to like it. So, from now on, when you are by yourself and you cum, you eat it. OK?”
Hesitation, then…blink.
Good. He was an obedient boy slut.
I pulled out a blindfold and put it on him. For the next parts of this game he was going to have a lot of sensory deprivation, as well as being immobile.
Pulling his legs together, I tied them at the knees and ankles, and then bent his legs so that I could tie his ankles to his thighs. The black high heels looked wonderful against the red latex encasing his legs.
Finally I took out a pile of my silky underwear and wrapped a nylon stocking around his still hard and leaking muscle. Then I turned him over onto his belly so that his cock was buried in the pile of silk. I wanted to see what his cock’s reaction would be to the stimulation – to see if he would cum without my control.
I walked around the bed looking at my handiwork. It was a pretty hot scene. A 14-year old boy, bound hand and foot, encased in shiny red latex from his ankles to his hood, with a fat butt plug in his ass, blindfold, and ready for anything I wanted to do to him.
Unable to see, and with almost no hearing, his senses were highly restricted. And those senses that he still had would be overloaded. He was only able to feel the binding rubber, except for his severely bondaged cock, which was buried in masses of erotic silk. His sense of taste would be occupied by the rubber ball gag, and the taste of his own cum which I had slipped into his mouth. That just left his sense of smell.
“Cindy, Tricia, come here,” I ordered the little girls that still watched from the doorway, “Take off your panties and give them to me.”
Cindy’s panties were damp and smelled of her leaking pussy. Tricia’s were dry, but still had a good strong scent of girl’s ass.
I walked around to where Chris lay on the bed, and pulled Cindy’s panties over his head, positioning the damp gusset over his nose. I put Tricia’s pair under his face so that he could breathe her in.
“Perfect,” I said with a smile. Now all his available senses were occupied with something erotic.
With that I left Chris there on the bed, and went downstairs to discuss our next steps with the twins and Annie. He would be OK for an hour or so – until I was ready to mount him again.
Three of the family were now mine, and that just left the incestuous Mum, and the absent father. She should be easy to get, but he was still a big unknown.

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Yes! Thanks! Will update the table of content -
Well...I came back again...and look - almost a year since I was here last time! Sorry to be so...absent. I just reread my own story - Rubber Trigger - and it still gets me hard. And I STILL haven't finished it. I thought I had, but maybe I just finished it in my head and not in writing. Sorry about that too.
(04 Feb 2016, 16:15 )bob_masters Wrote: Well...I came back again...
Heeey! Welcome back! Your story made me think and I even made some investigations on child sexuality, psychic development, and paedophilia. I found out some interesting facts. I'm still thinking about making a series of posts about that, but in short: the story would have been much more real if the age of the "participants" was no less, than 14-16. For example, the process of learning how to "socialize", or to understand the principles of the society (something about thinking beyond the individuum) finishes around 12-13 yo (in some countries this is when children leave the basic school). And speaking of girls, 14-17 are the scariest years ( ... I'm speaking from the experience ... ), what would perfectly fit the story line.

Nice avatar, BTW Wink
Hi Like Ra and everyone
Well, I did it. I finally finished the story. What a marathon. Here's the penultimate chapter, with the finale right after.
Hopefully people like the ending. I'd thought it all through ages ago, but it took me time to get around to writing it down.
I know the subject isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it followed it's own path through my twisted brain and onto the page.
Let me know if you like it, but not if you hate it. It's too late, I've written it now.