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Stories on demand - "The Rubber Trigger"
(20 Mar 2012, 08:51 )bob_masters Wrote: This is what I think Alice looks like.
Nice. I wish she was wearing sheer tights, though. Yeah, all these personal fetishes... Big Grin
You mean like these? It seems hard to find good photos of schoolgirls in sheer hose :-(

(20 Mar 2012, 14:37 )Like Ra Wrote:
(20 Mar 2012, 08:51 )bob_masters Wrote: This is what I think Alice looks like.
Nice. I wish she was wearing sheer tights, though. Yeah, all these personal fetishes... Big Grin

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(20 Mar 2012, 15:21 )bob_masters Wrote: It seems hard to find good photos of schoolgirls in sheer hose :-(
Nah, not at all. Just "go to" another country.
Bob, i have to say, what i've read so far is amazing, although the chinese guys are a little annoying, i find.

Anyway, just to fulfill a personal fetish, any chance of including a bit more of the mentioned ballet in it, either the girls, or making rob wear it for a round of sexual humiliation and torture?

looking forward to future chapters
(22 Mar 2012, 02:50 )Ballerinaboy Wrote: any chance of including a bit more of the mentioned ballet in it

From the chat:

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01:07:28 ‹Like Ra› Hi
01:07:39 ‹Like Ra› Seen your comment in Bob's thread
01:09:06 ‹Like Ra› Do you have any related images?
01:09:24 ‹Like Ra› I mean what you would like to read about?
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Hi Ballerinaboy
Thanks for the nice words. The Chinese guys are/were a way of moving the story to the next 'phase' - domination and humiliation by Rob's daughter and Alice. Their role will reduce now - unless he goes back to San Francisco?

About your fetish for ballet - do you mean that Rob should be forced to dress in leotards, or a tutu? Both Alice and Annita take ballet classes, so this can be arranged - even with other girls from the ballet class. Perhaps even the male dance teachers - who could be homosexual, might enjoy playing with Rob ;-)

Is it the clothes you like, or something else?

Or do you mean ballet shoes - the very pointed, restrictive shoes worn in some BDSM scenes (see photo)?

Thanks again for writing.

(22 Mar 2012, 02:50 )Ballerinaboy Wrote: Bob, i have to say, what i've read so far is amazing, although the chinese guys are a little annoying, i find.

Anyway, just to fulfill a personal fetish, any chance of including a bit more of the mentioned ballet in it, either the girls, or making rob wear it for a round of sexual humiliation and torture?

looking forward to future chapters

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(22 Mar 2012, 09:20 )bob_masters Wrote: do you mean that Rob should be forced to dress in leotards, or a tutu?
Exactly, hence I asked for pictures ;-)

(22 Mar 2012, 09:20 )bob_masters Wrote: [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=5316]  

Woooh! I never had a fetish for tutu, but this photo is very interesting. The guy can't see (or even touch?) anything beneath his waist, but everybody else easily can. Great photo!
Sorry for the delay in responding, i quickly checked the chat, to see if it worked, and then fell asleep

any dancewear is good, as long as it is feminine, such as leotards, dance skirts, tutus, tights. Not so interested in ballet boots, but standard ballet slippers would fit, especially if they're trying to humiliate him.

I'm happy for anyone to abuse him, male or female, as you think best.

as to my own personal fetishes, they seem to involve lycra, forced crossdressing, and bondage, and although i'm straight (i think), i always seem to fantasize about being penetrated by males.

Also, this is my first time posting on anything like this, so i may not make a huge amount of sense, due to the nervousness Smile

Edit: as to the photographs you mentioned Like Ra, unfortunately, i lost my entire collection of fetish material when i moved house, and damaged the hard drive
Here is the latest chapter. I'll add some ballet-fetish material in the next chapter - I promise. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 8: Nightmares or dreams?

When you live through the kind of events that were shaking me, it’s like you’re stepping way outside of normality.
There can’t be many men that have experienced so much in such a short space of time – being blackmailed by gay Chinese in California, and then by my own teenage daughter and her best friend. Not just blackmailed though – but sexually blackmailed, and in the case of Annita, forced to commit incest while Alice filmed it all!
And on top of all that I hear from the girls that my wife is having an affair with her boss. My mind was reeling from the mental blows that I was getting.
Life in the house had been a bit strained and cold for the past year or so, but now it took a turn for the surreal. I couldn’t look my wife or my daughter in the eye without either blushing like a schoolboy, or feeling a stab of jealous lust. Conversation of any kind was just impossible, and I stayed in my office as much as I could get away with. My wife didn’t notice anything strange going on of course, and just sailed blithely down her own selfish path.
Friday was looming like a titanic iceberg – Annita and Alice were planning a ‘sleepover’ with their boyfriends, and my wife was going away for the weekend to another ‘sales conference’, or in other words - to be her boss’ slut.
Still I had my chores to do, and I dutifully drove Annita and Alice back and forth to school, and to their ballet classes, and anywhere else they wanted to go. It was noticeable though that there was a tension between them.
Alice had always been the more talkative one of the pair, but now I noticed that her tone was more aggressive towards my daughter, and she was definitely becoming bossy with her, even mocking her in front of me.
By the time Sarah left the house on Friday afternoon I was a nervous wreck.
As soon as her car was out of sight I went to our bedroom and checked to see what clothes she had taken. What I found was that she had taken all her sexiest underwear, her slinkiest nightdresses, and her most revealing outfits. If she was going to a sales conference then I couldn’t imagine what she might be selling.
My cock twitched at the thought of what she would be wearing, and who she would wear it for – she never wore these things for me.
“Shit, shit, shit!” I swore into the silent bedroom as I sat on the bed. “What a cheating bitch!”
My phone rang just as I was going downstairs – it was Annita wanting me to collect her from school. The weekend fun was about to start.
After dropping Alice off at her house I drove home with Annie. She was quiet and not at all in the bubbly, excited mood that Alice had been in.
I killed time waiting for something to happen – doing work, tidying my desk, watching porn movies.
At just before eight o’clock the doorbell rang and I heard Annita walk down stairs to answer the door. I noticed that she walked rather than ran – I guessed she wasn’t in a great mood.
A happy male voice greeted my teenage daughter, and they both disappeared in the direction of the living room. I decided to go and say hello to whoever would be staying under my roof tonight.
Just as I passed the front door the bell rang again – it was Alice, accompanied by a young man almost as tall as me. He was well dressed in smart jeans, a black polo shirt, and white trainers. He was a good-looking guy, with blonde hair and fresh complexion, but seemed much older than Alice’s 14 years – I would have guessed he was more like 18 or 19.
Alice pushed past me, chattering away at teen speed, dragging the young man along by the hand. He gave me an apologetic smile as he passed. I guessed that this must be the ‘Eric’ that I had heard the girls talk about.
I followed them down the corridor and into the living room.
Annita was in there already, and she looked stunning in a short, figure-hugging, dark blue dress, and the red high heels that I had been filmed with before. But it wasn’t the sight of her that stunned me, it was the guy that she had her arms around.
He must have been ‘Nico’, but he wasn’t what I had been expecting at all. He was grinning broadly at Eric and Alice, and his big booming voice carried over the music that Annita had put on.
Wearing tight blue jeans, white t-shirt and a black hoodie, he looked like someone straight out of an American ghetto scene. Taller than me by several inches, and fitter, he looked like he was at least 20 years old.
He was also as black as my worst nightmare.
“What the hell is Annie doing with a black guy?” I thought, trying not to stare. It’s not that I’m a racist or anything, but the idea of her dating a black guy shocked me.
There was a lot of hugging and greeting going on – high fives and shoulder punches, and cheek kissing with the girls. I did notice Nico’s firm squeeze of Alice’s ass when they kissed – something that neither of the others would have seen.
Feeling like a spare wheel I wondered what I was supposed to say or do. Annita had had friends over before, but this felt totally weird.
I wandered over towards the group of friends and stopped in the middle of the room, unsure what to say. Alice saved me the trouble.
“Hey guys,” she said clapping her hands, “listen. This is Annie’s Dad. He’s the pervert we told you about.” She looked fantastic in a little black dress that just about covered her cute ass, but didn’t hide much more. The bra she was almost wearing pushed her boobs up until they were overflowing the top of the dress’ plunging neckline, and the padding made them look double their real size.
My face drained white, before flushing red, as they all turned and stared at me. I wondered just what they had told these grown men about me.
Nico grinned, then sauntered over to stand in front of me. He was a big guy, and well muscled. He stood close enough so that I could smell his aftershave.
“Annie tells me you like to wear women’s clothes and jerk off,” he said, looking back over his shoulder to make sure everyone was watching my humiliation. I didn’t answer – I didn’t need to.
After a second or two he went on, “And Alice tells me that you like to suck cock. She showed us that video of you in San Francisco. Well, tonight this is our house and if you behave, and be a good little bitch, maybe I’ll let you kiss my dick.”
They all had a good long laugh at that, although I noticed that Annita didn’t find it too funny. My face burned with embarrassment.
“Go and get us some drinks pervert,” Alice ordered. “Get the guys some beers and we’ll have some vodka and tonics, and make them strong dickhead coz we wanna get smashed tonight.” I opened my mouth to protest about the alcohol, but she had already turned away to start dancing with Eric.
I went off to the kitchen to get the drinks. Maybe Alice wanted a strong one, but I was going to make sure that my daughter’s drinks were as weak as I could get away with.
For the next hour or so I stayed in the background, keeping a low profile as the party developed into a mutual groping, fondling and sloppy French-kissing contest.
It started as some bumping and grinding to music – dancing? – but soon the couples paired off and found space on sofas to give easier access for tongues and hands.
Alice and Eric were all over each other like a rash. His hands were up her dress one minute and then groping her sweet baby tits the next, and all the while they were tongue-wrestling like porn stars. My cock twitched and stiffened at the sight as I stood in the doorway waiting to see if anyone wanted more drinks.
Annie and Nico were even more explicit in their ‘petting’ than the other two. Nico had his tongue down my daughter’s throat, and he had exposed her small white breasts – massaging and tweaking them in his huge black hands. For her part she had pulled Nico’s cock out of his pants and had her fingers wrapped around his stiff shaft.
It was shocking to watch the young girls being molested this way by grown men, but they were willing enough, and it was such an erotic sight that I would have loved to pull my own cock out and jerk off while I watched them.
“Hey jerk off,” Alice called – breaking me out of my voyeurism. “How about you go and get us some pizza instead of just standing there like some peeping pervert.”
I nodded and took the orders from each couple – who interrupted their sloppy kissing to tell me what they wanted.
As I was just about to leave Alice shouted out, “And when you get back, put that cute red nightie on for us. We all know you’re a freaking sissy, so you might as well look like one.” They sniggered and laughed at that, but then returned to making out on my sofas.
It took me about an hour to order and then fetch the pizzas. I could have had them delivered, but I didn’t like the idea of anyone coming to the house right then – you never know what might have happened.
The music was still playing when I got back – some mindlessly repeating lyric set against an equally simple techno rhythm. How anyone could call it music was beyond me.
Leaving the pizzas in the kitchen for a minute I went to my office and did as Alice had told me – putting on the red satin nightdress. No matter how many times I did it, the feeling of the slinky material sent a shiver right through my body and thrilled my cock towards hardness.
Then I went looking for my houseguests, trying to deliver the pizzas they had ordered.
Eric and Alice were easy to find, they were still in the living room - but things had progressed since I’d left.
Alice had her dress pulled up around her waist, and she was straddling Eric’s lap as he sat on the sofa, his head resting on the back cushion. His jeans were around his ankles and she was riding him in the same way that she had done me, but without the pain. Her bra was off and the dress was pulled down so that her tits were totally exposed.
Eric looked like he was having a great time, but when Alice glanced over at me the look on her face was one of boredom.
I put their pizzas down on the coffee table next to them and went looking for my daughter and Nico.
They weren’t downstairs so I tried Annita’s bedroom first – it was empty. Then I went down the hall to my room. The door was open and the lights were on, I stepped inside.
“Oh wow!” boomed a deep male voice, “Come on in pizza girl.”
Nico was lying on my bed, propped up by a pillow. He was totally naked and his black body looked sleek and hard with muscle. I noticed that his cock lay limp and still against his thigh. Even flaccid it was a good length, but clearly it had seen good use already tonight. He was smoking – but from the look and the smell, it wasn’t a normal cigarette.
Annita was lying beside him, small and white against his black bulk. From the distant look in her eyes I guessed that she was stoned. Hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat.
“Just put the pizzas over there faggot,” Nico boomed, and he gave me a big white flash of teeth, pointing with his spliff at my wife’s dressing table.
Gritting my teeth I put the boxes down where he indicated. I hated to see what was happening with my little girl, but what could I do?
Taking another toke on his cigarette Nico said, “You know faggot, it’s my little bro’s birthday next weekend, and I’ve decided to give him a present.”
I looked at him and waited for him to continue.
He slowly exhaled the sweet smoke and looked at me, a broad smile on his face.
“Annie tells me your wife is gonna be home next weekend,” he finally said, reaching out a big black paw and softly patting my daughter’s slim left thigh. He left the hand there and slowly caressed her leg as he watched me, standing there at the foot of the bed, in my red satin nightie.
I nodded, and swallowed hard, my mouth very dry.
He grinned wider, and said, “So I’ve decided to let him fuck your wife. He’s only gonna be 13 so he can’t do too much damage,” and he laughed at the look of shock on my face.
Annie never flinched or reacted at all to what Nico was saying – she must have been really out of it.
“Don’t worry sissy, I’ll give you something to put her out before he does her. We don’t want her calling the cops or something,” he went on, taking another deep drag of marijuana into his lungs.
His hand crept up the belly of my 14-year old daughter and he massaged her tiny breasts. My cock twitched under the satin as he did it. My breathing was getting shallow and my heart was pounding as he touched and fondled her right in front of me.
“You like that don’t you?” he said softly. “You like me touching her? You wanna watch me fuck her? I did her once already, but I can do her again. You want me to? Say it.”
I licked my lips and nodded. I hated him touching her, but it excited me like crazy.
“Say it. Beg me to fuck your daughter,” he grinned at me.
I nodded again and whispered, “Please fuck her. I want to watch you do it. Please.” My voice was hoarse and dry, but I wanted to jerk off so bad.
Nico moved his big hand between my little girl’s thighs and pushed them gently apart. Annie just lay there and let him move her limbs, like she was only half conscious.
“I just did her, so she’s still hot and wet, aren’t you baby?” he said turning to look down at her pale face. She nodded, and smiled drunkenly.
“I don’t like sloppy seconds,” he said turning back to me, “even if the load was mine in the first place. So why don’t you clean her up for me? Get her ready for number two.” He raised an eyebrow and ran a thick finger along the red slit that was my daughter’s freshly fucked pussy.
Was he serious? I licked my lips again. He seemed to be. And my daughter was way out of it – she would never remember this tomorrow.
I crawled onto the bed, my eyes fixed on the puffy lips of Annie’s sore hole. There was a bubbly, slimy trickle oozing out and onto the blanket under her ass.
Nico continued to puff on the spliff as he watched me slowly lie between Annie’s legs and ease myself closer to the source of the leak.
My daughter watched me approach with a stupid smile on her lips, and she giggled as I put my tongue out and tasted her.
Lying on my belly, my cock throbbed and grew under my weight as I licked and sucked at my daughter’s teenage hole. As far as I knew she wasn’t on the pill, and she was old enough to have started her periods – but I didn’t know for sure if she had – so why wasn’t she taking precautions and using a condom?
I couldn’t bear the idea of her getting pregnant at only 14 years old. I sucked and probed with my tongue, trying to fish out every slimy drop of Nico’s sperm.
Sure it was disgusting, and yes it was humiliating and arousing, but I told myself that it was for a good cause – for the best cause - to stop my daughter getting knocked up by this big black stud.
“Mmm, that’s enough,” Nico said from above my head. “Man that’s hot. Watching you do that really gets me going,” he said with a smirk.
I lifted my head out of Annie’s lap and sat back on my haunches, my cock stiff and leaking into the satin.
“Why don’t you come and clean off my dick, faggot. Get me ready to do her, just like you want.” His hand was slowly stroking his organ, which had hardened considerably since I had started cleaning Annie.
Sucking black cock wasn’t a problem for me, but this would be a new first – sucking the cock of the man who was fucking my daughter. And I would be sucking him hard so that he could do her while I watched.
He laughed again as I dropped to all-fours in front of him and crawled closer so that I could reach his growing black meat.
“Just your mouth bitch,” he snarled, “I don’t want your faggot hands on me. Just use your mouth, OK.”
I did as he commanded, and he held his cock vertical so that I could lick my daughter’s sticky juices and his own drying cum off his shaft and cock head.
He moaned and chuckled as I cleaned him, licking from his big hairy balls up to the oozing tip. Then I took as much of it in my mouth as I could without gagging, sucking to clean off the last vestiges of my baby girl’s cunt slime.
Annie sat there watching me, a puzzled, distant look on her pretty face. If she knew what was happening then it didn’t seem to bother her.
“OK, that’s enough faggot,” Nico said, pulling me up by the hair. “Right baby, time to party,” he said to Annie.
I moved to the edge of the bed, wondering what to do next.
“Pull her down, pull her flat,” Nico instructed me. I took her by the ankles and did as I was told. Annie was too far-gone to move herself, or resist. She giggled slightly as she was pulled and pushed into position.
“Open her legs for me,” the big black man said, moving down the bed, his stiff cock huge and glossy with my saliva.
I pushed my daughter’s legs as far apart as I could, and held them open as Nico positioned himself between them. He held himself up on his powerful arms, looking down into by baby’s drugged face.
“OK, guide my cock into her Daddy. Put my dick inside your baby girl. Help me to fuck her.” His voice sounded thick with lust at the perverted act that he was making me perform – making me a partner in his rape of my underage daughter.
His cock was hot and rigid in my fingers as I rubbed the tip up and down the pink slit, using the oozing pre-cum as a lubricant to spread her wider.
Slowly he lowered his hips and applied more force to penetrating her. She was tight – too tight, and she groaned as he forced himself deeper into her.
There was no need any more, but still I held his cock, watching it spread my daughter’s young pussy wider. She bent her legs to open herself more, and make it easier for him to take her.
Her groans turned to moans as the huge black muscle penetrated and took her. And finally I had to take my hand away as the full length disappeared inside her, white creamy juice collecting around and along the shaft as he slowly fucked her on my bed.
Except for her long white legs wrapped around his, there was almost nothing visible of my daughter under her huge lover as he fucked her.
I stood there and started to stroke my cock through the satin, using it to pleasure myself as my daughter was raped right in front of my eyes.
“That’s enough! Fuck off you pervert,” Nico swore at me over his shoulder. He was still sawing his cock in and out of Annie’s pussy, but he looked angry.
“But, but,” I mumbled, wanting to say that we had a deal.
“I said, FUCK OFF!” Nico roared at me. “Don’t make me have to say it again faggot.”
Disappointed and frustrated, I turned and left the room, the bed squeaking under the powerful fucking that he was giving Annie.
After a visit to the bathroom to wash my face and clean my teeth, I collected a duvet and pillow from the linen cupboard and made my way back towards the living room – I would be sleeping on the sofa tonight since Nico and Annie wanted my bed, and Alice and Eric would be using the spare room.
As I passed the door to their room I could hear a steady snoring coming from either Alice or Eric, I guessed it was him.
Back downstairs I tidied up the mess that the kids had left, ate my cold pizza, and then made myself a cosy nest on the sofa where Alice had been fucking Eric earlier that evening.
Did I fall asleep? Perhaps for a few minutes, but I was rudely awakened by someone pulling my hair and dragging me off the sofa to land with a hard thump on the carpet. When I opened my eyes I was blinded by the glare of the lights.
“Ow, ouch, let go,” I groaned, trying to pull the hand away that was gripping my hair.
“Shut the fuck up,” a female voice hissed into my ear. It was Alice.
“What is it? What do you want?” I whimpered as she shook my head from side to side.
“That fucker Eric’s gone to sleep already,” she said, holding on tight to my hair. “He shot his pathetic load and now he’s dead to the world. What a lousy fuck!”
She sounded pretty pissed off and I wondered why she stuck with such a loser.
“But I’ve got you, pervert, haven’t I? You’re not gonna let me down are you? Oh no, not if you know what’s good for you.”
She let go of my hair and stood over me, hands on her slim hips. She was wearing a shiny black silk nightie, which clung tightly to her young curves and contrasted wonderfully with her long golden hair. The lacy hem fell halfway down her smooth white thighs, so I had a great view up her legs, almost to the very top.
“OK pig, let’s see what you can do for me. While my dickhead boyfriend’s asleep you can give me what I want,” and she threw herself down on the sofa and spread her wonderfully long legs open in front of me.
“Get in here and eat me out. You’d better make a good job of it you bastard, or you’ll be sorry.” And she spread her bald pussy lips as wide as she could, exposing her juicy pink interior.
I swallowed hard. Just how good could things get?
On my hands and knees I moved into position and, with my eyes locked on her face, I started licking along the gorgeous girl’s labia, savouring the heady aroma and spicy juices that I found there.
“Mmmm,” she purred, moving her hands from her pussy to the back of my head, pressing my face deeper between her thighs.
For a while I lost myself in there, concentrating on applying my best skills to give her pleasure, but suddenly she pulled me back by my hair and threw me to the ground.
“Ouch,” I complained, “what’s that for?”
“Fucking shut up,” she snarled at me. “Put your hands above your head.”
Lying on my back, I put my arms over my head as she instructed. I licked my lips and tasted the sticky juices that had oozed out of her slit.
Quick as a cat she straddled my head with her thighs and heavily dropped her whole weight onto my upturned face.
“MMmfff,” I grunted, taken by surprise, and feeling that my nose had almost been broken under her ass.
She was facing my feet, so her legs pinned my arms in place – I was trapped.
Adjusting her position so that her slippery cunt was over my face, she started rubbing herself over my nose, mouth and chin.
It was only when she put her full ass down on me that I started to suffocate. My nose was blocked by her asshole, and her pussy lips covered my mouth – it was impossible to draw a breath.
“MMMmmm,” I struggled, trying to throw her off. But with my arms trapped, I was helpless.
Then she started to take her fun, and her sadistic sexual satisfaction.
Juices poured from her gaping slit as she tortured me. She rocked and rolled her cunt all over my face, drowning me and suffocating me under her weight.
When she lifted herself up a little – just enough and just for a few seconds – I managed to drag in a few ragged breaths, before she dropped down again and the whole thing repeated.
At first I tried to please her – sucking and licking, forcing my tongue deep inside her, hoping that if she came enough, then she would release me, but that failed. The more I licked the more she suffocated me. It was as though she wanted me to give up and just lie there, beaten into submission by her ass.
Gasping for the little air that she allowed me, I gave in and let her use my face like a living sex toy.
I felt her weight shift as she leaned forward, and wondered what was happening.
The searing pain that tore through my healing nipples answered my question.
“Arrgghhh…mmffff,” I screamed into the hot, slimy hole that covered my face.
It was like she was ripping, or scratching my nipples out of my chest. The pain was impossible to endure. I screamed into her ass, my cries muffled and cut off by her soft flesh.
I wriggled and squirmed. I bucked and thrashed. But she easily kept her place, riding my face as though she was glued there.
Weak from lack of oxygen, pinned to the floor, she inflicted pain and took her pleasure from my helplessness.
On the verge of passing out I felt her position change once more, her body leaning even further forward, her soaking pussy pressing harder on my mouth.
The pain in my tits stopped, or at least dropped to a dull throbbing, as she shifted to a new target.
I felt cool fingers curl around my flaccid cock, while others massaged my balls. This was more like what I was dreaming of.
My dick responded eagerly, the blood pumping into the inflating shaft as the little bitch expertly stroked me to full erection.
Happy to be receiving such wonderful treatment, I let my tongue show its appreciation to the drooling cunt, renewing my lapping, and thrusting as far into her as I could reach.
That was a mistake – a big mistake.
The agony in my balls was immediate and shocking in its intensity.
I tried to double up. I tried to twist away from the grip that crushed my testicles.
The smothering pussy drowned out my howls of pain.
If I could I would have vomited up my pizza, but I was too busy trying to scream, not to mention trying not to suffocate.
The little sadist alternated between stroking my cock – giving me huge pleasure, with rubbing her cunt all over my face, and crushing my balls. Heaven and hell, again!
Somehow she kept my cock fully erect, while at the same time keeping me on the edge of unconsciousness, and in total agony.
Once again I gave myself up to the torture and just let her do what she wanted. Pleasure or pain, I moaned or screamed as she played me like some perverted musical instrument.
Satisfied that I was totally broken, she finally climbed off my face and scooted down to my stiff cock. Without a word she mounted me and I felt my dick slide easily up inside her.
My face was sticky and gooey with her juices, but I could open my eyes enough to see the little bitch riding me, a look of total ecstasy on her gorgeous face.
I was exhausted, limp and beaten. But my cock was hard and fully operational, and she was taking her pleasure from it.
She leaned forward over me, a look of malicious evil in her eyes, and once again reached for my bleeding nipples.
“Cum for me bitch!” she hissed down at me. “Pump me full of cum you pervert!”
At least she didn’t scratch or pinch my tits – this time she just put the palms of her hands on me and pressed, hard.
I gritted my teeth to avoid screaming, and bucked my hips upward, just as I suppose she wanted me to.
She rode me expertly, using my pain to make me writhe and squirm under her.
How many orgasms she’d had on my face I don’t know, but she seemed to be experiencing a constant climax as she used my cock.
“Cum you bastard, cum, now!” she moaned.
I wondered for a second if she was on the pill, and if I would be making her pregnant if I shot my load into her. It didn’t matter, despite the pain and the exhaustion my balls did what they were made for, and my cock delivered the goods to where they were needed.
The hot semen flowed up my shaft and, bucking like an animal, I forced myself as deep inside her as I could before pumping my cum into her young womb.
“Gaaaahhhh,” I groaned, not sure whether I was feeling pleasure or pain.
“Yesssss,” she hissed through clenched teeth as she felt my seed flood her.
I was spent, totally drained – physically and emotionally.
She sat straddling me, finally still, gasping, her head bowed and her golden hair hanging down onto my chest.
“God that was fucking great,” she whispered, still unmoving. “I wish you were my Dad, I would fuck your brains out. In fact I’d fuck you to death.”
The way she said that sent a shiver down my spine. Could she be serious? The way she inflicted pain and seemed to get extra pleasure from it, she was definitely a sadist, but would she actually kill someone just for the sexual kick?
My deflating cock slipped out of her sloppy hole and flopped against my thigh as she eased herself off me.
“You are a sick bastard,” she muttered as she crawled around my prone body. My arms were still above my head – the blood had drained from them and they were completely dead.
“I’m not on the pill you know?” she said conversationally. “You might have just made me pregnant. Would you like that? I’d have to tell them you raped me if I am.”
She knelt beside my head, looking down at me. She looked like an angel in the light, so pretty and perfect. You would never guess that she was a perverted bitch.
“I don’t want to have your baby, so I think you’d better do something,” she said and started giggling.
I was too exhausted to say anything and just lay there looking up at her.
Slowly she got to her feet and stood over me. Then she placed a foot either side of my head and squatted down, like she was going to take a pee.
“Open your mouth pervert,” she muttered.
For a second I thought she actually was going to piss on me, but then I saw the bubbly thick goo starting to ooze out of her still gaping slit.
A large glob of my own cum, mixed with her juice, fell from her tender lips and spattered on my forehead.
“Oops, missed,” she giggled, looking down at me between her thighs, her nightie lifted around her waist so that she could see the target.
She adjusted her position just in time for the next dollop to land on my nose.
“Mmmm, nice,” she murmured as she squatted there, our mixed fluids trickling out of her insides.
I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as drops rained down on my face. I caught what I could, but she wasn’t very good at aiming.
When she felt that she was empty she lowered her juicy hole to my mouth so that I could lick the last drops from her soft lips.
“There, good doggy,” she sniggered as she stood up again. “I’m off to bed now, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep – I’ll want some more tomorrow.” And then she turned on her heel and went back upstairs, leaving me feeling like a disgusting mess in the middle of my living room.
After such a late night everyone slept in late on Saturday, even me. Eric was the first one to come downstairs and we sat in the kitchen together having breakfast, him in his boxer shorts and me in my dressing gown.
We chatted about normal things and he seemed like a decent enough young guy. His father ran a large company in London and they seemed pretty rich, so I guessed that was the reason why Alice hung around with him. He certainly didn’t seem to be like either Annita or Nico. I wished he was going out with my daughter rather than that big black bastard.
It was almost midday before Nico and Alice appeared. Alice looked wonderful and radiant in tight blue jeans and red t-shirt – what a knockout she was. Too bad she was such a sadistic little bitch.
Nico was wearing the same clothes as the night before, but he was smiling and almost bouncing with energy.
Alice helped herself to cereal while I cooked Nico bacon, eggs and toast.
The three of them were laughing and joking, chattering away without a care in the world as I served them with food and coffee.
When Annita walked in I almost dropped the coffee pot. She looked terrible – her pale face looked sick, she had dark shadows under her eyes, which were bloodshot, and her hair was a mess. She came in holding her head and complaining of a headache.
My poor baby was wearing a short black dress that hugged her slim body and made her look even younger than her 14 years. Her feet were bare as she padded over and slumped down at the breakfast table.
As I poured her some orange juice I noticed huge love-bites on either side of her neck. She looked a total wreck.
Alice, Nico and Eric just carried on laughing and chatting, ignoring Annita altogether. I felt really sorry for her.
“What would you like for breakfast Annie?” I asked, trying to sound like a concerned father, which I was.
“Yuk, nothing,” she answered, pulling a face, “I feel like shit.”
“Aw baby, what’s the matter?” Nico said, turning to look at her for the first time.
“My head’s fucking killing me, that’s what,” Annita groaned.
Alice and Nico both laughed as though that was the funniest thing they’d heard all week. Eric gave a small smile, but just sat watching, a look of concern on his face.
“I know what you need baby,” Nico said, pulling a small tin box out of his jean’s pocket. He opened it and offered Annie a spliff. There were a few others in there and I noticed a small plastic bag too, filled with white powder.
Annita looked embarrassed, and licked her lips nervously.
“Go ahead Annie, take it. It’ll make you feel better. Go for it,” Nico encouraged. Alice was grinning and she nodded at Annita, urging her to take it.
I shook my head sadly when Annie reached over and took the drug. Sure it was mild, but I got the feeling that Annie was getting in too deep and both Nico and Alice were pushing down a slippery path.
“Annie, don’t,” I said, trying to stop her.
“Shut the fuck up!” Nico shouted, leaping to his feet. “Annie is mine and she does what I want, not you – motherfucker!” His fist was clenched and I got the message.
Annie took the spliff and Alice lit it for her.
I guess in a way smoking a joint did make Annie feel better, and she certainly seemed to relax after a couple of tokes.
“That’s it baby, relax, take it easy,” Nico said soothingly, and he pulled Annita over onto his lap, holding her close and stroking her thigh with his big black hand.
I refilled the coffee cups and moved to the back of the room, out of the way. The atmosphere in the kitchen seemed to have changed, and some sexual charge seemed to have electrified the four people around the table.
“Mmm, I like it when you’re high baby,” Nico said, sliding his hand under my daughter’s dress. His other arm was around her waist and his hand cupped her small breast.
Alice was watching with bright eyes and a tight smile, I could almost smell her pussy getting wet. Eric shifted uncomfortably in his seat – was he embarrassed, or was his cock getting hard in his boxers?
My own cock was starting to react as I watched the big black stud molesting my little girl.
Annita giggled and wriggled in Nico lap, eagerly sucking in the intoxicating smoke.
Nico brought his busy hand out from between Annie’s thighs and held it up for the audience to see – his fingers were glistening with her pussy juice.
“I think Annie needs something else for breakfast, don’t you baby? Maybe some of Nico’s sausage?” Nico suggested, putting the sticky fingers to Annie’s lips and pushing them into her mouth.
From the look on Annita’s face I wasn’t sure that she did want some of Nico’s ‘sausage’ right then. In fact she looked a bit shocked and reluctant. She looked around the table at her ‘friends’, and I thought she looked scared.
“Yeah, do her right here, on the table,” Alice whispered, her voice hoarse with lust. “I want to watch,” she husked.
Nico grinned across at Alice – I was sure that there was something going on between them, and I wondered again if maybe he was fucking her behind Eric’s back.
“Yeah, let’s do it baby,” Nico said, lifting Annita up and sitting her on the edge of the table.
Alice quickly moved all the plates and cups out of the way as Nico pushed my daughter down onto her back.
“Please Nico, don’t, not like this, not here,” Annita whimpered.
“Shush baby, you know you like it,” Nico sniggered, unbuckling his belt and lowering his jeans.
Eric looked uncertain and pale, but Alice was licking her lips, faced flushed with excitement. I stood by the doorway watching – what could I do, I was helpless. And my cock was getting hard again, I wanted so much to start rubbing.
“Don’t Nico, please,” Annie sobbed, but she just lay there as he pulled her panties off and threw them across the kitchen to me.
“Get over here sissy,” Nico snarled, “Hold her leg. Alice, hold the other one.”
I moved over and stood at the side of the table as Nico lifted my daughter’s legs. He gave me her left leg to hold, while Alice eagerly grabbed Annita’s right ankle, spreading her open in front of his huge stiff cock.
“Please don’t, please,” Annie sniffled, but I could see that her little slit was already damp and opening in anticipation.
Nico took his cock in his hand and rubbed the head up and down the slit in front of him, pushing the head slowly but firmly into the resisting soft flesh.
“Yessssss,” Alice hissed, “Do it, do it harder, fuck the bitch.”
Nico laughed at the expression on Alice’s face, she was totally into the rape of her best friend.
Somehow my baby daughter’s body was able to accommodate the huge dick of the bastard raping her. Her belly seemed to swell as he thrust the full length inside her, and her pleading turned to moans of pleasure as he took her right there in front of me.
“You want some of her sweety?” Nico said, turning to Alice, a look of evil in his eyes.
I was sure that if Alice had been wearing a skirt or dress, she would have been masturbating by now. She looked deep into Nico’s eyes, and then nodded.
“Yes, yes I want to use her,” she whispered, licking her lips and panting with sheer lust.
Eric seemed totally mesmerised by the whole scene, staring at the black cock that rhythmically disappeared into the white girl, reappearing seconds later shining with cunt juice.
Alice let go of Annita’s leg and quickly stripped off her jeans and knickers. She was rushing so much that she almost fell over.
“Go for it sweety,” Nico laughed, as Alice climbed onto the table and straddled Annita’s surprised face.
“Noooo. Mmmmmmfffff,” was the last sound Annie made as Alice buried my little girl under her ass.
“Oh yeah baby, ride that bitch,” Nico moaned, looking into Alice’s face, just a couple of feet away from his own. He handed Alice both of Annita’s ankles to hold, and she pulled my girl open to the maximum.
I couldn’t help it - I had to rub my cock. I stood there masturbating at the side of the table as Nico raped my daughter’s baby pussy, and her best friend used her as an object to rub her wet cunt on.
The sounds in the kitchen were just like some porn film orgy – moans, groans, wet thrusts, and dirty words.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Nico grunted in time to his thrusts.
“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Alice groaned as she pressed her soaking hole down again and again onto my daughter’s upturned face, smothering her in cum.
“Hey faggot, get your ass down and give Eric some attention,” Nico suddenly ordered me, leering at the sight of me jerking off.
I looked around the bodies on the table and saw that Eric too was rubbing his dick, eyes fixed on the bi-sexual rape in front of him.
“Do it, pervert, suck him off, now,” Nico instructed. “Do it!” His thrusts into Annita never slowed as he told me what I should do.
I knelt and crawled under the table, easing Eric’s muscular thighs apart. He didn’t resist for a second as I gently prised his hand off his hard cock and replaced it with mine.
Maybe in his mind’s eye he was imagining that it was Alice or Annita that was under the table, but Eric moaned when I took his leaking cock in my mouth and started sucking.
Above me the table rocked and squeaked as Nico raped my teenage daughter’s pussy, and Alice raped her face. The sounds were a little muffled down between Eric’s legs, but the moans and grunts still turned me on. I rubbed my cock with my right hand as I sucked Eric and held his shaft with my left.
Time seemed to stand still as the orgy continued, but suddenly I felt Eric’s balls and shaft starting to move into climax mode. He was going to squirt in my mouth and I knew I would have to swallow it all.
At the same time I heard Nico gasp and curse as he unloaded his fat balls into my baby’s unprotected vagina.
Even though I was close, I didn’t want to cum, I wanted to hold it. Even now I was edging myself – wanting to wait until the last possible second for my own orgasm.
Eric grabbled my hair and forced his surprisingly small dick as deep as he could into my sucking mouth, pumping a few drops of salty semen out onto my tongue. His cock was so small, and the amount of cum so little, there was no chance of me choking on it.
He pulled his dick out of my lips and slumped back in his chair above me.
“Hey, faggot, get out here,” Nico shouted, panting around the words.
I crawled out and found that Annita was lying alone on the table. Alice was sitting in her chair, hair plastered to her sweaty face, legs splayed wide in an inelegant sprawl. Nico was sitting in his chair, fat cock limp and wet in his lap.
My daughter looked a total wreck, and seemed barely conscious. Her face – pale to start with, was now dark red and shining with a mix of sweat and Alice’s cunt juices. She was still gasping for breath, and after what Alice had done to me the night before, I knew how she felt.
“Did you cum down there faggot?” Nico demanded.
I shook my head, concerned at the state of my daughter.
“Well, we’ll give you a treat then, you can cum now,” he said with a snigger.
“How? What do you mean?” I said with a puzzled look on my face.
Nico looked around the table at his friends’ exhausted faces. “Well hey man, you can cum on your little girl, we did, and she’s a hot little toy.”
To be honest I was shocked at that idea. Sure I’d been ‘forced’ to fuck her by Alice, and she had jerked me off, but just masturbating on her wasn’t my idea of a good time.
“Do it faggot. Now!” Nico shouted, an angry look on his face. “Don’t make me have to say it again.”
My cock was still hard of course, and leaking. It wouldn’t be hard to cum.
“Wait a second, I wanna film this,” Alice said, getting slowly to her feet and going to fetch her phone. I watched her wonderful ass waddle across the room and wished it was her that I could jerk off on.
My dressing gown hung open and my cock stood out almost vertically over the table. Annita opened her eyes and looked around her – I think she might have been unconscious before.
“OK, you can do it now,” Alice said as she came back into the kitchen and stood next to the table in front of me.
I looked around at them stupidly, unsure of what to do.
“Get up on the table dummy. Kneel over her tits and fucking jerk off on her face, what’s your fucking problem?” Alice directed.
Well, Annita wasn’t her daughter, and she wasn’t the one being abused – that was the problem.
“Do it faggot,” Nico insisted. “Get the fuck on with it.”
I pulled myself up onto the table and straddled Annita’s belly, dragging my dressing gown behind me, out of the way. Her dress had been pulled up around her waist while Nico raped her, and it was bunched up just below her small breasts.
“What are you doing Daddy? Stop it OK!” Annita said frowning. She lifted her arms to push me off.
“Hold her wrists Eric,” Nico said, walking around to the side of the table so that he could get a good view.
Eric looked uncertain again, but Alice gave him a push in the right direction and he went around to pull her hands off me and hold them above her head. Now she was completely helpless.
“Eric, don’t. Daddy stop. What are you doing?” She looked just like a scared little girl.
I eased myself forward a little until my balls were above her neck and the tip of my drooling cock was above her nose.
Alice started filming. “OK, jerk off. Now. Make sure it’s a good load. I want to see it in her eyes, and all over her face, OK.” She would have made a great porn film director.
“Daddy don’t. Don’t do it. I’ll tell Mum if you do.” She looked both nervous and angry.
I started to rub my cock – slowly.
My daughter’s face was already a sticky mess, so I would only be making it worse, rather than being the only one to use her.
Nico chuckled as I stroked faster and harder, my breathing matching my rubbing.
“Daddy, I’ll tell Mum. You stop right now, or else!” But there was no conviction in her voice.
Alice had her camera right there, moving from the full-length shots to close ups of Annita’s face, my cock, and me.
“Don’t Daddy, please,” Annita started to sniffle.
Oh God, it was getting to me – in the worst way - she was turning me on.
“Man that’s HOT!” Nico said, and I could see that his own cock was growing again – his big hand moved down to start playing with it. Eric too was idly stroking his small dick – he only needed one adult hand to restrain my daughter’s child-sized wrists.
That made me even more excited. Two grown men were jerking off watching me, and the hottest girl I had ever known was filming me.
My hand moved faster. Pre-cum oozed out, making my shaft slippery and slick.
“No Daddy. I don’t like it. Stop. Please.” Tears ran down her face.
It was too much - too much for me to resist.
My balls tensed and that old pressure started again. I felt it moving down there, like a surging tide. This was going to be a major load and I needed to time it just right.
“He’s cumming,” Nico said to Alice, “Get in close.”
I needed to lean forward, taking my weight on my left arm as I used my right hand to aim my rigid cock at my daughter’s frightened face.
“Daddy don’t,” she started to say, but the first gush from my balls cut her off.
“Oh!” she exclaimed, eyes opening wide, as the first thick gob hit her forehead.
Unfortunately by opening her eyes wide they made an easier target. I adjusted my aim and my next spurt landed across her right eye, and plastered her nose.
She tried to close her eyes, but the thick goo was right on her eyeball. She winced and tried to turn her head away, but she was trapped and helpless.
“Stop, Daddy. No,” She wriggled and squirmed, but I couldn’t stop.
“Oh God!” I groaned, as I pumped out a huge load, splattering and dribbling across Annita’s face.
Both eyes were coated, and the sockets filled with goo. Her nose and lips were smothered in the thick white slime, and some had even trickled down her cheeks.
Finally I was spent and sat back on my knees.
“Yeah, that was great,” Alice said, taking one last long shot of me kneeling over my daughter’s prone body. “I’ll add that to the collection.”
“I’m ready,” Eric hissed. “Somebody hold her arms”.
Nico gave me a push and said, “You hold her, while we do her.”
My balls ached, but I moved around and took over from Eric.
Seconds later Eric was up on his toes, leaning over Annita’s plastered face. His cock was spurting little drops into Annie’s hair and he was grunting like a pig.
He was supposed to be Alice’s boyfriend, but she was laughing at him as he added his small deposit to my load.
“Stop it. Stop it please,” Annita whined, her eyes squeezed tightly shut.
“Stand aside girls,” Nico sniggered, “I will now demonstrate what a real man can do.” He pushed Eric to one side, and stood next to Annita’s head, his huge organ hard as a rock in his fist.
“Oh sweet Jesus,” I muttered as the end of his cock pointed at my daughter’s already coated face.
“Yeah, baby,” Nico grunted as he pumped at his huge dong.
My eyes were like saucers as he started to gush. My load was impressive, but his was remarkable – and it was his second load in an hour.
My God, it was like a white flood pumping out of him and splashing over her face.
“GGurrrggg,” Annita spluttered, as Nico pumped his load across her nose and lips, hosing her face with a sadistic snarl.
When he’d finished he wiped the last drops off the end of his cock on her hair.
“Wow man, that was crazy. I’m gonna take a shower, then head on out for some air,” the big black said, wiping a hand over his face.
“Yeah, good idea,” Eric said and moved to the door.
I let Annita’s hands go, and walked around the table, looking down at her. God she was a mess. I’ve watched a few bukkake films, but most of them are fake – Annita’s face was truly covered in cock slime.
“Hey sissy,” Nico said from the doorway. “While we’re cleaning up, you’d better get my girlfriend ready to go out. I want her cleaned up and cleaned out by the time I finish my shower.”
That shocked me again. The easiest way would be to sponge Annita down and get her in the shower, but the others would be using the bathrooms.
Nico shook his head, “Use your tongue dick head. Clean her good. I’ll be checking when I come down, and you’d better not make me mad.”
Annita just lay there on the table, her legs drooping over one end and her cum-covered face at the other.
“I’m sorry Annie,” I said, “I’ve got to do it, you know I do.”
“But which end should I start at?” I wondered to myself.
I suspected that if I cleaned her face first, then she would never let me clean her pussy. But if I cleaned her cunt first, then when I licked her face she would be able to smell and taste her own pussy.
I decided to start between her legs.
Thankfully she seemed to agree that I had no choice and she didn’t fight me. I licked and sucked as gently as I could at the sore, pink lips of her pussy, cleaning out as much of Nico’s first load as I could reach.
Annita’s face was a real mess and she flinched and screwed up her eyes as she felt my tongue scooping up the mix of Nico’s and my own cum. There was so much of it in her eyes that I needed to suck it out before getting the last traces with my tongue.
It took a good 20 minutes to lick and suck her clean – or as clean as I could.
Finally Annita was able to gingerly climb down from the table, and I gave her a helping hand.
As soon as she was on her feet she turned to look at me, blinking back the tears from the cum still stinging her eyes.
“You bastard,” she said, and slapped me hard across the face. “You fucking BASTARD!” and she hit me a second time. Then she turned away and went upstairs to take get ready.

the look.jpg thumbnail    Sweet and tempting?
Dear is the next chapter. Sorry it's taken so long, but it turned me on so much writing it that I needed to keep pausing...

I am 'pushing the envelope', but if I upset anyone, well...let me know.

Chapter 9: Dancing in the Pain

Nico and Eric left early on Saturday afternoon, laughing and joking as they slammed the front door, and went off to God only knows where. They seemed in high spirits, but then why shouldn’t they be – they had beautiful young girlfriends to screw whenever they wanted, and my house to do it in.
Half an hour later I drove Annita and Alice down to the local shopping centre, dropping them off at the main entrance. Alice was in great form and was trying to cheer my daughter up, but Annita was still in a sulky mood after the way the others had treated her at the breakfast table.
“We’ll call you when we’ve spent all your money, faggot,” Alice sneered as she strutted off with Annita, leaving me holding the car door. They both looked great in their tight jeans, extra-tight tops, and high heels. Dressed up like that no one would ever guess they were only 14 years old.
I was paying them quite a lot of my salary not to tell anyone about my little secrets – it was a good thing that my wife was earning good money otherwise I couldn’t have afforded their shopping trips.
Back at the house I cleaned and tidied the bedrooms and the kitchen, and tried not to think what was going to happen later, or what my wife might be doing with her boss right at that moment. But was it her boss that she was fucking, or was it someone else? It’s not something I could ask her about, and I couldn’t exactly play the outraged husband when I had so many damaging secrets to hide about myself.
The sheets on my bed were in a disgusting state – with large cum stains, and other dried fluids making them stiff in places and still damp in others. I changed them for a fresh set and opened the windows to get rid of the smell of sex and the residue of marijuana that hung in the air.
After that I passed a couple of hours checking my favourite porn sites, answering some emails and doing some work.
I noticed that there was an email from the Chinese guys in California, with a link to the latest video - but apart from downloading it for my collection it didn’t disturb me at all. These distant blackmailers were so far down my priority list now that my hand didn’t even tremble when I saw their familiar bad English text and vague threats.
“Tough shit boys,” I thought to myself watching the video, “I’ve got tougher fish to fry right now - you guys are history!”
To be honest though the video was pretty good, and it did get a few twitches out of my cock. The sight of me tied to the chair being milked by my daughter was a turn on and any other day I would have been jerking off in no time, but right then my mind was focussed on what the girls and their boyfriends might do to me tonight.
It was just after six p.m. that Annita called and told me to come and pick them up.
When I got to the place that Annie had told me to go I was surprised to see that there were four girls waiting for me. I recognised Annita and Alice immediately – they were the ones with all the bags, but who were the other two?
They both had shoulder-length red hair, and very pale skin, and apart from a big size difference they could have been twins. One of them was about the same height as Annie and Alice – slim and with good-sized tits stretching her t-shirt tight. The other was considerably shorter, still slim, but with no boobs worth talking about. From their similarity I guessed that they were sisters.
I stopped and got out to open the doors. Without saying a word to me Alice and Annie dumped the bags in the boot and then they all piled into the car, Alice getting into the front passenger seat.
“Er, where do you want to go?” I mumbled to Alice, interrupting the teen chat that was going on between the four girls, seemingly without the need for taking breath.
“Shut the fuck up and just drive idiot,” Alice said, without looking at me. “Take us to your house, we’ve got something special to try out tonight.” And all four of them burst out laughing.
“Wonderful,” I thought to myself grimly, “What’s the little bitch got up her sleeve now?”
They all got out of the car and ran into the house as soon as I pulled up into my driveway. I carried all the bags inside and deposited them in the hall. From the store names I recognised, I guessed that I was a few more hundreds of pounds down.
“Bring them up here moron,” Alice called from the top of the stairs, “We can’t look at them down there can we? Like duh!”
I carried all the bags up to Annita’s bedroom, and the new girls both giggled and sniggered as I struggled through the door and put them on my daughter’s bed. I blushed like a fool when they laughed at me like that, and my cock twitched at the embarrassment.
“Go and get us some drinks dick head,” Annita instructed me, enjoying the gasps from the two redheads. They had probably never heard anyone talk to their Dad that way.
I opened my mouth to offer some resistance, but Alice cut me off. “I’ll come and help you, otherwise you’ll probably fuck up again,” she said jumping up from the bed. “Cokes for everybody?” she asked, already going out the door.
Her offer of help confused me, until I reached the kitchen and took out the four glasses.
Along with ice cubes, Alice added a large slug of my best Russian vodka into two of the glasses, and then topped them up with Coke.
“What’s going on?” I asked, curious more that concerned.
“You’ll find out soon, faggot. If those two sluts want more, then you make them up the same way, OK? We want this party to go with a bang.” And she laughed as she picked up the doctored drinks and took them back to her friends.
After taking up the other glasses I left them to their music and frantic chatter.
About an hour later I was watching the sport on TV when I heard Annita calling me from upstairs. With a sigh I went up to see what she wanted.
There were empty bags scattered all over the bedroom, with new clothes and shoes dropped on the floor or draped over any available piece of furniture.
Alice was trying to hide a large bag behind her back when I stepped into the room.
“We went to our ballet shop today to get some new shoes for Annie,” Alice said, a grin trying to break out on her beautiful face. “And that’s when we ran into Sandra and Melissa,” she added, nodding her head towards the two new girls. I didn’t get which one was which, but it didn’t really matter.
“Sandra is in our ballet class, and Melissa just started last year, a couple of classes behind us. But she’s really good, isn’t she Annie?” Alice explained.
At least now I knew which was which – Melissa was the smaller, younger girl. I guessed that if Sandra was around the same age as Alice and Annie, then Melissa must be around 12 years old. To be honest I thought she looked even younger than that in her white t-shirt and blue jeans. She seemed to have only tiny boobs, but she was wearing a training bra anyway.
The younger girl giggled, and the older one seemed to have trouble focussing her eyes on me. By the look of them I would say that they were both more that a little tipsy. I wondered how many of Alice’s special Cokes they had drunk.
“And while we were looking around, we got a great idea,” Alice went on, drawing out whatever her surprise was going to be.
“Yeah, and when we bought them,” Annita jumped in, “old Mister Johnson, the owner of the shop, wanted to know who they were for, so we told him about you Daddy. Well a bit anyway.” And they all rolled around laughing at that.
I was starting to get a bit bored by the piss taking. I was missing my football on TV and if they didn’t have anything interesting to say, then I had better things to do.
“Yeah, right,” Alice said, giving Annie a frown for interrupting her. “That old queer offered us 20% off if we would send him photos of you wearing the stuff we bought. I think he quite likes you. Maybe we can make some decent money out of him if he wants you,” she said with a thoughtful look on her face.
“Anyway…,” Annita said, trying get Alice to move on.
“Yeah, anyway, we bought you these.” Alice said, pulling the bag out from behind her back. “Put them on for us. I’ll just get the camera for some photos.”
Curious, I opened the bag and looked inside.
At first glance all I could make out was a mass of something soft, lacy and pink. I pulled it out from the bag and was surprised to see that it was a large ballerina tutu.
I’d bought Annita several similar ones over the years, but this one was much bigger.
Under the tutu were two packets, which I picked up and looked at – a puzzled expression on my face. The first contained a pair of white ballet dancer’s pantyhose, and the second, a pale pink leotard, the same shade as the tutu.
“We had to guess at the size, but Mister Johnson seemed sure that they would be your size – they were the biggest he had in the store,” Alice said, walking back into the bedroom with my video camera and digital SLR camera.
They were for me? Why had they bought these things for me? I was really puzzled.
Right at the bottom of the bag there were two more items – a pair of pink silk ballet shoes, large size by the look of them, complete with the silk ties for attaching them to my ankles. And under them, a long length of silk ribbon, about one centimetre wide and maybe two metres long.
I held all the garments in my hands and looked from one grinning face to the next.
“These are for me?” I asked, feeling quite stupid. “You want me to wear these? Why?” I asked, totally confused.
“It doesn’t matter why, moron,” Alice sneered, “Just put the fucking things on OK!”
I blushed again. They wanted me to dress up like a bloody ballerina – crazy.
Picking all the stuff up I started heading the door, thinking I would get changed in my bedroom.
“Where are you going dork? Put them on here for Christ’s sake. Watching you get into them will be half the fun,” Annita laughed.
Shaking my head with disbelief I dumped the clothes back down on Annie’s bed and started to strip. The two redheads sat up and looked almost as embarrassed as I felt.
To whistles and applause from Annie and Alice I finally stood naked in front of the four girls, my cock starting to fill out and rise to the occasion. The two sisters couldn’t take their eyes off my crotch and I wondered how many men they had seen naked.
First I pulled on the white pantyhose. I don’t often actually wear hose – I just like to wrap them around my cock and jerk off into them. It felt comfortable though, snug and warm, and held my cock and balls in place nicely.
Next came the pink leotard. It was a pretty shade if I’m honest – a nice soft pale rose colour. It was a bit small, but that just made it feel tighter and closer to my body.
With all those young female eyes roaming over my body, and the sniggers and giggles, my cock was rapidly stretching the front of the pantyhose.
Pulling on the tutu was weird though. Apart from silky nighties I don’t dress up in women’s clothes – I’m not really into cross-dressing.
Standing there in the middle of my daughter’s bedroom, looking like some monstrous travesty of a ballet dancer, I felt like a total idiot. The girls found it funny though and kept rolling around on the bed laughing their heads off.
“Shoes, shoes,” Alice cried, holding her sides with laughter.
Bending over to pull on the silk ballet shoes made them laugh even harder, and I suppose if I could have seen myself doing it then I might have had a chuckle too.
As I knelt in front of the girls to wrap the silk ties around my ankles, Alice started taking the photos – the flash illuminating my ridiculous predicament.
“OK, let’s see you do a few poses for us Daddy,” Annita sniggered, enjoying my humiliation in front of her friends.
Of course I’m not a dancer, and my attempts at classic ballet positions just took me from simply looking stupid into the absurd. My face burned red, but the flash kept recording me for posterity. I hoped that pervert Mister Johnson would enjoy them – and keep them to himself.
“Alright, alright, that’s enough, I can’t take any more,” Annita gasped, exhausted from the rip-cracking laughter. “Any more and I’ll pee myself.”
“Who wants some more Coke?” Alice offered, but from the look of Sandra she could hardly sit up any more on the bed, and Melissa’s eyes were glazing over.
“Looks like it’s time we started the main show,” Annita giggled, and winked at Alice.
“Right, OK, yeah, let’s do it. We’ll start with Melissa,” Alice said, reaching for the video camera. My stomach did a somersault and nervous sweat broke out on my forehead – Alice with a video camera always meant bad news for me.
Melissa just grunted, “Uh, what?” and looked from Alice to Annita and back again, her head wobbling like it might fall off.
“Get her jeans off pervert,” Alice said to me, pointing at the small girl on the bed.
“What?” I said, frowning.
“Come on idiot, what part of strip the bitch don’t you understand?” Alice snarled at me.
“Er, but, she’s tiny,” I stammered. It’s one thing to fuck a 14 year old, but younger than that was too much for me.
“You’re not gonna fuck her, moron, not yet any way,” Annita said. “Just do like we tell you.”
Melissa didn’t offer much resistance as I undid her jeans and pulled them down over her slim, white legs. Her white cotton panties came off with them, exposing her smooth hairless slit.
“Nice,” Alice muttered, watching the camera’s viewfinder intently, recording my attack on the drunken girl.
It was a bit tricky getting the t-shirt over Melissa’s head, but she just smiled up at me, giggling as she flopped around. I left the bra on – I find total nudity boring, and I hoped that Alice and Annie wouldn’t mind.
“OK, now get her legs over the edge of the bed,” Alice directed. Sandra was just lying there watching me molest her little sister – she seemed totally gone, although she was still conscious.
“Mmm, how are we gonna do this?” Alice said, stopping the video. “We need your cock and balls out. How can we do that?” she said, looking around the bedroom.
Well, that would be tricky. With the leotard on over the top of pantyhose, there was no way I could just pull out my dick.
“Here, cut a hole. Too bad for the tights, but we can always buy some more,” Alice said, handing me a pair of scissors.
The leotard wasn’t a problem, I could just pull it to one side - so I just cut out a large piece of the pantyhose’s crotch, and cool air flowed over my balls as I pulled my hard cock out of the nylon.
“Good, now get down on your knees between her legs,” Alice said, pointing at where she wanted me.
Melissa giggled again as I gently pushed her little legs apart, but she didn’t struggle. She seemed fascinated by the sight of my big hard dick sticking out under the tutu.
I knelt down as instructed and waited for my next order.
“Good dog, now lick the little bitch’s cunt,” Alice whispered, licking her own lips with excitement.
“And rub your cock while you do it you pervert,” Annie added.
Like I said, I’m not really into such little girl’s, but what could I do? I bent forward, the tutu crumpling against the bed as I put my head down between Melissa’s incredibly white thighs.
I looked up the length of the little girl’s flat belly as I slowly started to run my tongue along her pink slit, probing gently with the wet tip, trying to open her baby lips.
Melissa’s thighs were firm and smooth as I caressed them, stroking and massaging them from knee to crotch. My cock throbbed and grew as Alice filmed me, and Annie sniggered at the sight.
At first the young girl was stiff and reluctant as my tongue started its work, but licking cunt is something that I’m very good at, and I soon felt her relax and open herself for me.
I smiled when my tongue started to slide in easier and deeper – even if I was being forced to do it, I was going to give it my best shot.
Alice moved in to get a few close-ups of me licking the young girl. It would certainly make another great addition to the porn collection – me as a ballet pervert eating a tiny girl’s cunt.
I concentrated on my task at hand for a while, licking and sucking, stroking and fingering, searching for the hard little nub of the girl’s clit. Even if she was only 12 years old, she seemed to react when I flicked my tongue over that sensitive area and sucked gently at it.
To be honest I was amazing myself at the reaction I was getting. Her little fists were clenched on the bed sheet by her sides as I pushed my tongue inside her as deep as it would go.
From the exclamations and comments from Alice and Annie I understood that Melissa seemed to be on the edge of an orgasm. Could it be possible that this little girl was actually going to cum on my mouth? I wondered if she had ever experienced an orgasm before.
Wetting the index finger on my right hand with her baby juices, I slowly started to slide the tip in and around her anus. I didn’t do anything too deep, just the very tip playing with all the nerves at that sensitive hole.
She cried out as I sucked at the top of her slit, tonguing her, French-kissing her baby pussy, and fingering her tight ass hole.
“Oh My GOD,” Alice gasped, making a close-up of the little girl’s agonised face, “She’s cumming, she FUCKING cumming!”
Melissa’s slim hips jerked and twitched on the bed, pushing against my mouth, her anus opening and closing on my finger. Cute little moans and cries broke the silence of the bedroom as she came for me, her head jerking from side to side, eyes closed and teeth biting her bottom lip.
I felt so proud. I was sure that it was her very first orgasm, and it was me who had given it to her.
“God, that was fucking great,” Alice whispered. “What an amazing scene.” She sounded breathless and I guessed that she must be pretty turned on.
I sat back on my haunches, the tutu springing back into shape around my waist - and looked up at the admiring girls.
Melissa was just lying there on the bed, her legs spread and her eyes closed, as though she was asleep. Her sister was lying next to her, but she had propped herself up on one elbow to watch, and had a stupid grin on her face as though it was the funniest thing in the world.
“OK, now you can do Sandra,” Alice said, nodding in the direction of the older girl.
I looked up at her frowning. “You mean you want me to lick her out too?” It was no problem for me, but I just wanted to be sure that’s what she intended.
“No,” the gorgeous blonde said, her face flushed and eyes glittering. “Strip her, then I’ll tell you what I want.”
I shrugged and stood up. I could feel my cock was stiff, but with this stupid tutu on I couldn’t see anything below my waist.
Sandra just lay there and let me strip her. She watched me with an unsteady gaze - that same drunken smile almost mocking me.
She was a beauty though, with long elegant legs, firm plump thighs and narrow waist, leading to a wonderfully ripe pair of large breasts. Except for an early growth of red public hair she was amazingly white. Only a few brown freckles across her shoulders and on her face broke the purity of the look, but even these just added to her overall attractiveness.
I stood looking down at her nakedness, and she lay there looking back at me with cool green eyes.
Alice came and stood beside me, looking down at the pretty girl.
“You shouldn’t have taken that part in the ballet Sandra, that was MY part,” Alice said coldly. “I worked hard for that all year and then YOU just show up and think you can take it.” She seemed calm, but when I glanced sideways at her I could see that her eyes were narrow and vicious.
“Well BITCH,” she went on, “you can’t fuck with me and get away with it.”
Annita came and stood on the other side of me, arms folded across her chest. “That’s right you CUNT,” Annie hissed down at the girl, who didn’t seem to be taking any of this in, and just lay quietly on the bed looking at us.
“We’re gonna teach you a lesson you’ll never forget,” Alice said, with an evil laugh. “And if you EVER tell anyone about it we’ll post these fucking videos on YouTube.”
A slight frown flitted across Sandra’s sweet face, but she didn’t seem concerned by the hatred that the other two girls had for her.
“Right, now you can do her,” Alice said to me.
“Do her, what do you mean?” I asked.
“Fucking rape the whore, what do you think moron,” Alice snarled. “She joins our fucking dance class after I’ve worked my ass off to get the lead, and thinks she can beat me just by flashing her tits at the teacher. Well this is how we teach whores like her about the real world!” She was absolutely livid with rage and shook her fist at the girl on the bed.
Sandra lay there and giggled.
“Rape her,” Alice hissed, “Fucking rape the bitch.”
“Do it,” Annita said, giving me a push on the shoulder. “Rape her Dad. Do her right here on my bed.”
I looked from Alice to Annie and back again. They were deadly serious. I licked my lips nervously. So far, although I had committed a lot of crimes – actual forced rape of an underage girl wasn’t one of them. I was a bit hesitant about that – what if she went to the cops or told someone?
“Do it,” Alice insisted. “She’s not gonna talk. If she does, we’ll show them the fucking video and everyone will see what a whore she is. Now FUCKING RAPE THE BITCH!” she shouted at me.
Sandra stopped smiling and frowned.
Melissa opened her eyes and looked at us standing at the foot of the bed. She frowned too.
“OK, ok,” I said, stepping closer to Sandra. My cock had drooped a little with all the pressure and stress, but I reached under the tutu to give him a few strokes. Sandra watched my hand and the smile crept back onto her face, and she blushed.
Melissa’s eyes kept flicking back and forth from my hand on my cock, to her blushing sister.
Once I had a decent hard on again I reached down with both hands and gripped Sandra’s ankles, easing her legs open as I moved in closer. I kept my eyes on hers and tried to look relaxed - the last thing I wanted was her tensing up and fighting me.
Thank God she was still drunk.
I moved her legs apart as I knelt on the edge of the bed and got myself into position between them. Alice was filming away and Annita stood at the side of the bed, grinning and licking her lips in anticipation.
The damn tutu got in the way as I lowered myself between Sandra’s legs. It kept dragging on her skin and flipping up over her belly. It also blocked my view and hid the target.
I took my weight on my left arm and used my right hand to try and guide my stiff muscle onto the narrow ‘V’ that I needed to find. I kept my eyes on hers, hoping that if I didn’t break my stare, then she wouldn’t suddenly wake up and start resisting.
With my legs holding hers apart, I used her smooth firm thighs as the guide path, slowly sliding my oozing tip towards the red fuzz of entry.
When my cock finally touched home she jerked like I’d given her an electric shock. Finally she seemed to realise what was about to happen and the goofy smile disappeared faster than a blink.
Her arms came up to try and push me off, and I felt her legs try to close. There wasn’t much strength in either effort though.
It was all too little and much too late. Her defences had been breached and she would have needed to be sober and strong to stop me now.
She wasn’t either of those things and it was just a matter of time and persistence to work my slippery cock into her tight opening.
“No, stop, don’t,” she stammered, “please.” But I could see in her eyes that any attempt to resist was going to be limited. She had given in already, and without any fight.
My cock head slid up and down her slit a few times, lubricating her, and I applied some weight and pressure to gain the first entry. She was bloody tight.
“Fuck the slut,” Alice instructed, her voice hoarse with lust. “She not a virgin, I’ve heard her bragging about how she fucks her boyfriend.”
I added more weight and pushed harder, frowning with concentration. This was hard work, and I needed to stay focussed.
Sandra’s green eyes were wide and staring at me. Her pale face seemed to be even whiter than white, totally bloodless. “No, please don’t,” she mouthed silently at me.
My cock head was finally inside her. God she was tight. I pressed harder, deeper, determined to get the critical length inside so that I could get on with the real fucking.
But suddenly my progress was blocked. Something inside her was stopping me going further.
I paused for a while, panting, using both arms to support my weight. She was just lying there, arms by her sides, looking up at me. She was helpless and she knew it.
“What’s happening? Get on with it. Fuck her,” Alice said, sounding a little frustrated.
“There’s something blocking me,” I said, shaking a bead of sweat off my forehead.
“What? What are you talking about?” Annita said, coming to stand closer and glowering down at the poor girl.
I probed a little with my cock, trying to feel what might be inside – trying to see if I could push past it, whatever it was. I couldn’t, I was blocked. But I noticed that when I did push, Sandra winced with pain.
“Are you sure she’s not a virgin?” I asked, reality starting to dawn.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me?” Alice laughed. She stopped filming for a second and knelt on the bed at Sandra’s side.
“Is he right, are you a virgin?” Alice said, leaning close to the girl’s face.
A tear welled up and ran down Sandra’s white face. She closed her eyes and nodded slowly.
“So all that talk about fucking your boyfriend was just bull shit?” Alice murmured, filming a close up of Sandra’s confession.
Sandra nodded again, more tears trickling under her closed lids.
“Wow, amazing,” Alice chuckled. “I never thought I’d get it on film, but it looks like we hit the jackpot.”
My arms were starting to get tired, and I needed to do something with my cock soon or interest would be lost.
“Er,” I said, “What do you want me to do? Should I stop?”
“Stop?” Alice repeated, “No fucking way. Pop her cherry. This will REALLY teach the bitch a lesson.”
“No, please,” Sandra pleaded, her teary eyes opening, imploring me not to take her virginity.
I’ve never, in my whole life, ever had sex with a virgin. That’s why it took so long for me to recognise what was blocking my cock’s entry into her hole. Now, at last I had a chance to fulfil every man’s dream.
“Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her,” Alice and Annie started to chant.
I looked at my daughter and her best friend – mocking grins and lust on their faces.
I looked at the little girl that I had just given her first orgasm, lying naked and scared on the bed watching her sister and me.
I looked down into the terrified but beautiful green eyes of the virgin that I was raping.
What was I going to do?
My cock pulsed and throbbed in the hot wetness of Sandra’s tight, little girl pussy. I licked my lips. Should I withdraw, or press on?
“Ouch!” I cried out as the sharp slap across my ass broke my indecision.
“Fuck her you faggot,” Alice snarled at me, “Or these videos go to the cops. Fuck her and do it fucking right now.”
I had been going to do it anyway, but now I had some extra motivation.
It wasn’t easy, but with slow movements of my hips I was able to rock my cock in as far as Sandra’s hymen.
Still she pleaded with her eyes. Right up to the second when I thrust as hard as I could, with all the weight I could put behind my stiff spike.
“Aiiiee,” Sandra squealed as the deed was done, throwing her head back with the sudden pain.
I felt it give, that thin screen of skin. I felt it rip and tear as my muscle penetrated and tore it to nothing.
“Nooooo,” Sandra moaned, as she became a reluctant woman.
“Yessss,” hissed Alice, as she filmed the moment for posterity.
For me the blockage was out of the way, and I now had unrestricted access to the beautiful girl’s cunt.
I was the first man ever to have her. Mine the first cock ever to get this deep into her. She would never be the same again. She sobbed quietly as I ravaged her.
“Holy shit, that is fantastic,” Alice mumbled as she zoomed in for a close-up of my thick cock sliding in and out of the young girl. “And there’s not much blood at all,” she added.
“What was it like for you Annie, the first time I mean, did you bleed?” Alice asked my daughter without taking her eyes off the camera’s viewfinder.
“Yeah, like a pig,” Annita answered. She seemed fascinated by the rape happening on her bed. “I had to tell Mum that it was my period starting. I bled for like a whole week.”
“Yeah well, I guess if it was a cock the size of Nico’s it’s understandable,” Alice said conversationally.
“Oh, it wasn’t Nico,” Annie said, “It was my cousin Tim. He stayed with us when my Uncle got remarried, and I got a bit drunk. Didn’t know what he was doing until it was all over.”
I listened to the girls chatting as I got into a good rhythm. Sandra’s eyes were closed and I wondered if she had fainted. Her little sister lay next to her, watching me with big green eyes as I thrust into the vulnerable white body.
I remembered the wedding that Annie was talking about. Sarah’s older brother had got married last year and Tim had slept in our spare room. He had been 18 then, and Annita had been only 13 years old – and the bastard had taken her virginity in our house.
“Mmm,” Alice said, “This is starting to get me wet, I think I need a little action myself.”
I glanced at the blonde and I could see that her face was flushed and excited. I’d see her like that before.
“Here hold this and keep filming,” she said to Annita, handing her the camera.
I was starting to get a bit tired and needed to change position. As Alice stripped off her jeans and panties I picked up Sandra’s slim legs and pulled one foot over each of my shoulders. I love this position because it gives maximum penetration and takes some of the weight off my arms.
“Yeah, that’s it, ram it all the way in. Hurt the slut,” Alice said, taking back the camera and sitting on Annie’s dressing table, one leg draped over the corner, the other foot resting on the chair seat.
Every thrust into Sandra made her wince with the pain as I hit bottom. This probably wasn’t the way she had dreamed of losing her virginity.
Alice held the camera with her right hand and started to slowly rub her slit with her left hand.
“Hey Annie, you’re not doing anything useful, get over here and eat me out,” Alice said, that familiar evil look on her face.
“What? You’re kidding,” Annie said, her face suddenly pale.
“No I’m not fucking kidding. Get over here and kneel down. And make it good, or I’ll let Nico turn you into a crack whore like he’s gonna do to your Mum.”
Both Annita and I reacted to that one. Annie staggered backwards as though she’d been slapped in the face, and I was so shocked that I stopped the rape, staring in disbelief at the lusciously wicked blonde who was fingering herself a couple of yards away.
“What?” Annie and I said in unison.
“Just get on with it you twat,” Alice sneered at me. “We can do whatever we want with you and your fucking family, and you have no choice, right!”
I gritted my teeth and got back to the steady fucking of the girl – of course she was right, they had so much on me that there was nothing I could do or say. But I wondered what she meant by her threat of turning Sarah into a “crack whore”.
“So, bitch, unless you want to be put on the street to join Nico’s other whores you’d better do what I say. Right?” Alice was grinning when she said it, but I thought Annie was going to faint.
When Annita just stood looking at Alice, her face a picture of shock, Alice shouted, “Get your FUCKING ass over here and eat my CUNT you useless BITCH!”
Shakily Annie did as she was told. She slowly walked to stand in front of her ‘friend’ and knelt down between her spread legs.
Alice laughed as my daughter slowly leaned forward and began to kiss the hot wet slit that the girl held open for her.
It was all getting a bit too much for me to stand.
Sweat dripped off my chin onto the naked girl’s beautiful white breasts, and the leotard felt damp against my skin. The pantyhose that I was wearing felt tight and hot. My balls were full and in need of urgent release.
I sawed in and out of the girl’s prone body, and caressed the long smooth legs that ran up over my chest. My gaze flicked from Sandra’s angelic face, her eyes closed and tracks of tears down her cheeks - to her young sister who was watching every movement - to my daughter kneeling between the devilish blonde’s amazing legs, lapping at her juicy twat. And on top of everything the sight of Alice’s grinning face mesmerized me as she filmed it all.
“Oh God I need to cum,” I groaned, looking at Alice for permission.
“Oh yeah, do it, fill the bitch with your load,” Alice laughed, a hand drifting down to my daughter’s head, pressing her face deeper into the hot hole between her thighs.
I didn’t wait for any more instruction, and went for the finish.
Sandra’s tight cunt gripped my long fat cock like a hand, milking me as smoothly as any experienced whore could.
“Take it, take it, yessssss,” I grunted, as I made the final thrusts, unloading my balls deep inside her. The knowledge that mine was the first sperm ever to reach her insides made the orgasm even sweeter.
“That’s it, make the slut pregnant,” Alice chortled, “Let’s see how good she dances with a baby in her fat belly.”
Sandra gave a little scream as I came deep inside her. Her eyes were clamped shut, and she drew blood as she bit down on her bottom lip. I think she passed out then as my last, hardest thrusts drove my cock up her cervix and tried to reach her uterus, delivering my thick, creamy load home.
I almost collapsed on top of the girl. I was exhausted and spent, but managed to push her legs back down before rolling sideways onto the bed, my cock still buried to the hilt, joining me to her young body.
With my eyes closed, I was panting like an animal, drenched in sweat, and not looking forward to pulling my limp cock out of Sandra’s bloody cunt.
“Good dog,” I heard Alice laugh, “You really gave her a seeing to.”
I felt my cock slip out of Sandra and slap against my panty-hosed thigh.
“Now, while you clean up these two bitches and get them dressed, I’m going to take Annie here into your bedroom and try out another toy I bought today,” Alice said, pure evil in her voice.
“No, please, Alice, don’t,” I heard Annie whimper.
I opened my eyes in time to see Alice, naked from the waist down, pulling Annie out of the bedroom, a handful of my daughter’s hair in one hand, and a plain brown shopping bag in the other.
The first thing I did when I got my breath back was to stand up and strip off the silk ballet shoes and crushed tutu. The damp leotard and pantyhose were a pain to peel off, and I noticed a pink stain on the front of the pantyhose where my bloody cock had lain.
Alice had left the door open and from across the hallway I heard the sound of mocking laughter, and Annita crying and begging.
“Please Alice don’t. Please no, no…” she sobbed.
A couple of loud slaps stopped my daughter’s voice, but her words were replaced by cries and whimpers, like a punished dog.
My limp cock was covered with a coating of pinkish slime, and there were a few spots of virgin blood on Annie’s sheets, but nothing much to clean up. I washed myself in the bathroom and pulled on my normal clothes – a pale blue polo shirt and some jeans over my boxer shorts.
I took a couple of hand towels from the bathroom and some tissue paper, and got to work cleaning Sandra’s thighs and pussy.
Except for some low moans and a few small sobs, she just lay there and let me wipe away the traces of her stolen virginity. The small red and pink smears across her thighs came off easily.
Before pulling her panties up her super smooth legs I pressed one of my wife’s sanitary pads against her leaking pussy. I didn’t want any unnecessary mess on her clothes drawing attention to the rape.
After that it was an easy job to get her clothes back on. She didn’t resist and avoided my eye as much as possible. She seemed in just as much of a hurry as I was to get her out of the house.
Melissa seemed to be in shock and said nothing as I dressed her, cooperating like an animated doll.
When they were both dressed I helped them down the stairs to the living room. Sandra walked a little like John Wayne after a hard cattle drive, but she made it to the sofa without collapsing. I left them there and went to see what was happening in my bedroom.
Even before reaching the door I could hear that something pretty nasty was happening inside.
Easing the door open I peeked inside and had to gasp in surprise.
Alice was still naked from the waist down, and she was standing by the side of my bed, her back to me. In a replica of my recent position with Sandra, Annie’s feet protruded over Alice’s shoulders.
I watched for a few seconds as Alice’s wonderful ass moved back and forth, clearly she was fucking Annie who was grunting and whimpering with each thrust.
My cock twitched with interest as I slipped into the room to get a better look.
There was a harness around Alice’s waist and thighs, so I guessed that she was using a strap on dildo of some sort.
“Er, Alice, I’ve got the girl’s ready to go,” I mumbled as I moved closer to the scene on the bed.
Alice’s face was hot and sweaty as she looked around at me, but her eyes were maniacal and glittering with lust.
“I fucking love this,” she hissed at me, “Men are so lucky having a cock to fuck with.”
Annita turned her head and looked at me. She was crying and blubbering, and there was blood oozing from her lip where Alice had hit her. Snot ran from her nose to complete the mess on her face.
My daughter was naked and I could see red scratches across her small breasts, and belly. From the way that Alice had treated me I could guess that the sex had not been very pleasant for Annie.
“Yeah, get up close and see how your little slut loves anal,” Alice chuckled, turning back to her hard fucking of my little girl.
“Oh my God!” I gasped, looking for the first time at where the rubber cock was going.
Annita’s pussy was not involved in this particular scene. With her legs raised over Alice’s shoulders I could see now that the dildo was disappearing into Annie’s ass hole. That explained the cries and the sobs.
“Yeah, you love it don’t you bitch?” Alice mocked. “Nico loves anal, so he asked me to break you in for him.”
The rubber cock wasn’t all that big – certainly much smaller than my cock, or Nico’s – but I guessed that Annita was an anal virgin, so anything would feel huge the first time.
“Daddy, please, tell her to stop, it hurts so much,” Alice whined to me, her teary eyes begging me for help.
Alice just laughed harder. “Beg me to fuck your ass. Tell me how much you love it, and maybe I’ll stop,” she taunted.
I noticed that Alice had set the video camera down on the bedside table and the red light on it showed that she was still recording everything.
Looking closely at the strap-on I noticed that it was quite a clever design – there was the main cock that was embedded inside Annie’s ravaged anus, but there was also another protrusion that fitted inside the one wearing the device. So Alice was actually fucking herself while she raped Annie.
I bent down and tried to comfort my daughter. There was no way I could stop Alice, but maybe I could make it easier for Annie.
“Just try and relax Sweety,” I said gently, wiping the snot and blood off her face with my handkerchief. “Try and open yourself and it won’t hurt so much.”
“Please Daddy, make it stop,” Annie begged, her little hand squeezing my arm.
I looked up at Alice’s evil face. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning, and I could imagine that the dildo inside her cunt was doing its job and getting her closer to orgasm.
“I think it’s nearly over baby,” I said to Annie, “But let me see if I can make it better for you.” I wasn’t sure if I could, or if I should try, but I slid my hand over the red marks made by Alice’s nails and slaps on my daughter’s smooth flat belly, and down to the soft mound between her thighs.
Annita gasped as my fingers eased their way between her lips and searched for the little hard nub of her clit.
Our eyes were locked together as I applied every ounce of experience to giving my little baby the pleasure she needed to compensate for the anal rape that Alice was inflicting on her.
“Oh yeah, that is so hot. Give her a big wet kiss Daddy,” Alice groaned from above me.
I eased myself forward and lowered my face to Annie’s. I had never wanted to do any of this with my daughter, but with Alice telling us what to do, I couldn’t refuse.
Annie closed her eyes as I bent down and kissed her gently on the mouth.
There was a strong taste of blood from the cut on her lip, but I was as gentle as I could be when I slid my tongue inside.
With my fingers working on her pussy, and my tongue sliding around her in mouth, some of the pain from her anus must have been eased because I felt her moan, and her hand gripped my arm even tighter.
“Oh God, yes, that is so fucking hot!” Alice said, as she humped herself and my daughter with the rubber cock. “I’m going to…fucking…cummmmm,” she moaned.
I was feeling pretty horny again myself, and my cock was straining at my jeans.
“OK, OK, that’s enough,” Alice panted, finally coming down from her orgasm, “Get the fuck off her now.”
I don’t think I’d made Annie cum, but her pussy was open and slippery with juices, and I’d been able to get two fingers to their maximum length inside her, even with Alice filling her ass with rubber.
Alice pulled the rubber cock out of my daughter’s anus with a soft burp, and Annie automatically curled herself up into a ball, groaning with the discomfort of the sudden emptiness in her rectum.
“Get the bitch cleaned and dressed,” Alice instructed, wobbling off towards our en suite bathroom, the rubber cock sticking out obscenely from her groin. “Oh, and remember to take those other two bitches home,” she added without looking back.
It was uncomfortable with my hard cock trapped in my jeans, but I went to the guest bathroom to pick up some more tissues and towels to clean Annie’s ass.
“I’m sorry baby,” I said to Annita as I wiped her gently. She lay there quietly on the bed, and I could imagine that she was trying to control the almost overwhelming urge to take a huge shit.
“It’s OK Daddy, I’m sorry too. But I don’t know what’s happened to Alice, she seems to have changed so much.”
I could hear Alice in the shower as I cleaned Annie and helped her to dress. My daughter was pale and shaky, and her lip was badly swollen, but otherwise she seemed to be coping reasonably well with the anal rape. I was glad that it hadn’t been Nico that had raped her ass with his huge cock, otherwise she would probably have needed hospital treatment.
“Can you walk baby?” I said, helping Annita to pull her clothes back on. She nodded and offered me the ghost of a smile.
“We’d better drive Sandra and Melissa home, or their parents will wonder what’s happened,” Annie said, her voice sounding fragile and hoarse.
“You know where they live? Can you give me directions?” I asked, not wanting to have to rely on the victims to tell me how to take them back. Annie nodded again.
With my arm around her waist, and her arm over my shoulder, I supported her as we made our way down the stairs.
The two sisters were exactly where I’d left them, sitting quietly on the sofa.
“OK girls,” I said, trying to sound businesslike and masterful, “It’s time take you home. Let’s get in the car and don’t make a fuss.” To be honest I felt as shaky as a leaf – if the girls told anyone about the rape then I was in deep shit.
Although they were both still pale, both Melissa and Sandra looked to have recovered enough to realise where they were and what was happening.
I watched nervously as the redheads made their way down the hallway to the front door, Sandra limping badly.
We drove in silence except for when Annita needed to give me directions. The sisters sat in the back and Annie was beside me in the passenger seat.
It was dark when we pulled up outside a semi-detached house in a nice suburb about 20 minutes from our own house.
“OK Sandra and Melissa,” I said, getting out of the car to hold the door open for them, “like Alice said, you’d better not tell anyone what happened – NO ONE, OK, or those videos get posted all over the Internet.”
Sandra shivered and avoided my stare as she climbed out of the car, and then the two girls walked up their driveway to the house. Neither of them said a word or looked at me. I wondered if they were sufficiently scared by the threat, or if I should expect a visit from the cops within the next hour or two.
I watched them disappear inside and then got back into the car and drove away.
“Daddy, can you pull over a minute,” Annita suddenly said a few hundred yards later.
I thought perhaps she might feel sick or something, but when I stopped at the curb she turned in her seat and looked into my eyes.
“I’m really sorry about all this Daddy,” she said, her voice trembling and her eyes full of tears.
“Me too sweetheart,” I said, and I meant it. I put my hand on her arm and gave her a gentle squeeze.
She scooted over in her seat and rested her head on my chest, her hair brushing against my chin, her right hand resting on my knee.
“I don’t know what happened to Alice,” Annie went on. “She used to be so nice, but now she’s a total bitch.”
I nodded. I could smell her perfume and warmth. Her hair felt soft and silky against my chin. My throat was suddenly very tight and dry.
“Daddy,” she said, “can I tell you something? You promise not to be mad?”
“Of course baby,” I said, my voice croaky with emotion, and…something more.
She was sitting very still against me.
“I wanted to tell you that when you kissed me, in the bedroom, I wanted to tell you…that I liked it. It felt…nice. Did you like it too Daddy?”
“Oh God, not again”, I thought to myself. This was getting too much. My cock was starting to react, stiffening in my pants.
“Did you like it Daddy?” she repeated, and I nodded into her hair.
Her small hand slid up my thigh and rested on the bulge in my jeans.
There was a smile in her voice when she said, “Do you want to do it again?”
When she raised her head and looked up at me her lips were slightly parted, and her face was flushed. Even with a fat lip she was beautiful, and I lowered my head and kissed her full on the mouth.
“Oh God,” I thought, “What am I getting into now?”